Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Team-up Titles: Spider-man, Deadpool, X-Men, Avengers... Team-Up

Avengers/Ultra Force 1
Loki and Gamemaster make a wager on who would win if they pin the members of Avengers vs.  the members of Ultra Force against each other, the winner get the gems of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Heroes:  Avengers and Ultra Force

Villains: Loki and Gamemaster
·         Captain America Vs Hardcase; draw, actually they chose not to fight each other
·         Black Widow and Crystal Vs Siren and Topaz; Crystal
·         Iron man Vs Prototype Draw
·         Starfox Vs Contrary Draw
·         Vision Vs Ghoul; Ghoul
·         Thor Vs Prime; Thor

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Paves the way for the return of Black Night and Sersi to Marvel Universe
·         Sersi obtains the Infinity gems and becomes Nemesis

The Bad:
·         Choppy art and poor plot.
·         Eros wasn’t on the Avengers roster at the time.

Rating:  5

Spider-man Team-Up Issue 1 (1996)
Heroes: Spider-man and X-men (Cyclops. Pyslocke, Beast, Jean Grey and Archangel)
Villains: Hellfire Club (Shinobi Shaw, Benedict Kane and Tessa)
Supporting cast: J.J. Jameson
Issues Summary:
·         The Hellfire is out to kill J.J. Jameson, Spidy teams up with the X-men, and defeat the bad guys and save Jameson.

The Bad:
·         The introduction of a new character Benedict Kane that never appears again.

Rating: 5

Spider-Man Team-up  7:
Spidy teams up with the Thunderbolts. 

Rating: 4

Spider-man/Badrock 2 (1997)
Spidy join force with Badrock (from Maximum Press) to battle Mysterio.

Prophet/Cable 1

Cable teams up with Prophet to battle Kang over the control of the Cosmic Cube

X-men/Alpha Flight 1-2

Baron Strucker wants to take revenge on Xavier for what happened many years ago, by attacking the X-men.

Heroes: X-men and Alpha Flight
Villains: Hydra, Weapon Alphas and Baron Strucker

Issue Summary:
·         A strike force of Weapon Alphas attack and capture the X-men, we discover that Baron Strucker is their captor.
·         Alpha Flight has discovered what has happened; they help rescue the X-men and together defeat Hydra.

The Good:
·         We discover more about Guardian

Rating: 8

Avenging Spider-man: Hipno-Hustler contracts Wade to trick Spider-man in to breaking him out of prison but Deadpool betrays him when the Hustler doesn’t fulfill his part of the deal into, hypnotizing him to death. So Wade and Spidy kick the Hustlers butt.

Rating: 8

Hawkeye Vs Deadpool 1-4: Hawkeye and Deadpool join forces to defeat Black Cat and her crew.

The Bad:
·         The battle between the two actually goes on just for one page… what the hell!¿?¿?
Rating: 3