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Thanos's Top Ten Rogue Gallery + Cosmic level Classic Crossovers Contest of Champions I , II, Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, Surfer Solo and Infinity War


Thanos the Mad Titan is one of my all time favorite villains, the Infinity Guanltel crossover was one of the first major arks that I've  ever collected and I was fascinated by this super powerful purple dude with a funky chin, so today I bring you guys my Top Ten Thanos Rogue Gallery:

10:Blackbolt, to my knowledge has clashed with Thanos only once, and it was during the Infinity crossover, and it was epic, the Inhuman blasted the Titan with all he had destroying Attilan itself.

9:The Starlord's  Guardians of the Galaxy, have clashed with Thanos on couple occasions,  but there are two times that I remember  the most, one was during the Thanos Imperative and the other when Thanos makes his big come back in the Avengers Assemble series, both times the heroes were able to defeat the Titan, but with a lot of help.

8: Nebula, is Thanos's granddaughter that had hijack his old ship, so when Thanos came back from the dead he made her pay for her travesty, Thanos  almost killed her and latter during the Infinity Gauntlet he tortured her just for the fun, but she turned the tables on her granddad when she was able to steal the Gauntlet from him and become a god.

7: Doom, Now these two haven't crossed paths to many time,  I can remember the first time was during the Infinity Gauntlet where Thanos just blasted him away, but the second time was breath taking during the Secret War, when god Doom went all mortal Kombat on the Titan and ripped his spine out.

6: Starlord/Nova: Thanos and Peter Quill had a weird relationship and a dark secret after the Thanos Imperative ¿What happened to Nova? that had disappeared after the crossover, and we discover in the Original Sin ark that at the end of the Thanos Imperative there was a epic battle between  Starlord, Drax and Nova against Thanos,that lead to Nova to sacrificing himself to stop Thanos and get his friend out of the Cancerverse, but Thanos manage to escape with them.

5: Silver Surfer, I have in my collection three comics where Thanos basically defeats Silver Surfer mentally or Physically, and the Titan just love to mess with Radd head to show how weak he really is.

4: The Elders, these character that are a group of super powerful beings that are the last members of their respective races, and Thanos has made things miserable for these old farts, for example  all six infinity gems were in their possession  and Thanos defeated all six of them to gain control of the Infinity Gauntlet and during Thanos's return Post Imperative he took most of them out before going after the Avengers.


3: The Avengers have been a pain in the butt for Thanos  for a long time, be it during the Avengers Assemble ark or during Infinity, but it was super cool to see Thanos easily defeated Earths Mightiest Heroes during the Infinity Gauntlet, but my favorite battle was when in Thanos battle the Cancer-verse Avengers.  

2: Drax has been specifically created to kill Thanos and he actually has done that a couple of times but my favorite was the time was when he rips his heart out during the Annihilation arc.

1: Deadpool: now this is one of Marvel's most interesting rivalries, Death is in love with Wade and Thanos out of Jealousy curses Pool to never to be able to die, but recently they clashed and teamed up in Deadpool vs. Thanos.

Cosmic level Classic Crossovers 

Contest of  Champions

This is probably one of Marvel first major crossovers, and in this story arc one of the Elders of the Universe the Grandmaster  makes a wager with Death to bring back another Elder the Collector back from the dead, so both chose their champions and forming teams  to battle in a tournament for the grand prize.


Heroes:  Avengers, the Red Guard, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Alpha Flight, Iron Fist, Cage, Spider-man, West Coast Avengers, Daredevil, Sunfire, West Coast Avengers, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Black Panther, Silver Surfer

Antagonist:  Grand Master, Death, Collector, Swordsman, Bucky, Captain Marvel, Drax

Villains: Red Ghoast, Dracula, Blackknight, Executioner, Terrax, Baron Blood, Hypirion, Green Gobline, Korvac   

Sporting Cast:  Spider-man, Dazzler, Hellcat, Kazar, She Devil, Doc Strange, Spider-Woman, X-51, Jack of Hearts, Quasar, Eternals, Doctor Samson, Thor, Inhumans, Stingray, Hellstorm

Issue Summary:
Part I:

·         1 Almost every hero on Earth has been teleported to a secret location and  they are informed by the Grandmaster that they will be part of some kind of intergalactic competition and they will be divided into teams having to compete in this tournament, he lead one group and the Unknown (who turns out to be Death) leads the other .
·         2 Grand Master team: Talisman, Darkstar and Daredevil vs. Unknown/Death team: Grand Master team wins, with DD's super sense his team gets the upper hand.
·         3 Unknown's Team: Iron Man, Arabian Knight and  Sabra vs. Grand Master's team Defensor, Captain Britain and She Hulk. Team Unknown's wins thanks to luck.
·         4 Team Unknown: Vanguard, Angel and Black Panther vs Team Grandmaster: Wolverine, the Thing and Le Peregrine, the Grand Mater's team comes out on top right before Wolverine almost kills Black Panther.
·         5 Team Grand Master: Captain America, Sasquatch and Blitzkrieg vs Team Unknown: Storm, Shamrock and Collective Man. And thanks Shamrocks luck leads to her team's to victory.  Out of a mistake by the writer its established that Grandmaster's wins the wager, and he takes as a prize he make Death bring Collector another elder back to life.

Part II:
·         Avengers Annual 16:  Both Avengers Teams are  obligated into a second part of the Contest of Champions by the Grand Master who has been planning to make his move from the realm of the dead and take over the realm. Now both Avengers teams East Coast and West Coast have to go head to head:
§  Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man: Iron Man (West) Wins
§  Captain America vs. Mockingbird: Captain America (East) Wins
§  Wasp vs Pym: Pym (West) Wins
§  Thor vs Wonder man: Thor (East) Wins
§  Doctor Druid vs Tigra: Doc. Druid (East) Wins
§  Black Knight vs Moonknight: Moonknight (West) Wins
§  She Hulk vs Hawkeye: Hawkeye ( West) Wins
Grand Master wins his wager against death again a captures her and takes over her realm.
·         West Coast Avengers Annual 2: Grand Master scatters five bombs that will cause havoc in the universe making the Avengers have to battle against his new champions from the realm of the dead in another wager against Death. The Avengers stop the  Master's plan with Hawkeye finally  out smarting him to finish the whole cosmic debacle.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:

The Bad:
·         Defensor a new character  presented in this crossover is something like Captain Spain jjajajaja, I only saw this guy once out of this arc as a member of the Initiative in Marvel Zombie 3 and he gets killed on the fourth page.
·         Talismam another new character that  I've never seen him  again, but probably is inspiration for the X-men Gateway.
·         Other new characters like  Peregrine, Shamrock and Blitzkrieg are pretty much forgotten, I think they popped up in Alpha Flight once.
·         A funny fact is that Death and Grandmaster tie in the story, but the writers make a mistake and Establishes that Granmaster wins.
The Good:
·         We get our first Iron Fist and Daredevil encounter.
·         Old School Captain Britain
·         Collective man is presented in this crossover and we get to see him on a few occasions in deferent comic books over the years.
·         Introduction of Death as a character.
·         We get  see Sabra here and there in the Marvel universe over time.
Rating: 7

Secret Wars

A Mysterious being called the Beyonder who has kidnapped many of Earths greatest Heroes and Villains, to battle on world made by this colossally powerful being, and give the victor whatever his heart wishes.


Heroes: Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, Spider-man, Hulk, Iron man (Rhody)

Antagonist: Beyonder, Galactus, Magneto

Villains: Doom, Wrecking Crew, Ultron, Doc Ock, Lizard, Kang, Enchantres, Molecule Man, Absorbing Man, Titania, Klaw

Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         1 The Beyonder creates a battle world for Earth's heroes and Villain compete in some crazy social experiment, and Galactus tries to engage the Beyonder  to cure his hunger, but the Beyonder  just knocks him out of the sky.
·         2 The Villains waste no time to attack the heroes to be able to claim the prize promised by the Beyonder, while Doom  goes off to find what he can find on this world finding a cool technological evil base. And Magneto goes off to do his own thing, but before he does he kidnaps Wasp for company.
·         3 X-Men decide to allie themselves with Magneto, while Doom using alien tec creates two new villains Titania and Volcana, to battle and defeat the heroes. (it seems that a part of battle world is from Earth so there are some humans on the planet).
·         4 Doom and his minions attack the heroes and put them on the run and make Molecule man drop a mountain on them. While the X-Men team up with Magneto.
·         5 Galactus calls in his ship to feed off the planet, and the heroes try to stop him when the villains arrive to get in the way, while Doom sneaks into Galactis's ship to see if he can find something to give him an upper hand.
·         6 Doom discover Klaw hiding out in Galactus's ship, While the X-Men attack the villains.
·         7 The heroes meet the new Spider-Woman that's wondering around battle world, and villains clobber the heroes.
·         8 Round 2 goes to the heroes and Spidy gets his Black Custom.
·         9 Galactus is ready for lunch the heroes try to stop him.
Add caption
·         10 Galactus in a guilt trip instead of eating the Battle world he consumes his ship, but Doom actually steals Galactus's lunch, and Doom becomes super powerful.
·         11-12 Heroes  battle  god Doom but he can't deal with his power and ends up letting up go.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Spidy gets his black suit.
·         Introduction of the new Spider-Woman.
·         Thing goes off into space.
·         Introduction of Titania and Volcana.
·         Thing's power are going crazy.
·         She Hulk joins the Fantastic Four.
·         Secret War two will come around in couple of years.

The Good:
·         Interesting to see how the Avenger and the X-Men have issues already back in the day.
·         The Beyonder actually considers Magneto to be a hero.


The Silver Surfer 34: The Surfer presences the rebirth of Thanos.

The Silver Surfer 35: Thanos make his case that there is an imbalance in the Universe to the Surfer, that  there is too much life in the cosmos and he has to bring balance.
Lasting Effects: The rebirth of Thanos causes Kronos to bring Drax back from the dead.

The Silver Surfer 36: Surfer goes to the Avengers to find more info on Thanos, and also crosses paths with Impossible Man.

The Silver Surfer 37: Surfer heads to Titan Thanos's home planet and has a run in with Drax.

The Silver Surfer 38: Thanos take back his ship from Nebula and tricks  Surfer to think that he has killed him. Leaving Thanos free to start his quest.

The Thanos Quest:  Thanos sets out to find the infinity gems to bring his balanc back to the universe defeating in battle or tricking the Elders of the universe out of their gems. at the end Thanos puts together the infinity Gauntlet.

Silver Surfer 50: Thanos plays with Surfer mind pretty much breaking him.
The good: We learn more about the Surfers origins and drive him.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos finally has put together the Infinity Gem and has the absolute power of the Universe, but he can't  win over  the heart of Mistress  Death yet so in a grand gesture he kill half of the population of  the Universe.

Heroes:  Avengers, X-Men, Hulk, Spider-man, Cyclops, Namor, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Drax, Pip Troll, Cloak, Galactus, Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, , Namoreta, Thor, Black Widow, Quasar, Epoch, Celestials, Stranger, Chaos, Order, Kronos, Love, Hate
Antagonist:  Death

Villains:   Thanos, Mephisto, Nebula

Sporting Cast:  Starfox, Wong, Inhumans, Odin, the Sky Fathers, Nick Fury, Shield, Moonknight, Living Tribunal,

Issue Summary:
·         1 Silver Surfer arrive on Earth to warn Doctor Strange that Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, while Thanos kills half of the universe as a gift to Death and kidnaps Starfox to torture him just for fun.

Silver Surfer 52: Drax flips out when he finds out that Thanos is back.
·         2 All hell breaks loose on Earth, while a unknown entity tries to communicate with Doctor Strange that turns out to be Adam Warlock that has reborn to stop the mad Titan, while Earth is literally falling apart it heroes are stretched to the limits, the Sky Father with Odin are trapped on Asgard and blocked out from entering the main  616 realty.

The Incredible Hulk 385:  In hell breaks loose in the streets of New York, Hulk tries to stops things before they get out of hand.

·         3 Adam Warlock with Doctor Strange start to create the force that will try to stop Thanos, with almost every surviving heroe. then Warlock set out to persuade Marvel Abstract gods to confront Thanos. Now since Death doesn't fall into Thanos's arms so he creates Terraxia as his new companion.

Silver Surfer 54: Surfer Battles Rhino, but they end up being friends  helping the animals in a Zoo.

·         4 Instead of just vanishing the heroes from existence when they attack, Mephisto convinces Thanos to battle them to impress Death, and he defeat every hero and Silver Surfer fails to steal the Gauntlet, in a last ditch effort to stop the mad titan.
·         5 Thanos defeats the abstracts and even Death turns on him, but Thanos grows careless in the battle and Nebula steals the Gauntlet.

 Silver Surfer 55: Thanos kill Warlock and shows the Surfer what he has planned for existence.
·         Silver Surfer 59: Thanos battles the Surfer to iron out their deferens's gearing up for their battle with Nebula.
·         6 Thanos actually joins the heroes to stop Nebula, even though she resets realty undoing all the deaths but does not give up the power, Adam Warlock actually enters the soul Gem his old home and hijacks the Gauntlet, becoming it new owner

Characters killed by Thanos:
·         Hawkeye, Sersi, Mentor, Gomorra, Archangel, Beast, Black cat, Black Panther, Box, Dagger, Daredevil, Diamond Lil, Firestar, Guardian, Hercules, Human Torch, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Makkari, Marvel Boy, Marvel Girl , Mr. Fantastic, Night Thrasher, Northstar, Power man, Puck, Quicksilver, Sasquatch, Shaman, Thing, Usagent, Vindibcator, Wasp, Windshear, She Hulk, Namor, Wolverine, Cyclops, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Cloak, Thor. Nova, Iron man, Quasar

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Returne of Adam Worlock, Pip Troll, Gomorra
·         The Birth of the Infinity Watch
·         The Infinity War isn't far off.

The Good:
·         The second issue of this crossover, was one of the fist 20 comicbooks that I ever had.
·         Interesting participation of the Abstract entities of Marvel Universe.
·         The Celestial actual shoot planets at Thanos.
Rating: 10

Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1: The abstracts of the Universe do not allow Adam to keep the Infinity gem together, but the Living Tribunal lets him become the caretaker of the Gauntlet.

Warlock and the Infinity Watch 3: Warlock has a reunion with the High Evolutionary.


Silver Surfer 64: Reptile is back.

Infinity War

Magus is back and he's has hatched a master plan to get his hand on the Infinity Gauntlet and take over the Universe.

Heroes: Avengers East and West, X-Men, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, New Warriors, Hulk, Spider-man, Infinity Watch, Doc Strange, Galactus, Nova II, Thanos, Doom, Kang
Villains: Magus, Doppelgangers

Issue Summary:
·         1:  Thanos is pulled out of his villain retirement when some odd cosmic event attracts his attention, while  Galactus discovers that someone or something has left Eternity catatonic and on Earth it heroes are being attacked by evil Doppolgangers. Thanos discovers that Magus Warlock's evil other self is the one behind everything.
·         2:  Reed Richards that has been possed by his Doppeganger, and makes most of Marvel heroes together to adress the cosmic crissis when Wolvy arrives and realizes that has doppel stinch all over and a gianomis  battle explodes when evil Reed sets off a gamma bomb, while Thanos head to talk to the Infinity Watch   about the need to stop Magus.
·         Moonknight 41: During the super hero battle Moonknight protects Franklin Richards from the Doppelgangers.
·         3: Thor and Sue Richards save the heroes from the explosion, Magus tries to take out galactus and frames the Infinity Watch leading to the heroes to battle them.
·         4: The Doppelgangers attack the heros that stayed on Earth while the rest battle the Infinity Watch  but are stopped by Galactus. Warlock put the Guanlet together to battle Magus, but is kidnapped by Magus stealing the Guantlet.

Fantastic Four 370:  All out war among Earths heroes, Sue rescues Reed but before that she actually helps Thanos defeat the fake Thanos.
Warlock and The Infinity Watch 10: Thanos kills his other self

·         6:  Thanos free Warlock, Warock battle Magus and deafeats him.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Spidy's Doppelganger hangs around after this crossover, even playing a role during Maximum Carnage.

The Bad:
·         Magus look like he jumped out of the old school He-man cartoon. 
 Resultado de imagen para marvel vs DC

Marvel vs. DC

This crossovers plot really impossible to summarize because there isn't any in the first place, jajajaja, but it's fun to watch our favorite character punch it out.

Heroes:  Captain America, Barman, Superman ,Spider-man, Superboy, Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel (Shazam), Wolverine, Thor, Lobo, Wonder Woman, Namor, Aqua Man, Storm, Access, Nightwing,  Spector, Living Tribunal, Robin, Jubilee, Captain Marvel , Iron Man, Steel, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Black Widow, Doom...
Antagonist:  the Inter-dimensional dudes
Villains:  Thanos, Darkseid, Bane, Killer Croc, Lizard, Kingpin

Supporting Cast:  Louis Lane, JJ Jameson

Issue Summary:
·         2: We learn that two inter-dimensional beings set up a contest with the greatest heroes of their respective universes, pitting the Marvel heroes vs. the DC's defenders, both universe converge setting the stage for the titanic battles.
·         3: Both universe were fused in to one called the Amalgama.
·         4: The Marvel and DC heroes join force to stop the feuding brothers saving both universes.

·         Wolverine vs. Killer Croc: Wolverine (off panel)
·         Captain America vs. Bane: Cap A
·         Gambit vs. Nightwing:  No out come
·         Captain Marvel vs. Captain Marvel: Thor
·         Spidy vs. Scarecrow and Scarecrow: Spidy
·         Namor vs. Aquaman: Aquaman
·         Quicksilver vs. Flash: Flash
·         Jubalee vs. Robin: Robin
·         Silver Surfer vs. Green Lanter: Silver Surfer
·         Electra vs. Cat Woman: Electra
·         Wolverine vs. Lobo: Wolverine
·         Spidy (Ben Reilly) vs. Superboy:  Spidy
·         Hulk vs. Superman: Super man
·         Captain America vs. Batman: Batman
·         Superman Hulk vs. Mole Man: Heroes
·         Super Boy vs. Kingpin: Super Boy

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of Access that has to care taker of both universes.

The Bad:
·         Note not much is written summaries because there isn't not much of a story if any, but it's great fun anyways. 

The Good:
·         Amalgama universe was sort of cool, some of the character fusing kicked ass.

Contest of Champions II

Some unknown entity has kidnapped the worlds heroes  again and has forced Marvel's great heroes to battle each other.

Heroes:  Iron Man, Psylocke, X-Force, Deadpool, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Thor, Storm, Human Torch, She Hulk, Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Shadow Cat, Spider Woman, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Beast, Luke Cage, Wasp, Colossus, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Firestar, Phoenix, Justice, Gambit, Quicksilver, Black Panther, New Warriors, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Invisible Woman, Warbird (Captain Marvel), Slingers, Generation X
Villains:  The Brood, Badoon

Supporting Cast:  

Issue Summary:
·         1: Iron Man and Human Torch have a spat with Rogue who has messed with a military exercise when they are ported away to a alien location and forced to battle each other in a tournament, with Iron Man battling Psylocke in the first match. Tony notices nanites all over the place maybe affecting the heroes making them willing to fight, so the organizer of the contest notices that Tony knows that something is wrong and  puts Stark against X-Force to take him out of the equation.
·         2:  The Tournament rages on while Stark is sent to a alien place that has pretty hostile wild life, and joins forces with Psylocke that also has been banished there too, while Shadow Cat that has fallen sick knows the one responsible for their kidnapping.
·         3:  In  a battle with Scarlet Witch, Cable discovers that the contest is a trick, while Rosetta and Lockdown arrive to the bad lands to help the heroes saving Spider Woman, joining forces with Iron Man and Psylocke, they discover that the Brood are behind everything  and that they are in a Acanti. The Brood want the heroes as host.
·         4: The fallen heroes battle the Brood while the Brood Queen take Rogue as her host.
·         5: The Brood Queen steals the winner of the contest, the rest of the heroes join forces to stop the alien.

Add caption
·         Iron Man vs. Psylocke: IM wins
·         Iron Man vs. X-Force: XF wins
·         Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) vs. Human Torch: HT wins
·         Hulk vs. Mr. Fantastic: HK wins
·         Human Torch vs. She Hulk: HT wins
·         Human Torch vs. Storm: STM wins
·         Scarlet Witch vs. Cable: SW wins
·         Slinger vs. New Warrior: NW wins
·         Wolverine vs. Hercules: WV wins
·         Spider-Man vs. Beast: SM wins
·         Domino vs. Luke Cage: DM wins
·         Hawkeye vs. Wasp: WP wins
·         Colossus vs. Iron Fist: IF wins
·         Daredevil vs. Firestar: DD wins
·         Justice vs. Phoenix: PX wins
·         Gambit vs. Quicksilver: GM wins
·         Black Panther vs. New Warriors: BP wins
·         Black Widow vs. Wonder Man: BW wins
·         Deadpool vs. Generation X: DP wins
·         Storm vs. Thor: TR wins
·         Daredevil vs. Deadpool: DP wins
·         Black Widow vs. Thor: TR wins
·         Phoenix vs. Thing: PX wins
·         Hulk vs. Deadpool: HK wins
·         Spider-Man vs. Domino: SM
·         Black Panther vs. Captain America: CA wins
·         Wolverine vs. Gambit: GM wins
·         Hawkeye vs. Gambit: GM wins

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Rosetta and Lockdown two characters that have been completely forgotten, I think they appeared in a couple of Fantastic Four issues

The Bad:

The Good:
·         A fun but stupid crossover.

The Good:
·         It cool that we learn that Magus is actually the expelled Evil from Worlock from when he had the Gauntlet, note he also expelled the good from himself too.


Infinity Crusade: 

Avenger West Coast: Avengers battling Power Platoon when they stop attacking and just leave.  

Silver Surfer 100:Surfer battles Mephisto to recuperate his lost soul.