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80’s and 90's Spider-man Issue Summaries

The not so leathal Punisher
80’s, 90's Spider-man 

Spider-Woman 31: Spidy meets Spider-Woman and as usual they clash over a misunderstanding. But they end up as friend at the end of the issue, what a surprise.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 13/Peter Parker Spider man annual 1: Spidy goes up against Doc Ock in this really long and boring story.

Amazing Spider-man 201-202: Spidy team up with Punisher to battle organized crime.
Note: Punisher uses rubber bullets and Punisher almost deduces that Parker is Spider-man

Amazing Spider-man 203: Spider-man teams up with Dazzler to battle one of Spidy's b-side villians.

Amazing Spider-man 204: Spidy has a run in with the obsessive Black Cat

Amazing Spider-man 205: Spidy crosses paths with Black Cat, comic reveals that Cat actually commits crimes so Spidy would notice her.
Rating: 7

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Amazing Spider-man 206: Spidy rescues JJJ from Jonas Harrow.
Rating: 6

Amazing Spider-man 207: Spidy clashes with the X-men villain Mesmero.
Rating: 6

Spider-Woman 29: Spider-man and woman join forces to stop the Enforcer.
Rating: 6

Amazing Spider-man 208: Spidy confronts a totally forgettable villain.
Rating: 4

Amazing Spider-man 209: Calypso manipulates Kraven back into action setting Spider-man up for liberating dangerous animals in the city, which Kraven recaptures, ending up battling Spidy.
Rating: 7

Amazing Spider-man Annual 14: Spidy teams up with Doctor Strange.
Rating: 4

Amazing Spider-man 210: Spidy meets Madam web, she's a pretty cool character for an old lady that can't move from her special life support chair, she will be the driving force for some pretty cool story lines down the line for Spidy.

Rating: 7

Amazing Spider-man 211: Spidy battles Namor, over  misunderstanding with some oceanic investigators.

Rating: 6   

Amazing Spider-man 212: Thank to an accident with an experiment with oceanic investigators Hydro-man is born, which Spidy has to kick his butt because he chooses to become a villain.

Rating: 7

Amazing Spider-man 213: The Wizard tries to get revenge on Spidy because he has ruined one of his evil plots by using a giant robot Spider, when that doesn't work he attacks Spidy directly with help of a new pattern in crime Lyra.  

Rating: 6

The Anal blast issue, yes Sandman is pure evil he does something to Spidy that he'll never forget
Amazing Spider-man 214: Wizard breaks Sandman and Trapster out of prison to reform the Frightful Four, Namor discovers that Lyra is up to no good and search for her crossing paths with Spidy again and start battling till the Frightful Four drop in.
Rating: 6

Amazing Spider-man 215: Spidy and Namor battle the Frightful Four. Note: Spidy suffers the worst attack he suffered a anal sand blast from Sandman I actual can't believe the artist drew that drawing look it up its freaking funny.

The Bad: Team ups with Namor just do not work with Spidy, thank god Namor will not ever appear again in the pages of Spidy's comics.
Rating: 6

Amazing Spider-man 216: Super fill in.  
The short lived Black look kicked butt

The Amazing Spider-man Annual 17: Spidy confronts organized crime stepping on Kingpins toes.

Amazing Spider-man 248: Hobgoblin threatens to ruin Harry Osborn's life, and  tics Kingpin off and easily defeats Spidy.

Amazing Spider-man 249-250: Spidy tracks Hobgoblin down in the battle Hobgoblin has seemingly died of has escaped. At the end of the issue Spidy ends up entering the Beyonder's ship, heading straight to the Secret Wars.

Amazing Spider-man 251-252: Spidy got his black suit, he starts to learn how to use it.

Captain America 265-266: Spidy teams up with Captain America and Nick Fury, to defeat the evil cyborg Sultan.

Note: It interesting to see that in this issue the Spidy tries to use a gun in this story arc, I never have seen that before

Amazing Spider-man 228: Fill in issue.

Amazing Spider-man 229-230: Black Tom Cassidy sends Juggernaut to kidnap Madam Web to use her powers to help them in their criminal endeavors. Jugy has a run in with Spidy trying to stop him, Juggernuat gets to Web but discovers the removing her from life support ound she will die so he just leaves her to die to return to Black Tom, but this time  system, Spidy in stops him in round 2 after encasing him in cement.
The Good:
·         One of the all time clasic battles of Spidy.

Amazing Spider-Man 231: Spidy clashes with Cobra and Mr. Hyde.


Amazing Spider-man 253: Spidy confronts the Rose and his fixing of sport events.
Amazing Spider-man 254: Jack O' Lantern tries to get his hands on Hobgoblin's war van that had fallen into to the Hudson river in his battle with Spidy, but Peter will not let him get away with this.

Amazing Spider-man 255: The Fox tries to steel from Red Ghost and he catches him red handed and makes him steel for him to let him off the hook, but Spidy foils Red Ghost's plans.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Simbiot seems to have a life of its own.

Amazing Spider-man 256, 257: Spidy teams up with Black Cat to take down some crooks, while The Rose contracts the Puma to take out Spider-man for medaling  in his affairs. Puma almost takes out Spidy but is saved by Black Cat. In round two Puma almost defeats him again but lets him live because he realizes that he's a honorable person.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Rose starts to work with Hobgoblin.

The Rose

The Good:
·         Puma is really dangerous for Spidy, because of his senses he can track him down even as Peter Parker.  

Amazing Spider-man 258: Spidy discovers that the Simbiot is alive and is dangerous to him and thanks to the Reed Richards he able to remove it.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This sets the Ground work for the birth for the birth of Venom.
·         The Original suit is back

The Bad:
·  The Back suit has been removed to fast

Amazing Spider-man 259: Hobgoblin causing more trouble, Peter is back in the Original suit.

Amazing Spider-man 267: Fun fill in issue, Spidy follows a crook to the suburbs where Peter can't use his web slinging, it a funny issue.

Puma the forgotten super cool character from the 80's
Amazing Spider-man 268: A tie in to the Secret War II what happened to the building the  Beyonder turned t gold, Kingpin wants to get his hand on it but Spidy will stop at nothing to stop him.

Amazing Spider-man 269-270: Spidy battles Firelord, over the fact that the cosmic being came to Earth to eat Pizza.

The Bad: It's like Spidy vs Jugy again but with a stupid premise, and Peter actual defeats Firelord.

Amazing Spider-man 271-272: A couple good fill in issues.

Amazing Spider-man 273: A Secret Wars II tie in the Puma seeks help from Spidy to hunt down the Beyonder.

Amazing Spider-Man 304-305: Spider-man is after the Fox and he crosses paths with a very spawnly Prowler.

Resultado de imagen para amazing spiderman 308
One of my first comics ever, I got it at a garage sale with Wolverine number one and a couple of X-men issues. And I must say Taskmaster has been one of my favorite villain ever since
The Good: Prowler looks much like the Prowler; Mcfarlane was probably working on the Character at the time

Amazing Spider-Man 306:  Spidy vs. Humbug this one has classic filler written all over it.

Amazing Spider-Man 307: Spidy gets played by the Chameleon, while Mary Jane gets kidnapped.

Amazing Spider-Man 308: Spidy’s hunt for Mary Jane sends him in the wrong derection facing off against the Taskmaster.

Note: This actual actually is one of my first comic books ever, with a couple other titles, I got it a garage sale in the late 80’s and a still have till today, and I used to and still think that the Taskmaster is one of marvel’s coolest characters

Amazing Spider-Man 309: Spidy rescues Mary Jane defeating the forgettable Mcafarlane villains of Styx and Stone. 

Amazing Spider-Man 310:  Peter Parker gets a scholarship in the tech investigation department of ESU, but things go south when the Tinkerer is revealed to have ties  to this part of the University and to make things worse Killer Shrike attacks.

Amazing Spider-man 311: Spider-man battles Mysterio, but not are is what it seems not all are his illusions the city is starting to be overrun by limbo demons.

Amazing Spider-man 312: In a long awaited showdown Green Goblin and Hobgoblin battle, Hoby wants the Goblin formula, while the  city is converting into a hellish limbo.
Resultado de imagen para Amazing spider 311
Todd MC was the man, his art was at top of it's game back then
Amazing Spider-man 313: The Lizard is back and want to kill his family but to many Demos and Spidy get in the way.

Amazing Spider-man 314: Peter and Mary Jane get evicted.   

Spider-man 10: Spidy and Wolvy are hunting Wendigo, trying to stop him from killing more innocent people.

Spider-man 15: Spidy teams up with Beast.

Resultado de imagen para revenge of the sinister six

I remember when I was a kid when this story ark came out, I bought it the  day before the LA riots and since the things got really bad near my house my dad took me and my mom to San Francisco for a quick vacation till things cooled down and I remember taking these issues with me.
Doctor Octopus is back and has gotten his hands on Adamantium Arms and some super dangerous weapons for his old team mates of the Sinister Six, now he wants to become  major player even making a move against Hydra to steal the control to their orbital weapons.

Heroes: Spider-man, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Nova, Fantastic, Deathlok, Sleep Walker, Solo

Villains: Sinister Six, Hydra
I remember when I was a kid when this story ark came out, I bought it the  day before the LA riots and since the things got really bad near my house my dad took me and my mom to San Francisco for a quick vacation till things cooled down and I remember taking these issues with me.

Issue Summary:
·         Spider-man 18: Spidy teams up with Ghost Rider to stop a crazed android  that's on a rampage, while Doc Ock gets his  Adamantium Arms back and take vengeance on Sandman for betraying him the last time the Sinister Six had got together, killing a group of his friends.
Resultado de imagen para revenge of the sinister six
Here's the first  time that I got to see Solo, dude that in Deadpool's Mercs team
·         Spider-man 19: The other five members of the Sinister Six confront Octopus over some of his misdeeds and he converts Sandman into Glass, right when Spidy jumps in to save Sandman, and the villains forget their conflict with Otto and try to take Spidy down, when the Hulk jumps in to help (sent in by the Pantheon), but Ock actually defeats both of them.
·         Spider-man 20: Spidy makes some knew super web shotters to take on the Sinister Six, when contacted by Solo who wants to kill the villains, but Pete just flat out tells him no, but Solo follows Spidy who find the Six, but Solo is fooled by Mysterio and take Spidy down by mistake.
·         Spider-man 21: Spidy is saved from being killed by Solo, Pete meets up with Deathlok to battle the Six but they both get their butts kicked.
·         Spider-man 22: The Sinister Six take on Hydra, when Spidy and his team of friends: Ghost Rider, Sleep Walker and Hulk, battle the Six when Gog the sixth secret member of the team enters and squashes Spidy and his buddies.
·         Spider-man 23: Spidy is joined by Nova and the Fantastic Four, giving Peter the edge to finally to defeats the Six.

Spider-man Team-Up Issue 1 (1996)
Spidy vs the Hellfire Club
Heroes: Spider-man and X-men (Cyclops. Pyslocke, Beast, Jean Grey and Archangel)
Villains: Hellfire Club (Shinobi Shaw, Benedict Kane and Tessa)
Supporting cast: J.J. Jameson
Issues Summary:
·         The Hellfire is out to kill J.J. Jameson, Spidy teams up with the X-men, and defeat the bad guys and save Jameson.
The Bad:
·         The introduction of a new character Benedict Kane that never appears again.
Rating: 5

Spider-Man Team-up  7:
Spidy teams up with the Thunderbolts. 

Rating: 4
Man these crossovers were terrible

Spider-man/Badrock 2 (1997)
Spidy join force with Badrock (from Maximum Press) to battle Mysterio.