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Marvel Now: Issue Summaries of Avengers, Thunderbolts and Guardians of the Galaxy Titles up to the Secret Wars. + Top Ten Avengers Now Fixed

Marvel Now: Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Titles up to the Secret Wars.

Ok to kick off my post on Marvel Now  Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxy issue summaries, wanted to start the post  with a top ten and in this case it's  my top Ten favorite Marvel Now Avengers:

·         10 Sunspot: I thought it was cool to see  an ex New Mutant/X-Force actually played a relevant roll with the Avengers by taking over AIM and make them help Earths Mightiest Heroes. He seemly replaced Tony as the Avenger with big money.

·         9 Manifold: The ex Secret Warrior also becomes a very important member of the team serving as their transport to one place to another, on a galactic scale, and also he becomes a important factor in the Universal Collapse.

·         8 Old Steve Rogers: He's pist and is hell bent on bring the Illuminates down for leaving him in the dark about the incursions, and he has a special bone to pick with Tony Stark.

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·         7 Superior Iron man: Starks  darker ego is unchanged thanks to the events of the Axis, making him a top notch A-hole, but this also makes great stories.

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·         6 Jane Foster Thor: Is an interesting take on a classic character.

·         5 Hyperion: He was pretty under used during the Avengers now era, but I loved to see him in action with his buddies  the Zebra Heads.

·         4 Unworthy Thor: He kicks butt, he a broken man that  lost his hammer but he's got this super powerful axe that can chop up celestials.

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·         3 Sabertooth: Tooth filled in the void left by Wolverine on the team and surprisingly I like his roll on the team.

·         2 Hawkeye: I don't care what era the Avengers are in Hawkeye is always one of my favorites, even though he didn't do much during the Marvel now time.

·         1 Sam Wilson Captain America: At first I didn't like the change  but it won me over pretty quick. I really hope he can keep the shield for a long while.

Issue Summaries:

Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: Origins of Starlord
Rating: 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Tomorrows Avengers: Just a bunch of crappy short stories related to each member of the team.
Rating: 1

New Avengers 1: Black Panther discovers the incursions.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Black Swan

New Avengers 02-03:  The Illuminati discover the existence of the incursions and that the multiverse is collapsing. the team decides to use the infinity gauntlet to stop the next event. Also Beast is asked to fill in Xavier's place on the team with the mind gem. When they try to use the Gauntlet to stop the next event but the gems explode and are lost, except for time gem (this will impact the Original Sin and times running put story line).

Repercussions and Lasting effects:

·         Captain America is kicked out of the Illuminati because he's not willing to do what is needed to stop the incursions and is mind wiped so he can't remember anything of what happened relative to the incursions.

·         Iron man creates a new Avengers Team to keep Captain America busy so he doesn't find out about the incursions.

New Avengers 4-5: New Avengers set out to stop an Incursion and they cross paths with Terrax.

The Good:
We also learn more about the Black Swans.

The Return of the Red Skull

The Red Skull is back and has stolen Xavier's brain to become one of the greatest threats on earth, good thing there is a joint Avengers-X-Men team to stop this evil Villain.

Heroes:  Uncanny Avengers
Villains: Red Skull, S-Men, Avalanche

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny Avengers1: Avengers dealing with the fallout from AVX,  create a new Joint Team with the X-Men, while  a group of new villain called the S-Men steal Xavier's dead body.
·         Uncanny Avengers 2: The Red Skull actually steals Xavier's brain and implants it in his head to gain his powers, and tries to manipulate Scarlet Witch to join his cause.
·         Uncanny Avengers 3-4: Avengers battle Red Skull, but  the villain almost breaks the team on their first mission.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·  Red Skull will become the New Onslaught.

The Bad:
·  Didn't dig that the Red Skull is just a clone, they could have brought him back another way not a clone ¿Why?

The Good:
·  Red Skull takes evil to a whole over level.

Overall: 10


Avengers 1-3: The Avengers encounter new  begins that sought to terraform earth from mars, team is able to stop these aliens from causing total havoc on Earth and  capture them.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:

·         New lineup and structure, to the Avengers.

·         Introduction the Builders leads to the Infinity crossover.

·         Introduction of Alphe, Abyss and Ex Nihilo.

·         Birth of Nightmask. 

Avengers 3: A team of Avengers head to Savage Land to find out what have the genesis bomb have produced there to discover AIM has arrived there before them, and the two teams clash, to save the Zebra kids.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Hyperion becomes the guardian of the Zebra kids.

The Good:
New Smasher
·         We learn more about Hyperion's origins and we discover why he hates AIM.

Avengers 4: Avengers head to outer space to help the Imperial Guard stop a masive invasion into their system.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The invaders where actually escaping from something

The Good:
·         We learn about the origins of Smasher and how its tied to when Casandra Nova attacked the X-men a few years back.

Avengers 05-06:  We discover that something happened to the super flow a place outside of realty that has destroyed the builders observation stations that where hidden there, affecting Captain Universe and Nightmask, the last white event has started causing the  premature birth of Starbrand.

Avengers 8-9: Birth of Starbrand who battles the Avengers out of fear of not understanding what had happened to him.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Something happened in the super flow home of the builders that has destryed everything triggering the birth of Starbrand.

Avengers 10: Alpha Flight head to one of the sites where  one of Ex Nihilo's bombs crashed and the whole team gets killed, when the Avengers arrive some crazy stuff starts to happen.

Avengers 11: Shan Chi  infiltrates AIM.

New Avengers 6: A incursion started right over Doom castle with the map makers attacking Doom himself, while the Illuminati head to the over Earth to blow it up.

Lasting Effects:
·         This issue sets Doom to battle the Beyonders.

New Avengers 7: Fallout from the last incursion: Strange starts heading to the Dark Side, all out war has begun between Wakanda and Atlantis, Doom wants Reed to spill the beans about the incursion but he doesn't say anything.
 Avengers 12-13: High Evolution takes interest in the Zebra kids, but the Avengers mop the floor with the villain.

New Avengers  8: Thanos's Black order arrives on Earth.        

Uncanny Avengers 5: The Grim Reaper attack the Avengers, and in the battle Rogue accidently kills him.
Lasting Effect:
·         Grim Reaper becomes latter a Horse Men of the Apocalyse Twins.

Uncanny Avenger 6: We discover that many years ago he battled Apocalypse who was sent by Tut who told had told the mutant that the god of Thunder would be a strong rival in the future. Odin tells Thor to keep away from Apocalypse but Loki (really Kang) convinces Odinson to enchant his Axe to be able to defeat Apocalypse. In round two Thor defeats Apocalypse.

Lasting Effects:
·         Kang in the present finds Thor forgotten Axe Jarnbjorn.

The Good:
·         Thor doesn't have the Hammer but a Axe.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1-3
The Guardians are back and Iron man has joined the team, right in time to stop a Badoon invasion.  

Heroes: Guardians of the Galaxy

Villains: J’son of Spartax (Starlords asshole dad) and the Badoon

Sporting Cast: Superior Intelligence, Brood Queen, Gladiator, Annihilus, Freja and Y-Gaaar of the Badoon

Issue Summary:
·         1 Starlords dad asks him to stop running around the universe with the Guardians, and take his place in the Spartax government. Peter turns down his dads offer. The Guardians become the first line of defense of Earth if attacked by  any alien race, and it doesn’t take too long for the Badoon to test them.
·         2 The Badoon forces make it to London battling the Guardians, it seem that J’son is the one that has sent the Badoon to cause all the trouble, as a trap to capture his son and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
·         3 Guardians escape Spartax custody and make J’son look like an idiot.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
J'son will be the teams

principal antagonist.  

The Bad:
·         No Cosmo

The Good:
·         It’s cool to see Rocket treat Stark like an idiot.
·         I love to hate J’son

Rating: 7

Avengers 14-15: The Builders bio-machinery set by Ex-Nihilo is set into motion but because it broken thanks to the Avengers and Star Brand thing go terribly wrong a message is sent to the Builders, also POD is born.

Avengers 16-17: The Builder are heading to Earth and they are destroying everything on their way, while the Avengers battle Pod who is trying the protect the Builders stuff.  Pod kick the Avengers butts but is captured by AIM the traps it in the same place the found Hyperion.

 Guardian of the Galaxy 4-7
Henry Pym has broken time/space

continuum in the Age of Ultron series,and  Angela has found her way into Marvel universe by accident, she clashes with the Guardians.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Angela joins the team and Iron man leaves.  
·         Starlord has a chat with Thanos over what has happened with the space/time continuum, the mad Titan warns that something terrible will be coming to Earth to punish it over almost destroying realty itself.

The Good:
·         Who is Angela? This Character is actually from Image, and she was in Spawn.
·         What’s the relationship between Starlord and Thanos? What Happened in the Cancerverse?

Rating: 8

The alien race of called the Builders are hell bent in destroy Earth and every other civilization on the way, the Avengers head out to space to stop the chaos of the Builders are causing, while Thanos takes advantage that the Earth Mightiest heroes have left the planet un guarded to hunt  down one of his last offspring to kill him and all find the infinity gems.  

Heroes: Avengers, Inhumans, the Kree, Ronin, J’son, Guardian of the Galaxy, Sword, Space Knights, Skrulls, Shi’ar, Gladiator, Annihilation Wave, Captain Universe, Ex Nihillos
Villains: Thanos, Builders, Alphes, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf , Super Giant, Proxima Midnight

Sporting Cast: Black Swan, Terrax

Issue Summary:

Infinity 1: Thanos is back and he's searching for something on Earth related to the Inhumans, also he has created the Black Order to do his dirty work, while a new alien race called the builders start making their way to Earth destroying everything in their path.
Avengers 18: The builders easily take over the Skrulls, the Avengers make their first move to stop them but fail.
New Avengers 9: Thanos sends his Black Order to  take out the Illuminati:  Black Dwarf attacks Wakanda, Proxima Midnight destroys Atlantis, Ebony Maw hijacks Doc Strange Mind and Corvus Glaive and Super Giant attack the X-Men.
Infinity 2: Corvus Glaive is sent to the Inhumans asking them for a tribute the death of every Inhuman child between 16 to 20, Blackbolt reveals to the Illuminati that the person that Thanos wants to kill is his son that is half Inhuman.
Avengers 19: Some Avengers are captured by the Builders, and J'son of Spartax tries to negotiate with the builders to stop their rampage but in vain.
New Avengers 10: The Illuminati search Earth for Thanos's lost Inhuman son.
Infinity: Thanos has arrived in search for his child but Blackbolt confronts him, while the builders are taking over the cosmos.
Avengers 20: The Ex Nihilo's change sides shifting  the balance of the conflict.
·         Infinity :  Blackbolt battles Thanos, unwilling to tell him where is his son and buying time for the escape of the rest of the inhumans to escape, while Thor tricks one of the Builders and defeats him liberating the Kree.
·         Avengers 21: The alliance of the Avengers with all of the other Aliens races turn the tide on the builders and start defeating them, while the Ex Nihilli reawakes Captain Universe that attacks the Builders leader ship and kills most of them.
·         Guardians of the Galaxy 8-9: The Guardians set out to rescue Abigail Brand, who is the Head of Sword and has been captured by Thanos’s forces. (Note the art in these two issues is terrible)
·         New Avengers 11: Avengers arrive to an incursion and meet another dimension Builders who are peace full and they explain that something on Earth is responsible for the destruction of the Universe, while Thanos finds Terrax and Black Swan who were imprisoned by the illuminati.
·         Infinity 5 : Avengers defeat the builders and rush back to Earth to confront Thanos
·         Avengers 22: Avengers and their alien allies defeat Thanos forces that have block off access to Earth.
·         Avengers 23: The fight to reach Earth rages on.
·         Infinity 6: Avengers battle Thanos, Thane, the mad Titans son makes his move at freezes Thanos in amber.
·         New Avengers 12: Black Panthers sister disowns his brother for working Namor, illuminati have a chat with Black Swan

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Thane, and he heads to out space under the Guidance of Ebony Maw. 
·         This arc sets the Stage for the creation of Namor’s Cabal.
·         Inhumans left without Attilan and must to live amongst, plus new Inhumans popping all over the place thanks to the Terrigen bomb .
·         Blackbolt goes into hiding.   
·         Wakanda is totally destroyed, Pather's fall from grace.
Atlantis Also totally destroyed, Namor fall even more from grace.
·         Doctor Strange starst going down a darker path.
·         The Builder are the prelude of the Ivory kings.
The Alphe's kill the Space Knights

The Bad:
·         The Builders motive is never well explained what pushed them into destroying their creations.

The Good:
·         Finally a good Thanos Avenger battle, because the previous battle in the Avengers Assemble ark sucked.
·         The Thanos part of the Story was great.
·         Story has some relevance relative to the Secret War

Rating: 7

Guardian of the Galaxy 10:  Angela and Gomorra battle the Badoon in search of Thanos.
Rating: 7 

Guardians of the Galaxy 12: The trail of Jean Grey starts but J'son from Spartax stops it explaining to Gladiator that nothing good would come of this. Latter Jean Escapes.

Lasting Repercussions: Kitty meets Star lord and it's love on first site.

The Bad: Story arc makes Gladiator into a top notch A hole.

Guardians of the Galaxy 13: Guardians and X-Men go up against the Imperial Guard, Gladiator set Jean free.

Lasting Effects: Young Cyclops goes to Space with his dad and the Star Jammers.

Guardians of the Galaxy 14: Venom joins the Team
Guardian of the Galaxy 15-17: Open season on the Guardians, J’son put a price on their heads, Gomorra captured by the Badoon, Venom by the Skrulls, Drax by the Shi’ar, Starlord by his Father, Rocket by the Kree and Groot by the Brood.  Angela saves Gomorra, while Captain Marvel Starlord, Peter screws his dad over and leaves him without a thrown, rest of the team is saved, but venom is lost in action.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The birth of the villain Mr. Knife.

Rating: 7

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual: a waste of time.

Avengers 26-27: AIM steals DNA from fallen Avengers to create a next generation of Adaptoids, that are sent to battle other  dimensional Evil Avengers.  After that the real Avengers try to take down the Evil Avengers

Lasting Effects:
·         Adaptoids rebel and head out into the multiverse.
·         Evil Banner ends up popping up during the Times Running Out story arc.
·         Evil Thorr hammer is taken by 616 Thor, and using it during the Times Running Out arc.
New Avengers 14: We observe how the Map Makers kick a other Earth's heroes, while Doc Strange is going into the dark side to try to stop the incurssion.
New Avengers 15: We learn that the Black Swan's are confronted with the Black Priest. 

Avengers 28:

Banner has discovered that the Illuminati have reformed (check out to Planet Hulk and World War Hulk story arcs, to see why Banner hates them) and he’s pist confronting Tony, he’s found out what’s happing with the incursions infiltrating a AIM base, and he realized that Stark made the New Avengers team in such a way to keep them busy so they can fix things with the Illuminati.   

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Banner joins the Illuminati
·         We Discover the Rogue Super Adptoids that had escaped AIM become the Map Makers.
 The Bad:
·         Seem to have established that the other dimension Evil Banner was killed but the writer establishes latter that Steve Roger had him, sloppy writers.
·         Evil Thor leaves with his Hammer, but in latter issue Thor Wields this Hammer to become Thorr.

Rating: 7 

Avenger 31.1: Hyperion one shot.

Original Sin

The Watcher is found dead, now the Avengers that have found his  body, so they have to find the killer and find out why the hell the killer stole his eyes.  At the same time you have another group of heroes, that we’ll call Panther and friends that goes on wild goose chase across earth, space and magical dimensions  finding dead bodies of  monsters, demons and aliens,  and somehow these killing have something to do with the watcher killing.
The Avengers, Nova, Black Panther, Ant-man, Emma Frost, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, Gamora, Thing and Rocket Raccoon. I really like the hero selection for this crossover, especially the non Avenger characters that are on the wild goose chase.
Villains: Midas, Exterminatrix, Orb and Mindless Ones. These are pretty obscure characters it was a ballsy move by the writer to use these guys, especial because of the impact there going to make in Marvel (616). I have only seen Midas and Exterminatrix once in the early 2000’s in the Marvel Boy miniseries. + Kang
Antagonist: Nick Fury and Nick Fury LMDs. Nick’s interests slam head first with just about everyone else’s in this crossover.
The Victims: Uatu (The Watcher), you actually feel sorry for the guy.
Issues Summary:                                                                                           
0: Explains the Origin of the Watchers and why they do not intervene. This particular issue tries to humanize Uatu, make feel bad that he’s going to die.
1: The Avengers find the corpse of Uatu and some has stolen his eyes.  So the Mighty Avengers start the hunt to find the Watcher murderer and find out why the hell they stole his eyes. At the same time you have Black Panther, Ant-man, Emma Frost, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Winter Soldier, Moon Knight and Gamora (Panther and Friends) on a wild goose chase finding dead monster, aliens and demons all over the place; and who sent them on this mission?
I Also must add you have a Mindless Ones with existential issues destroying New York City going head to head against the Thing, the Avengers and Nick Fury.
2: Black Panther and friends conclude that who killed these monsters is the same person that killed the watcher. On the other hand you have Avengers that find out who stole one of the Watchers eyes thanks to the Mindless Ones, and it’s Midas the has partnered up with Orb.
3, 4: Orb uses the Watchers eye as a weapon, and unveils some pretty traumatic secrets especially for Thor, Hulk, Spidy and Cage. Holy Crap Thor has a sister. While in space Winter Soldier turns on Gamora and Moon Knight abandons them out there, he  tele-transports to earth finds Nick Fury and cuts his head off and steals the eye that Fury and the Avengers had just retrieved from kicking Orbs butt. Panther and friends end up on a space station in hunt for the killer and the find themselves with the real Nick Fury that is an old man and the Fury that Bucky killed was an LMD. 

Guardians of the Galaxy 18-20: We learn how Starlord, Drax and Thanos survived the cancerverse, while Nova (Richard Rider) sacrificed himself so they could escape.  

Avengers 29-34: Captain America learn of the betrayal of Tony and the rest of the Illuminati, falling through time into the future learning what is to become of the Avengers and confronted Kang.  
5: Here’s where the story stinks, they retell Nick Fury’s origin, and that before joining shield he hunted monster, demons and aliens in his spare time. I was really hoping that they were going to bring back Ulysses Bloodstone, he's sort of marvels monster hunter, but nope it’s Nick Fury, man this guy was freaking busy. The thing is that he has the other eye.
6, 7, 8: shit hits the fan
Repercussion and Lasting effects:
Thor has a Sister.
Thor can’t lift his hammer, which will make possible for a new lady Thor to take the mantel.
Orb and Fury are the new Watchers ¿?
Bucky is the new monster hunter.
The Avengers are hellbent in capturing the
The bad: No reference to the fact that Nick has run out of his Infinity Formula, and that he gave his last doses to Bucky to save his life back in Fear Itself crossover and that’s way he’s old and that Winter Soldier owes him big time.
The Good: Fury had become redundant because of his African American son that has his same name and is working for shield, so this new change is a good idea.
It’s sort of refreshing to see that the avengers are one step behind during the whole story and that they don’t really save the day, so the story isn’t that predictable.  
General Artwork: Mike Deodato’s art work is just perfect for this story

Rating: 8

Punisher Vs. The Thunderbolts

Punisher has had it with the Thunderbolts when they do not let him kill a Old School Captain America villain that had caused them trouble, and leaves the team but when he does it seems that Red Hulk tries to kill him with a bomb.

Heroes:  Thunderbolts, Avengers, Hawkeye, Punisher
Antagonist:  Mole Man's monsters
Villains: The Leader, Doctor Faustus, Crossbones, Ironmanoger, Zadekiel

Supporting Cast:  Shiklah

Issue Summary:
·         Thunderbolts 27: Punisher leaves the Thunderbolts when Rulk doesn't let him kill Doctor Faustus, who was planning to kill the Avengers. But after Frank leaves his apartment explodes apparently killing him.
·         Thunderbolts 28: Hawkeye is on to the Thunderbolts and knows they are up to no good, while Ghost Rider battles some werewolves to blow  off some  steam, Deadpool also decides to leave the team. Now when Hawkeye arrive to Franks exploded house he crosses paths with Electra who accuses him of killing Castel.
·         Thunderbolts 29: Punisher survived and he's pist and he's going to take down the Thunderbolts one by one starting off with Deadpool and after that he takes out Ghost Rider liberating him of his curse.
·         Thunderbolts 30: Punisher battles Electra officially ending their relationship.
·         Thunderbolts 31: Punisher makes his own Hulk Buster suit to kill Rulk, but the Avengers stop them from killing each other, and we discover that the Leader is the one that was behind everything.
·         Thunderbolts 32: Thunderbolts and Avengers team up to defeat the Leader.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The end of Rulk's Thunderbolts.
·         We discover that Electra was present the Day Punishers family was killed.
·         Leader end up under Mephisto's care.
·         Ghost Rider is cursed again.

Guardians of the Galaxy 21-23: Team finds Venom, Symboit hijacks the ship use almost the whole team as host to return to the Symboit planet, we learn much about the origin of these aliens, flash is given a new and better Symboit. Also Peter Quill is chosen to be the new leader of Spartax.

Rating: 8     

New Avengers 16-23: Thing get really nasty in the last incursion, Illuminati actually end up killing another hero team from the other Earth, just pushing them over the edge. And they stop trying to stop the incursions but the world doesn't end, to their surprise. But secretly Namor formed a new team the Cabal with Thanos and friends.

Rating: 9 

Uncanny Avengers Annual 1
Mojo has change his focus from the X-Men to the Avengers, using a group of brain washed monsters with Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider to capture the heroes, putting them in adolescent bases realty series, heroes and monster break free from Mojo’s control but Ghost Riders powers go crazy because of the amount of sins the spineless ones have committed.
Rating: 6

Apocalypse Twins and Planet X

The Apocalypse Twins make their move to take over the whole time stream and enact vengeance against their evil Adoptive Father Kang .

Heroes: Avengers, X-Men,  SWORD, Guardians of Infinity
Antagonist: Celestials

Villains: Apocalypse Twins, Red Skull, Kang, Marcus, Ahab, Stryfe, Earth X Venom, Doom 2099, Arno Stark, Deathlok Abomination, Blob, Magneto, Pyro, Avalanch

Supporting Cast: Kid Apocalypse, Angel, Odin, MLF, Doom, Doc Strange, Immortus

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny Avengers 7: The Apocalypse twins make their move take down Genocide and his Horse men, to become the true heirs of Apocalypse and kill a Celestial, and to top it they destroy SWORD's space base.
·         Uncanny Avengers 8: Thor and Sunfire discover that the Apocalypse Twins are behind the chaos and they have his old axe.
·         Uncanny Avengers 9: The Apocalypse twins create their own horsemen: with Grim Reaper, Sentry, Daken and Banshee, while Immortis warns Captain America what is to come.
·         Uncanny Avengers 10: The Horsemen defeat the Avengers and kidnap Scarlet Witch and Wonder man
·         Uncanny Avenger 11: The Apocalypse Twin start to work Wanda to their side, while Wolverine battles Daken and gets defeated, Sentry and Thor.
·         Uncanny Avengers 12:  Captain America, Wasp and Havok rush to stop the Apocalypse Twins but are stopped by Banshee.
·         Uncanny Avenger 13: Avengers defeat Banshee, while Rogue and Sunfire.
·         Uncanny Avengers 14: Kang surf the time line to build a team to stop the Apocalypse Twins, while Scarlet Witch and Wonder man start the spell to save the mutants. Rogue stops Wanda but Reaper kills Rogue. Wanda before she dies cast the mega spell to save the mutants from the Judgment of the Celestials.
·         Uncanny Avengers 15: Mutants ported away to a arc to be sent to Planet X, Wasp and Thor go head to head against Sentry, while Cap  Tries to take on the Apocalypse Twin alone but get his butt kicked.
·         Uncanny Avenger 16-17: Round 2 Thor and Captain America against the Twins but they fail and can't stop the Celestial from destroying earth. 
·         Uncanny Avengers 18: Mutant have created a civilization on Planet X, Havok, Wasp and Beast are trying to stop the Eimin, when Kang and Thor drop in with his little Army of  time displaced villains.
·         Uncanny Avengers 19: Kang kidnaps Havok's Daughter to get him to collaborate with him, Thor and crew  set out to take down Eimin.
·         Uncanny Avengers 20: Kang defeats Eimin, and he sends the Uncanny Avengers back in time to stop the Apocalypse twins.
·         Uncanny Avengers 21: Just about every hero is out to stop the Celestial and the Apocalypse Twins and Sentry surprisingly aids the Avengers, but Kang betrays the Avengers absorbing all of the celestials powers.
·         Uncanny Avengers 22: Avenger battle Kang's forces, when Immortus and his Guardians of Infinity crashes the party siding with the Avengers, while Havok battles Kang when a super powered Sunfire help defeating the Conqueror.

Lasting Effects:
·         Sunfire gets his AOA suit back.
·         Havok is left broken with the loose of his daughter, pretty much ending his relationship with Wasp.
·         Rogue absorbs Wonder man completely, he get stuck in his mind.

The Bad:
·         I Wonder Why no one kills Scarlet Witch, she is always getting her self into cosmic level trouble. 

The Good:
·           Sentry is totaly hardcore
·         Wolvy is totaly broken being confronted with Daken who is his son that he killed.
·         You actually understand the Twins vengence trip.
Rating: 10

Uncanny Avengers 23: We can observe the fallout from the whole battle with Kang, Havok is terribly disfigured, Sunfire back in his horse man body armor, Wonder man is trapped in Rogue and she goes crazy that this has happened again to her, and clone Red Skull prepares to make his move.
Rating: 7

The Axis

Red Skull is gearing up to start planetary level mayhem, pitting humans against mutants and Inhumans, when Magneto arrives to stops him but he ends up unleashing Onslaught, but when the Avengers and the X-men stop Onslaught, it only the begging of their perils.

Heroes: Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, X-Men, Magneto, Deadpool, Loki, Doom, Absorbing man, Carnage, Sabertooth, Hob Goblin, Jack o’ Lantern, Enchantress, Spider-man, Nomad, Quentin Quire, Nova, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, Valeria Richards, Stingray, Shield, Elsa Bloodstone, US Agent, 3-D man, Phil Coulson, Deadpool
Antagonist: Apocalypse, Iron man, Kluh, Scarlet Witch, inverted Avengers and Mutants
Villains: Red Skull, S-Men, Ahab, Sentinels, Plant man

Sporting Cast: Jarvis

Issue Summary:
·         Magneto 9: Magneto has arrived to Genosha, to stop Red Skull and liberate the mutants and Inhumans that are imprisoned in his concentration camps for, and battles the S-men and is defeated.
·         Magneto 10: Red Skull digs deep into Magnetos mind torturing him making him relive his greatest fears, but is saved at the last moment by Scarlet Witch, Havok and Rogue.
·         Uncanny Avengers 24: Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Havok were actually captured by the S-Men, Xavier calls out to Rogue giving her the strength to escape and the help Magneto to escape.
Add caption
·         Uncanny Avengers 25: While the Uncanny Avengers battle the S-men and Ahab, Magneto battles the Red Skull, and he kills him, accidently liberating the new Onslaught.
Avenger – X-men Axis:
·         Axis 1: Heroes confront the newly unleashed Onslaught, when two super powerful sentinels made by Tony Stark under skulls mental control drop in and start capturing heroes with incredible ease.
·         Axis 2: Heroes are just being hammered and being captured, when Magneto leaves the combat search for help.
·         Loki: Agent of Asgard 9: Magneto recruits Loki and Doom to battle Onslaught.
·         Magneto 11: Mags recruits more a-list villains, plus Deadpool.
·         Axis 3: Mags bring reinforcements a league of a-list villains, the sentinels art not programmed for villains and they defeat the giant robots, then Doom and Scarlet Witch cast a super spell defeating onslaught, but little did they know they inverted everyone involved morally making heroes into villain and vice versa. 
·         Magneto 12: Magneto frees Red Skulls prisoners.
·         Axis 4: Heroes start acting like villain Iron man using his extremis app as a type of beauty drug, Apocalypse becomes the new leader of the X-men, Avengers decide to execute captured Red Skull, Hulk converts into Kluh, while Jarvis help Skull escapes.
·         Axis 5: Avengers set out to trap all other heroes, to find who is the traitor that liberated the Skull, Spidy and Nova get away and are saved by Magneto who is working with Steve Rogers, While Apocalypse and his X-men arrive to New York City.
·         Axis 6: Apocalypse builds his mutant bomb; Tony creates his new armor and is confronted by Daredevil, while Scarlet Witch set out to kill Doom.
·         Avengers World 15-16: Doom creates a team of Avengers headed by Valeria Richard to help him stop Scarlet Witch.      
·         Amazing X-men: Inverted Mystic confronts inverted Nightcrawler
·         Avengers and X-Men Axis 7: Spidy and Deadpool try to stop Apocalypse’s mutant bomb, white Loki’s crew battle the mutants. Also we have Scarlet Witch in Latveria nearly killing Quicksilver and Magneto trying to get at Doom. Iron man and his Evil Avenger diced to attack the Mutants.
·         Avengers and X-Men Axis 8: Carnage sacrifices himself to stop the explosion of Apocalypses bomb; While Evil Mutants battle Evil Avengers. Doom unleashes his secret weapon on Scarlet Witch Brother Voodoo turning her back to normal, and Red Skull is White Skull, Xavier has taken Control.
·         Loki Agent of Asgard 11: Loki and Enchantress as heroes capture Lorelei and Sigurd  who are causing trouble
·         Avengers and X-Men Axis 9: Steve Rogers battles Falcon Captain America to protect the White Skull, while the Evil Avenger defeat the mutants, and they resume the  search for Steve and White Skull, Loki tricks Thor to follow him to the moon where he lifts Thor’s old Hammer ( since the original sin) and Clobbers him. Evil Avengers almost capture White Skull when Apocalypse (now good thanks to Deadpool), Spidy and Sabertooth save him. Doom, Scarlet Witch and White Skull cast a spell reverting the inversion saving the day
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The return of Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie. 
·         Brother Voodoo is back.
·         Sabertooth stay a hero
·         Havok join Cyclops’s revolution
·         Tony becomes the Superior Iron man
·         Doom has captured Red Skull.
·         It seems Magneto my note be the Father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The Bad:
·         Some really sloppy story telling at moments to much happening.
·         Carnage seems to have survived certain death, making sacrifice worth nothing.
·         Tony Stark’s sentinels that can only capture heroes is such a stupid idea, why would he make them for heroes only and not for villains, or just to capture anything with powers.

The Good:
·         We get to see more of Magneto’s past what moves him and what he fears.
·         Some really cool ideas at moments. The tie in save the main story at moments.
·         Apocalypse rocked, tearing Deadpool.
·         Loki using Thor’s Hammer and know there to see it was just a fantastic idea.
·         Deadpool and Tony’s interaction were pretty funny

Rating: 7

Black Vortex

A Celestial trinket called the Black Vortex has fallen into  the hands of the Evil Mr. Knife he preparing to use it to take over the universe.

Heroes: Guardians of the Galaxy, X-men, Ronin the Accuser, Gara, Captain Marvel, Nova and Star Jammers                        
Antagonist: Kree, the Colector and Supreme Intelligence
Villains: Mr. Knife, Slaughter Lords, the Brood, Thane and Ebony Maw

Sporting Cast:   Godhead/ Celestial

Issue Summary:
·         The Black Vortex Alpha: We discover that a long time ago the Black Vortex was created by a Celestial called Godhead to jump start the evolution of race living on a alien planet, which lead its inhabitants killing themselves off leaving Gara as the only survivor.  While in the present  Starlord with Shadow Cat steal the Black Vortex from Mr. Knife to stop his evil plans, sending the Slaughter Lords  hot on their tales heading straight on to clash with the guardians of the Galaxy and the X-men (who were trying to find the teacher Shadow Cat).
·         Guardians of the Galaxy 24:  Gomora, Angel and Beast, are temped and use the Vortex on themselves,  but by doing so they became unbalanced and a little power mad.
·         Legendary Starlord 9:  Heroes battle amongst themselves over the Black Vortex, the cosmic powered heroes take the vortex and make a run for it.
·         All New X-men 38:  Beast, Angel and Gomora are attacked by the Kree and lose the Vortex. So the Heroes in search for the Vortex go to Hala causing all kinds of havoc.
·         All New X-men 39: Cyclops, Groot and Iceman captured by the Slaughter Lords.
·         Guardians Team-up 3:  Starlord convinces Ronin to use the Vortex to stop Gomora, Beast and Angel.
·         Guardians of the Galaxy 25: The Guardians of the Galaxy with help from Nova are able to steal the Vortex from the Supreme Intelligence, when Mr. Knife attacks and destroys Hala to find the Vortex.
·         Nova 28: Nova goes back to Earth but goes back to space because the Collector comes knocking searching for the Vortex, but accidently gives it back to Mister Knife, and Thane uses to power up.
·         Legendary Starlord 10: Mr. Knife uses super Thane to freeze in amber all of Spartax and unleashes a horde of Brood to infest the planet.
·         Cyclops 12: Cyclops, Iceman and Groot, escape and  power up with Vortex  and join in the battle against Mr. Knife.
·         Captain Marvel 14: Captain Marvel tricks Thane to freeze Mr. Knife.
·         Legendary Starlord 11/Black Vortex Omega: Kitty Pryde powers up and using her phasing powers to save Spartax and stop the Brood infestation.
Powered up heroes

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Destruction of Hala.
·         Starlord proposes marriage to Shadow Cat.
·         Angel and Gamora stay cosmic and seemingly Ronin  and Thane too.
·         Iceman, Beast and Groot have change in their look, when they cosmic depower.
·         Cosmic Beast discover that time and space and time are broken and he can't send the young X-men back. (ties into the incursions).
·         Young Cyclops returns to the X-men.

The Bad:
·         The story behind the Black Vortex just falls flat, it promises a lot but goes nowhere we really don't learn nothing new about the celestials.
·          The way Thane is manipulated is to obvious.  
·         The new character Gara sucks, and  she take so much trouble to find the Black Vortex to do nothing.
·         It stupid how Nova accidently give the Vortex to Mr.Knife

The Good:
·         Mr. Knife is cool as hell, a very inteligent evolution of Starlord's dad the deposed leader of Spartax J'son.
·         Cool to see cosmic versions of the Guardians and the X-men.
·         Great action.

Rating: 6

Rage of Ultron

Ultron is back from his exile in space and he has infected the whole planet of Titan and has brought it to Earth to do the same, luckily the Avenger stop him but at a terrible price. ( Note this story was released when the movie Age of Ultron can out, it would have been 1000 time more cooler if that movie woud haved this story line than the one they used)

Heroes: Uncanny Avengers and Starfox/Eros          
Villains: Ultron, the Decedents and AIM

Sporting Cast:   Titans and Mentor

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Pym and Ultron are one.

The Bad:
·         Why didn't this Ultron die from the hidden program that Pym installed in his software like the other Ultron?

The Good:
·         Its the definitive Ultron Story.
·         The dynamic between Pym, Vision and Ultron, is fantastic.
·         Interesting evolution of Pym through the issue.

Rating: 10

Uncanny Avengers 1-5

Scarlet and Quicksilver head to counter earth to find out who is their daddy, wanting to talk to the High Evolutionary ¿Is he their true father?. Who isn't too happy to find the Avengers have contaminated his experiment.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wonder man persona is lost from Rogues head.

The Bad:
·         It's not answered by the high Evo. who is their father, at least he isn't. Note why did marvel have to make it that Magneto isn't their father it just does make sense what a stupid move.
·         Vision meets a lady robot and just forget about his teammate most of the story.
·         HIgh Evo presents his duaghter that is made of genetic matrial and has the same powers as Scarlet and Silver, I didn't catch her name but I'm not going to read this arc again.

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Times up

The multiverse is totally collapsing, who is behind this? can it be stopped?

Note, this ark transpires 8 months after the Axis.

Heroes: Avengers, Shield, the Illuminati, Ex Nihilo, Starbrand, Nightmask, POD, Doctor Strange, AIM, Mighty Avengers, Guadians of the Galaxy
Antagonist: Imperial Guard, Black Priests

Villains: Alphes, Beyonders, The Cabal/Conclave

Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Avengers 35: New status Quo: The Ex Nihilos are out to save universe, Cannonball, Sunspot, Smasher and Manifold have established themselves with the Shi'ar, Nightmask and Starbrand battling the last Alphe's, while  Thor and Hyperion are in Savage Land and finally we have Shield hunting Amadeus Cho to help them find the Illuminati.
·         Avengers 36:   Thor, Hyperion, Starbrand and Ex Nihilo volunteer to go to the end of the universe to stop the collapse of the multiverse.
·         New Avengers 24: Shield hot on the Illuminati trail, Steve Roger has made it personal.
·         New Avengers 25: Namor asks Doom for help to stop the incursion and control the Cabal, but Doom refuses, but really secretly is working on the issue with Molecule Man.
·         New Avengers 26: Illuminati on the run, Panther joins them.
·         New Avenger 27: Tony has been imprisoned by the Cabal, is found by Spider woman and Black Widow but leave him in  his cell for being such a dip stick with Cap. and the Incursions.
·         Avengers 38: Beast explains to Cyclops what going down, Scott reveals that he has a Phoenix egg in his power.
·         Avengers 39: Thor leads the Ex Nihilo's to battle the Black Priest that seem to be part of the multiverse collapse, but to their shock they discover that they are under the control of Doctor Strange, while Doom jumps into the multiverse for answers.
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·         Avenger 40: Roger, the Avengers and Shield locates the Illuminati and battle, until Sunspot arrives with more Avengers  and all hell breaks loss.
·         New Avenger 27: Invisible woman stops the battle, heads cool and they start focusing on the collapse of the multiverse.
·         New Avengers 28: Heroes try and stop the next incursion and stop the Cabal from escaping that planet. 
·         New Avengers 29: Reed explains to Rogers that they have tried everything and they can't stop the incursions, then PYM arrive with a shocking revelation, the Beyonders  are the ones behind the Collapse.
·         New Avengers 30:  The Beyonders are destroying the multiverse and killing off the abstracts, even killing the Living Tribunal.

·         Avengers 41: The Conclave ends up in the Ultimate Universe and meet Ultimate Reed, while Gladiator  decide to attack earth with every alien race to stop the universal collapse.
·         Avengers 42:  The Illuminati use the body of the Living Tribunal to creat the  universal life boat to save  as many posible from the collapse.
·         Avengers 43:  Ironman make his move to save Earth.
·         New Avengers 31: Doctor Strange with his Black Priest attack the Black Swans, discovering that Rabum Alal is Doom.
·         New Avengers  32: The Ex Nihilo, Thor, Hyperion and Starbrand make a last stand against the Beyonders, but all get killed.
·         New Avengers 33: We discover how Doom Rabum Alal, and why of the universal collapse and he was trying to stop it using the Black Swans as his heralds.
·         Avengers 44: Heroes stops the alien attack while Captain America battles Ironman for keeping him in the dark  with his activities with the illuminates, when the Ultimate Universe attacks Marvel 616

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Dooms actions lead to him becoming god Doom in the secret Wars.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Great to bring closure to the whole collapse of the multiverse and the incursions.
·         We learn more about the builders.
·         Molecule turns out to be really important, he's some kind of universal trigger of the collapse.
·         We finally discover who's Rabum Alal, and its DOOM, holy cow!
·         We discovers that Smasher is the granddaughter of Captain Terror.
·         Hammerless Thor rocks, but he has that evil doppelganger Thorr Hammer for back up.
·         The Black Priest preemptively destroy realities trying to stop the Collapse
·         Steve Rogers uses that other dimensional evil Hulk Against the Illuminati.
·         Panther takes vengeance on Namor.
·         The Ivory Kings are the Beyonders.
·         Panther has to deal with the total destruction of Wakanda again.

I love Thor's and Hyperion's last stand against the Beyonders was fantastic.

Rating: 10