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Marvel post secret wars: All New and Dif. Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool Mercs for Money And Uncanny Avengers Issue Summaries

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All New and Different  Avengers 0: Vision is starting to go crazy seeing ghosts and things from his past, so he decides to disconnect his emotion to cope with what he's going through.

All New and Different  Avengers 1-3: Someone has ported the evil Chitauri Warbirnger to Earth to find some cosmic artifacts but is stopped by the Iron Man's new Avengers.
Lasting Effects:
·         Tony has lost Stark/Avengers tower and it has been bought by Mr. Gryphon, who obviously is totally evil with a secret agenda.

Team Rundown:
Iron Man: Poor Tony seems to be cooler, digging the new armor.

Jane Thor: I like that she has issues with her powers, tending to go overboard with her actions.

Ms Marvel, Spidy Miles and Nova: These kids are interesting team members that are all rookies on the team so they are dealing with being super heroes in the first place, learning how to adapt to these incredible situations.

Vision: Emotionless Vision seem to have a secret agenda.

Captain America/ Falcon Cap: I love this Cap, he a much more versatile character he's a veteran Avenger that is still learning how to be Captain America.  

All New and Different  Avengers  4: Team goes up against Whirlwind.

Lasting effects:
The Avengers new base is in New Jersey .
Jane Thor has a thing Falcon Cap.

All New and Different  Avengers 5-6: We discover that Mr. Gryphon is Kang (sort of) and he been manipulating Vision the whole time, but the Avengers are able to defeat him.

Lasting Effects:
Sam discovers that Thor is Jane foster that is suffering of cancer

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Guardians of the Galaxy 1: New team with Thing battling the Chitauri, while Quill is the emperor of Spartax when. GG arrive for a visit a new villain arrives at Spartax at the same time wanting to destroy the Guardians, enter Hala.
The Good:
·         I actually like Thing on the team, he works great on the team un like the Human Torch in Uncanny Avengers.
·         I Like Starlord Kitty.

Guardians of the Galaxy2: Hala is that last of the accusers, she pist the Kree home planet was destroyed during the Black Vortex, and accuses the Guardian for what happened.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Hala has Guardians on the ropes.

Guardians of the Galaxy 4-5: Guardians finally defeats Hala, when a space gangster Yotat arrive to destroy Drax.

New Team Rundown:

Peter Quill: He just hates being a ruler, I sort of like to see him miserable fulfilling his destiny.

Kitty Starlord: Kitty has taken the mantel of Starlord and she actually kicks butt, she operates pretty well outside of the X-men, it works.

Thing: Pretty Surprised how much I liked Ben outside of the FF, greats chemistry with the team.
Rocket Raccoon: Rocket sort has to find his place in the team, but in a good way.

Groot-Venom: Sort of background characters for now. I really hope they could make a cool ark with Venom.

Drax: Drax's destroying gets the team in trouble.

Gomorra: Not sure if she lost her black vortex powers.

Resultado de imagen para uncanny avengers 2016Uncanny Avengers 0: Steve sends Deadpool on a mission to help find a cure for Rogue's M-pox.

Uncanny Avengers 1: New Avenger line up just formed for when the Shredded Man attacks.

Lasting Effects:

·         Spidy leaves the Avengers because Deadpool is on the team.

·         Enjoying the friction in the team between the mutant members and Inhumans.
Team Rundown:

Captain America: Still old.

Deadpool: Even though I'm a big Deadpool fan but have a hard time accepting him as a Avengers.

Rogue: Sort of cool to see her still on Avengers, and she's dyeing of M-pox and has issues with the Inhuman teammate Synapses.

Synapses: The Inhuman teammate, I guess she's part of this new marvel inhuman status quo.

Human Torch: Having a hard time accepting this character outside of the Fantastic Four.

Brother Voodoo: This character has tons of potential, I really hope the use him a lot.

Quicksilver: I love this classic character, and he'll will probably have conflicts with wade.

Uncanny Avengers 2:  Shredded Man just takes over a city, he's freaking powerful.
The good:
·         Like seeing Johnny Storm realizing that he should  have learned more science while being around Reed.
Lasting Effects:
·         Cable is coming

Uncanny Avengers 3-4: Cable travels to the past to help the Avengers defeat the Shredded Man who is a Inhuman.

Lasting Effects:

Cable joins the Avengers, which for some reason seems odder than Deadpool.

Ultron Pym is back, boy I'm a happy nerd.

Uncanny Avengers 5-6: Avengers out hunting down the Red Skull, while Synapses is visited by the Inhumans.

The Good:

Starting to dig this title a little more.

Loved how Deadpool defeats the Wrecker 

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Deadpool has created a new team that will make the world a better place, I guess, striving to battle for justice, freedom and money, taking up the craziest jobs for our entertainment.


Team Break Down:

Deadpool: Wade is the leader of this ethically questionable task force, since he has to play by the rules with the Avengers, here's where he gets to be his self and let his craziness go.
Solo: These series has a ton of obscure characters like Solo, that I remember this character for appearing in the return of the " Revenge of Sinister Six" back in the early 90's and he pops up a couple of times in Cable and Deadpool, X-Factor and maybe in Wolverine, he seems pretty cool and one of the only sane members of the team.

Masacre: Is the new mysterious member of the team, the Mexican Deadpool, which  in his power set is to be Mexican jajajaja, please give me Masacre against Trump.

Stingray: He's the mole of the team  spying on Wade for Steve Rogers, and I love that he's a total looser.

Foolkiller: When I saw this character on the cover I thought it was Paladin, Marvels most uninteresting Merc, but it was Foolkiller a character that  I know nothing about, all I have know of this dude is that I have Marvel series one trading card from the early 90's of this character and nothing else, so I don't know what to expect from him.

Terror Inc: Another  obscure character that I've have seen once in a story arc back in the 90's with Wolverine, oh and once  in  a  MTU  arc, he has a interesting power set absorbing memories and powers from cut off body parts that he attaches to his putrid body.
Slapstick: Here is another character that I've only seen in a Marvel series 3 trading card till he popped up in the Initiative, so I'm happy to see this crazy dude again.

Antagonist:  The Recorder
Villains: Taskmaster,  Evil Deadpool, the Wild Bunch (old Captain Britain villain), Crossfire, Lord Death Strike, Puma, Crime Master, Blood Spider, Caroline Le Fay, Mephisto, Doom, Zemo, Mole Man, Doc. Rot, Wrecking Crew, Kingpin of the Ozarks, the Hand, Slayback, Big Wheel, Orbe, the Zapata Brothers, Bruiser.

Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Issue O: Presentation of each member of the team: Terror Inc lost his beloveds arm  making forget his past, We discover that Stingray is a mole for Steve Rogers, Slapstick battles Taskmaster, origin of Masacre, Foolkiller  gets a degree in psychology to know who are the fools he has to kill and we discover that Solo is a merc that is trying to make ends meet to take care of  his child the thing is he impersonated Wade a couple of jobs to get contracts and Pool wants some answers.
·          Issue 1: Wade and his Mercs retrieve a crate from some organization but when they try to leave they are attacked by the Wild Bunch that also have a contract to get the same crate, but Pool's team gets the upper hand and they discover that inside there is a alien robot called a Recorder that is broken but babbles about future events, so Wade plans to sell it.
·         Issue 2: Wade wants to auction the Recorder inviting all of Marvel under world, and Evil Deadpool is back.
·         Issue 3: Auction goes to hell, but Wade brokers a deal with the Kinpin of the Ozarks.
·         Issue 4: Basically Wade and his team have to take the Record to the Kingpin of the Ozarks base and pretty much every c-list villain out their will try to stop them.
·         Issue 5:  When Wade is going to give the Recorder to the Kingpin Evil Deadpool and the Wild Bunch attack, so wade decides to destroy the Recorder, to stop the onslaught of Villains from attacking.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:

The Good:
·         Loving the parade of obscure character that the series has.
·         Writing is great and pretty funny.
·         Really good 0 issue they tend to be redundant but I really liked this one.
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·         Introduction of the Kingpin of the Ozarks.
  N/D Avengers 9: The introduction of the new Wasp, Pym's daughter that had been kidnapped by
possibly the KGB all these years, presents herself to the Avengers. I must say I actually like this new character.
N/D Avenger 10-12:  Avengers head to outer space in search of Nova's father after they the find this mysterious transmission, but to their surprise it a trap by Annihilus. This story arc is pretty meh, but I did enjoy the return of Captain Marvel's nega bands.