Monday, July 10, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming

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Finally the perfect Spidy flick, this movie surpassed all of my expectations. I'm a happy nerd, and today I bring you guys my brief review and breakdown of this motion picture. I'm not really going to dive too deep into the plot because there are a couple of fantastic moments and surprises that the trailers didn't spoil, but just in case DANGER SPOILERS. The focus of this post will especially center around the characters. 

oh here's a link to my youtube video on the Vulturre: My kickass youtube video of the Vulture

Spider-man/ Peter Parker (Tom Holland): Tom portrays the perfectly Spidy and Peter Parker, it's like the comic book character literally jumped on the screen. We have a young Peter growing up dealing with teen issues and his responsibilities as a hero. Tom plays as the perfect underdog that just doesn't know when to give up, confronting impossible circumstances.  
Iron man / Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.): I enjoyed Tony's role in the movie, and from my point of view there is a missed opportunity to have Vulture take him down and have Spidy save him to prove that he's a hero for the big leagues.

Vulture / Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton the dude who did Batman): The movie reinvents a classic but not very interesting Spidy villain, into a dangerous and somewhat scary badass, and the flick establishes a motive for him and his minions that one can actually understand and identify with.
Shocker: Meh, pretty redundant.

Sporting Cast:
·         Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau): He has the job in keeping an eye on Spidy and obviously he does a bad job at that, which means some pretty funny moments.
·         Michelle Jones MJ( Zendaya): Sort of confused with which character she is, but her antisocial characterization is interesting.
·         Aaron Davis (Donald Glover): Character opens the door for Miles Morales.
·         May Parker (Marisa Tomei): Meh

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Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Spidy turns down Tony in becoming a full-time Avenger.
·         Scorpion is coming.
Another Spidy Armor for who ¿?¿

The Bad:
No  big issues
The Good:
·         Some kickass action, well passed, with good suspense, it had me white-knuckled a couple of times.
·         They nailed Spidy's banter, and general humor in movie is great.  
·         End credits: The  Ramones.
·         Karen and insane web shooters.
·         Some deep nerd cuts with Damage Control.
·         This incarnation of the Vulture is by far the best ever.

9.8 out of 10, Director Jon Watts you have made the best Spidy flick ever.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Movie Review Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad 

So finally got my hand on the Blu Ray of this DC film to see it for the first time, and to my total surprise it really let me down, I had seen the animated DC feature had made some time ago that had a kicked ass plot, while  this movies story was totally meh. I must note I'm not a DC fan but I really want to see their movie universe grow and I have a soft spot for some of DC's villains, especial anyone from Batman's Rogue Gallery, because  I grew up watching Batman's Animated series.
So we go with my stupid review and breakdown centring around the character, and I must note I'm not getting to much into the plot but there will be spoilers.    

·         Deadshot (Will Smith): Will nails it, I loved Deadshot, please give me a spin off  or make him appear in the next Bat flick.
·         The Joker (Jared Leto): Sorry but ¿What the fuck? Jared actually brings the viewer a interesting take on the Joker, but he's severally underused in the movie, the character participation is really choppy, it shows off the  mess of the movies edition. I must not this movie would have been much better if you had the Joker being the one behind Enchantres going rogue would have been super cool, it would make more sense because it would force the Squad to act so he could get to Harley, which je does anyways at the end of the movie.
·         Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie): She is just perfect, her craziness brings in that unpredictable factor that this character has, but ¿why ditch the mallet for a bat?  
·         Rick Flag ( Joel Kinnaman): Not to interested in this character but  he has a interesting dynamic with Deadshot.
·         Amanda Waller (Viola Davis): The way Amanda Waller handles  Enchantress from the start to the end is just lazy writing with too many holes, the whole crisis was her fault but she is not held accountable for it or recognizes that this is her blunder and she actually kills her own men, she does not have any evolution as a character.
·         Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney): Please give me a DC/Marvel crossover, Captain Boomerang vs. Deadpool the battle for the unicorn.
Please make a DC/Marvel crossover flick Captain Boomerang vs. Deadpool
·         El Diablo ( Jay Hernandez): Interesting character never seen him before, liked his internal conflict and his flaming hulk god  battle was pretty cool.
·         Killer Croc (Adewale Akkinouye Agbaje): There could have been more Killer Croc-ing.
·         Katana: I have her Heroclix , but I know nothing of the character, I like that she only speaks in Japanese.

·         Batman: Batman is a dick taking Deadshot down in front of his daughter.
·         Enchantress (Cara Delevingne): She like DC version of Malekith from Thor's dark world, she just wants to destroy everything but we get very little motivation for what drive the character.

The Bad:
·         Man the plot starts of promising and drifts into totally generic.  What the hell happened to the Joker, why did they promote this movie with this character that has so little screen time, it really feels like a cash grab.
·         Enchantress in full power mode becomes a super generic "let's bring the end of the world".
·         Choppy edition, it's a mess and the movie has pacing issues, my 10 year super nerd daughter got bored at a moment.
·         I did like the music, but they throw to much at you, Guardians of the Galaxy does a much better job at incorporating pop songs in a sound track than this flick.
·         Enchantress has freaking  generic minions, they never feel like a threat to the Squad, and is it me or do they look like the putty bad guys from Power Rangers.
·         Why do Harley and Deadshot get two intro in the movie, it doesn't make sense.

The Good:
·         Loved the characterizations of the Squad Members.
·         I did like Jared's Joker

Overall: 5 out of 10

Friday, December 2, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review + Top Ten Marvel Magic Characters

Hi guys so here's my post on my review of the movie of Doctor Strange,  and after that since the movie is about Marvel's magic I put a top ten of my favorite magic based characters from their main universe 616, so please enjoy post your views on the bottom if you wish:

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Doctor Strange is a Character that I've always thought was super cool but personally I  never got into his solo titles for some reason, I'm more into Avengers and Mutants than magic characters like him or Ghost Rider. The first time I came across with this  character was during the Infinity Gauntlet crossover when I started to collect comics in the early 90's  and he has popped up in the titles  that I've collected over the years like in Spider-man, X-Men and X-Force, but he became a central character in the New Avengers title during the 2000's, becoming a Avenger and latter it's revealed that he a Illuminati. So he started to take center stage in the Avengers titles during  the Incursions, Time Runs Out  and during the Secret Wars, so Marvel has really built Strange up over the years.

Danger Spoilers!!!!

Now let's get to the movie I really had no expectations for the flick, I knew it was a origins story, which didn't bother me (note many people were bitching about this) and it had some crazy special effects, from what I saw in trailer.The  plot is pretty simple and I'm  actually not going to go into because there isn't much to it, but I'm going to focus more on the characters.


Doctor Stephan Strange  (Benedict  Cumberbatch): The characterization of  Doctor Strange is perfect he's even more of a arrogant A-Hole than Stark  is in the movies and comics, but in the comics and movies  Stark has a likable side to him, while Strange in the comics is emotionally distant most of the time, so the movie had the make him more likeable because of obvious reasons, you need for the viewer to have some level of empathy for the main character, and Benedict pulls it off. I really liked to see how Stephan  was before becoming a hero and his transition.

Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor): They made this character much more interesting, than he is in the comic, who was super one dimensional and in the movie he  works great with Strange teaching him to master his skills, they have a interesting relationship.  And I really dig the direction this character goes in after the movie. 

Wong (Benedict Wong): This character was one of the many pleasant surprises in this flick he isn't Strange's servant, but a powerful sorcerer himself in charge of safe guarding all the sacred magic books. 

The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton):  Debate aside, if it was a right choice or not, in the election of Swinton for the role, I must say she nails it, she actual makes the Ancient One really interesting giving this character a lot of depth, she actually drives the movie pushing Strange  to become the defender of Earth's realm.


Kaecilius (Madds Mikkelsen): I must note I have never  seen this villain in a comic before so I don't have any reference of him, now in this movie  he's sort of a generic   marvel movie villain, basically  wanting to destroy the world to bring a new order, but when you realize what drives him and what is his beef with the Ancient One things get interesting, you understand why he's pist.

Dormammu:He's in the movie Nuff Said

Supporting Cast:  

Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams): She's Stange's love interest  and she plays a interesting role in the movie, I love the operation seen, wow.

Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We get the time gem so we know Strange will cross paths with Thanos somewhere down the line.
·         Mordo set out to take down the sorcerers of the world, that bring more harm than good.
·         Strange seems to team up with Thor in search for Odin.

The Bad:
·         Doctor Strange seems to learn how to use his powers to fast, the movie should have shown at least a one year later or something like that, which is pretty lazy but helps explain how the hell he learns so fast and goes toe to toe with such a heavy weight like Kaecilius or Dormammu.


The Good:
·         Wow great visual and special FX.
·         Add a new world or dimension to the MCU.
·         Tons of Easter eggs
·         The Cape
Stranges Astral form is pretty cool, and the movie show how useful it is.
Crazy time gem stuff

Overall: 7.25 out of 10

 My  Magic based Marvel Characters Top Ten:

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I love that Bike

10 Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) : Here is character that is super cool but I never but I never got into his solo title, but when I got into comics back in the late 80's early 90's and it was Danny Ketch as the new Ghost Rider and he was popping up all over the place, he had some great team ups with Spidy during the Revenge of the Sinister Six, with Wolverine and Punisher battling Black Heart and even the X-Men battling the Brood. I always had more of a fondness for this Rider over the Original Johnny Blaze and I haven't been able to get my hand on any issues with the new Rider Robbie Reyes.

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9 Brother Voodoo: Is a character that I always thought was super lame, but Marvel progressively in the New Avengers reintroduced him giving him a new feel  and he even became the Sorcerer Supreme for a time, now Voodoo plays a interesting role in the Uncanny Avengers.

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8 Frankencastel: I Never liked the Punisher in general I feel that sometimes he sends the wrong message  with his whole issue with guns and violence, but  when he was killed by Wolverine's kid Dakken and brought back from the dead in the form of a Frankenstein with the help of the magic Blood Stone, it was so stupid it was brilliant, but the best part of the phase for Castel was his three way battle with Wolverine and Dakken.

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7 Nightmare: Out of  all of Doctor Strange's enemies Nightmare is my favorite and I really wanted him to be the main villain to the Doc Strange flick, he's a interesting villain because he puts his adversaries in really dark places making for good stories, I have Nightmare  in a couple of interesting comics in my collection,  like battling Captain America  so he can corrupted the American Dream, tempting Sleepwalker, battling Excalibur... but my favorite story arc with him is when he tries to stop Hercules's god squad during the secret invasion.

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6 The Hood: At first I didn't understand this character but when Marvel started to build him up into the main villain to the New Avengers, he became to be like a bad ass Kingpin that had supernatural powers that wanted to kill Doctor Strange, and as readers  we  discover that he was a herald of Strange's arch enemy Dormammu. And I must add that the Hood actually pushes Strange to the Darker side of magic.

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5 Doctor Strange: As I said in the introduction to the movie even though I like this character I never collected his comics, but I really liked when he was working with the Illuminati, now during the times running out Story line he sort of gives into the dark side of magic so he can save the universe leading the black priests laying to waist other dimensions trying to stop the incursions that were destroying the multiverse, leading him to team up with Doctor Doom to defeat the Beyonders and create the battle world during the Secret Wars.

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4 Forge: This character is a mutant that has the ability to create advanced technology intuitively, but he's also a native American that was brought up in their mystical heritage and he played a fundamental role battling the Adversary a mystical being that almost killed  X-Men, X-Factor, Freedom Force and Roma.

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3 Sleepwalker: This character is pretty obscure, he came out when I started to collect comics and I always thought he was really interesting he's a crazy mix of magical and alien, that appeares when his host body went to sleep. I have a few comic with this character teaming up with Spidy, battling  Ghost Rider and Nightmare and he pops up in Marvel 2000 era Team up series.

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2 Juggernaut: Oh boy he's one of my favorite X character ever, I like him as much as a villain or a hero, he's a bad ass power house that is powered by the magic of the Cyttorak gem, he's a avatar of destruction of the Demon that is imprisoned inside of the gem, and sparks fly when he clashes with the Hulk. 

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1 Magik: Is a mutant  that has the ability to create portals and is the sister of the X-Men's Colossus, she was kidnapped by the demon called Belasco and taken to limbo where she learned magic and took control of the soul sword, becoming over time a very powerful sorcerer being tutored by Doctor Strange himself. She has been a part of the New Mutants and now a day's she's major player in the X-Men creating a refuge for all mutants in limbo to save them from the M-pox on Earth.