Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top Ten Pym Particle Characters + My Movie Review of Ant-Man (2015)

Top Ten Pym Particle Characters:

10 Stature: She's Scott Lang's daughter, and I always loved this character because she was one of the driving forces to the  Young Avengers.

9 Wasp: She's a classic Avenger, but I feel that Marvel never has been able to tap into her true potential as a character, I loved her time on the Uncanny Avengers, where she started to have a relationship with Havok.

8 Giant Man: This version of Pym has been off and on, the Avengers roosters over the years normally filling in when there is a need for a big gun type of character, but I liked Giant Man in Avengers Academy the most, when he was a very very irresposible headmaster of a school.   

7 Black Ant: Eric O'Grady  was the third Ant-man, and he was moral  pretty questionable but his time this the Thunderbolts lead him to really want to be a hero, but on a mission with the Secret Avengers lead him to be converted into the Black Ant, joining the forces of evil.

6  Ant-Man Pym: Like Wasp it feels that this version of this  character has been very under used, but he has his moments, like the classic issue where he jumps inside of Vision to fix him or the time he fly's on Hawkeyes arrow, are classic avengers moments. 

5 West Coast Avengers Pym: This incarnation of Pym is probably one of the oddest, he running around in a lab/adventure type of suit making a kinds of cool and crazy stuff pop out of his pockets to help his teammates battle.

4 Black Goliath: Now I have only one comic with this guys and it the Civil War TPB, and it freaking sad to discover a character only to get him killed a couple of pages latter.

 3 Yellow Jacket: If you read the Avengers long enough you know that when Yellow Jacket appears trouble isn't far behind, and  Yellow Jacket in the Avengers Initiative was fantastically sinister.

2 Ant-man Scott Lang: As a father one can relate to Scott Lang and his crusade to recuperate his daughters legal custody, that he had lost to his ex wife because he was a superhero  and I loved his revelry with Jack of Hearts.

1 Wasp Pym: Pym's time as the Mighty Avengers was the first time that I feel that Marvel understood
  this character potential leading him to become the Scientist Supreme. 


Ant-Man (2015)

Today I bring you guys my super late review for Marvel Ant-Man, now before I start off with my review of this movie I must say that this flick took me on a nostalgia trip because it reminded me at moments  when I went to see one of my first movies ever "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" back in the late 80's at local drive in theater, when I lived in Culver City in the US; I know that both stories have nothing to do with each other but I felt like that 8 year old Kid back at the drive in, that feeling of wonder and awe and how cool it must be to shrink to the size of an Ant.
Now specifically talking about Ant-Man this movie was a colossal surprise, not only I loved it, it was far better than Avengers Age of Ultron. Now personally I never really liked Scott Lang/Ant-Man that much as an Avenger, I found it odd that they made a movie about Lang's Ant-Man, why not use Henry Pym as Ant-Man, he's one of the most interesting and conflictive  Avengers around, especially his competitive relationship with Tony Stark and his mental instability make him a gold mine for cool stories, but Disney pulled off a great Scott Lang story anyways.
The Plot of the movie isn't that complicated, but the way it's told is fantastic, it's a heist movie like Oceans 11 and this is  a real novelty in the Marvel movie universe,  and it has a couple surprises that makes this movie even more enjoyable. So here we go with the breakdown ( Danger Spoilers): 

Yellow Jacket sort of looks too Ultronish to me
·         Ant-Man/ Henry Pym (Michael Douglas): Michael Douglas plays an older Pym that is locking for a successor as Ant-Man to stop Darren Cross in his crusade to create the Yellow Jacket
·         Ant-Man II/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd): Rudd's Ant Man is fantastic he's man driven to be able to recuperate dual custody of his daughter and on the other hand he's trying to keep on the straight and narrow but Pym makes him deviate forcing him to take up the Mantel of Ant-Man's  and steal the Yellow Jacket from Cross. One of the cool things about the movie is that it really explores the full potential of Ant-Mans powers and that his power set isn't explicitly offensive in nature (similar to Spider-Man) making Scott to be creative in the way he attacks his enemies.
·         Hope van Dyne ( Evangeline Lilly): I'm not too crazy about this character but I have some interest of what will happen with her down the line.
·         Yellow Jacket/Darren Cross: He looks pretty cool in the movie but he doesn't seem much of a threat to Scott, even though he got those blasters, Scott has a much larger power set and has trained with his suit, Cross hasn't, there is no tension the final battle you know Scott will win.
·         Hydra: Generic villain organization, its sort of getting old.

Supporting Cast:  
·         Luis (Michael Peña): Out of the supporting characters  Luis is one of Lang's best buds in the movie and he's funny as hell, you know Michael Peña could play Gold Balls from the X-men jajajaja.
·         Shield
·         Howard Stark

Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Ant-Man will cross path with the Avengers again.
·         Hope will be the new Wasp.

The Bad:
·         Why does Yellow Jackets blaster sound like Star Wars AT-AT blasters from Star War, because the bastards use the same sound effects, man Disney is shameless.
·         The subatomic realm even though esthetically awesome it does remind me a little too much the black hole from Nolan's last Space flick Interstellar.

The Good:
·         In the core of this movie we have a very interesting father/duaghter dynamic, with Pym/ Hope and Scott / Cassie, and as a dad one can appreciate this aspect of the movie.
·         Visually the movie is super cool.
·         The Ant-Man/Falcon battle was priceless.
·         There is an actual reference to Spider-man .

Rating: 8/10