Monday, January 23, 2017

Movie Review Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad 

So finally got my hand on the Blu Ray of this DC film to see it for the first time, and to my total surprise it really let me down, I had seen the animated DC feature had made some time ago that had a kicked ass plot, while  this movies story was totally meh. I must note I'm not a DC fan but I really want to see their movie universe grow and I have a soft spot for some of DC's villains, especial anyone from Batman's Rogue Gallery, because  I grew up watching Batman's Animated series.
So we go with my stupid review and breakdown centring around the character, and I must note I'm not getting to much into the plot but there will be spoilers.    

·         Deadshot (Will Smith): Will nails it, I loved Deadshot, please give me a spin off  or make him appear in the next Bat flick.
·         The Joker (Jared Leto): Sorry but ¿What the fuck? Jared actually brings the viewer a interesting take on the Joker, but he's severally underused in the movie, the character participation is really choppy, it shows off the  mess of the movies edition. I must not this movie would have been much better if you had the Joker being the one behind Enchantres going rogue would have been super cool, it would make more sense because it would force the Squad to act so he could get to Harley, which je does anyways at the end of the movie.
·         Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie): She is just perfect, her craziness brings in that unpredictable factor that this character has, but ¿why ditch the mallet for a bat?  
·         Rick Flag ( Joel Kinnaman): Not to interested in this character but  he has a interesting dynamic with Deadshot.
·         Amanda Waller (Viola Davis): The way Amanda Waller handles  Enchantress from the start to the end is just lazy writing with too many holes, the whole crisis was her fault but she is not held accountable for it or recognizes that this is her blunder and she actually kills her own men, she does not have any evolution as a character.
·         Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney): Please give me a DC/Marvel crossover, Captain Boomerang vs. Deadpool the battle for the unicorn.
Please make a DC/Marvel crossover flick Captain Boomerang vs. Deadpool
·         El Diablo ( Jay Hernandez): Interesting character never seen him before, liked his internal conflict and his flaming hulk god  battle was pretty cool.
·         Killer Croc (Adewale Akkinouye Agbaje): There could have been more Killer Croc-ing.
·         Katana: I have her Heroclix , but I know nothing of the character, I like that she only speaks in Japanese.

·         Batman: Batman is a dick taking Deadshot down in front of his daughter.
·         Enchantress (Cara Delevingne): She like DC version of Malekith from Thor's dark world, she just wants to destroy everything but we get very little motivation for what drive the character.

The Bad:
·         Man the plot starts of promising and drifts into totally generic.  What the hell happened to the Joker, why did they promote this movie with this character that has so little screen time, it really feels like a cash grab.
·         Enchantress in full power mode becomes a super generic "let's bring the end of the world".
·         Choppy edition, it's a mess and the movie has pacing issues, my 10 year super nerd daughter got bored at a moment.
·         I did like the music, but they throw to much at you, Guardians of the Galaxy does a much better job at incorporating pop songs in a sound track than this flick.
·         Enchantress has freaking  generic minions, they never feel like a threat to the Squad, and is it me or do they look like the putty bad guys from Power Rangers.
·         Why do Harley and Deadshot get two intro in the movie, it doesn't make sense.

The Good:
·         Loved the characterizations of the Squad Members.
·         I did like Jared's Joker

Overall: 5 out of 10