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Mid 80's Post Morlocks Massacre-Early 90’s X-titles Issue summaries

X-Factor's Fall of the Mutants

Apocalypse makes his move and starts his campaign of the survival of the fittest unleashing his Four Horsemen on New York City, and X-Factor are the only ones standing in the way of Apocalypse from destroying the city.
Heroes: X-Factor, Power Pack
Antagonist: Death/Archangel, Caliban

Villains:  Apocalypse, War, Plague, Famine, Cameron Hodge

Issue Summary:
X-Factor 23: X-Factor battle Cameron Hodge who has revealed himself to be an anti-mutant fanatic, while Apocalypse unveils his new Horseman Death/Archangel who battles the other horsemen to become their leader.
X-Factor 24: X-Factor is teleported to Apocalypse's ship and given a chance to join him, since they don't agree he sends his Horsemen to take them down, and Archangel just takes down  X-Factor single handedly.
X-Factor 25: X-Factor escapes and battles the Horsemen again and Apocalypse, while his ship is destroying parts of the city. Iceman tricks Archangel to think that he killed him breaking Apocalypse's hold, leading him to attack his master, Apocalypse makes a run for it.
X-Factor 26: X-Factor establishes themselves in Apocalypse's ship as a new base.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We get the new Archangel with Techno-Organic Wings and blue skin.
·         Caliban changes sides a become an associate of Apocalypse and future Horseman.
·         X-Factor will use Apocalypse's ship as a new base.

The Good:
·         We get to see Hodge's armor used again by Fitzroy.
·         We learn more about the nature of Apocalypse.
·         Archangel look cool as hell
Rating: 10

Uncanny X-Men 228: Issue has a Dazzler and Wolvy team up issue.
Uncanny X-Men 229: The X-Men battle the Reavers for the first time.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of the Reavers and the mutant Gateway.
·         Roma uses her Magic to make the X-Men invisible to cameras and electronic detectors.
·         Roma leaves the siege perilous in the X-Men control.
·         X-Men establishes themselves in the Reavers base in Australia.

Uncanny X-men 230: X-Men return all the stolen stuff o the Reavers back to their owner's thanks to Longshot's powers to visualize the history of an object.

Uncanny X-Men 231: Gateway ports Colossus away so he can help his sister in a battle limbo.

Uncanny X-Men 232-234: X-Men battle the Brood, while Madeline Pryor is being courted by the evil limbo demon Sym.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of Goblin Queen

X-Men Annual 12: X-men head to Savage Land to discover it has been destroyed by Terminus, with help of High Evolution and a Giant Talking dog they defeat Terminus that actually had entrapped Garrok inside.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Savage Land is reborn
·         Introduction of Zaladan.

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Excalibur; The Sword is Drawn: Phoenix is on the run having escaped from Mojo, but she has his War Wolves hot on her tail. At the same time, Gatecrasher and her team under the orders of  Saturnina crosses paths with Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and Meggan, trying to also hunt down Phoenix. So the heroes going forces with Captain Britain help stop both villain team from capturing the Ex-X-Man.
Lasting Effects:
·         Heroes decide to join forces and create Excalibur to save Britain from inter-dimensional threats.
The Good:
·         War Wolves are pretty cool bad guys.
·         Gate Crasher crew has some really crazy powers.
Excalibur 1-2: Team is hot on the trail of the War Wolves that are causing trouble in London
Lasting Effects: The birth of Widget and Kylun.
Excalibur 3: Crazy inter-dimensional lady arrives on Earth 616 and sets Juggernaut free from jail, but is stop by Excalibur.

Excalibur 4-5: The Wild Bunch team up with Arcade to destroy Captain Britain and his team, but fail.

This Issue is one of my first comics in my collection, that I Got at a garage Sale when I was a kid
It's one of my favorite X-crossovers ever it intertwines three stories: In the first one Madeline  Pryor has been manipulated to unleash limbos demons  on  Earth,  willing sacrifice her own child Nathan Summer ( the future Cable), to take vengeance on all that have hurt her, especially her Ex husband Scott/Cyclops, on the other hand we have Majik battling the forces of limbo to stop the  demon invasion and save her soul and finally because of the activities of the Goblin Queen Sinister is forced out of the shadows and make his move against the X-men 

Heroes: X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants, Excalibur, Fallen Angels
Antagonist: Hellfire Club
Villains: Madeline Pryor/Goblin Queen, Sym, Mr. Sinister, Marauders and N'astirh

 Sporting Cast:   

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-Men 239: Madeline decides to take vengeance on the Marauders and to take back her son from the members of X-Factor and she asks N'astirh for his help.
·         Uncanny X-men 240:  Madeline discovers that her life is a lie, while the X-men hunt down the Marauders.
·         The New Mutants 71: New Mutants are trapped in limbo battling Sym, they receive help from N'astirh to defeat  Majik's arch enemy, but when they defeat him they unleash limbo on Earth by accident, N'astirh had played the young mutants.
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·         X-Factor 36: X-Factor arrives to the city to stop the chaos caused by the demon invasion.
·         Uncanny X-men 241: Sinister reveals to Madeline, her origins and even though she is a clone, the   phoenix force seemed to have given her life, when Jean was killed on the moon battling the Imperial Guard, Sinister created her so she could meet Scott Summers and have a child that would be an exceptional mutant, to serve Sinister purposes.
·         New Mutants 72-73: Majik battles N'astirh, while Colossus clashes with Sym, Majik defeats her enemies and reverts back into a little child
·         X-Factor 37: N'astirh kidnaps little Nathan from X-Factor's care, then the team is confronted by Madeline that has completely become the Goblin Queen, and tricks the X-Men to think that X-Factor are the bad guys wanting to hurt her.

Amazing Spider-man 311: Spider-man battles Mysterio, but not are is what it seems not all are his illusions the city is starting to be overrun by limbo demons.

Amazing Spider-man 312: In a long-awaited showdown Green Goblin and Hobgoblin battle, Hoby wants the Goblin formula, while the city is converting into a hellish limbo.
Amazing Spider-man 313: The Lizard is back and wants to kill his family but to many Demos and Spidy get in the way.

·         Excalibur 6-8: Rachel Grey/Phoenix II heads to New York to help her mother Jean Grey, but when she arrives, she's attacked by Goblin Queen, Excalibur arrive to New York trying to find their teamate but the team engulfed in the cities madness, especially Meggan that with her empathic power she becomes the Goblin Princes.
·         Uncanny X-Men 242: The two teams clash, Havok joins the  Goblin Queen, while she prepares the ritual to sacrifice her own son.
·         X-Factor 38: X-men and X-Factor join forces to stop Goblin  Queen, Jean and Mady lock in combat, with Jean Grey defeating her clone with some help from the Phoenix.   
·         Uncanny X-Men 243: The X-teams discover that Madeline was a creation of Mr. Sinister and that he has taken up residence at the X -mansion.
·         X-Factor 39: X-teams battle and defeat Sinister.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Complete introduction of Mr. Sinister.
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·         Death of Madeline.
·         Majik becomes a child again.
·         Shadow Cat ends up with the Soul Sword.
·         We learn about how Sinister created Madeline and that she's Jean Grey's clone.
·         Inferno has an important impact on the Mutant X title with Havok.
·         Magneto ends his relationship with the New Mutants.
·         Archangel decapitated Cameron Hodge.
·         It's revealed that Sinister had shaped great part of Cyclops's childhood.
·         Some Marauders that were killed during the mutant massacre are still alive, we discover many years later that Sinister's has clones of all of his minions.

The Good:
·         Introduction of my second favorite X-villain of all time.
·         It's cool to see a certain aspect of Colossus's powers are illustrated in this crossover, he immune to magic.

Rating: 10

Excalibur 8: Excalibur in New York, a fun fill in issue.

Excalibur 9-10: Excalibur battles a team of Nazi Excalibur that has traveled to the 616 universe.

Mojo's Mayhem: Excalibur help save the X-babies from the clutches of the Evil Mojo.

Excalibur 11: Excalibur's base seems to be a nexus between realities.  

Uncanny X-Men 235-238: X-Men encounter the Magistrates from Genosha for the first time. Wolvy, Rogue, and Madeline get captured and taken back to Genosha, and discover this country the survives on the exploitation of mutant slaves.

Uncanny X-men 248: Nanny and Orphan Maker attack the X-men seemingly killing Storm ( Which really was an LMD in Nanny's ship, the real Storm well reappear as a child thanks to Nanny's pixie dust).

Uncanny X-men 249-250: X-Men battle the Savage land mutants under Zadalane's control, rescuing Polaris who has lost her magnetic powers thanks to Zadalne and for some reason now she has super strength. 

The big guy in the back is Sunder not Strong Guy, I have a reference on a trading card that establishes that it strong guy but it's wrong.
Uncanny X-men 251: Wolverine has been captured by the Reavers, and the X-men that have returned from Savage Land but Psylocke who realized what has happened convinces Colossus, Havok and Dazzler to enter the Siege to start their lives again, leaving Wolvy to fend for himself.
Repercussions and Lasting Effects: Donald Pierce destroys the Siege.

Uncanny X-Men 252: Jubalee helps save Wolverine and hide him till he recovers from the Reavers torcher.

Uncanny X-men 253: Storm is back as a young child, while Forge discovers that the Shadow King is back and up to no good, and he heads out to find the X-men.

Uncanny X-Men 254: Reavers Attack Muir Island.

Repercussions and Lasting Effects:
The Morlock Sunder is killed  

Uncanny X-men 255: Forge and Freedom Force battle the Reavers to save the mutants of Muir Island

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Legion kills Destiny, setting the events of Legions Quest, Age of Apocalypse and X-Men Forever down the line.
·         White Bishop kill Stonewall.

Uncanny X-Men 244: X-Ladies have a night on the town.

Lasting effects: Introduction of  Jubalee.

Uncanny X-men 245: Terrible fill in made by Rob Lifeld.

Atlantis Rising:

X-Men Annual 1989:

X-Men battle the Serpent Society

Uncanny X-Men 246-247:

Master Mold has fused itself with Nimrod and attacks the X-men, the mutants use the Siege Perilous to stop the giant robot.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Master Mold becomes Bastion thanks to the Siege Perilous.
·         Master Mold takes Rogue with it into the Siege
·         Robert Kelly  losses his wife in the battle blaming mutants for the tragedy, becoming a thorn in the side of the X-Men.

Uncanny X-men 248-249: The Reavers are back and allied themselves with Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike, while the X-men are attacked by Nanny and Orphan Maker

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
  • Longshot leaves the team.
  • Storm seemingly killed.

Acts of Vengeance:

Uncanny X-Men 256-258: Mandarin makes a deal with the Hand and receives a new hit man, Psylocke that is Japanese now  and has been brain washed. Wolvy has a run in with this new Psylocke in Madripoor and gets his butt kicked

Uncanny X-men 277: X-Men defeat the War Skrulls.

This issues is one of the first comics that I ever picked put at a cmic book store

New Mutants 87: Introduction of the Mutant Liberation Front ( MLF), Stryfe and Cable, who tries to stop the MLF from a kidnapping Rusty and Skids, but  fails and gets captured by the authorities.

New Mutants 88: Cable escapes Freedom Force's custody.

New Mutants 89: The New Mutants help Cable defeat Freedom force who are hot on his tail. Cable becomes the New Mentor for the young mutants.

·         Moira knows Cable from before, we learn more of this in Cable -1.
·         Things are gearing up for the Muir Island Saga.
·         Team starts its transition into X-Force.

New Mutants 90: New Mutants head to the Morlock tunnels in search for Rictor who has crossed paths with Caliban who is hunting Sabertooth in vengeance of the Morlock Massacre.

New Mutants 91: Caliban clashes with Sabertooth, while Cable and the New Mutants have a run in with Masque and his evil Morlocks, Caliban seemingly kill Sabertooth ( No one knows that Tooth has a healing factor).

New Mutants 92-94: New Mutants head to Japan and team up with Sunfire to battle the MLF, Cable crosses paths with Wolvy that has some bad blood against Cable.

X-Factor 65-68
Apocalypse is back, and he has kidnapped Scotts son Nathan because he has something to do with the 12.

Heroes: X-Factor, Inhumans, Avengers, Fantastic Four, the Askin

Villains: Apocalypse, Dark Riders

Supporting Cast: Charlotte Jones

Issue Summary:
·         65 Apocalypse strikes X-Factor with the Dark Riders, infecting their ship with the Techno Organic virus.
·         66 The T.O. virus attacks the city, but it a distraction while one of the Dark Rider Foxbat kidnappes. X-Factor take their ship into space from stopping from destroying the city, but it blows up in outer space.
·         67 X-Factor is recued in space by the displaced Inhumans, that have been kick out of Attilan by Apocalypse, who has taken over their city on the moon.
·         68 Heroes battle Apocalypse and defeat him but he infects Nathan with the Techno Organic virus. The Askin take young Nathan to the Future to heal him.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Apocalypse replaces his Horsemen for the Dark Rider for a while.
·         Nathan will taken to the Future to be taken cared by the Askin
·         Nathan Infected with the Techno Organic Virus.
·         X-Factor losses their base, the celestial ship.
·         Who are the 12, it will take a  very long time to find out.
·         Shinobi Shaw seemingly kill Sebastian Shaw, don't worry he will come back in a couple of years.
·         Nathan possibly is some kind of mutant Messiah  

The Good:
·            The Dark Riders are not mutants but Inhumans.

Rating: 10

Muir Island Saga  (Note when I was a Kid just starting to collect comics I remeber seeing this comic of the Shelf,  and thinking to myself that Strong Man was cool as hell).

Muir Island Saga

Shadow King finally make his move to take over the world. 

When I was a Kid, just starting to collect comics I remeber seeing this comic on the shelf at my local comic shop,  and thinking to myself that Strong Man (actually he didn't have that code name yet) was cool as hell
Heroes: X-Men, X-Factor     
Antagonist: Muir Island Mutants
Villains: Shadow King

Sporting Cast:   

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-men 278: Xavier is back on Earth reunite with his X-men , while Moira makes her mutants battle each other like gladiators, Shadow King starts to take control of Muir Island. X-men head to Muir Island to Investigate whats going on there.
·          Uncanny X-Men 279: Shadow King sends Colossus out to kill Xavier, while the Muir Island Mutants defeat the X-men.
·         X-Factor 69:  X-Factor battle the Muir Island mutants, while Shadow King Makes his move to attack Xavier.
·         Uncanny X-Men 280: Xavier goes for the final shadow against Shadow King.
·         X-Factor 70: Fallout from the battle with Shadow King, Legion King's  final host is left in a coma.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The end of the 80's X-Men, getting ready for the 90's reboot of the X-men into the Blue and Gold teams.
·         A New X-Factor is Born.
·         Gambit, Jubalee Join the X-men.
·         Xavier is Paralyzed again and rejoins the X-men.
·         Legions mind is completely destroyed.
·         Polaris regains Magnetic powers

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Great cross over

This one of the only original Excal. issues that I have in my Collection.
Excalibur 41: Excalibur battle the Warwolves that were posing as the X-men.