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X-Titles issue summrries X-men, New Mutants, Uncanny X-Force and X-Factor: From Curse of the Mutant and Schism up to the Secret Wars

X-Titles X-men and X-Factor post Schism

Death of Dracula + Curse of the Mutants

Dracula has been killed by his son own Xarus and he set out to create a new home land for Vampires in San Francisco, trying to convert as many Mutants as possible.  

Heroes: X-Men, New Mutants, Atlanteans and Blade
Antagonist:  Dracula

Villains: Xarus and the Vampire Clans

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         The Death of Dracula: Xarus effectively plots to kill his father to become the leader of the Vampires setting them to invade San Francisco with special technology that allows them to become day walkers.
·         X-men 1: Vampires start the invasion and the X-men try to fight them, while Jubilee has been infected with a Vampire virus.
·         X-Men 2: Blade joins the fight (boy I didn’t see that coming), Jubilee is converted into a Vampire.
·         X-Men 3: Namor finds Dracula head to assemble him, so he can help the X-Men in an alliance. Wolvy hunting for Jubilee get trapped and converted into a Vampire.
·         X-Men 4: More Mutants battling Vampires.
·         X-Men 5-6: Final battle finally starts, Wolverine revert back to normal and starts kicking Vampire butt, Dracula kills Xarus.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Vampire Jubilee

The Bad:
·         WTF Vampire Jubilee, ¿why can’t writers stop screwing with this poor character?
·         Story ark to long.

The Good:
·         Cyclops start acting super pragmatically, screwing Blade over, not telling Wolvy that he had surprised his powers to allow him to become a Vampire and establishing an alliance with Dracula.
·         Using Iceman to blast holy water was a pretty cool idea

Rating: 6

X-Men 7-10
Kids start to disappear in the sewers of New York leading to the X-Men and Spider-man joining forces to find
out what’s going on.

Heroes: X-Men and Spider-man
Antagonist: Lizard Kids
Villains: Lizard and Dark Beast

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         7 Kids start disappearing in New York and everything points that they are in the sewers the X-men head out to investigate.
·         8 Team of Lizard kids attack the X-Men, and Spidy joins them in their investigation, Spidy explains the Lizard is responsible for what’s going on.
·         9 But it seems that the Lizard has been enslaved by the Dark Beast and he’s experimenting with his Lizard serum, converting the X-men into Lizard creatures.
·         10 Emma and Spidy set Lizard Free and he attacks the Dark Beast. 

The Bad:
·         One issue to long

The Good:
·         Dark Beast appearing was a cool surprise.

Rating: 7

Wolverine has grown tired of Cyclops’s tactics and the way he’s been acting lately but the events that transpire in this X-event push him into leaving Utopia and going back to Westchester to restart Xavier school for the gifted.

Heroes: X-Men, Hope, Generation Hope, New Mutants
Antagonist: Omega Kid
Villains: Hellfire Club and Sentinels

Issue Summary:
·         1 While Cyclops is addressing the United the Nations Kid Omega drops in mentally attacking all the attendees, and the same time a group of  Sentinels attack Cyclops and Wolverine who had accompanied him. The whole situation was started by a Kid called Kade Killgore, to spike the sales of his sentinels and he takes over the Hellfire Club
·         2 X-Men set out to take down Sentinels that have lost control on a global level, while Omega Kid arrives on Utopia asking for refuge.
·         3 Kiddy Hellfire Club attacks the X-men at the inauguration of their own Mutant Museum
·         4 X-men are confronted by a super powerful Sentinel that is heading to destroy Utopia. Cyclops wants to use Generation Hope as the last line defiance but Wolverine objects saying they are just kids not soldiers.
·           5 Cyclops Vs. Wolverine battle while the super sentinel attacks, finally X-men, New Mutants and Generation Hope defeat the Sentinel.
·         X-Men Regenesis: Mutants take sides in the whole Cyclops/Wolverine conflict

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of Cyclops Extinction Team
·         Wolverine and his School for the Gifted.
·         The Kiddy Hellfire Club
Enf of Generation Hope.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         I love the rivalry between Cyclops and Wolverine
·         The Kid Hellfire Club seems the most dangerous thing to confront the X-men in a long time.
·         Kid Omega is a really interesting Character.
·         We see how much of an asshole Cyclops has become.

Rating: 9

Uncanny X-Men 1-3

Sinister using the Dreaming Celestial’s powers he converts San Francisco into Sinister City, inevitably clashing with the X-Men.

Sinister is back
Heroes: X-Men
Villains: Sinister

Sporting Cast: Celestials, Dreaming Celestial, Generation Hope, New Mutants; Pyslocke, SWORD

Issue Summary:
·         1 Sinister using the Dreaming Celestial power he converts San Francisco into Sinister City, while Cyclops consolidate the formation of a new X-men team, the Extinction Team, with their baptism of fire against Mr. Sinister.
·         2 Sinister has becomes crazy powerful, X-Men have a hard time dealing with him, while the Celestial are on the way to Earth to judge the planet for messing with one of their own.
·         3 Sinister is defeated by the X-Men, but it’s too late the Celestials have arrived, but turn away after confronted by the X-Men.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Sinister city plays an important role in the Avenger vs. X-Men crossover.

The Bad:
·         Wasn’t Sinister a Woman last we saw him.

The Good:
·         The Extinction team kick ass with some Major Heavy hitters, writer gearing up for Avengers vs. X-Men
Rating: 8


This crossover closes the dangling plot line that has been hanging since the Siege, the return of the Disir, here we discover their tragic story.


Heroes: New Mutants, Thor, Kid Loki

Antagonist: Bor, Disir, Hela, Sigurd

Villains: Mephisto,

Supporting Cast: The Warrior Three

Issue Summary:
·         Exiled 1:  Mephisto set loose the Disir who attack Dani Moonstar, causing the return of Sigurd who use a magic spell that resets reallty  making everyone forget what had happened, especialy the Asgardians that reestablish themselves in San Fran as normal people.
·         Journey Into Mystery 637: New Mutants cross paths with  Thor that has forgotten who he is, and latter they meet Kid Loki, Doug uses his powers to break the spell with him, and latter they meet up with Sigurd explains he used the spell to make the Disir in offensive.
·         New Mutants 42:  The Mutants find the lost Asgardians, but the Disir break the spell  on their own and start attacking causing Havok.
·         Journey Into Mystery 638: Hela intervenes to help the Heroes stop the Disir.
·         New Mutants 43: Bor is brought back from the dead to help break the Disir the spell, because it's a messed up punishment and the Disir are too dangerous for the Asgardians.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Sigurd, a pretty interesting character.
·         Disir spell has ended

The Bad:

The Good:
·         We discover that before Thor the great heroes of Asgard that served Bor was Sigurd, and he goes a long way back with Loki.
·         We discover that the Disir where the original Valkyries that had a fallout Bor a where damed to become Zombie soul eaters


Wolverine and the X-Men 1-3

Wolverine has reopened Xavier’s School for the Gifted and changed its name to Jean Grey’s School for the Gifted ( just another F you to Cyclops), getting younger mutants back into training and off the battle field, now Wolvy needs municipal approval to get his school up and running, good thing the Hellfire club drops in to drive Logan crazy.
Heroes: School Principals: Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and Beast (Vice Principal), Professors:  Gambit, Rachel Grey, Rogue, Iceman, Cannonball, Chamber, Husk, Karma, Frenzy, Receptionist: Doop, Janitor: Toad, Students: Armor, Anole, Blindfold, Bling, Broo, Cipher (female), Ernst, Gentle, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, Hellion, Indra, Kid Gladiator, Kid Omega, Match, Mercury, Oya, Landslide, Trance and Shi’ar bodyguard Warbird

Villains: Kade Killgore, Hellfire Club, Sauron clone, Windigo clone, Army of Frankensteins

Sporting Cast:  Mathew Murdock, Captain America, Bamfs and Lockheed

Issue Summary:
·         1 Municipal inspection has arrived to the School to see if they give it the official habitation as a learning facility when Kade Killgore arrives with his Hellfire Club to destroy the School.
·         2 Kade unleashes the grandson of Krakoa, a army of Frankensteins, Windigo and Sauron on the School.
·          3 Quentin Quire actually saves the day convincing Krakoa to change side shifting the battle in favor of the X-men. Wolvy latter instead of trying to kill Kade he takes major legal actions against his company.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of new character like Kid Gladiator, Warbird and the grandson of Krakoa
·         Iceman’s power is greater being able to create ice clones

The Bad:

The Good:
·         A very enjoyable read, it’s great to put Logan in this situation, where he just can’t gut people that are not in line with him.
·         I just love hating Kid Omega and Kade Kilgore.
·         Kade is probably the most dangerous villain in the X-men rogue catalogue.
Bamfs here there and everywhere 
Rating: 10

Uncanny X-Men 4: X-Men battle the Phalanx, and we discover that Sinister had been experimenting with the Phalanx.
Rating: 8

Uncanny X-Men 9-10: X-Men battle and capture the mysterious and dangerous alien Unit.
Rating: 8 

Wolverine and the X-Men 4: Deathlok becomes a professor, Angel acts weird, interesting issue that establishes parallelisms between Kid Apocalypse and Angel, check out X-Force to find out what had happened to both of them.

Lasting Effects:

·         ¿Kitty is pregnant?

The good: Deathlok can see the future and he sees that Kid Apocalypse is truly dangerous.

Wolverine and the X-Men 5: Kitty seem to have a Horde of micro Brood in her system, so Beast does the most logical thing shrink the X-Kid to their size and battle them inside of Kitty, while Wolvy with Kid Omega head out into space to bet big in the casino to get funds for the school.

Wolverine and the X-Men 6-7: While the  Young X-Men are battling inside of Kitty, while  Xanto has arrived to the school and he wants to kidnap Bro.

The Cool:
·         Wolvy gets his adimantium leg broken in a alien casino brawl.
·         School ends up getting funds from Krakoa that can produce Diamonds.

Wolverine and the X-Men 8:  Beast battle Sabertooth, who has been sent to attack SWORD by the hellfire kid.

Wolverine and the X-Men 17: a day in the Life of Doop.

Wolverine and the X-Men 19: Wolvy looking for new professors Hellfire, Puck, Sasquatch, Longshot, Doc Nemisis, Gorilla Man, Ghost Rider, Deadpool... untile Storm takes the job.

All-New X-men 1-3: Beast is dying  and goes back in time to bring his younger self and the rest of the young X-men to the present to help him save his own life, and boy wolvy isn't happy to see what Hank did , while Cyclops recruits Tempus and the healer dude for his team, plus frees Emma Frost.


All-New X-Men 4-5: Older Cyclops encounters the young X-Men, and the youngsters are in dismay in to why the older Scott has joined forces with Magneto. Later Beast and Jean are able to save the older Beast.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:

·         Older Beast life is saved and he mutates again, he’s not like cat like anymore.

Uncanny X-Men 1: Scott is out to find and recruit new Mutants, but everywhere they show up Sentinels attack. Magneto makes a deal with Shield.


All-New X-Men 12: The young X-men are confronted by the Uncanny Avengers, Jean freaks out when peeking in Scarlet Witch's mind and finds out what she had done with M day, while Mystic with her brotherhood are causing all kinds of havoc.

All-New X-Men 13: Mystic makes a power move to take over the Island Nation of Madripoor, taking it from the control of Viper, when the X-men drop the party.

All New X-Men 14: The team battles Mystic and her new Brotherhood and Hydra the Uncanny Avengers crash the party.

All New X-Men 15: The kid getting ajusted with their live in the present, while Jean discover that Beast has always been in love with her.

The Battle of the Atom
Resultado de imagen para battle of atom x-men
The Future of the time displaced X-Men is decided in this interesting X-over, that set the stage for the X-verse up till the secret wars.

Heroes: X-Men: Past, present (Wolverine's and Cyclops's teams) and future
Antagonist:  SHIELD

Villains: New future Brotherhood, Sentinels, Animax, and Dark Beast in the shadows

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         X-Men Battle of the Atom 1: The  young X-Men  set out to stop a new young mutant Animax, who has gone on a rampage, when Sentinels arrive to take them all down, the Cyclops and his X-men to help the young X-men who were on the rope battling the sents when young Cyclops is almost killed almost destroying the time line, leading the X-men to decide  to send the young X-Men back, but when they try a group of X-men from the future arrive.
·         All-New X-Men 16: The future X-Men that have arrived, have back in time to assure that the Young X-men from the past actually go back to their time, but young Jean goes A-wall with young Cyclops. We discover that Xorn on the Future X-Men team is actually Jean Grey.
·         X-Men 5: Jean and Cyclops are on the run with Wolverine X-Men and the Future X-Men hot on their tales, but Rachel Grey with Kitty help them escape seeking refuge with Cyclops's X-Men.
·         Uncanny X-Men 12: Maria Hill flips out when she discovers the X-Men have been meddling with the time stream again, while Woly's team with the future X-Men encounter Cyclops's team, and things go south when Xorn/Jean is confronted by the White Queen.
·         Wolverine and the X-Men 36: Magik senses something wrong with the future X-Men and heads to the future with the young Beast, where they discover that the future X-Men are fakes, they are  the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,  the real future X-Men travel back in time with Magik to stop them.
·         All-New X-Men 17:  Some terrible event in the future divides the X-Men into two warring factions.
Resultado de imagen para battle of atom x-men
·         X-Men 6: The Brotherhood blow their cover knowing that the future X-Men will arrive and attack Wolverine X-Men and take over the X Mansion.
·         Uncanny X-Men 13:  Cyclops's team teams up with the real futureX-men to stop the Brotherhood from sending the young X-Men back in time. But lucky for the young X-Men Beast time machine doesn't work, they can't be ported back
·         Wolverine and the X-Men 37: Both Cyclops's and Wolverine team set there rivalries aside to join forces with the Future X-Men to free the Young X-Men from the Brotherhood who have taken their captives to Cape Citadel.
·         X-Men Battle of the Atom 2: All of the X-teams set out to stop the Brotherhood when Shield arrive and surprisingly attack every one deploying Sentinels (Note Maria Hill actually loses control of the Hellicarrier someone has hacked into the system). The Young X-Men confront Xorn, but she dies thanks to her powers overloading and burning her out, the rest of the Brotherhood makes a run for it.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Time displaced X-Men join Cyclops's team.
·         Kitty joins Cyclops
·         Sentinel will keep on coming, we discover later that it's the Dark Beast behind the attacks.
·         It seems Iceman is much more powerful than imagined, he can create sentient Ice beings, like the Ice Hulk.
Resultado de imagen para battle of atom x-men
Add caption
·         The Future Brotherhood will stick around.
·         Cyclops declare war on Shield.
·         Magik has time travel powers.
·         Storm has a daughter with a pet Black Pather from the future

The Bad:
·         More mystic kids, when did she have the time.
The Good:
·         Introduction of some cool X character.
·         Give the X-titles that needed direction.

All-New X-Men 20-21: The young X-men battle the Purifiers, who had been hunting X-23 and defeat them.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         X-23 joins the New X-men
Rating: 6

Uncanny X-Men 4: Cyclops forms his new team of new mutants, Bejamin Deeds (empathic shape shifter), Fabio Medina/Gold Balls (gold ball blast), Tempus (time shifting) and Christopher Muse ( another mutant healer, ¿why?).

Uncanny X-Men 5: Dormammu captures and tries to possesses Majik  and take over limbo.

Uncanny X-Men 6: Cyclops and his team head to limbo to battle and stop Dormammu, while Maria Hill take Dazzler as a new Agent of Shield to moniter the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men 7: Cyclops team stops Dormammu, and we discover that Majik starts to time travel to study with Doc., Strange to perfect her Majik skills.
Uncanny X-men 8: Cyclops recruits Hijack, while we learn that Cyclops and his older team members powers are broken not working as they should be.

Uncanny X-Men 9: Dazzler and Shield takes Goldballs for questioning, when he's saved by Cyclops's crew, and Dazzler is replaced with Mystic going undercover and she's going to put Shield super against the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men 17: Scott Summer sends new recruits to Tabula Rasa to further training, when they are confronted by the Avengers but are pulled out at the nick of time.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects: Hijack is kicked off the team.

Rating: 6

Uncanny X-men 18: Kitty confronts Cyclops over the death of Xavier.

Rating: 6  

Uncanny X-Force 27: Mystic is out to take Fantomex, he gets away and seeks to rescue Psylocke by sacrafing himself to save Betsy,  and ends up getting killed by the Skinless man. When X-Force returns to their base they discover Ultimaton is on full kill mutant mode because Fantomex is gone and blows up the base.

Lasting Effects:
·         With Fantomex's death make  Eva evolve into a humanoid form.
·         Gateway is killed.

Uncanny X-Force 28-29: As Gateways last action he saves X-Force porting them to a distopic future that will be born if the Team messes up with their mission.

Uncanny X-Force 30-35

Daken has created the ultimate Brother Hood to destroy his father and  totally break X-Force

Heroes: X-Force, Kid Apocalypse
Antagonist: Nightcrawler

Villains:  Daken, Sabertooth, Mystic, Shadow King, Omega Clan, Skinless man, AOA Blob

Sporting Cast: X-Men, Deathlok

Issue Summary:
·         30 Sabertooth and Daken try to break Apocalypse kid, showing  him that his life was a lie and that X-Force is responsible, for many screwed up they have keep secret from him.
·         31 X-Force arrive to rescue Evan.
·         32 X-Force gets clobbered by the Brotherhood, and Wolvy gets betrayed by Nightcrawler who sides with his mom Mystic.
·         33-34 Daken pushs Logan too far and Wolvy end up kill him, while the rest of X-Force take care of the other members of the Brotherhood.
·         35 The team disbands

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wolverine actually kills Daken and the will spill over in to Uncanny Avengers, because his son will become a Horseman of the Apocalypse Twins.
·         Aoa Blob is killed
·         Apocalypse kid end up living with Wade
·         Fantomex is back but as three New individuals.

The Good:
·         Daken crew do all kinds of sick things to turn Kid Apocalypse into villain  but can't get him to go to the dark side.
·         Holy cow Wolvy killed his own kid..
·         Daken and Tooth have an interesting relationship

Uncanny X-Men 19: X-Men are attacked by a horde of Sentinels.

Uncanny X-Men 20: Cyclops confront Maria Hill on what the hell is happening with Shield and the Sentinel attacks.

Uncanny X-Men 21: Magneto finds out what has Mystic has been doing to Dazzler harvesting MGH from her and he's pist, while Cyclops arrives to X-mansion trying to find out who's responsible for the Sentinel attacks.

Uncanny X-Men 22: all hell breaks loose Shield hellicarriers, that have been hacked and Sentinel attack the X-mansion, they discover the Dark Beast is responsible for the chaos Cyclops and Beast stop him.

The Bad:
·         Cyclops and company had their power messed up by Nano-Sentinels again!¿?¿!, not an after effect of the Phoenix force, It’s the third time they use this idea in ten years WTF
·         Very anticlimactic final battle for Dark Beast, it just one page and the whole reason that he does this is all pretty weak, saying that he hated Cyclops and his agenda, but he actual never really cross paths with him ever.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
Dark Beast seemingly died.

All-New X-Men 25: A horrible fill in issue

All-New X-Men 26: X-23 leaving the X-men gets ambushed the future Brotherhood who are on their way to Attacks Cyclops's base.

The Good:
·         Older Scott has an Interesting chat with Jean.

All-New X-Men 27-29: Xavier's Brotherhood attack Cyclops's secret base and Xorn is one of them (note she had seemed to have died the last time they crossed paths), the two teams battle, with every one turning on evil Xavier.

Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We learn more about the origins of kid Xavier and Raze.
·         We learn that Evil Xavier and Raze forced the other members of the Brotherhood to follow them back in time and cuase all that trouble.
·         Most of the members of the Brotherhood are sent back into the future exepte for Evil Xavier who is imprisoned in a Shield facility.
·         Xorn was just an avatar of Xavier's

All New X-Men 30: Angel starts a relationship with X-23, Jean has a confromtation with Emma and Kitty and Starlord maintain their relation ship.

All-New X-Men 31-36: New X-men set out to recruit a new mutant that accidently teleports them to the Ultimate Universe.  Meet up with Miles morales and the Ultimate X-men to recue Beast that has been captured by Doom

All-New X-Men 37: Emma trains Jean Grey in the use of her powers battling Blob

The Last Will of Charles Xavier

Xavier’s Will has surfaced and this is the prelude to all kinds of trouble.

Heroes: Storm’s X-men, Cyclops’s X-men, Magneto, Shield, Exodus, Headlock, Doctor Strange and Xavier
Antagonist: Matthew Malloy

Sporting Cast:  She Hulk

Issue Summary:
Uncanny X-Men 23: Xavier’s will has surfaced and both X-teams have to hear they mentors last wish’s, while a super powerful mutant Matthew Malloy emerges.
Uncanny X-Men 24: Malloy confronted by Shield and things go really bad.
Uncanny X-Men 25: In Xavier will he ask the X-men to find Melloy and brain wash him and depower him, let him live in ignorance that he’s a mutant, but Cyclops get pist because of Xavier’s hypocrisy and set out to recruit Malloy.
Uncanny X-men 26: Shield tries to use Exodus and Headlock to reach Mallow but he kills them, thing are getting bad.
Uncanny X-men 27-28: X-men try to trick Malloy and he just destroys the Shield Hellicarrier and teleports the X-men away, but Scott returns and ties to recruit him. 
Uncanny X-Men 29: Magneto confronts Cyclops that he’s going to far Malloy teleports him away, Majik travel to the past and retrieves the eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange to use it on Malloy when they are killed by Shield.
Uncanny X-Men 30: Eva Bell travels to the past a talks to Xavier and convinces him to go to the past and stop Malloy’s parents from meeting and stop him from being born.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Because of what happened with Mystic, Dazzler sort of goes crazy and goes with a dark hardcore look.
·         Hijack rejoins Cyclop’s X-men.
·         Exodus and Headlock are killed Malloy
·         Scott is the heir to the School
The Bad:
·         It’s part of the Original Sin crossover but it doesn’t tie in to the main story at all

The Good:
·         It interesting how Cyclops handles the whole situation so poorly, by judging Xavier for depowering this mutant, it makes for a good story.
·         It’s great to see Wolvy not blowing his top and keeping cool

Rating: 09

X-Factor 246: A day in the life of Pip Troll, as a member of X-Factor, and he gets shot in the head at the end.

Rating: 7

X-Factor 247:  Jamie and Layla battle the zombie of General Lee from the civil War on their honeymoon. 

X-Factor 248-249: Pip saves himself and he transfers his mind into M’s body, till his own body can recuperate from the gun shot wound in the head, X-Factor investigates who tried to kill Pip and they find themselves knee deep in demons.  It was some type of trap to get the entire X-Factor team in one place to get rid of them, so they don't get in the way in the Hell on Earth War.
Rating: 7

Hell on Earth War 250-256

The Lords of Hell are out to kill Tier, Wolfsbane’s child. It all part of a cosmic wager the one that kills the child becomes the lord of the Hell Lords

Heroes: X-Factor, Tier, Avengers, Fantastic Four 

Antagonist: Darwin, Jezebel and Strong Guy.

Villains: Mephisto, Hela, Satannish, Pluto, Satana, and Asmodeo  

Issue Summary:
·         250 Darwin is still trying to kill Tier in order to stop the Hell war, but Wolfsbane saves her child in the nick of time. Jezebel and Strong Guy join in trying to kill the kid.
·         251 The Hell Lords start the hunt to kill Tier.
·         252 X-Factor battles Pluto to defend Tier, but Tier rips Pluto apart. Hell Lords start battling amongst themselves. Mephisto kidnappes Multiple Man and turns him into a demon.
·         253 X-Factor battles Satana.
·         254 Mephisto battle and defeats Satannish and Hela. While most of earths heroes are fighting off the demon hordes.
·         255 Strong Guy accidentally kills M, while Mephisto has taken out most of his competition.
Add caption
·         256 X-Factor battle Mephisto, but in a surprise turn of the events, Strong Guy kills Tier and become the lord of the Hell Lords.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Strong Guy becomes the lord of Hell
·         Multiple man is converted into a Demon
·         Shatterstar and Rictor are seemingly killed.
·         Tier is killed by Strong Guy.
·         Last X-Factor Story arc.
·         Monet is brought back from the dead by Strong Guy

The Bad:
·         Pip is gone, probably because he looks too much like poor Tier and because of what he did in the previous story arc.

The Good:
·         Strong Guy does some screwed up stuff to become the hell Lord, but he does it to save Monet.
·         Lots of action
·         X-Factor goes out with a bang.

Rating: 9


All New X-men 40-41: The young X-men head to Utopia to battle a group of renegade mutants called the Utopians ( Masque, Random, Elixir, Boom Boom, Karma and Madison Jeffries). Not a very interesting story.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Before heading to battle it revealed that that young Iceman is gay.

Uncanny X-Men 32: Havok has arrived to Cyclops's base, which he has disbanded his X team.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Cyclops totally end his relationship with Emma Frost.

The Bad:
·         Wasn't Havok totally evil in the Aftermath of the Axis.

Uncanny X-Men 33: Kitty and Magik head to monster Island to save a young mutant.

Uncanny X-Men 34: Dazzler takes vengeance on Mystic.

Uncanny X-Men 35: Cyclops ex mutant trainees after an accident head to Jean Grey's school for mutants