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90' Mutants Titles I X-men, Generatin X, Excalibur and X-Factor Issue Summaries

Flashback Uncanny X-men -1 
Issue Summary:
Sanctity travels back in time, and is confronted by Rachel Summer (Phoenix), who has followed her, to stop her from altering the future. The thing is that she was able to put deep in Master Mold programming to hunt down the 12.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This issue is the starting point for the 12 story line.

X-men -1: Xavier and Magneto have a chat.

Excalibur -1: Is Amanda predestined to become the new Magik by Belasco?
These are the 4 different cover to X-Men 1, When I was a Kid I bought all four of them thinking they were different issues I was pist to find out that I had gotten 4 times the same issue jajajaja

X-men 1: A New X-men Team has formed, the Blue team and Gold Team, just in time to stop Magneto the is back and is pist, and he has brought new friend the Acolytes.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of the Acolytes.
Mags is a Villain again.  

The Good: 
The new team presented is the Blue team which is my favorite line up of X-Men ever.

Resultado de imagen para uncanny X-men 283
One of the coolest 90's cover
Uncanny X-Men 283: First issue for Bishop who has arrived to the present hunting Fitzroy.

X-men 20: The Original Pyslocke is back, ¿so who is this other Ninja Pyslocke in the first place? 

Uncanny X-men 290: Forge leaves the X-men and ends his relationship with Storm to take care Mystic that has gone gaga after Destiny’s death.

Rating: 6

X-Factor 81: X-Factor goes up against Cyber.

X-Men 8: Bishop meets Gambit, who he accuses him for being responsible for the end of the X-men from the future.

X-Cutioners Song
Stryfe posing as Cable tries to assassinate Charles Xavier, causing the X-Teams to go after Nathan and X-Force setting the stage for Stryfe’s vengeance against Cable, Apocalypse and Xavier’s dream.
Heroes: X-Men Blue/Gold, X-Factor, X-Force
Antagonist: Apocalypse

Villains: Stryfe, MLF, Mr. Sinister, Dark Riders, Famine, War, Caliban

Sporting Cast: Val Cooper

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-Men 294: Stryfe posing as Cable tries to assassinate Charles Xavier, while Jean and Scott are kidnapped by the Four Horse men of Apocalypse.
·         X-Factor 84: X-Force arrive to the crime scene to investigate what has happened why would their leader try to kill Xavier, and the young mutants cross paths with X-Factor who are guarding the site.
·         X-Men 14: It’s revealed that Mr. Sinister is behind Jean and Scotts kidnapping trading them to Stryfe for a mysterious canister that has genetic information that Sinister desires.   
·         X-Force 16: X-Men and X-Factor hunt down and capture X-Force, while Mr. Sinister feed false information to the X-men telling them that Apocalypse is behind the assassination plot of Xavier.
·         Uncanny X-Men 295:  Apocalypse has reawaken and seek out his horse men, to find out way they have taken the initiative in capturing Jean and Scott, to find the X-men has gotten to them first.
·         X-Factor 85: Wolvy and Bishop  are hot on Cable trail, while the X-men and X-Factor engage the MLF
·         X-Men 15: battle rages on with the MLF, while convinces Wolvy and Bishop that he didn’t shot Xavier

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         we discover that Stryfe and Cable are clones and  that one of them  is the true child of Cyclops and Madelyne that was sent into the Future.
·         The Legacy Virus
The Bad:

The Good:
·         This is one of the X-verses best crossovers
·         X-Men Vs X-Force
·         The Origin of Cable start to be shown
Rating: 10

This issue actual explains the Origins of Mojo's race
Arize the creator of the slaves of the Mojo-verse has escape to and it’s up to the X-men to protect him from being captured.
Heroes: X-Men Blue and Gold, X-Factor and X-Force
Antagonist: Shatterstar

Villains:  Mojo and his crazy crew and the other mysterious Mojo.

Sporting Cast: Arize

Issue Summary:
·         X-Men Annual:  Arize escapes to Earth and is saved by the X-men, defeating Mojo’s forces.
·         Uncanny X-Men Annual: Gold team stops another group leadered by a rival Mojo trying to kidnap Arize.
·         X-Factor Annual: X-Factor stops Spiral from killing Arize, making him responsible for what she has become.
·         X-Force Annual: In the future the Spineless ones have been defeated but Shatterstar rule is even more despotic.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:

The Bad:
·         The whole story could have been told in one Annual or two at most.
The Good:
·         Crossover explains the origin of Mojo and the Spineless Ones and that they are evil because of Arize’s mistake.
·         Origen of Spiral
Rating: 6

Resultado de imagen para fatal attractions marvel
The Definitive Magneto Battle

Fatal Attractions

Magneto is back and has created a new orbital station called Avalon, a new refuge for mutant feeling operation, the problem is that his Acolytes are causing all kinds of trouble on earth leading into conflict with the X-men, X-Factor and X-Force  



Heroes:  X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force

Villains:   Magneto, Acolytes, Exodus

Issue Summary:

X-Factor 92: X-Factor clashes with the Acolytes, Fabian Cortez tries to convert Quicksilver to their cause, and the villains expose the US government for creating a new  generation super high tech Sentinels.

X-Force 25: Cable is back right on time for the arrival of Exodus that has take the old New Mutant members of the team to Avalon, leaving the rest of X-Force behind. Ticked off Cable takes what's left of his team to Avalon to find out who is behind all of this, only to discover it is Magneto and he has stolen Cable's old base Greymalkin, Cable battles Mags but get his butt kick but is able to save his team and his old friend the AI Professor.

Uncanny X-Men 304: Magneto arrives to Majik's funereal, to confront Xavier and offers the X-Men to join him on Avalon, all the X-Teams go up Mags but Colossus side saving Magneto from defeat and joining the Acolytes.

Uncanny X-Men 25: Mags sends a message to Earth not to mess with Avalon, with a colossal EMP blacking out the planet, Xavier creates a task force to take Magneto down but things go wrong, Mags pull the metal out of Wolverine pushing Xavier to mind wipes his old adversary.

Wolverine 75: Having lost his metal skeleton has pushed his power to the brink, almost not surviving.

Excalibur 71: Kitty confronts Colossus over his decision in joining  the Acolytes.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wolverine loses his claws.
·         Magneto get mind wiped.
·         Xavier is infected with the evil part of Magneto's mind and becomes Onslaught.
·         Colossus joins the Acolytes.
·         Cable is back.
·         Rusty and Skids become Acolytes.
·         We discover that wolverine had natural bone claws under his metal claws.
·         Wolvy leaves the X-Men for a time.

The Bad:
The Good:
·         Multiple Man duping inside of Meloncamp was super cool.
·         This arc is probably the definitive X-men battles against Magneto.
·         Its freaking hardcore for Magneto pulls the metal out of Wolverine

Rating: 10


Stop killing Jamie
X-Factor 100: X-Factor set out to stop Heaven, but to their surprise Multiple man
ask Heaven to help him cure his legacy virus, but she fails showing  she was a fruad.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Madrox stay dead for a while.

Uncanny X-Men 307 and X-Men 26: Check out my Blood Ties post

Uncanny X-men 308: Scott and Jean reveal that they are going to get married.
Ratting: 6

Banshee is back
Phalanx Covenant
After the events of the X-tinction Agenda  Genoshan authorities experiment with Warlock Techno organic virus to create new type of  living sentinel, the Phalanx. But the Phalanx has taken up their own agenda and the whole planet is in danger.

Heroes: X-men, X-Force, Excalibur, X-factor, Banshee, White Queen, Sabertooth and Future members of Generation X
Villains: Phalanx, Cameron Hodge, Stephane Lang, Shinar

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-Men 316/X-men 36: The Phalanx starts hunting the Next Generation of Mutants, and we have Banshee saving White Queen from being kidnapped by the Phalanx.
·         Uncanny X-men 317/ X-men 37:  Banshee and crew set out to save the next generation of Mutants, the young mutants are liberated but Blink sacrifices herself to save her new friends.
·         X-factor 106: X-Teams regroup in France to plan a counter attack on the Phalanx, Douglock Kidnaps Cannonball, Wolfsbane and Forge.    
Introduction of Gen X Character
·         X-Force 36:  Douglock set his crew to destroy the beacon that the Phalanx has created to call Technarchy to consume the planet.
·         Excalibur 82: X-Teams destroy the beacon.
·         Wolverine 85/Cable 16: X-teams destroy the last remnants of the Phalanx

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Crossover present the members of Generation X
·         Douglock finally free of the control of the Phalanx

The Bad:
·         616 Blink dies almost immediacy after she is presented.

The Good:
·         A new spin off title is born from this crossover Generation X.
·         ¿Who is Douglock?
Rating: 9

Excalibur 85: Kitty give the Soul Sword to Amanda.

X-Factor 107: Strong Guy battle the Blob in a zero story punch out issue that I just love.

Series promised a lot but never really delivered

Generatin X

Issue 2:

Penance on the loose.

Rating: 7

Generation X Issue 6:
Emma Frost has been captured by Marrow, but is able to escape before her students arrive to rescue her.  

Rating: 8

X-Factor 110: X-Factor trying to save Lili Cheney from aliens.

X-Factor 111: Strong gets almost killed and left in coma, trying to save Lila Cheney from a group of angry aliens.

Excalibur 86: The team heads to Genosha to investigate  the civil war raging on between humans and mutants, someone is giving the humans a unfair upper hand.

Lasting Effects:
·         Black Air replaces WHO in the paranormal investigation in great Britain.
·         Pete Wisdom, a member of Black Air, is introduced and will join Excalibur over time.  
Legions Quest
Legion Travels to the past to fix things for his daddy, Xavier, by killing Magneto. ¿What could go wrong?

Heroes: X-men, Cable, Domino
Antagonist: Legion  

Sporting Cast: Shi’ar

Issue Summary:
X-men 40: Legion Arrive to the Past

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Age of Apocalypse

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Age of Apocalypse
·         We can see the early relationship between Mags and Xavier.
Rating: 10

Uncanny X-men 322: An entity called Onslaught has punched the snot out of Juggernaut and has him running scared.  

X-Men 42:
Exodus discovers a person floating in space, it turns out to be Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse and he battles Exodus destroying Avalon, Magneto space station.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Holocaust has arrived to Marvel 616
·         Death of Acolyte Milan and Rusty Collins
·         Destruction of Avalon  

Rating: 7

Finally during this time X-Men were being published in Argentina, so I didn't have to depend on my dad bringing them from his trips to the US
X-men 44:

Cyclops and the Acolytes are lost in down under and able to find one of the X-men’s old bases that they used in the late 80’s, while Colossus is rescued by Calisto.
 Rating: 6

X-men 45: We discover that there is a relationship between Gambit and Mr. Sinister.

Rating 6

X-men 47:

X-babies on the loose Bishop and Gambit try to find the little kiddies before Mojo’s minions do. Dazzler saves the day and takes in the X-babies.
Rating: 6

Excalibur 92: Colossus after a brief battle with Excalibur, thinking that he was still an acolyte, after everything is cleared up  he joins the team.

X-men 49:
Dark Beast is tracking Bishop, he knows that he’s the only one that can blow his cover because of his knowledge of the Age of Apocalypse, when he discovers the existence of the 616 Beast.
Rating: 8

Generation X Issue 10-11

Best battle in the whole series
Someone has made Banshee terribly sick and it’s up to Chamber to find out.

Heroes: Generation X
Villains: Omega Red, Emplate
Supporting cast: Magneto
Issue Summary:
·         10 Banshee falls sick and we find out that Omega Red is responsible.
·         11 Chamber battles Omega Red and is able to defeat him.

The Good:
·         We discover that when Banshee was young and a Spy he hunted down the man that would become Omega Red, and that he was sent by Magneto.

Rating: 8

Uncanny X-men: Who is this man? Is it Magneto? Why is he so young? Nope he Joseph Mags Clone we discover this latter.

Generation X Issue 12-16

Emplate attacks Generation X

Heroes: Generation X, Bishop
Villains: Emplate
Supporting cast:

·         12-13 Emplate Captures the Generation X kids, wants Penance back.
·         14-15 With Help from Bishop Gen X defeat Emplate and saves Penance, but Emplate leaves a parting gift.
·         Synch is left under Emplate control Gen X has to fight him to release him from Emplate control.  
Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         What the relationship between Penance, M and Emplate? 

Uncanny X-men 328:

Sabertooth manipulates Boom Boom into attacking him, and accidently freeing this feral mutant, Pyslocke jumps in to save her but is almost killed by creed.

Uncanny X-men 331: Iceman has been gravely injured by one of Onslaughts minions and he seeks help from the White Queen.
Rating: 8

Excalibur  94:Captain has a dream with visions of the future, where everything has gone to hell and Douglock seem to be responsible. 

Excalibur 95: X-man has discovered that Excalibur is affiliated with Xavier and he almost destroys the whole team.

Excalibur 96-98
A new Hellfire Club is rising to power in London and they have Kidnapped Douglock for their nefarious plans.
Heroes: Excalibur
Villains: Hellfire Club, Mountjoy, Black Air
Supporting cast:
Issue Summary:
·         96 A new Hellfire club is rising to power in London.
·         97 Douglock is kidnapped by the Hellfire Club
·         98 Excalibur attack a Black Air facility trying to find their teammate.    

Uncanny X-men 332:

X-men are trying to find Wolvy to save him from his own wild side.

X-Factor 121:
Forge finally embraces magic again to help him defeat the evil Advisory.  

Rating: 9

X-Factor 122: Sabertooth goes rogue.

X-Factor 123:  X-Factor battle the Hound
Rating: 6 

Uncanny X-men 333: Jean and Gambit infiltrate the presentation of a government plan called Zero Tolerance, Onslaught saves the two heroes when they are about to be trapped

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Bastion

Rating: 7

X-Factor 124: Random is back
Rating: 6

Xavier has gone bananas, and he has converted into a super malevolent being called Onslaught, and he’s going make the world a better place for mutants, like it or not.

Heroes:  X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-man ( Ben Reilly),   Peter Parker, X-Factor, Punisher, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Electra, Fantastic Force, Inhumans, Black Panther, X-man, Joseph, Juggernaut, Shield
Antagonist:  Random

Villains:  Onslaught, Dark Beast, Post, Holocaust, Sentinels, Havok, Fatale

Sporting Cast: Franklin Richards, Watcher, Apocalypse, Gateway, Ozymandias

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-men (UX) 334: Onslaught tries to recruit Jean Grey to his cause. And Juggernaut has returned to the Marvel Universe.
·         X-men (XM) 53:  Juggernaut arrives to the X-mansion looking for help from Jean to discover, ¿who is Onslaught?
·         XM 54 Jean discovers that Xavier is Onslaught.
·         Onslaught X-Men: Onslaught reveals himself to the X-men, and mops the floor with them, Dark Beast Joins Onslaught.
·         Wolverine 104: With the help of Gateway Wolvy and Electra discover that Onslaught was born when Xavier mind wiped Magneto and is part of Mags dark soul fused into Xavier, creating the bases for this dark entity. 

·         X-Men Unlimited: Thank to Onslaught Cain Marko is trapped in the Gem of Cyttorak it takes the help of Doctor Strange to get him out alive
X-men/Doctor Doom: 

We discover that when Xavier mind wiped Magneto, Doom tried to capture Onslaught’s essence for his own use, but failed.  

UX 335: Apocalypse has reawakened to observe the rise of Onslaught. The Avengers have arrived to the X-mansion to help the X-men after the fall out of the first battle with Onslaught. X-Force also joins the crusade.  
Fantastic Four 415: Onsluaght kidnappes Franklin Richards.
Add caption
X-force 57 Sinister is after Nate Grey but X-force wont let him take the young Mutant without a fight. But Sinister overpowers the young heroes.  
·         X-Factor 125:  X-Factor tries to stop Onslaught’s minions from activating an army of Sentinels.
·         Amazing Spider-man 415: Spider-man (Ben Reilly) tries to defend the city from the Attack of the Sentinels.
·         Green Goblin 12: Goblin goes up against the Sentinels.
·         Punisher 11: Sentinels take down Shields Helicarrier.
·         Spider-man 72: Peter Parker helps Ben in the battle against the Sentinels.

Hulk tries a surprise attack on Onslaught with a few Avengers, but they all get killed in their first try. Good thing it’s just an illusion Onslaught is just mentally messing with Hulk. 
Iron man 332: Iron man with the help of Wakandan Tec create special head set that block Onslaught's mental powers.
·          Avengers 402: The Avengers defeat Post and Holocaust.
·         X-men 56:  Joseph joins the battle against Onslaught.
·         Fantastic Four 416: Onslaught attacks the Fantastic Four.
·         UX 336:  Thor rescues Xavier from Onslaught.
·         Marvel Universe Onslaught: Heroes defeat Onslaught, but seemly sacrificing themselves.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Return of Juggernaut to Marvel Universe, he had gone for a short time to the UltraVerse.
·         Xavier looses powers for a time.
·         Heroes Reborn, check out this post.
·         Thunderbolts, Heroes for Higher, Alpha Fight… teams that fill the void of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.
·         We discover that Random is actually a kid.
·         Hulk and Banner are divided into two beings, Banner ending up in the Heroes Reborn Universe.
·         No more smart Hulk.
·         Onslaught essence will survive in the Heroes Reborn Universe and will make its way back as the Red Onslaught in the Axis. 
 We discover that Caliban has a special programming by Apocalypse to take out Sinister

Zero Tolerance

Add caption
The Bad:
·         Sort of creepy the revelation that Xavier had sexual feeling for Jean.

The Good:
·         We discover who betrays the X-men, the reason Bishop comes back in time.
Rating: 9

Annnual 1996:  Every X-Team get together at the mansion.

X-Factor 127: Mystic makes a couple of Friends of Humanity pay for attcking a young mutant.

X-Factor 128: X-Factor capture the mysterious mutant that has been following them, and it Multiple Man.

X-Factor 129: Multiple Man is back and we learn what happened to him.

X-Factor 130: X-Factor has to protect the mutant hating politician Gaydon Creed from Mystic who is out to kill him. Now he gets assassinated,¿ but who pulled the trigger? it seems that Raven didn’t do it. We discover in the X-men Forever it’s a time displaced Mystic.  
Rating: 9

X-Factor 131:  Havok breaks dark Beast out of prison.

Uncanny X-men 338: Angel gets his feathered wings back, the metal wings no more. X-Men battle Pyro who is dying of the legacy virus
Rating: 8 

Uncanny X-men 339:

Spider-man drops in to warn the X-men that Graydon Creed wants JJ Jameson dead because of incriminating info against the anti mutant politician, but to the surprise of the X-men   Havok and Gen-Nation attack him JJ. The X-men save JJJ’s life, Cyclops battles his brother trying to knock some sense into him. Bastion kills the informant so the info doesn’t get out any ways.  

Rating: 8

Excalibur Issues 104-105

Douglock wants to know if he’s really Doug Ramsey back from the dead. While the MLF attacks to obtain the Xavier Protocols.

Repercussions and Lasting effects: Douglock discover he’s not Doug

X-men 57:  Xavier is taken into custody over the whole Onslaught debacle.

X-Men 59: Hercules drop in for a visit to the X-men

Excaliber 106
Colossus confronts his old teammates the Acolytes to leave Exodus’s cause  

Rating: 6

Rating: 6

Generation X Issue 17
Skin and Chamber battle Executioner, and defeat him.

The Good; it’s a fun issue and it shows how Skin can hold up on his own.

Rating: 7 

X-Men Unlimited 14: Franklin Richards dealing with the loss of his parents.

Generation X Issue 25

A deranged Black Tom attacks Banshee, wanting revenge for taking Teresa from his life.
Issue Summary:
·         Black Tom attacks Banshee for a final show down trying to destroy everything that he loves, especial the Gen X kids.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
Banshee Vs Black Tom
·         Franklin Richards escapes Tom’s attack with his friends Howard the Duck, Artie, Leach, Tana Nile and Man Thing, spin off miniseries  Day Dreamers will emerge from this.
·         Mondo betrays the Team, he was always a secret agent of Black Tom
·         Jubilee is kidnapped by Bastion.
·         Bastion Kills Mondo

The Bad:

The Good:
·         This comic has a classic show down.

Rating: 9

X-Men  60: Shang Chi drops in to help the X-men investigate the Hellfire club.

X-men 64: Kingpin offers the X-men the cure to the Legacy Virus, Storms destroys it, she’s no willing to make a packed with the devil.      

Uncanny X-men 345: Introduction of Maggot, one of the oddest X-men ever.
Rating: 7

Zero Tolerance

Bastion please kill Jubalee
Heroes: X-men, Generation X; X-force, Cable, Caliban, Sabra, Shield, and Xavier
Villains: Bastion, Prime Sentinels, Master Mold, Juggernaut and the MLF
Antagonist: Robert Kelly, Gyrich
Supporting Cast: Daria, Iron man, Angel, G.W. Bridge, Sledge, Vanisher

Too much bad stuff has happened with mutants lately,  with Onslaught, the assassination of Gaydon Creed and many other mutant attacks, the US government launches operation Zero Tolerance which will resolve the mutant problem in the country.  

Issue Summary:
·         Generation X (GX) 27; Bastion tries to break Jubilee so he can obtain all of the X-men’s secrets.
·         X-men (XM
·         X-force (XF) 67; The MLF has taken over research center and X-force jumps in to save the hostages.
·         XM 66 Prime Sentinels attack a hospital and Cecilia discovers that she is a Mutant, and she is saved by Iceman escaping just in time.
·         Wolverine (WV) 115 Wolvy breaks loose and starts causing trouble at the Zero Tolerance’s base of operations which is  at old Hulkbuster base. Breaking the X-men free and escaping.
·         Cable (CB) 45 Cable infiltrates the X Mansion to rescue Caliban.
Bone claws please go.
·         XF 68 MLF and X-force, discover that the whole hostage situation was a trap they were prime sentinels out to trap them, they barely escape. To Dominos bad luck she crosses paths with a Prime Sentinel that has major personal issues against her and she wants pay back.
·          GX 29: Gen X kids running for their live in LA while a horde of Prime Sentinels are hunting them.   
·         XM 67 Iceman and Cecilia still on the run.
·         WV 116 Wolvy discover that prime Sentinel are really people that have lost their arms, legs or any major organ and get healed for free but really are converted into prime sentinels.
·         CB 46 Cable frees Caliban.
·         XF 69 Domino is depowered, X-force is able to rescue captured members.
·         XM 68 Marrow and Sabra join Iceman and Cecilia Reyes in their battle against the Sentinels.
·         WV 117 Wolvy rescues Jubilee.
·         CB 47 Cable battles Bastion, he’s not what he seems, Cable barely makes it out alive.
·         XM 69 Iceman battles Bastion and in the middle of the battle Shield steps in and takes the villain into custody. What the Hell¿?¿?!!!
·         WV 118 Bastion leaves a parting gift a bomb in Cyclops’s chest.
At first I didn't like this arc it anti climactic, but over time with the revelations of who is Bastion I've learned to love it.
·         XM 70 X-teams reunite back at the Mansion and have a little spat with Juggernaut over property rights of the Mansion.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Jean Grey has a vision with Iron man witch is trapped in the Heroes Reborn Universe, but she doesn’t comprehend what she has seen.
·         New X-men Cecilia Reyes, Maggot and Marrow.
·         Dani Moonstar blows her cover as a Shield agent infiltrating the MLF.
·         Dani rejoins X-force and Iceman rejoins the X-men
·         We learn more about Domino’s origins.
·         Domino gets depowered for a while.
·         The Vanisher returns.
·         The X-team that was in space finally comes back

The Bad:
·         There are a few fillers in this crossover.

The Good:
·         Actually pretty cool that we don’t find out who is Bastion and how he ties into the X-men past.
·         Even though Bastion has been lurking around awhile this is his grand presentation.

X-Men 74: Angel ventures into the morlock tunels to confront his demons over losing  his wings, but bumps into the Abomination, thankfuly Marrow saves his team mate.

X-Factor 143: Havok goes up for his final showdown against Dark Beast. And the XUE's are look for Alex Summer.
Rating: 7
Resultado de imagen para X-Men 363
They should make a X-Men movie where they clash agianst this line up of the Brotherhood.

X-Men 77+78: X-Men battles with Shadow King, stopping him from taking over the world.

·         Psylocke traps Shadow King inside of herself and if she uses her telepathy he'll escape so she scrafices this part of her power.
·         Telepath in other titles were actually affected during the battle, Cable is almost taken over with his TK virus.

X-Men 80: The X-Men battle the New X-Men, trying to stop them from attacking the space shuttle, but we discover that Xavier and these new X-Men are actually fake made of hard light that the one responsible is a sentient Cerebro that has gone bad.

Uncanny X-Men 363: X-Men on the run from Cerebro and searching for Xavier they discover that he's under the protection of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Bafm vs Lockheed, yes!

Excalibur 118-119: The Bamf's attack and their master is Nightmare but Pete Wisdom proves that he's not afraid of nothing defeats the demon easily. 

Excalibur 122-123: In Peru Excalibur encounters a group of Prime Sentinels that actual ask for their help to stop a crazed prisoner, the Mimic.
Lasting Effects:
·         Mimic joins Excalibur Briefly till the title is canceled in a couple of issues.

Marvel Fanfare 8:  Luke Cage and Iron Fist go after the Constrictor, the thing is the heroes have a run in with and old partner of his Sabertooth. The heroes and Tooth track down Constrictor but things goes south with Sabertooth, X-factor jumps in right on time to take back their rogue teammate.  

Uncanny X-Men 335: X-Men battle Alpha Flight
Rating 8

X-Factor 136-137: Sabertooth breaks loose and almost kill all of his old team mates.  

X-Factor 138: Sabertooth battles Omega Red
Rating: 7

The end of X-Factor, Havok will start in the Mutant X title, that I loved
X-Factor 148: Havok is a hero agains, he explains to Polaris the he was working undercover against Dark Beast.
Rating: 7

X-Factor 149:
The time displeased Greystone tries to return to his time, and Havok tries to talk him out of it because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  The device that Greystone had made explodes but Havok is transported to the Mutant X Universe, but presumed dead in Marvel 616.End if X-Factor for a long long time. 
Rating: 7

X-Men 87: X-Men battle Magneto, but to their surprise Mags has been given control over Genosha becomes officially it ruler.

Lasting Effects:
·         Joseph dies to save the world.
·         Magneto becomes the ruler of Genosha

Uncanny X-men 368: Joseph’s funeral, aftermath of the X-men’s defeat at the hands of Magneto.
Rating: 7

Xavier vs Galactus, yes this happens

X-men 90:  Xavier in a last desperate attempt, he tries to mentally stop Galactus from consuming the Skrull home world, but the Devourer is just too powerful.                 
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Marrow gains more control over her powers

Rating: 8

X-Men 92:  Deathbird betrays Bishop after they discover that the meteor that they found  is something else (Note its actually the Living Monolith and she give him to Apocalypse, we learn this latter)

X-Men 93: Mystic is in trouble and Rogue with Kitty try to help her discover who is after her.

X-Men 94: Someone is hunting down the 12.

Saga of the Twelve
Finally after all these years the Twelve mystery is revealed, we discover why Apocalypse wants to hunt them
I had been waiting for the 12 story arc for  years and this crossover was a freaking let down

Heroes: X-Men, X-Force, Cable, X-Man, Mikhail, Sunfire, Magneto, Generation X

Villains: Apocalypse, Living Monolith, Deathbird/War, Wolverine/Death, Ahab (Famine), Caliban/Plague, Skrulls, Shadow King, Bastion.  

Sporting Cast: Mannites

Issue Summary:
·         The Astonishing X-men1-3:  X-men arrive to the Hulkbuster base to save the Mannites from the mysterious Death the new horseman of Apocalypse, who ends up killing Wolvy in their final standoff.
·         X-men (XM) 95: X-men set out to stop a Skrull secret plan, that involves kidnapping X-men, but when they try to take them down Death drops in on the fight and in the heat of the battle it’s revealed that Death is the real Wolverine.
·         Uncanny X-men (UX) 376: Xavier discovers in Destiny’s dairies that Apocalypse is hunting down the 12.

·         XM 96: Apocalypse is hunting the 12, War/Deathbird captures Iceman, Wolverine/Death captures Mikhail, and Famine/Ahab does the same to Sunfire.
I can't understand how Marvel screwed up this crossover adding the Skrulls in the mix
·         Wolverine (WV) 146: X-Men hunt down Death/Wolverine trying to knock some sense into to him, only Pyslocke mental attack finally reawakes there friend.   
·         WV 147:  Angel developed new energy wings and heals Abraham Kieros.
·         UX 377:  Apoc. Captures Xavier, Magneto, Bishop, Polaris, Cyclops, It revealed that the Twelve are really parts of a celestial motor that he Apocalypse fuse himself to a new perfect host, X-man. 

X-Men Unlimited (Age of Apocalypse) 26: Final battle in the future the X-Men battle the Apocalypse's  Four Horsemen (Note: Eric the Red has become death as Wolverine's replacement).
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wolvy is killed but he’s a Skrull, the real Wolverine is Death one of Apocalypses horse men.
·         Wolvy gets his Claws back.
·         Death hacks Bastions head off.
·         The return of Living Monolith, and he’s more powerful because Havok is in the Mutant X reality.  

The Bad:
·         The K-Skrulls and Skrulls in general.

The Good:
·         Bishop briefly rejoins the X-men
Rating: 8

Mutants no More
Finally confirmed High Evo and Sinister were friends
High Evolution is tricked by Mr. Sinister to depower mutant on the planet, so he can secretly start his own experiment that will cause utter chaos on a global scales, it’s a good thing the X-men Stop him right on time.

Heroes: X-men,
Antagonist: High Evolution, Magneto, Acolytes,   

Villains: Mr. Sinister, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rebel Genoshans

Sporting Cast: X-Force, Cable, X-man, Generation X, Bishop, Xavier and his Stupid K Skrulls

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-Men 379: High Evolution decides that there should be no more mutants.
·         X-men 99: X-Men are dealing living with no powers, Sinister betrays High Evolution..
·         Uncanny X-men 380: X-men battle Mr. Sinister to regain their power.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         It’s finally confirmed that High Evolution’s long time collaborator is Mr. Sinister.
·         Polaris has joined Magneto in Genosha
The events in this arc are going to piss off the Neo that will be the X-men lamest villains ever. 

The Good: Xavier abandons his X-men for his stupid K-Skrulls, I hope they never come back
Rating:  7

Search for Cyclops
Marvel why do you hate Apocalypse so much?
Apocalypse by mistake has taken Cyclops for his host body instead of X-man; now the villain is on the run, with Cable and Phoenix hot on his trail.

Heroes: Cable, Phoenix, Cyclops
Antagonist: Gauntlet

Villains: Apocalypse, Anais

Sporting Cast: Blaquesmith, Ozymandias, Caliban

Issue Summary:
·         1, An amnesiac Scott is on the run with Apocalypse’s personality slowing trying to take over heading to Akkaba. Gauntlet ( the Former Dark Rider) try to kill his former master
·         2 Scott can't seem to stay out of trouble.
·         3 Caliban is also  hunting of Apocalypse, and it’s revealed that Blaquesmith has sent Gauntlet after Scott over fears that Cable doesn’t have the guts to kill his dad.
·         4 Cable and Phoenix have their  final battle with Apocalypse, heroes are able to separate Apocalypse’s essence from Scott, and kill En Sabah Nur .

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Scott will be tainted by Apocalypse, he be a bit darker and more unpredictable from now on.
·         Caliban is set free from Apocalypse’s control

The Bad:
·         Apocalypse is dead; it will take forever for writers to bring back my favorite villain.
·         Anais will be totally forgotten after this series.

Rating: 7

X-Men Forever
Resultado de imagen para x-men forever
This incrediblely good arc sadly marks the Begining of a terrible phase for the X-Men the introduction of the Neo, which I have sold that whole part of my collection.


Heroes: Jean Grey, Iceman, Toad, Mystic , Juggernaut
Antagonist:  Prosh

Villains: Stranger, Gaydon Creed, Magneto, Sentinels, Hydra

Sporting Cast: Celestial, Robert Kelly, Forge, Freedom Force, Destiny, Death, Living Tribunal, Infinity, Chaos, Order, Eternity, Death, X-Men

Issue Summary:
1: Prosh arrives on Earth and assembles a X team to search for clues to discover who is the  menace that wants to destroy all mutants, recruiting Jean Grey, Iceman, Toad, Mystic and Juggernaut. Prosh sends the X-Men falling through the time stream to find out who is this secret menace and uncover some of the X-men's best kept secrets.
2: While  time jumping Mystic is confronted by Legion who had  just killed Destiny, while Iceman discover new aspects to his powers.
3: Jean discovers that the universal abstracts ( Marvel universe deities)  are worried of the potential of Mutants and their role in the universes future, while the Toad remembers that the Stranger had come to Earth to study mutants.   
4: Hero are ported to the Days of the Future past.
5: We discover that in future Cain Marko actually becomes a hero and Iceman's powers have grown even more, surviving being totally shattered. When X-Men ported to the present they discover that Prosh was preparing them to make them take him down.
6: After defeating Prosh the real menace appears, the Stranger, who has established that Mutants are a danger to the Universe and it balance of power, but the X-Men stop him.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Mystic power are upgraded and she gets the X-Men movie look after this story.
·         Toad powers get a upgrade and he takes a X-Men movie look after this story.
·         Iceman is shown to be a Alpha level Mutant, like Jean Grey.
·         Jugy is sort of put on the path to become a hero, that will characterize him during the 2000's.
·         We discover that Mystic was the one that actually killed Gaydon Creed, her own child back while she was in X-Factor.
·         We Discover that Legion killed Destiny because she had foresaw the Age of Apocalypse and Legion's telepathic mind couldn't take the vision so he lashed out and killed her.
·         We get glimps of the relationship between Magneto and Astra.
·         Toad is a child of Black Womb project,  and Juggernaut's father worked on that project with Destiny.
·         It seems that Mutants will evolve to become Eternity, so Stranger wants to stop this, that's way he appeared during the 60's kidnapping Magneto and Toad.
·         Events in this arc push Mystic to kill Robert Kelly.

The Good:
·         These arc actually finishes of a ton of dangling plotlines, it's fantastic.
·         Toad and Mystic take more of a X-Men movie look after this movie.
·         Nice detail of having Cable falling sick when Prosh arrives.


X-Men 107: Earth has become a alien prison planet, Rogue has a run in with the Blood Brother, saving one of the K-Skrulls who has arrive on Earth with a message from Xavier, informing of the return of Bishop

Lasting Effects:
·         The return of Bishop