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Post Secret Wars X-Men issue Sumarries: Extraordinary X-Men

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 Death of  X
The Inhuman Terrigen Mist cloud that has been floating around in the Earth's atmosphere since the Infinity crossover has started to make mutants sick and some have started to die, Cyclops and his X-men have set out to destroy the mist, pitting the X-Men against the Inhumans.  Its the first part of the what will become a full-blown war between Marvel's merry mutants and the Inhumans.
Heroes: Inhumans
Antagonist: Storm's X-Men   

Villains: Ccylops and White Queen's X-Men, Magneto, X-Force
Sporting Cast: Alchemy 
•    1: X-Men discover on Muir Island the Terrigen mist is responsible for Multiple Man's death, while the Inhumans defend the birth of new members of their race from an attack of Hydra.
•    2: Cyclops informs the world that the Mist is killing off the mutants sparking a world panic, while Storm's X-men team up with the Inhumans trying to stop the mist from going over Madrid Spain.
•    3: Magneto attacks the Inhumans and the X-Men working together in Spain as a distraction, while Cyclops and his team tries to destroy one of the clouds of mist using the Mutant Alchemy powers.
•    4: Medusa and Blackbolt confront Cyclops over the destruction of one of the Clouds of mist, which ends in the death of the mutant.

Issue Summary:
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
•    Death of Cyclops
•    Death of Multiple Man
•    Death Alchemy
•    One Terrigen mist cloud left.
•    White Queen is back to being a villain.

The Bad:
•    Why kill Multiple Man, kill off Glob or Rockslide
The Good:
•    Cool that someone remembered Alchemy from the pages of the old school X-Factor.
•    Great how the story actually shows how both sides are affected by this event that is Blackbolt's fault.   With the Inhumans rejoicing that birth of new members of their race while the X-men discover that many of the of their loved ones are in danger of dying.
•    The final plot twist is really good.

Rating: 8

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Resultado de imagen para extraordinary X menExtraordinary X-Men 1-5
Cyclops has died, mutants are being affected with the terrigen mist making mutants sick with the M-pox, so the X-Men take refuge in limbo teleporting all the mutants they can find, and adding to this situation Nightcrawler has gone missing  so his team mates set out to find him.

Team Rundown:
Storm: Personally I think she's the best X-Men team leader of all time.
Magik: Taking the X-Men to limbo opens the door for new adventures and new directions  for the team.
Colossus: Basically Magik's bodyguard.
Nightcrawler: He's just bamfing here and there, seems to be suffering PTSD.
Iceman: Exploring his powers and coming out of the closet, this adds to the stories.
Jean Grey: Why young Jean looks like Alpha Flight's Diamond Lil.
Old Man Logan: This incarnation of Logan is interesting he's like a broken bad ass, he was the best at what he did but now he's afraid of what he can do, ¿or is he?
Forge: He's the teams brain and tech dude, ¿but in Limbo will he'll dabble with magic?
Cerebra: A friendly sentinel that wants to help find mutants, they could have given her another body.

Villains: Mr. Sinister  

Issue Summary:
Extraordinary X-Men 1: What is left of the X-Men with Storm as their leader set out to rescue as many mutants as possible sending them  to their refuge in limbo, also Storm is trying to rebuild the team searching for lost team mates and to her surprise with help of Cerebra she finds Wolverine alive but not the one she knows but the other dimension Old Man Logan.
Extraordinary X-Men 2: Magik and Colossus are trying to find Nightcrawler that has gone MIA, but they discover that he's been captured by Mr. Sinister, and he captures the other them too.
Extraordinary X-Men 3: Young Jean convinces Logan to join the X-Men, while demons attack X-men's limbo refuge.
Extraordinary X-Men 4:  X-men stop the demon horde and start the search for their lost team mates finding them in Sinister clutches.
Extraordinary X-Men 5: Sinister has cloned Cyclops  with Inhuman DNA to see if this is the next step in human evolution, but things go wrong and the X-men have to stop it.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         X-Men have established themselves in Limbo.
·         Boiling conflict between Mutants and Inhumans.
·         Limbo seems to be more complicated.
·         M-Pox seem to be causing havoc for mutants.
·         Logan is back and he's old.
·         It seems Cyclops is dead.

The Bad:
·         Sinister is popping up to much, I love this villain but marvel should create a new X villains and keep Sinister in the shadows pulling the strings like he used to.
The Good:
·         Being in Limbo does open doors for the X-men and new story.
Rating: 10

Extraordinary X-men 6-7: X-men Explore new parts of limbo.
Lasting Effects: Sunfire is back and it seems that he did something bad

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X-Men Civil War 1-4: Magneto discovers the existence of Ulysses, and threatens to start a war with the Inhumans, but when he meets the inhuman he just leaves with the info that he discovered from him.

The Bad:

This story is a freaking cash grab.

Extraordinary X-Men 8: X-Men battle the Sugar Man, trying to obtain mutant embryos in an arc he had created they fear he'll use these mutants for some evil plan, but the villain ports the arc into the future to hide it but accidentally send some X-Men too.
Resultado de imagen para Extraordinary-men 8

Extraordinary X-Men 9: X-Men in the future battle Apocalypses four horsemen and capture Colossus
who is transformed into horsemen, the mutants that escape discover that Apocalypse had conquered Earth creating something like Doom's Battle World.
•    Another battle world that seems lazy.

Extraordinary X-Men 10-12: More X-Men arrive from the past searching for their teammates, meeting Apoc's horsemen who don't stop attacking them every step of the way. While Nightcrawler and Storm take down Apocalypse.

Extraordinary X-Men 13: The X-Men return to the past but Colossus remains under Apoc's control.

Extraordinary X-Men 14-16: Sapna has become possessed by a demon parasite, leading to Majik trapping her in her Soul Sword. 

Extraordinary X-Men Annual 1: The X-Men rescue Ramrod and Ruckus to old Nasty Boys from prison that is going to be hit by the Inhuman Terrigen Mist.