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Marvel's Multiverse I: Exiles + Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

The Hero Reborn universe actually was created by Franklin Richards to save the Avengers, Hulk and the Fantastic Four from Onslaught’s final attack, so he hides them in a pocket realty. It seems that little Franklin had done this unconsciously and it took a while till the 616 heroes to discover that there Champions where not dead but in his little blue ball. 

Heroes: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Banner Hulk, Shield, Reborn Thor, Nick Fury, Heroes Reborn Thor, Thor, ¿Cable? (Liefeld just had to put him in an issue), Silver Surfer, Inhumans, Storm Watch, Wet Works, Wild C.A.T.S, Black Panther..
Antagonist: Namor, Giganto, Galactus  
Villains: Loki, Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Kang, Ultron, Wonder Man, Executioner, Enchantress, Melter, Black Knight, Klaw, Whirlwind,
Onslaught, Radioactive Man, Terrax, Firelord, Plasma, Skrull, Daemonites, Krang,

Sporting Cast: Franklin Richards

Issue Summary:
Avengers (Av) 1; the Avengers find Thor that has been incased in ice; they are able to free him, but Loki to drops in and causes some trouble.
Fantastic Four (FF)2; the FF battle Mole Man using their powers for the first time, get captured by Shield and later help Shield battle Namor ( a lot for one issue).
 FF 3: Avengers drop in to give a hand to the FF to battle Namor and Giganto.
Av 3; Avengers battle Kang and defeat him.
Av 4; Banner Hulk attacks the Avengers
Av 5; Thor battles Banner Hulk, and Hulk smashes.
Av 6: Hulk battle with the Avengers has left their bases nuclear reactor in bad shape and it can go into melt down at any moment so the FF drops in to give a hand.

FF 5: FF confronts Doom for the first and Super Skrull drops in for some fun.  

FF 6:  FF, Doom and Black Panther join force to defeat the Super Skrull. Later Doom discovers Hulks true identity.

Iron man  (IM) 6: Hulk nearly sacrifices himself to stop the core from melting down, and we discover that the essence of Onslaught is the origin of our heroes woes.
Captain America (CA 6): Cable and Captain America battle MODOK, AIM and Zemo.
Av 7: The Lethal Legion drops in.

FF 8:  FF meet the Inhumans.

FF 9: Galactus is coming! FF help the Inhumans search for Maximus.  
Av 8: Avengers defeats the Lethal Legion.
Av 9: Loki absorbing the life essences of some villains, and some avengers join Loki. And another Thor appears the 616 Thor. Also we have the first Wasp appearance.
Av 10: The Avenger battle Loki’s Avengers
Av 11: Avengers battle Loki; Heroes Reborn Thor sacrifices himself to stop Loki.
FF12: Earths heroes battle Galactus’s heralds but fail, Doom travels back in time to try to stop this from happening.
IM12: Earths heroes battle Galactus’s heralds but fail, Doom travels back in time to try to stop this from happening.
CA 12: Silver Suffer defeats Galactus, death of Bucky.
FF, AV, IM CAP 13: Heroes Reborn universe fuses with the Wild Storm universe the Daemonites have joined force with the Skrulls, with Doom pulling the strings. Heroes defeat Doc Doom and company.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:

The Bad:
·         Too much going on in each issue, sloppy story telling at moments.
·         The top notch art from the all-star artist like Rob Liefeld at moments stinks, some major perspective issue.
·         Swords man and Hellcat, are Copies of Shatterstar and Feral.
·         Bucky get killed by Galactus but reapers in further Hero Reborn titles.
The Good:
·         The revamping of some classic characters.
·         Jim Lee’s art on Fantastic Four is great.
·         Crossover with the Wild Storm universe

Rating: 6

Heroes Reborn: The Return

The Hero Reborn universe actual was actually created by Franklin Richards to save the Avengers, Hulk and the Fantastic Four from Onslaught’s final attack, so he hides them in a pocket really. It seems that little Franklin had done this unconsciously and it took a while till the 616 heroes to discover that there Champions where not dead but in his little blue ball. But Now the Celestials are interested in this universe Franklin has created and if they can allow the existence of this parallel Earth.

Heroes: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Banner Hulk, Doctor Strange, Falcon , Bucky, Thunderbolts, Hercules, Spider-man, Doctor Samson,
Antagonist:  Celestials
Villains: Doctor Doom, Loki

Sporting Cast: Franklin Richards  

Issue Summary:
HRR 2: Hulk and Spidy after being confronted by the Thunderbolts and Hercules are teleported the Heroes Reborn universe, when Hulk touches Franklins blue ball.
HRR 3: Spidy and Hulk discover earth’s heroes alive and well, it’s discovered that the heroes must leave this universe it becoming unstable.
HRR4: Heroes return on a Spaceship type arc. Doom tries to kidnap Franklin but Reed is able to save his child leaving Doom behind.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Heroes return to Marvel 616.
·         Ashema (the lady Celestial) destroys Loki Reborn.
·         Banner and Hulk rejoin.
·         Doom Stays behind.
·         The Heroes Reborn Earth will become counter Earth.
·         Bucky Stays behind.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Clash between Hulk and Banner Hulk.
·         New era for Marvel after this series
·         This Mini-series has excellent art by Salvador Larroca
Rating: 8

Heroes Reborn; Young Allies 1: Bucky is alive and well in the heroes reborn universe, forming a new team of heroes to battle evil.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Bucky will end up on marvel normal Earth as the new Nomad.
Rating: 7

Exiles Issues 1-2

Time and space has been broken and the Time Broker has formed Exiles job to fix this pan dimensional mess.
Heroes: Exiles (Blink (from the Age of Apoc.), Morph, Mimic, Nocturne, Thunderbird and Magnus)
Villains: Xavier and his brother
Supporting cast: The Time Broker
Issues Summary:
·         1 The Time Broker explains the team there mission and gives Blink the Tallus, which will inform them of their mission in each dimension. On their first mission the team liberates by accident an evil Xavier now they have to put him down.

·         2 Xavier goes on a rampage with his evil X-men, the Exiles defeat the bad guys but Magnus is killed.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         The introduction of some really interesting character.
·         Blink and Morph are back. Note: This isn’t AOA Morph.

Rating: 8

Issue 3
The Exiles have arrived in the middle of the Shi’ar trail of Phoenix, and they have to take her out. A new member joins the team a female Sunfire.

Rating: 8 

Exiles 12-13

The Exiles and Weapon X (which would be Time Brokers black ops team), meet up for the first time and it doesn’t take long for both teams start Clashing over the objective of the mission.

Heroes: Exiles (Blink, Sasquatch, Mimic, Nocturne, Sunfire and Blink)
Villains: Sentinels
Antagonist: Weapon X (She Hulk, Spider-man, Deadpool, Vision and Mr. Creed).
Supporting Cast: Time Broker

Issue Summary:
·         12 Both teams have to recues a young super powerful mutant that is imprisoned in a concentration camp.
·         13 Things go south when the second part of the mission is to kill the kid because he will become a super power mutant that will rule earth with an iron fist. So Weapon X is hell bent on killing the kid while the Exiles do not except the mission and try to save him. Creed brokers a deal to stay to teach the kid to become good guy.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Creed betrays his team and stays behind to tutor this young mutant so he will not become a threat to humanity.  

The Good:
·         Exiles start to have conflicted with the time broker.

Rating: 8

Exiles issue 14-15
Mimic battles Namor to liberate Latveria, we discover more about Mimics past.
Rating: 8

Exiles 16

Really sad issue; where we discover that Nocturne was expecting a baby from Thunderbird, and had a miscarriage.

Rating 9

Exiles 17

Exiles have arrived to a land full of Lizards.

Rating 7

Exiles 18-19

Exiles arrive to the Mojoverse and lord fatso he wants Morph for his new star for all of his crazy TV series.

Heroes: Exiles and Longshot
Villains: Mojo
Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         18 Mojo captures Morph and Nocturne, makes Morph into a TV star of the Mojoverse.
·         19 Exiles and Longshot defeat Mojo, but the Time Broker doesn’t let Morph kill Mojo.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The return of Longshot to comics it has been a while since he’s been in a comic.
·         We discover Nocturne’s position powers.  

Rating: 8

Exiles 20-21



Heroes: Exiles, Spider-girl, Henry Pym, Asgardians, Iron First, Beast, Blob, Rhino…

Villains: Phalanx  

Supporting Cast: Time Broker

Exiles arrive on a planet that has been taken over by the Phalanx.

Issue Summary:

·         20 Exiles arrive on an Earth that has been taken over by the Phalanx, they join the resistance which is headed Henry Pym.

·         21 Heroes attack the Phalanx; Blink is infected with the Techno Organic virus and is barely saved.

·         22 Heroes defeat the Phalanx with help of the Asgardians but Blink must leave the team.


Repercussions and Lasting effects:

·         Time Broker decides that Blink has fulfilled her mission.

·         Magik joins the team.


The Good:

·         The idea of the Exiles going up against the Phalanx is great because 616 Blink died fight this enemy.

Rating: 8
Exiles 23-25
¿Heroes?: Weapon X ( Gambit, Spider-man, Vision, She Hulk, Storm, Angel and Colossus)
Villains: Iron man
Antagonists: Inhumans, Wonderman, Doc Strange and Scarlet Witch.

Issue Summary:
·         23 Iron man has gone power mad and has taken over Earth; the Inhumans are the last to resist his rule, and Weapon X has to help him.
·         24-25 Battle against the Inhumans, Weapon X wins, but at a terrible cost.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         She Hulk gets killed replaced by Colossus

Rating: 7

Exiles 26-27: Exiles have to stop the Heroes for Hire from saving Japan from Moses Magnum.   
Rating: 7

Exiles 28-30: Exiles meet up with marvel 616 X-Men; battle those forgettable super wolvepeople, to save Havok from being taken over by his Mutant X persona.

Exiles 31-32: Exiles battle the Vampire Avengers.

Exiles 33: Wild Wolvy drops in.

Exiles 34: Sunfire and Nocturn return to the Phalanx Earth.

X-Men Unlimited 41: Exiles meet a Evil Spider man monster.

Exiles 35-37: Exiles go on a mission to stop a rampaging Thing, they are able to stop him but Mimic due to his injuries a Brood embryo (he was infected in a previous mission but his healing factor was holding it back) takes hold and he becomes an evil Brood out for blood, in the battle to cure him he accidently kills Sunfire II.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Blink rejoins the team.
Rating: 7

Exiles 38-40: Weapon X becomes under orders of Hyperion and he’s a bad seed, he doesn’t even flinch in the assassination mission that they are on.
Rating: 8

Exiles 41-43

Hyperion is tired of the Time Broker’s missions and wants to stop the dimension jumping by taking over a planet.

Heroes: Exiles and Gambit

Villains: Hyperion and Weapon X

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         41 Hyperion rebels from the missions takes lead of Weapon X and tries to kill Gambit, and sets out to take over the planet.
·         42 Exiles set out to try to stop Hyperion, but Majik betrays her teammates to join forces with Weapon X.
·         43 Gambit sacrifices his life to defeat Hyperion

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Hyperion seemingly killed.
·         Time Broker offers to let Morph back to his reality but he chooses to stay with his friends.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Hyperion kick ass.

Rating: 8

Exiles 44-45: We peek into Nocturne’s past.
Rating: 7 

Exiles 46-48: Exiles arrive on Earth 616 and have a little run in with the Fantastic Four.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Namora and Beak join the team.
·         Nocturne leaves the team and latter will join the Brotherhoodof Evil Mutants and even latter Excalibur.

Exiles 49: Morph breaks Controller's control on the rampaging Impossible Man.

Exiles 50-51: Mimic meets and duals with a evil version of himself.  

Exiles 52-53: Exiles battle Ego to save planet Earth.
Rating: 7

Exiles 54:  Exiles save the planet from an invasion by the Shi’ar by eating a pastry, now that’s a story

Rating: 8

Exile 55-57

Exiles have arrived to the New York City that has been invaded and converted by Kulan Gath, but things have gone far worse and the Exiles have to fix the situation.  

Heroes: Exiles, Spider-man
Antagonist: Tarnaraq, Kulan Gath, Black Queen, Avengers
Villains: Zarathos, Windigo, Morbius, Werewolf by Night

Sporting Cast:
·         Exiles 55 have arrived to Kulan Gath’s New York, an magic based characters are the soldiers of the cities master which is Zarathos who has deposed Gath and has become the lord of the city.
·         Exiles 56: Exiles try to attack Zarathos but things go south and they get captured, while Heather Hudson feels really bad the Magic of the place affecting her.
·         Exiles 57: Tanaraq breaks free taking control of Heather’s body obliterating  Zarathos, finishing the mission.    

Issue Summary:
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Tanaraq will be a pain the butt for the Exiles and he’s bad to the bone.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         I always loved this classic X-Men story arc.
·         Tanaraq is a bad ass

Rating: 9

Exiles 58: Team figures out a way to defeat Tarnaraq.
Repercussions and Lasting effects: Heather Hudson is left without any powers.

Exiles 59: Mr. Creed joins the team; Blink has to kill the Mutant that Creed has been taken care of because he was becoming to be very Evil.
Repercussions and Lasting effects: The Time Broker starts to act like a real ass hole.

Exiles 60-61:  Exiles arrive to the Age of Apocalypse and Time Broker presents the team with a new Team mate Holocaust, and sends them on a mess up mission clashing with Magnetos X-men. Holocaust uses the M’kraan to find Time Brokers base of operations and discover what he is.
Repercussions and Lasting effects: The team discovers their new base of operations and who is the Time Broker.

his best from keeping everything from fall apart.

World Tour

Proteus has taken Mimic as his new Host body and thanks to this he  discover the multiverse and the Exiles mission,  so he will use this to his favor so he can  find the perfect host body leaving a trail of destruction over the multiverse.


Heroes: Exiles, Star Brand, Justice, Longshot, Night Mask, Hulk 2099, Spider-man 2099, Squadron Supreme, Young Allies, Night Mask

Villains: Proteus, Maestro

Sporting Cast: Mojo, Doom 2099,Time Broker

Issue Summary:
·         Exiles 69-71: House of M
·         Exiles 72: Proteus reaches the New Universe looking for Star Brand.
·         Exiles 73: Proteus changes host leaving Mimic for dead, Ms Hudson has a chat with Mojo.
Add caption
·         Exiles 74: New Universe heroes try to stop Proteus but fail, but Longshot arrives with the Exiles changing the tide of battle, sending Proteus on the run.
·         Exiles 75: Proteus finds his way to the year 2099, taking Hulk 2099 as a new host.
·         Exiles 76: Exiles battle Proteus but he gets away.
·         Exiles 77: Proteus arrives to the Squadron Supreme universe, and he tricks the Squadron into attacking the Exiles and capturing them.
·         Exiles 78: Exiles are put on trial for their crimes against the Universe, Time Broker intervenes show how the Exiles have saved the multiverse time and time again.
·         Exiles 79:  Proteus arrives to the Future Imperfect trying to take Maestro’s body.
·         Exiles 80:  Proteus takes Morph body instead and escapes.
·         Exiles 81-82: Exiles finally stops Proteus in the Heroes Reborn Universe, saving Morph trapping Proteus in his body.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Death of Mimic
·         Important roster changes adding Longshot and 2099 Spidy.
·         Morph has Proteus in his body
The Bad:

The Good:
·         They killed my favorite character, Mimic; in this ark that’s a ballsy move.
·         The Return of the New Universe, 2099, Future Imperfect and Heroes Reborn
·         The story real dives deeply into each of these realities reviving some incredible but forgotten characters.
Rating: 10 

Exiles 90: The Exiles are captured by Hydra so Heather finds a new member floating in the multiverse Betsy Braddock. 

Exiles 91: Psylocke joins the exiles

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
  • Morph's head set is destroyed but Proteus  stays set.
  • Psylocke is invisible to camera.
  • Roma is messing base and computers.
Exiles 92-94: Tooth, Psylocke and Morph battle Hydra and Master Assassin to rescue their teammates who have been brain washed and joined Hydra. Master Assassin just wipes the floor with the team but Exiles free their teammates and defeat Hydra.

Die by the Sword

This is a crossover that will kill off to series and resolve a dangling plotline that has been hanging around since the House of M, the return of Mad Jim Jaspers.

Heroes: Exiles, Excalibur, the Captain Britain Corps, Roma, Saturnina, Albion

Villains: Mad Jim Jaspers, the Fury, Merlin, Rogue Morte

Issue Summary:
·         1: Mad Jim Jaspers is back and is hellbent in destroying the Captain Britain Corps, while Excalibur and the Exiles have a get together, when Captain Britain is shot by Rouge Morte.
·         2: Cap Britain almost killed by Rogue Morte, while Jim Jasper and his Fury's start killing the Captain Briton Corps.
·         3:  Exiles and Excalibur engage Jasper, while Longshot and Dazzler try to protect Roma from Rogue Morte, Merlin's minion.
·         4: Pete Wisdom get Albion's help to take down Jaspers, and he accepts join in the fight.
·         5: Jaspers becomes a Fury, heroes stop and defeat Jaspers and Merlin.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·        The  end of Excaibur.
·         The end of good Exiles stores.
·         Roma is killed, Sage sort of takes her place.
·         Sage joins the Exiles

The Bad:
·         Merlin becomes a good guy immediately after this crossover, what the Hell, and he was infected by the Fury but that totally forgotten.

The Good:
·         Dazzler and Longshot get back together, but shot doesn't know who she is.

Rating: 7.

Exiles 100: Blink, Noctune and Thunderbird leave the team, new team forms, while  a new team is born.

Exiles: Days of then and Now: Kid Omega creats a Exiles team