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Avengers Heroic Age Issue Sumarries: Avengers + Avengers Academy + Thunderbolts + Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers 1-4

Heroes: Avengers
Villains: Kang, Maestro, Ultron, Apocalypse and his four horse men.
Issues Summary:            
·         1 Heroes get together for the formation of a new Avengers line up and Kang drops in on the Party and warns the Avengers that something has gone terribly wrong in the future.
·         2 With the help of Marvel boy the Avengers discover something that has gone wrong in the future, and out of nowhere Wonder man attacks them
·         3 Apocalypse and his four horse men attack the Avengers, but they are from another time line, something is provoking a severe time disturbance.
·         4 Some Avengers travel to the future to discover what is provoking the disturbance. 

 Iron Man convinces Ultron to be defeated by Kang Forces at the end of time because if they battle they will break time itself causing all the trouble in the present. Ultron pragmatically accepts because this will menace his own existence.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wonder man doesn’t believe that the Avengers should reform, that they do more harm than good. It’s actually a cool idea.
·         Protector/Marvel Boy joins the Avengers
·         All of this is related to the Age of Ultron.
Rating: 9

Enter the Heroic Age +Thunderbolts 144, 145,146

Luke Cage becomes the head of the new Thunderbolts program at the super villain prison Raft.

Heroes: Luke Cage, Steve Rogers, Fixer, Songbird, Mach VI, John Walker
¿Heroes?; Ghost, Juggernaut, Moonstone, Crossbones, Man Thing  
Villains: Norman Osborne, Griffin, Corrupter, Ox, Purple man, Mr. Hyde
Supporting cast: Charles Xavier, Henry Pym, Avengers Academy  
Issue Summary:
·         144 Luke starts forming his new team.
·         145 He puts his team to a test, to see if they are loyal and if the fail safes are in place. Team goes on their first mission.
·         146 Team capture an Asgardian that thinks she’s a troll, on second mission they find a cave full of terrigen crystals
·         147 Cross bone is exposed to the Crystals. Black out in the prison team stops a massive break out.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         John Walker decides to get normal prosthetics instead of becoming a cyborg.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         We find out that Ghost can hack into other armor and use them

Rating: 6

Issue 148-149
Team goes up against the Hand in the Shadow Land cross over.

The New Avengers Illuminati 2: We discover that the Illuminati searched and found the infinity gems, and each member has taken up the duty of protecting and hiding the stone.

The New Avengers Illuminati 3: It’s revealed that the Beyonder was really an Inhuman and Mutant that is crazy powerful.  

Avengers 7-12

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The Hood gets humble by the Kids in the Avengers Academy now he’s out to find the ultimate power, the Infinity gems.  
Heroes: Avengers, Illuminati, Inhumans
Villains: The Hood
Issues Summary:
·         7 The Hood is desperate for power; he discovers the existence of the infinity gems and he starts collecting them. Note the Illuminati had the responsibility in hiding them.
·         8 Red Hulk gets clobbered by the Hood
·         9 We get the back story in how the Hood discovered what the Infinity gems were, and where to find the First one.
·         10 The Hood keeps out smarting the heroes and collecting more gems
·         11-12 Avengers battle the Hood and defeat him; the Illuminati retake and hide the gems.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Avengers discover the existence of the Illuminati.
·         The Infinity gems will play a role in latter story arcs
·         Wonder man is growing more unstable.
·         Red Hulk joins the Avengers.
·         Captain America Joins the Illuminati.

The Good:
·         The Infinity gems

Rating: 8
Avengers Academy 7: Henry Pym decides to become Giant Man again and he defeats Absorbing Man that had escaped when he was being transported to a maximum security prison.
Rating: 6
Avengers Academy 8: A video of when the Hood beats Tigra, up pops on the internet, the students of the academy take it upon themselves to take revenge on the Hood for what he had done.
Repercussions: The Hood embarks on a voyage to somehow recover the powers that he has lost; he ends up hunting for the infinity gems and clashing with the avengers.
Rating: 7
  Avengers Academy 9: Finesse finally confronts the man that she believes to be her father, the Task Master. There is some interesting character development giving much more depth to Task Master and what type of person he is, especially the fact that because of his powers he can’t remember things.
Rating: 8
  Avengers Academy 10:  Explores the life as a student in the academy, a fill in issue.
Rating: 5

Avengers Assemble 1-8
Thanos is back, and he’s out to get his hands on the cosmic cube. The Avengers with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy are the only one that can stop him.
Heroes: Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Shield

Villains: Thanos, Zodiac and Badoon

Sporting Cast: Spider-man, Spider-woman, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Secret Avenger…

Issue Summary:
·         1-8 Members of the Avengers have a couple of run inns with the Zodiac. Both teams finally Clash and it’s discovered that Thanos is behind the creation of the Zodiac; as distraction to be able to steal the cosmic cube. Guardians arrive in the nick of time to help the Avengers hunt down Thanos and his associates the Badoon, heroes eventually defeat Thanos and his crew.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         How the Hell is Thanos, Starlord and Drax survive the Cancerverse? This will be answered in Guardians of the Galaxy 18-20 vol. 3.

The Bad:
·         Why is Starlord blond?
·         It’s the worst Thanos come back ever, the story ark sucks.
·         Helicarrier is destroyed again.

The Good:
·         A Guardian’s monthly series can’t be far down the road.
·         Green Hulk joins the Avengers.

Rating: 5

Avengers Academy : 11-12
Plot: Veil in an attempted to help Henry Pym bring back to earth from subspace who they thought was Wasp, accidently brought Carina, Korvac’s ex Wife to the infinity mansion. So it takes no time for Korvac to show up and start causing trouble.

Heroes: Avengers Academy Students, Avengers Academy Faculty members, and every other Avenger on roster at the time.
Villains:  Korvac
Supporting Cast: Carina and Yacosta.                      
Issues Summary:
·         11 Korvac arrives and all hell breaks loose almost every Avenger on roster shows up to stop him and he kicks every bodies butt with very little effort.
·       12 Carina using her powers brings future version of the Avengers Academy’s students to the present. She does this because they have much more experience with their power and their particular powers set can bring down Korvac, especially Hazmat’s radioactive powers.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Reptile is still his older self even though Carina has sent all of the others students back to the future.

Rating: 6

Avengers 12.1
The Inteligencia find the corps of a space knight that has fallen from space, but too their surprise it’s a Trojan horse because it’s really Ultron. Ultron reawakens and start destroying their lab when the Avengers show up, the evil robot make a run for it. Note Ultron returns from space after the events of Annihilation Conquest.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This issue lays the ground work for the Age of Ultron.

Age of Ultron

Ultron has conquered the world and he’s hunting down what’s left of Earths Mightiest heroes, leaving the Avengers in a desperate position, contemplating taking some very desperate measures.

Heroes: Avengers, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Emma Frost, Spider-man, Iron man, She Hulk, Red Hulk, Task Master, Moon Knight, Black Widow, Kazar, Storm, Victor Mancha  
Antagonist: Vision  
Villains:  Ultron, the Owl, Hammer Head, Morgana Le Fey, Doom, Ares, Kang, Apocalypse Twins.

Sporting Cast: Franklin and Valeria Richards

Issue Summary:
·         Fantastic Four 4 AU: Shows how Ultron attacks and kill most of the members of the Fantastic Four and their associates, leaving Invisible Woman and She Hulk as the only survivors, leaving Franklin and Valeria as refugees in outer space.
·         Avengers Assemble AU 14: Black Widow barley survives Ultron’s initial attack, losing her eye.
·         Ultron AU: Reintroduction of Victor Mancha Ultron’s son (he will be a relevant character in Avengers AI).
·         Avengers Assemble AU 15:  Captain Britain sacrifices himself to save England from Ultron’s onslaught.  
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·         Age of Ultron (AU) 1: Hawkeye rescues Spider-man from the Owl and Hammer Head, and they take refuge with what’s left of the Avengers.
·         AU 2: We discover that Owl was going to trade Spidy to Ultron for some kind of favor or clemency.
·         The Superior Spider-man 6 AU: Spider Ock, tries to outsmart Ultron hijacking its programming but discovers that Ultron is just too powerful.
·         AU 3:  Cage take She Hulk to Ultron as a trick, to Luke’s surprise Ultron isn’t the one that receives his tribute but Vision and Ultron is controlling him from the Future. 
·         AU 4: She Hulk sacrifices herself so Luke can get the info to the Avengers that have gone to regroup in Savage Land.
·         AU 5: Avengers discover that Nick Fury is alive and well hiding out in one of his safe houses in Savage land. And old Fury has been stock piling old hero and villain weaponry including Doom’s time machine.
·         AU 6: Captain America and Iron man take a team to the Future to defeat Ultron prime, the thing is Wolverine decides that when they leave he would travel back in time kill Pym, so no one would create Ultron. Wolverine is followed by Invisible Woman who tries to talk Wolvy out of killing Pym, but he ends up killing him anyways.
·         Wolverine and the X-men AU 27: It’s a filler issue it doesn’t bring to much to the story at all.
·         Fearless Defenders AU 4: Hipolita has some scores to settle with Ares.
·         Uncanny Avengers AU 8: Kang uses this new realty to train his Apocalypse Twins
·         AU 7: Wolvy and Sue Richards travel back to the present discovering everything has changed everything is controlled by Tony Stark and everything is pretty messed up, and are captured by the Defenders.
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·         AU 8: Morgana Le Fey Attacks and basically level New York City killing most of the heroes, Wolvy decides to travel back in time to stop himself from killing Pym, because a world without him also sucks.
·         AU 9: Wolverine talks Wolverine out of killing Pym and finds a way to stop Ultron from destroying the future thanks to his chat with Tony in the previous issue, but it’s established that Ultron must be created, and stop him at a specific moment in time, installing a virus that would activate then destroying Ultron.
·         AU 10:  Backtracking to Avengers 12.1 during Ultron’s battle with the Avengers ; Pym unleashes his virus that destroys Ultron programming. Finishing it off once and for all.
·         AU 10 AI: Pym decides to create a new team of heroes that are Al robots.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         So much time travel breaks the fabric of time and space, leading to Galactus appearing in the Ultimate Universe, the return of Angela to Marvel Universe and start the phenomena of the collapse of the multiverses heading into the incursions.
·         PYM creates the AI Avengers.

The Bad:
Add caption
·         Wolvy gives Beast hell over bringing the young X-men to the present, but Logan travels back in time to kill PYM, what the hell! Both comics can out at the same time, and Wolvy has issues with time travel. And beast at the end of the crossover chats with Stark on how bad time travel is and he bring the young X-men to the present anyways.

The Good:
·         I love dystopias; Age of Ultron nails it in that aspect.
·         It cool crossover different to others, there is no epic final battle and Prime Ultron actually doesn’t appear in the whole thing, only his drones.  
·         The good thing it’s the first crossover that I can remember where Wolvy is the driving character.  
·         We can how relevant Pym is to the Marvel Universe.
·         The Fantastic Four Issue is probably the best issue in the crossover.
Rating: 9

Wonder Man has warned the Avengers that they should not have reformed, that they always bring more trouble than good, so Simon has assembled a strike force with Anti-Venom, D-Man, Evan, Goliath, Atlas, Ultra Man, Century and Devil Slayer to take down his old Friends, but he fails getting is but kicked and captured.

Rating: 7 

Giant Sized Avengers Academy 1
Students from Avengers Academy and the Young Allies get captured by Arcade, and put in his Murder World; the kids break free and defeat him easily.
The Bad: Issues with Arcade have tendency to become too predictable, he’s probably the least dangerous assassin in Marvel Universe.
The Good: Set the ground work for Arcades Vengeance in Avengers Arena.   
Rating: 4
  Avengers Academy 13 Fill in issue
Rating: 3
  Avengers Academy 14 The students go up against the Sinister Six and fail miserably trying stop them from stealing from a science institute in France.
Rating 7

Avengers Academy : 14.1 The team meets Jeremy Briggs who runs a cooperation, that uses people with powers to do more practical things for society, not just super heroe’ing. And he offers the team to join him, but he turns out that he has some villainish inclinations.
Fear Itself:
Plot: Lady Red Skull/Sin searches for a book (with the help of Baron Zemo) that was hidden by her father a long time ago.  This book will give her the location of a secret weapon that will let her bring her vengeance on the world. The weapon that she finds is a mystical hammer, similar to the one Thor has, and when she picks it up she converts into an entity called Skadi. As Skadi she sets out to find this new entitie's father, who turns out to be Odin’s super evil brother The Serpent, the asgardian god of fear,  gives her a new mandate to spread all the fear and destruction she can so he can feed of this become more powerful and kick his brother’s butt. Oh and the Serpent spreads 7 more of these Hammers to be found by the likes of Juggernaut, to help Skadi.  
Heroes: Avengers, Invaders, Avengers Academy, Black Widow, Bucky Cap., Falcon, Nick Fury, Loki, Red She Hulk, Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Steve Rogers
Villains: The Serpent, The Worthy: The Lady Red Skull/Sin/Skadi, Juggernaut/Kuurth, Hulk/Nul, Titania/Skirn, Atuma/Nerkkod, Absorbing Man/Greithoth, Thing/Angrir and Grey Gargole/Mokk, Red Skull and Frost Gaints
Supporting Cast: Odin                                    
Antagonist: Baron Zemo
Issues Summary:
·         0, Book of the Skull: Lady Red Skull/Sin and Zemo are on the hunt for a lost book of her father, which will give her the secrets that she needs to bring her vengeance on the world. Now in the flash back we see a story of how the Red Skull used an enchantment to bring a Hammer to earth just like the one Thor has, but the thing was no one was worthy enough to pick it up so it stayed well guarded in the Antarctic.
·         Fear Itself 1 Lady Red Skull/Sin finds the hammer and when she touches it she becomes Skadi. Now as Skadi she liberates The Serpent. Odin Flips out when he senses the return of his brother. He orders the Asgardians to autoexile themselves to another dimension where Odin creates a new Asgard, and forcibly take Thor with him.  

·         Avengers (AV) 13 Stark offers to rebuild Asgard that has been destroyed during the Siege.
·         Fear Itself 2 It’s raining hammers, The Serpent brings 7 more of his associates back to help spread fear and destruction so he can feed off, so he can kick Odin’s butt. Skadi attacks Washington DC.

·         AV 14 Red Hulk Battles the Evil Asgardian Thing, Rulk gets his butt kicked.
·    AV 15 Ms Marvel, Spider Woman, Hawkeye and Protector go up against Evil Asgardian Hulk but he’s unstoppable.
·         Avengers Academy 15-16: The students of the academy being lead by Tigra help stop Skadi’s  Nazi forces, the kids really get shell shocked see death and killing in some cases for the first time. Henry Pym Justice and Quicksilver go toe to toe with Absorbing Man/Greithoth and Titania/Skirn, trying to stop them from leveling Dubai.
·         Fear Itself 3 Lots and lots of destruction, Bucky Cap. goes up against Skadi and gets killed.

·         AV 16 Steve Rogers dealing with the Death of Bucky goes hunting for Sin but finds a bunch of ghost from his past.
·         Avengers Academy 17-19, The kids battle Absorbing Man/Greithoth and Titania/Skirn and barley make it out alive.
Uncanny X-Men 540-543: X-Men battle the unstoppable Juggernaut all hoped up on Asgardian steroids, provoking out of desperation Colossus makes deal with Cytorak to become his new Avatar to stop Cain Marko.
·         AV 17 Avengers battle Skadi/Sin but can’t stop her.
·         Fear Itself 4 Iron man goes to Asgard to creates special mystical weapons to fight Serpents Hammer happy friends.
·         Fear itself 5 The Avengers confront the Serpent and are defeated easily, and he destroys Captain America’s Shield.
·         Fear Itself 6-7 Avengers get Tony Stark’s super mystical weapons, they confront the Serpent and friends for the second time this time they defeat him, with the cost of Thor death.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
Ø  Thor is killed, but remains dead for about 15 minutes.
Ø  The Original Captains America is back.
Ø  Bucky is still alive but goes underground.
Ø  Nick Fury runs out of Infinity Formula bringing Bucky back to life, leading to the events of the Original Sin.
Ø  The destruction of the Infinity Mansion, Pym’s center of operations. The Avengers Academy moves to the old West Coast Avengers base. 
Colossus becomes the new Juggernaut.
·         Stark Tower is destroyed too.
The Bad:                                                       
v  Who the hell is the Serpent I have never heard of this long lost brother of Odin.
v  Too many hammer wielding Villains.
v  Captain Americas Shield stays broken for 2 seconds, at the end of the arc he gets it back.
The Good:
·         The Original Captain America is back.
·         It’s cool to see character sort of freak out over death and killing like the kids in the Avengers Academy.
Juggernaut Colossus kicks Ass
Rating: 6

Avengers 18-24
Norman Osborne begins his revenge against the Avengers, and Hydra is going to help him out.
Heroes: Avengers
Villains: Norman Osborne, Madame Hydra, Hydra and The Hand.
Issues Summary:
·         18 An Ex Shield Agent tiered of seeing all the bad thing heroes do, defects to Hydra taking all of her scientific know how. Avengers get together at the Mansion to establish the New Roster.
·         19 Storm and Vision join the team.
·         20-21 Avengers are ambushed and captured by Hydra under Osborne’s command.
·         22-24 Avengers escape defeat Hydra, the Hand and Norman Osborne.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Storm joins the Avengers for the first time, but her relevance on the team will be very little.
·         Vision is rebuilt.

The Bad:
·         Purple Super Adaptoid Osborne in speedos.
·         The art in this ark is pretty bad
·         Choppy story telling.
·         Tony gets his armor hacked again it the third or fourth time in three years.

Rating: 5

Avengers Solo issues 1-5
Team relocates to the Avengers West Coast’s old base and Pym tests Finesse and Striker against Alkhema.

  Avengers Academy 21 More students join the school: Batwing, Butterball, Hallow, Lightspeed, Machine Teen, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Ricochet, Lyra/She Hulk, Thunder Strike, Turbo, White Tiger, Whiz Kid and Spider Girl.  In this issue the Avenger drop by for a visit and they discover that some has killed Yacosta.     

  Avengers Academy 22 Magneto drops in with the Cyclops’s X-men to help Pym analyze the energy signatures on Yacostas body to find out who has murdered her.

  Avengers Academy 23-25 The Hybrid story arc, it’s too long. X-23 joins the team  
Rating 5

Avengers Vs X-men
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The Phoenix force is coming to Earth and it pits the Earth’s mightiest heroes and Marvels mighty mutants against each other over what should be done with the cosmic force that has come looking for a new host.
Heroes: Avengers, Shield, Nova, Avengers Academy, Fantastic Four, Hope Summers, Hulk
Antagonist: X-men, New Mutants, Generation Hope, Danger, Cable, Sebastian Shaw
Villains: Unit, Mr. Sinister, Hellfire Club, Sentinels, Purifiers
Issues Summary:
Prelude: Avengers X-Sanction 1-4 Cable hunts down the Avengers, holding them responsible for what is to come in the Future, the Avengers are able to regroup and defeat him.

Avengers Vs X-men:
·         1 The Phoenix force is coming to Earth and the new Nova comes to warn the Avengers, Tony and Steve Rogers consult Wolverine what is this phenomena and he explains that a young mutant called Hope Summers is probably is going to be the entities new host, but Logan explains that nothing good has ever come from the Phoenix it only brings destruction in the long run. Captain America visits Cyclops on Utopia and asks him to give Hope to them to put her under their custody, Scott doesn’t turn the young girl over and fires the first shot to start the war.
·         Wolverine and the X-men (WX) 9 Wolverine chooses to join the Avengers side in this conflict. 
·         New Avengers (NA) 24 Avengers are gear up to confront Scott Summers.
·         Secret Avengers (SA) 26-27 The Secret Avengers set out for outer space to confront the Phoenix, they get their butts kicked by the entity and they end up on the Kree home world to regroup. They get captured and escape, confront Phoenix for a second time Captain Marvel scarifies himself to stop the entity, but it’s not enough.  
·         Avenger (AV) 27 Protector is expelled from the Avengers for the Role that he played with the Kree.
·         2 All hell breaks loose, Wolvy finds Hope and is ready to take her down but she fries him and makes a run for it. A team of Avengers goes into deep space to see if they can stop the phoenix Force from reaching Earth.
·         WX 10 Cyclops confronts Wolvy over his choose.
·         AVSX 1 Iron man vs. Magneto and Thing vs. Namor.
·         Uncanny Avengers (UX) 11 Red Hulk and Juggernaut Colossus battle under Utopia. 
·         3 Hopes on the run, both teams search for her.
·         AVSX 2 Captain America Vs Gambit and Spider-man Vs Juggernaut Colossus.
·         UX 12 battle in tabula rasa. 

Avengers Academy 29-30: Utopia’s younger mutants on put under the care of Pym’s Avenger Academy. Sebastian Shaw defeats a couple Avengers escapes and there is conflict between the mutants and the Avenger kids, at the end make peace.
·         X-men Legacy (XL) 266-267 a group of Avengers go to Wolvy’s school to keep a watch on his students and teachers so they do not join Cyclops’s crusade, the thing is that this doesn’t make the Mutants there too happy, especially Rogue who has a rocky history with the Avengers.
Add caption
·         WX 11 The Shi’ar Phoenix kill crew arrives on Earth to kill Hope before she can become the Phoenix, Wolvy and Hope are able to defeat them.
·         4 Hope, the Avengers and X-men all head to the blue area of the moon.
·         UX 13 Generation Hope has a chat  with Unit but things go wrong.
·         5 both team start battling, Iron man creates a armor that fractures the Phoenix force and it take 5 host Cyclops, Magik, Colossus, Namor and White Queen.
·         AVSX 3 Thing vs. Juggernaut  Colossus and Black Widow vs. Magik 
·         6 The Phoenix five create Pax Utopia, they set out to resolve all the wrongs in the world. Cyclops is starting to be corrupted by the Phoenix force. Avengers try to take kidnap Hope but are confronted by Cyclops and Emma, Hope leaves voluntarily with the Avengers. Cyclops flips out and decrees “No more Avengers”.
·         Av 28 Red Hulk sets out on a solo assassination mission to kill Cyclops, and gets his butt kick.
·         UX 15 Phoenix five go after Mr. Sinister.
·         UX 16 Mr. Sinister actually defeats the Phoenix five easily, because he has something the Phoenix wants,  many clones of Jean Grey.
·         UX 17 Magento, Storm, Psylocke and Danger recue the Phoenix five from Sinister.
·         AVSX 4 Daredevil vs. Pyslocke and Thor vs. Emma Frost 

Avengers Academy 32-33:  Emma set out to destroy the pet Sentinel that the Avengers Academy has.
·         7 The Phoenix five and the X-men start hunting Avengers.
·         AV 28 Danger keeps the Avenger occupied in their jail cells.
·         AVAX 5 Hawkeye vs. Angel and Black Panther Vs. Storm
·         NA 29 Illuminati debate what is to be done.
·         8 Namor destroys Wakanda; Avengers take refuge in the Mystical land of K’un-lun. Avenger battle Namor, they defeat him the Phoenix abandons him.
·         NA 25-27 Origin and relationship between the Phoenix force and the Ironfist, Hope starts her training as an Ironfist, but also receives special training from Spider-man.
·         WX 13 Origin of Warbird, and the Phoenix five clobber Gladiator.  
·         WX 14 Kitty Pryde sees how Colossus is growing power hungry, Colossus attacks Wolvy’s school.
·         WX 16 Phoenix visit the new Hellfire club lead by Kade Killgrave put him and his associates in prison and destroy his stock pile of Sentinels
·         9 X-men start capturing and imprisoning Avengers in Limbo, things are starting to get bad. Xavier changes sides.
·         WX 12 Rachel Summer questions her role with Cyclops.
·         AV 29 Xavier Stops the X-men from capturing the last Avengers
·         WX 15 Xavier visits Wolvy’s School.
·         AVXS 6 Hope Vs Scarlet Witch: Hope, Havok vs. Captain America, Red Hulk Vs Domino, Jarvis Vs Toad…
·         10 Cyclops finds the mystical city of K’un-lun, Hope drives him back. Decent is growing among the X-men.
·         UX 18 everything is going downhill for the Phoenix Five.
·         WX 18 Hellfire Club makes its move on the School and they shoot Broo in the head.
·         11-12 Most of the X-men join the Avengers, and they confront Scott and Emma, Cyclops steal the Phoenix force from Emma and Kill Xavier. Cyclops becomes the Dark Phoenix. Scarlet Witch and Hope defeat Cyclops.
·         UX 19 even defeated Scott stays defiant
·         NA Avengers transport captured Emma Frost when they are attacked by the Purifiers.
·         UX 20 Colossus loses his Juggernaut powers.
·         AVSX Consequences 1 Cyclops in prison, Avengers hunting for Magneto.
·         AVSX Consequences 2 Wolvy confronts Cyclops over what has happened.
·         AVSX Consequences 3 Iron man helps rebuild the Mystical City of K’un-lun.
·         AVSX Consequences 4 Colossus discover that his power are all messed up
·         AVSX Consequences 5 Magneto breaks Cyclops out of prison.
·         Iron man vs. Magneto: Iron man/Avengers
·         Thing vs. Namor: Thing/Avengers
·         Red Hulk Vs. Juggernaut Colossus: Red Hulk/Avengers
·         Wolvy Vs Hope: Hope
·         Doctor Strange Vs Magik: Magik/X-men
·         Captain America Vs Gambit: Captain America/Avengers
·         Spider-man Vs Juggernaut Colossus: Colossus/X-men
·         Wolvy Vs Captain America: Captain America
Add caption
·         Secret Avengers Vs Phoenix: Phoenix
·         Secret Avengers Vs. Kree: Kree
·         Luke Cage Vs. Namor: Namor/X-men
·         She Hulk Vs. Hepzibah: She Hulk/Avengers
·         Thing Vs. Sunspot: Thing/Avengers
·         Thing Vs. Namor: No outcome.
·         Thing vs. Juggernaut  Colossus: Colossus/ X-men
·         Black Widow vs. Magik: Magik/X-men
·         She Hulk Vs. Rogue: Rogue/X-men
·         Iron man (drone) Vs. Rogue: Rogue/X-men
·         Daredevil vs. Pyslocke: Tie
·         Thor vs. Emma Frost: Emma Frost/X-men.
·         Red Hulk vs. Cyclops, Emma and Magneto: X-men
·         Hawkeye vs. Angel: Hawkeye/Avengers
·         Black Panther Vs. Storm No outcome
·         Scarlet Witch Vs Emma Frost: No outcome
·         Emma Frost burns Hawkeye alive, almost killing him/X-men
·         Thing Vs Iceman: Iceman/X-mem
·         Scarlet Witch Vs Namor: Scarlet Witch/Avengers
·         Avengers Vs. Namor: Scarlet Witch/Avengers
·         Magik and Colossus Vs Thor: Magik and Colossus/X-men
·         Magik and Colossus vs. Spidy: Spidy/Avengers.
·         Hope Vs. Scarlet Witch: Hope
·         Captain America Vs Havok: Havok/X-men
·         Red Hulk Vs Domino: Domino/X-men
·         Jarvis Vs Toad: Jarvis/Avengers
·         Iron Fist Vs Iceman: Iceman/X-men
·         Hope Vs. Cyclops: Hope
·         Avengers and X-men vs. Cyclops: Hope and Scarlet Witch.
Sebastian Shaw Vs Hercules and Tigra: Sebastian Shaw
Avenger Academy Vs New Mutant and Generation Hope: NO out come
Emma Frost Vs Avengers Academy: Emma Frost
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The appearance of a new Nova.
·         Iron fist is immune to the power of the Phoenix.
·         Namor destroying Wakanda has a profound impact in latter Avengers titles.
·         Cyclops Kills Xavier.
·         Hope as Phoenix give Earth depowered mutants by Scarlet Witch there powers back.
·         Strom and Black Panther divorce.
·         Utopia is abandoned.
·         Protector/Marvel Boy expelled from the Avengers
·         The formation of the Uncanny Avengers.
·         Colossus loses his Juggernaut powers.  
·         Danger part ways with the X-men.
·         Cable is back and no Techno Organic virus in his system thanks to Hope.
The Bad:
·         There are no polar Bears in Antarctica as seen in issue 4, they live in the North Pole.
·         Thing defeats Namor under water in his element imposible.
·         AVSX Consequences is a waste of paper it could have been done in 2 issues instead of 5.
The Good:
·         It’s cool to see the relationship between the Phoenix force and Ironfist.
·         Namor Destroys Wakanda.
·         We discover the Magik could have removed the Juggernaut curse on Colossus anytime but she wanted Colossus to suffer like her.
·         It’s a punch fest and a fun read.
Rating: 9

Issue 30 Hawkeye and Spider Woman battle Mr. Negative and his minions.

Rating 5

  Avengers Academy 26  Yacosta faked her own death and establishes that the Avengers Academy is too dangerous for the kids that are always in constant danger. Yacosta and some other join Jeremy Briggs Corporation.
Rating: 8

  Avengers Academy 27-28
Avengers Academy and The Runaways travel to prehistoric times to recover Old Lass
 Rating: 6

Avengers Academy 29-33  check out my post on Avengers Vs. X-Men at this post.

Avengers Academy 34-37: Avengers Academy have their final confrontation with Jeremy Brigg and his crew.
Avengers Academy 38: The Avengers Kids meet up with the New Mutants again.
Avengers Academy 39: The kid graduate, final issue.