Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wolverine Pre-House of M Issue Summaries.


Wolverine -1:  Wolvy is in search for answers to find out what the hell is Adamantium and how did it get into him when Sabertooth appears to take Logan in but saved by Nick Fury and Carol Danvers.

Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Punisher: Our heroes confront and battle Mephisto's son Black Heart to save a small town.

56-57: Wolvy joins forces with Sunfire and Gambit trying to stop a turf war between hydra, the Hand and the Yakuza.

Lasting Effects: Mariko Wolvy's wife actually kills herself after being tricked by the Yakuza.

Wolverine 58-59: Wolvy joins forces with Terror Inc.

Wolverine 61: Wolvy joins forces with his old Weapon X bud Wraith trying to discover more about his past.

Wolverine 62: Wolverine discover that his ex-girlfriend Silver Fox was still alive.

Wolverine 65: Fill in issue

Wolverine 69: Wolverine in Savage Land

Wolvy heads to Canada; fill in issue and the art is terrible.
Rating: 2

Wolverine 85: Phalanx Covenant check out this post

Wolverine 88: Wolverine crosses paths with Wade Wilson when visiting his buddy Kane, Deadpool is pist that his ex-girlfriend has left him to be with Weapon X. 

Wolverine 89: Wolvy and team up with Ghost Rider to battle Ogun.

Wolverine 90: Wolvy investigating LLL he has a run in with Quimera.

Wolverine 90: Wolverine has had it with Sabertooth hanging out in the X-mansion, and when Tooth tries to escape Logan takes advantage to just really give it to Creed poping his claws into his brain.

Issue 91

Wolvy become more uncontrollable and feral without his adamantium claws.

Wolverine 92: Wolverine is becoming more feral.

Issue 93
The Dark Riders liberate Cyber from prison. Juggernaut wakes from his coma from the colossal butt kicking that he got from Onslaught and starts running for his life.

Heroes: Wolverine, Cannonball and X-men
Villains: Juggernaut
Supporting cast: LLL
Issue Summary:
·         The Dark Riders liberate Cyber from prison. Meanwhile, Juggernaut wakes from his coma from the colossal butt kicking that he got from Onslaught and starts running for his life. He arrives at a bar where Wolvy and Cannonball are having a drink. After a little scuffle Juggernaut is transported to another dimension, by members of LLL

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Juggernaut ends up another comic book universe, the Ultra-verse for a short time.

Issue 94

Wolverine visits the kids of Generation X
Rating: 5

Issue 95

Wolverine goes up against the parasitic life form of Dirt Nap, Alpha Flight’s Guardian and Vindicator are in this issue. 

Rating: 6

Issue 96
Cyber is killed by the Dark Riders to remove his adamantium. 

Rating: 6

Issue 99

Wolverine is captured by Genesis and his Dark Riders.

Rating: 8


Wolverine 100: Genesis tries to give Wolvy is adamantium back but his experiment back fires, Wolvy breaks free and kills him and most of the Dark Riders.

Lasting Effect:
·         Wolvy kill Cables kid.
·         Wolvy become more feral
·         Apocalypse seem to be back

Issue 103

Electra starts training Wolvy so he can recuperate his humanity.

Wolverine 113: Ogun is back.

Issue 114

Ogun is back and he's has taken Lady Deathstrike as a new host.
Rating: 8 

Issues 115-118

Zero Tolerance crossover check out this link

Wolverine Annual 1999
Heroes: Wolverine
Antagonist: Deadpool
Villains: Werewolves
Supporting cast:
Issue Summary:
·         Deadpool gets a job to kill a writer and has a run in with Wolverine who’s investigating the same guy. It seems the guy is a Werewolf and Deadpool was sent to kill him so he wouldn’t bring more attention to their community because he wrote about Werewolves.

Rating: 5

Wolverine 125:  Wolverine reveals that he's going to marry Viper.


Issue 126

Wolvy most marry Viper to honor pact that he has made. The thing is that Sabertooth crashes the party and defeats Wolverin.

Rating: 8

Issue 128
Hydra and the Hand captured Wolverine, Sabertooth and Shadow Cat and start to mess with their heads, they are able to escape and give some good pay back.

Rating: 8

Wolverine 136: Wolvy in space ending up on the Collector planet.

Wolverine 137-138: In a last crazy try to save the Collectors planet he tries to go toe to toe against  Galactus.

Issue 141

Gateway ports Wolvy and Jubilee too Cable’s house in the Alps, and discover Donald Pierce has taken residency and has stolen technology. 

Wolverine 144: Wolverine get kidnapped by the Leader, but with help of Hercules and Karkas the stop the evils villains plans.

Issues 146-147: Chech out my post on the Saga of the Twelve at this post.

Wolverine 148: A  Ages of Apocalypse tie in the New Fantastic Four is back and have a run in with Arim Zola.

Issue: 154
Deadpool and a group of new associates hunt and capture Wolverine.

Rating: 6

Wolverine 155: Deadpool had betrayed Wolverine to save Siryn and help her get her powers back.

Issue 159
The presentation of Mr. X, and he wants to test his fight skills against a worthy opponent so he set out to capture Wolvy.

Rating: 7

Issue 161
Wolvy clashes with Mr. X but he gets away when he realizes that he’s over matched.
Rating: 8

Wolverine 164: Wolvy is put in prison for super villains for his crime.

Wolverine 166: The Weapon X director explains to Wolverine that he's been careering out assassination mission for him for a while and Logan didn't know he thought that they were bad dreams. Logan escapes with the help of Mr. Shivers that save him from being clobbered by Sabertooth.

The Good:
·         We discover Wolverine is the one that messed up the director face.
·         We get a glimps of Wolverine Origins

Lasting repercussions:
·         Wraith maybe is killed by Mavrick.
·         Mavrick is captured by Weapon X, and latter turned into Zero


Wolverine 172: Logan teams up with Alpha Flight to battle a evil Smart Wendigo.