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80's and 90’s Avengers and Solo heroes Titles

80's -90’s Avengers Pre-Heroes Reborn. 

Here's choppy time in my collection most of the comics that I have from this time are TPBs and a few original issues.

This is a very interesting issue, Cap almost runs as a independent in the US Elections for president
Captain America 247: Captain America helps  Nick Fury battle Baron Strucker, the turns out to be a Android.

The Good:
·         I didn't know that like Wolverine Cap has implanted memories, he isn't too sure about his past.
·         The Original Shield make a brief return.

Captain America 250: Forge/ Machine Smith was the one that sent the droid and uses Dragon Man to attack Cap to draw him to his base.

Captain America 251: Machine Smith tricks Cap into killing him, because he didn't want to live as a android anymore and his protocols didn't allow him to kill himself.

Note Machine Smith use to be Mr. Fear and he died because of a accident he had in battle with Daredevil, and his mind was uploaded into a Android.

The Good:
·         It a really good story

Captain America 250: Cap is offered to run for president of the United States but he turns down the offer.

Captain America 251-252: Bartoc teams up with Mr. Hyde to hijack a oil tanker, but is caught off guard when instead of taking the ransom for the boat Hyde wants to use it to destroy New York, so Bartoc actually teams up with Cap. A to stop Hyde.

Captain America 253-254: Baron Blood is back and Captain America joins force with the New Union Jack to stop this evil Vampire.
Lasting Repercussions:
·         The birth of a new Union Jack.

Captain America 255: Cap's first mission before punching Hitler.

It Hawkeye's chance to save the world.
Hawkeye 1-4: Crossfire tries to kill Hawkeye to use  his funeral as a trap to kill all super powered heroes by using a secret mind control weapon and make them kill each other there for reducing  the hero population of marvel and making the government to crack down on the heroes that are left because they are too dangerous.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Hawkeye gets married to Mockingbird.
·         Hawkeye is left deaf after his battle with Crossfire.
The Good:
·         The introduction of Marvel Greatest villain Odd Ball.
Cap America on the Sub way he sure loves public transport

Resultado de imagen para falcon marvel solo series

Falcon 1: Falcon battles Nemisis that is trying to destroy his own building to get the insurance.

Falcon 2: Falcon has to defeat a sentinel the is hunting him down mistakenly thinking he's mutant.

Falcon 3: Falcon is attacked by Electro who thinks he's hunting him down.

Falcon 4: Falcon save Reagan from a street gang that kidnapped him.

Doctor Strange 68:  Strange helps Black Knight break the course of his ebony blade. 

Doctor Strange 69:  Umar starts to mess with Doc Strange and Earth.

Doctor Strange 70: Strange battles a mystical warlord.

Doctor Strange 71: We get the origin of Dormammu and Umar, while Doc Strange heads to the dark dimension going under cover to help Clea defeat Umar.

Doctor Strange 72:  Strange helps Clea rebellion, and discover that she is the daughter of  Umar.

Doctor Strange 73:  Clea defeats Umar and becoming the new ruler of the dark dimension.

Doctor Strange 74: Strange is confronted by the Beyonder.

Paladin is the lamest character ever.
Avengers 270: Moonstone goes  undercover to protest against the Avengers, and provokes a helicopter to go down, which Namor saves in the nick of time. Wasp discovers that Moonstone is the one causing trouble, and the Avengers capture her. But while heading to prison she is recruited to join the Masters of Evil.

Avengers 271: The Master of Evil (Note we don't know that they are members of MOE until a couple issues down) break the New Yellow Jack out prison defeating Wasp and Paladin, after that Black Knight appears and helps Janet against MOE capturing Screaming Mimi  and Grey Gargole but Yellow Jacket gets away.

Avengers 272-273: The Avenger and Alpha Flight give Namor a hand in defeating Attuma.

Lasting Effects:

·         Namor leaves the Avengers.

·         Namor ends his relationship with Marina.

Attack on the Avengers Mansion
It's one of my favorite old school avengers stories ever.
Baron Zemo has formed one of the most dangerous incarnation of the Master of Evil and they Attack the Avengers Mansion and defeats the Avengers and break Captain America.

Heroes:  Avengers, Ant Man
Villains: Master Of Evil (MOE)

Supporting Cast: Jarvis, the Shroud.

Issue Summary:
·         Avengers 273: We discover that the villains that have been attacking the Avengers as of late, are under the leader ship of Baron Zemo, and he planning to make his move against the Avengers, with his Master of Evil. And at the end of the Issue they take over the Avengers Mansion.
·         Avengers 274: The MOE set a trap to capture Black Knight, Captain Marvel II, Captain America and Hercules that almost gets killed.
·         Avengers 275: Zemo sends Absorbing Man and Titania to finish Hercules of in the hospital but is saved by the Wasp and Ant-man.
·         Avengers 276: Thor, Doc Druid and Ant-man join Wasp to take back the Mansion, while inside Black Knight frees himself to start the fight, while the other Avengers start the Attacks.
·         Avengers 277: Avengers defeat Zemo and his crew, but at a high price.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This story arc sort establishes the inception for the Thunderbolts.
·         Doctor Druid joins the Avengers.

The Good:
·         Zemo really shows that he's one of the most sinister villain in Captain Americas Rogue Gallery, he physically tortures Jarvis and mentally messes with Cap. destroying his personal stuff, almost breaking the man.

What a showdown that we never get

Captain America 368: Crossbones and Machine Smith are trying to find Red Skull that has gone MIA after being confronted by Magneto because of his ties with the Nazis. Machine Smith uses a Droid Magneto to draw out the real one but Captain America take out the robot before this could happen.

Captain America 369: Crossbones and company track Magneto to the Hellfire Club where they are confronted by the Black Queen, when Cap arrives he defend Selene thinking she a innocent victim of Crossbones.

Captain America 370: Crossbones finds Red Skull that had been buried alive and found  almost dead.
Captain America 371: Cap and Diamond back go for a night on the town.

Captain America 372: Cap set out to fight gangs and drugs.

Captain America 373: Cap is all hoped up on drugs because he destroyed a place that made it and inhaled all of it in a explosion and now he's sort of evil thanks to the Drugs.

Captain American 374: Investigating the Drug sales Cap runs into Bulleye that's working for Kingpin. Cap is getting reckless because of the Drugs and Daredevil is getting worried.

Captain America 375: Cap starts going hardcore on gangsters and confronts Kingpin, Daredevil talks to Cap trying to understand why he's being so aggressive, and Steve  just clobbered him.

Captain America 376: A turf war begins between Red Skull and Kingpin in selling drugs, Crossbones ties to kill Kingpin and is saved by Daredevil, Diamondback and Black Widow capture Cap so he can get the evil drugs out of his system.

Captain America 378: Bulleye ties to kill Red Skull but is saved by Crossbones.

Captain America 379: Red Skull and Kingpin  battle each other to see who get to control the streets, while Cap battles Crossbones.

The Incredible Hulk 370: Grey Hulk tries to help Doctor Strange against a evil Demon, Namor also drops in. At the end of the Issue Banner is possessed by the demon that was hiding in his butt, yes exactly what I said.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Grey Hulk and Banner discover a giant door looked in Banners head, guess who is locked in.
The Good:
·         It cool to see the observation that Hulk can see astral forms
The Incredible Hulk 371: Possessed Hulk battles Namor, while Banner releases whatever is hiding in that secret door in his head that kicks the Demon out.
Resultado de imagen para incredible hulk 377
I love the Professor Hulk, I started to read Hulk comics around this time, so he my Hulk, I used to have a  ton of his comics from this time which sadly I lost
The Incredible Hulk 372: Banner after being confronted with a super car, he's dude that I can't remember his name,  that works for the Pantheon characters that play a big part in the future in the hulk series, and the Green Hulk comes bursting out, he was the one locked away in his mind.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Banner reunited with Betty Ross
The Bad: Hulk actually bursts through Banners skin it's actually  pretty grose.
The Good: Green Hulk is back.
The Incredible Hulk 373: Grey Hulk locks  Green Hulk away in Banner mind, while Fixit battles the Army and defeats Doctor Samson.
The Incredible Hulk 374-375: Grey Hulk battle to save Rick Jones from a secret invasion of Skrulls that have kidnapped him, Fixit clobbers Super Skrull.
The Incredible Hulk 376: Marlo, Mr. Fixits Girl friend has arrived and meets Betty and things get bad, jajaja fantastic issue, Green and Grey Hulk battle to control Banner.
The  (New) Incredible Hulk 377: Doc Samson finally pits Banner, Green and Grey Hulk against their worst fears.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Smart Hulk is Born
We learn that the driving force of Banner and Hulk, is fear of a abusive father, this issue is pretty ground breaking
  The Incredible Hulk 385: A infinity Gauntlet Tie in.
This is one of the only comics that I have where these two clash.
The Incredible Hulk 408: Hulk battles Madman and Piecemeall, and a member of the Pantheon dies.  

Incredible Hulk 415: Hulk in space having fun with the Starjammers.

Incredible Hulk 431-432: Hulk clashes with Abomination. The police are trying to get rid of the poor people that live in the sewers who Abomination has sworn to protect, Hulk steps in, which make everything worse. The trigger happy and Corrupt police kill all the poor people, so Emil flips out, and Hulk barley stops him from going on a kill spree.   

Rating: 8

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I have a Warstar action figure, jajaja which belongs to my kid now and its his favorite toy.
Captain America 398: Rick Jones is in trouble and on the run asking Captain America for help, Cap arrives in the nick when the Shi'ar's Warstar tries to kidnapped Rick and Steve tries to stop it, but Jones makes a run for it and a hidden Shi'ar ship captures him.

West Coast Avengers 80: The Imperial Guard has Jones, and try to use him to access Kree technology in a hidden Kree base when the West Coast Avengers arrive with Cap A free their friend and defeat a Kree Sentinel and the Imp. Guard, but the Shi'ar gets away with Jones.

West Coast Avengers 81: The West Coast Avengers had captured a couple of Shi'ar Imp Guard members but the rest of the team comes back to rescue them, and Cature Captain Atlas who was also detained with the Avengers.

Quasar32 : Quasar find Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva looting Captains Marvel's grave but when he stops them when the Imperial Guard arrives, but  actually they were just two  of them one was a illusion caster, which Quasar is able to defeat. Quasar discovers that they were after Marvel  Negabands.

Wonder Man 7: Captain Atlas put the Negabands on and accidental trades place with Rick Jones who was being protected by Wonder man, which the hero is able to defeat and is captured by the Avengers.

Quasar 33: Quasar goes after  the Imp guard.

The Mighty Thor 445:  The Avengers confront the Shi'ar Thor goes head to head against Gladiator which he defeats.

Captain America 399:  another  The Avengers team has been captured by the Kree but escape and are on the run on the Kree home world with the authorities hot on their heels.


Avengers West Coast 89: Ultron Attacks

Avengers 363:

Avengers confront the Gatherers for the first time they discover that their mission is to kill Sersi’s in each demotion; she seems to be responsible for destroying everything in the future so they seek to stop this. First Deathcry appearance.

Avenger 366: This a very odd issue with a three way battle between Black knight, Blood Wraith and Deadpool.  

Rating: 7

Blood Ties

¿Why end the West Coast Avengers?, ¿Why?
A Civil war has broken out in Genosha, with Fabian Cortez fanning the flames kidnapping Luna, Quicksilver’s and Crystal’s daughter drawing the Avengers and the X-Men into the conflict. 

Heroes: Avengers, Avengers West Coast, X-Men Blue/Gold

Antagonist: SHIELD

Villains: Fabian Cortez, Magistrates and Exodus

Sporting Cast:  Magneto, Colossus, Philip Moreau, Peter Gyrich and Jenny Ransome

Issue Summary:
·         Avenger 368: A civil war has broken out in Genosha and the Avengers discover that Quicksilver’s daughter has been kidnapped by Fabian Cortez, to draw the Earths Mightiest Heroes in the conflict to make the situation worse.
·         X-Men 26:  Avengers confront Shield who try to stop them from intervining in the Genosha conflict and making things worse, while the X-men already arrive hunting Fabian down.
·         Wesr Coast Avengers 101: Exodus jumps into the conflict to defend mutants and save Magneto’s heir defeating War Machine.
Uncanny X-Men 307: Sersi battles Exodus. 
·         Avengers 369: Exodus kills Fabian Cortez, and it takes the combined forces of the X-men and the Avengers to recuperate Quicksilver’s daughter from Exodus who had planned to take her to Avalon with Magneto.   

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The End of the West Coast Avengers
·         Fabian Cortez seemly killed by Exodus, he does come back to be killed again by Magneto in Dark Seduction.  
  ¿why does Black Knight know who Exodus is? ¿What’s the history between them?
The Good:
·         A good Avenger/X-men cross over

Rating: 10

West Coast Avengers 102: Team is forced to disband by the East Coast team because of how poorly they faired in the Blood Ties crossover.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of Force Works
·         US Agent throw his Shield and Costume into the water near the statue of Liberty ( in the Marvel vs. DC crossover the Shield was found by Batman).

Force Works 1: New team is attacked by the Kree, Wonder man is killed.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Century.
·         US Agent get a new Costume and energy Shield

The Death of Nick Fury, it sucked like hell, at moments the story was straight up stupid.
Double Edge
Punisher is hell-bent in killing Nick Fury; the false memory has been implanted in his mind and nothing going to stop him.
Heroes: Nick Fury, Shield, Hulk, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Doc Samson, Avengers, Force Works
Antagonist: Punisher
Sporting Cast:
Issue Summary:
·         Double Edge Alpha: Doc Samson tries to give Frank Castel a new innovative hypnotherapy; everything goes wrong when another therapist that works for the mob plants the false idea the Nick Fury Killed his Family. Punisher breaks loose and starts his hunt. 

Incredible Hulk 433: Punisher is out to find Fury, while Hulk has his own issues with Shield does try to stop him.   

·         Double Edge Omega: Daredevil and Ghost Rider Can’t stop Punisher from killing Nick Fury
 Incredible Hulk 434: Hulk goes to Fury’s funeral to pays his respects; the thing is some of the Avengers are not too happy to see him. It’s really weird to see Bill Clinton in this issue, jajajaja, but they drew him oddly he looks like a cross between Bill Clinton and George W Bush.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Nick will be gone for awhile.
The Bad:
·         The park where they plant the false memory in Punsher’s minds is embarrassingly bad.
·         Nick doesn’t die it an LMD, not even Daredevil can tell.
·         Punisher shots Nick Fury in the back like a coward
The Good:
Rating: 3

Avengers 388: Captain America and the Avengers go up against AIM and the Red Skull. 
Rating: 7

Avengers 390: Terrible fill in.

This Crossover was a mess, thank god for the Heroes reborn reboot

Force Works 17: Introduction of Cybermancer, and Hawkeye is accused of murder sending the team of the hunt for Clint.

 Iron Man 320-321: Is Stark going crazy?

Force Works 19 - War Machine 22: Force Works tries to stop evil Tony.

Iron man: 323: Hawkeye and Iron man battle it out, but Stark reveals that he believes that he’s innocent and he will help him clean his name.

Avengers 393: Tony looses it after being confronted by the Avengers over what has been really going on, he battles his team mate almost killing Wasp.  

Avenger 394: Wasp heals having mutated into a insect  hybrid.

Iron man 324: Tony is really loosing it, the Avengers and Force Works confront him, thing go from bad to worse.

Rating: 7

Iron man 325: Tony has gone bad under the influence of Kang, so the Avengers bring a younger Tony to the present, but old Tony isn’t happy and almost kills his younger self.   
Rating: 7

Avengers Unplugged had some of the worst artist ever. title was pretty sloppy
Avengers Unplugged 1: Avengers escort the new Nefarious (the blond one) to prison, when he flips out when he sees Moonstone ( there is history between the two characters)  in a cell all hell breaks loose and Moonstone tries to escape prison in the commotion. Avengers stop Nefarious and Moonstone.   
Rating: 5

Avengers Unplugged 2:  Avengers battles Graviton.
Rating: 4

Avengers Unplugged 3: Avengers battles a Super Adaptoid.
Rating: 2

Avenger Unplugged 4: One of the only relevant comics from this series, we have the wedding of Absorbing Man and Titania,
Rating: 8

Avengers Unplugged 5: Control uses Captain Marvel II/Monica to trap the New Captain Marvel/Genis-Vel, after a brief battle between the two Marvels; they with help of the Avengers trap the Controller. Monica changes her name to Photon.
Rating: 7

Avengers Unplugged 6: Avengers battle Bloodwraith
Rating: 6

I have the second part of this crossover some where and I can find it.
Avengers/Ultra Force 1
Loki and Gamemaster make a wager on who would win if they pin the members of Avengers vs.  the members of Ultra Force against each other, the winner get the gems of the Infinity Gauntlet.
Heroes:  Avengers and Ultra Force
Villains: Loki and Gamemaster
·         Captain America Vs Hardcase; draw, actually they chose not to fight each other
·         Black Widow and Crystal Vs Siren and Topaz; Crystal
·         Iron man Vs Prototype Draw
·         Starfox Vs Contrary Draw
·         Vision Vs Ghoul; Ghoul
·         Thor Vs Prime; Thor
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Paves the way for the return of Black Night and Sersi to Marvel Universe
·         Sersi obtains the Infinity gems and becomes Nemesis
The Bad:
·         Choppy art and poor plot.
·         Eros wasn’t on the Avengers roster at the time.
Rating:  5

The end of Proffesor Hulk

Ghosts of the Future 
Talbot and the Leader push Hulk too far. Will he be forced to become the Maestro.
Heroes: Hulk
Antagonist: Thor, Ring Master
Villains: Matt Talbot, Omnibus/Leader
Sporting Cast: Betty Ross, Sheild and Avengers
Issue Summary:
·         Incredible Hulk 436, Talbot lures Hulk out by shooting Betty in the Leg, after battling with the army; Talbot pisses Hulk so much that he reverts to the Savage Banner and is captured.  
·         Cutting Edge 1: Ring Master is forced to do hypnotherapy on Banner; Talbot wants to see what make him tick. It’s reveled that Omnibus is controlling Talbot.   
·         IH 440: Hulk taking up the alias of Maestro, he starts committing a series of terrorist attacks. Hulk battles Thor.  
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Banner has shrapnel in his brain driving him crazy.
·         The beginning of the end of smart Hulk.
·         Hulk fakes his death so he can be left alone.
The Bad:
·         Talbot is Glens cousin, that’s lame
The Good:
·         Savage Banner is oddly cool.
Rating:  8

Avengers vs Ultra Force 1: Check out this post.