Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Age of Ultron (Movie; 2015) Movie Review (Danger Spoilers)

Age of Ultron (Movie; 2015) 

Review (Danger Spoilers) 

Look I had no expectation that this movie would follow in any fashion the source material of the Age of Ultron crossover that came out in 2013, basically the only thing that the movie has in common with that comic book crossover is that Ultron and the Avengers are in both adversaries during the arc, and as usual Ultron is hell bent in destroying organic life. This movie's plot is basic, but Ok, its pretty one directional and predictable in what are Ultron's objectives, what makes this movie great is the character  development and interaction among the Avengers and with the villain, Joss  Whedon really nailed it. And  a Movie  having so many characters could have been a liability,  but all of them get there moment under the sun, this is something amazing that the director actual pulls off. And its surprising you actual feel some empathy for Ultron at the end, that's a lot to say for a CGI Character.   
This movie is what I call a BRICK movie it filmed all over the world but there are specific references to the BRICK counties, be it in locations, battle in South Africa and in China or having a relevant Chinese Character Doctor Chang part of the avengers backup team or having 2 eastern Europeans that speak like Russians  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  

Heroes: Captain America, Iron man, Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Thor, War Machine, Vision, Falcon and Hawkeye

Antagonist: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Villains: Ultron, Hydra, Baron Von Strucker, Thanos, Klaw

Sporting Cast: Maria Hill, Peggy Carter

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Hulk, Tony and Hawkeye leave the team this leaves room for a new team
·         The Return of Shield
·         Set the bases for the Civil war, Black Panther, The Infinity War…. 

The Bad:
·         Ultron’s evolution in the movie is too rushed at moments.
The Way Ulton recruiters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch shows some slopppy writing, but on the DVD extras this is fixed.
·         The Return of Shield is too rushed, it was dismantled in Cap’s Winter Soldier movie, I know that in the Agents of Shield, the organization had recuperated but it’s too fast to bring back the helicarrier. 
There isn't a Ultron/Pym dinamic with Ultron and Tony, just very little, its what make Ultron interesting, his daddy issues. 
Product placement, I hate when they do that. 
X-Men's Quicksilver from Days of the Future Past is much better than the Age of Ultron Quicksilver

The Good:
·         Crazy level of action without sacrificing from the plot, even better than in the first movie.
·         They were able to pull it off with Vision; I really liked how they manage to integrate the character in the Movie.
·         Hawkeye with a family was great, he probably the character that is the most developed in the movie. This version of Hawkeye belongs more to the Ultimate Universe, I hope they don’t get all killed in the future.
·         Cap’s Costume is much better, doesn’t look like a power ranger like in the first movie.  
·         War Machine is back.
·         New Avengers team at the end has tons of potential.
I really enjoyed Ultron personalty it does compensate a little for lack for a really interesting motive to destroy the world.
We learn more about the Infinity Stone/Gem  and on the DVD there is much more info on the subject.

Rating: 7 out of 10