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2000’s Revolution era X-Titles up to House of M: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and Excaliber

2000’s Revolution era  X-Titles Summaries up to House of M

Magneto: Dark Seduction

Magneto is the sovereign leader of Genosha, and now he’s out to stomp out the last vestiges of rebellion from the Magistrates.

Heroes: ¿Magneto?, Polaris, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Scanner

Antagonist: Avengers

Villains: Fabian Cortez, Senyaka, Magistrates, Barnacle, Rem-Ram, Spoor, Amelia Voght

Sporting Cast: Dr. Alda Huxley

Issue Summary:
·         1 Magneto trying to end the civil Stryfe in his country, adding to the chaos a group of renegade Acolytes start causing trouble.
·         2 What in Carrion Cove that the rebels don’t want Magneto to find, things start to spiral out of control.
·         3 The Avengers arrive to settle the situation Magneto just throws a city on top of the heroes to keep them busy. Mags discovers a machine in Carrion Cove that the geneginer program used on the mutates, he plan to use it to increase his powers.
·         4 Magneto and Polaris clash over the machine. Mags super powered up kick the Avenger out of Genosha

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Inevitable confrontation with the X-men down the line.
·         Death of Fabian Cortez.
·         Magneto no longer needs Cortez for power boosts.
The Good:
·         Avengers Vs. Magneto, priceless.
·         There is a very fun reference to socialism in the comic and how it’s evil which is pretty fun and obtuse.

Rating: 8

X-men 103: 
Wolvy battles Rogue over who will lead the X-men, with Rogue as the victor. 

X-Men Annual 2000: Stryfe is back.   

New X-Men 114: The introduction of a new Villain Cassandra Nova.
New X-Men 115: Wolvy and Scott discover a Master Mold in the jungle that has been producing wild Sentinels, end meet Cassandra Nova.

Lasting Effects:
·         Cassandra Nova's mega Sentinel destroys Genosha killing almost every Mutant on the Island.
·         We see a New Cyclops born in this series, slowly he will become more of a bad ass.

New X-Men 116: Cyclops and Wolvy take the captured Cassandra Nova back to the Mansion, where she escape and attacks the X-men, and seemingly Xavier kills her.

Lasting Effects:
·         Introduction of secondary mutations, like Emma Frost's secondary Mutation.

X-Men Annual 2001: Team rescues Xorn from the Chineas government, we also have the introduction of John Sublime and his U-Men.

Lasting Effects:
·         Cyclops starts his affair with Emma Frost in this issue.

New X-Men 117: Beast discovers that Cassandra Nova has possessed Xavier's body and Xavier  mind is trapped in her broken body, Nova take him down so he doesn't tell the X-Men.

New X-Men 118: X-Men Confront John Sublime and his U-Men.

New X-Men 119-120: X-men confront the U-men, and we learn that the X-men were played by NOva, and switched bodies with Xavier.

New X-Men 121: Origin of Casandra Nova, that is Xavier's evil twin, who he battled in his mother womb and killed, but she survived as a being of pure energy.

New X-Men 122: Cassandra Nova take over the Shi'ar.

Lasting Effects:
·         One of the members of the Imperial Guard, a Smasher, end up die from landing from outer space and landing in a farm, leading to a young girl taking up the Smasher mantel joining much later the Avengers.

New X-Men 123-124: Nova that has taken control of the Imperial Guard and uses them to attack the X-men. 

New X-Men: 125: Xorn and Cyclops try to save the Shi 'ar from Casandra Nova but are to late.

New X-Men 126: X-Men defeat Cassandra Nova and save Xavier.

Lasting Effects:
·         Xavier can walk again.

New X-Men 127: Xorn solo issue.

New X-Men 128: The Introduction of Phantomex

New X-Men 132: The X-Men find Polaris  in Genosha's ruble and the team discovers Magneto's will.  

New X-Men 133: Wolvy meets Phantomex and we have the introduction of the young Muslim mutant Dust. Warpath and Feral save Xavier's life from Lilandra that has gone crazy because what happened with Cassandra Nova

Lasting effects:
·         We discover that Warpath didn't die at the of the X-Force.
·         It the official that Xavier and Lilandra end their relationship.

New X-Men 138: Fallout from Quentin Quire revolt.

Lasting Effects:
·         Jean Grey discovers that Cyclops in being unfaithful with her with Emma Frost.

New X-men 142: Wolvy and Cyclops Join forces with Fantomex.

New X-Men 146: Xorn reveals that he's ¿Magneto?, and he takes Xavier down, like most of the X-Men.

The Bad: This story line that Xorn was Magneto was a big mess, because he dies at the end of the arc and reappears alive in Excalibur a month later.

New X-Men 147: Magneto/Xorn high on MGH takes over New York city.

Uncanny X-Men 403: The X-Men discover that Banshee is heading the Corporation X.

Uncanny X-men 421: Juggernaut joins the X-men. 

Uncanny X-Men 426: Polaris goes crazy because Havok calls off the Wedding.

Rating: 6

Uncanny X-Men 448: X-men are up against Viper that has trapped the team in Murder World.

Rating: 6

X-Men 163-164: Exodus and his Brother Hood attack the X-Mansion

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Last time we see Black Tom as a Plant Monster.
·         Nocturne and Juggernaut join Excalibur after M day.
·         Xorn is gone for good. 

Uncanny X-Men 451: X-Men meet X-23.
Rating: 8

Uncanny X-Men 453: Thing are changing in the Hellfire Club.
Rating: 6

A new a very interesting villains is born in this arc that knows one of Xavier's darkest secrets.
Heroes: X-Men, Fantastic Four (FF), Blind Fold, Armor  and other young Mutants
Antagonist:  Giant Monster
Villains: Danger, Ord  and Sentinels

Sporting Cast:  Agent Brand and Sword

Issue Summary:
·         Astonishing X-Men 7: X-Men team up with the FF to battle, what seems to be one of Mole man's  giant  subterranean monsters, while a young  mutant  that has been depowered by the mutant cure (from the previous story arc in Astonishing X-Men) seems to have committed suicide in the Danger Room, or¿ was he forced?.
·         Astonishing X-Men 8: A old Sentinel from one of the X-men Previous battles  (probably from an old battle with the Hellfire Club back in the 80's ) and attacks  the X-Mansion drawing the X-men out while the young Mutants hide in the Danger Room, but it's a trap.
·         Astonishing X-Men 9:  X-Men discover that the Young Mutants are trapped in the Danger Room, and that the Room has come to life and it's pist off about something.
·         Astonishing X-Men 10: Danger is born, she  single handedly take out the X-men, and she heads to Genosha to kill Xavier.
·         Astonishing X-Men 11: Xavier battles Danger.
·         Astonishing X-Men 12: X-men arrive to help Xavier, so Danger activates the super Sentinel that destroyed Genosha to kill them, Kitty stops the Sentinel and Danger flees the battle field with a cruel revelation of Xavier's past.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Introduction of Danger as a new and pretty interesting new X character.
·         We discover that Xavier knew of Dangers birth while creating the Danger room but he seeked out to eliminate her.
·         What did Emma Frost talk about with the members of the Hellfire club?

The Bad:

The Good:
·         We have more  character evolution for Xavier and how he has done some messed up stuff.
·         It's cool to see Xavier actually in a physical battle.
·         Great story lots of action.

Rating: 9

Excalibur 1-4
Xavier heads to Genosha to bury Magneto that has been killed in his final battle with the X-men. After battling some renegade Mutants Xavier meets up with Magneto and together they have decided to rebuild Genosha from its ashes.

Heroes: Xavier, Magneto, Freakshow, Wicked, Shola, Karima/Omega Sentinel, Calisto
Antagonist: Onus and friends

Villains: Magistrates

Issue Summary:
·         1 Xavier arrives to Genosha and after a brief confrontation with Onus; Professor X meets up with Magneto.
·         2 Calisto arrives to become Xavier’s bodyguard.
·         3 Xavier has visions of a grave danger the Omega Sentinel.
·         4 Xavier and his team set out to retrieve Omega Sentinel, battling the Magistrates, Mags and Professor X are able to reprogram Karima. Karima and Shola join Xavier’s team.   

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Magneto is alive¿?¿?

The Bad:
·         WTF how the hell is Magneto alive and well in Genosha, there has never been a definitive explanation to how this happened. Xorn actual seemed to impersonate Magneto and it seems to appear he also had a brother, where two Xorns.
·         Why the hell is this title called Excalibur?

The Good:
·         Tons of new and interesting characters.

Rating: 7

Excaliber 5-7
A new villains Stripemine and Appraiser attack  and destroy a series of X Corp bases and now go after Xavier’s team in Genosha, to enslave and make whatever prophet that he can out of the island.

Heroes: Xavier’s team

Villains: Dark Beast, Stripemine, Appraiser, Onus and Trolls

Sporting Cast: Firebird/Neal Shaara, Lifeguard

Issue Summary:
·         Stripemine and Appraiser attack Xavier and his friends and captures them.
·         Dark Beast drops in and Joins Stripemine
·         Xavier team is finally able to defeat Dark Beast and Stripemine.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The return of Dark Beast
·         We discover that Magneto had met sinister when he was young in a concentration camp.

The Bad:
Stripemine and company never appear again in any comic book. 

The Good:
·         More Character development of each team member, like Shola’s nightmares, he relives the Genoshan Genocide each time he fall asleep.

Rating: 7

Excalibur 8: Magneto becomes aware of what happened with the Scarlet Witch, that she has gone crazy attacking the Avengers. He goes to rescue his daughter.
Rating: 7

Excalibur 9: Dark Beast escapes prison but only to find something terrible in Genosha’s sewers.
Rating: 7
Excalibur 10: Sugar man the evil mutant from the age of Apocalypse the one behind all of the atrocities of Genosha, attacks Omega Sentinel and Calisto and they bairly make it out alive.    
Rating: 8

Excalibur 11-13: Viper and her force attacks a tiny African nation, Excalibur come to the rescue, guest starring Angel and Page. 

Excalibur 14: Prologue to the House of M, guest starring Doc Strange.