Monday, May 18, 2015

70's Marvel Solo Heroes and Avengers

70's era solo Marvel Heroes 

Incredible Hulk 221: Hulk has a run in with Stingray.

Incredible Hulk 222: Hulk battles a evil cave monster, fill in Issue.

Incredible Hulk 223-225: Gamma base has been taken over by the Leader, but Hulk as usual kicks his butt teaming up with doc Samson

Lasting Repercussions:
·         The Leader is back and gone again

Incredible Hulk 226: Fill in issue, Hulk has some therapy with doc Samson.

Incredible Hulk Annual 7: Hulk teams up with Iceman and Angel against Master Mold.


Power Man and Iron Fist 50: Iron Fist and Luke Cage have formally become a team, and they are celebrating that Cage has finally cleaned his name he has been absolved of  crime that he didn't commit, when they are attack by Stiletto and Disco who want vengeance on Power Man, but the heroes are able to defeat the villains.

Power Man and Iron First 51-53: Gangster androids are attacking Cage's and Iron Fist's part of town, and to their surprise the one behind the attacks is a Woman called Nightshade, who they are able to stop.

Fantastic Four 192: Since the FF has disbanded the Human Torch tries to become a professional racer, when the Texas Tornado comes knocking with a old grunge he wants to set straight.

Fantastic Four 193: Darkoth tries to sabotage Things experimental space flight, while Invisible Woman goes to Hollywood with Impossible Man tagging along.

Fantastic Four 194: Thing battles Diablo, the one behind Darkoth's attack on his mission.

Fantastic Four 195: Namor visits Invisible Woman, tiered of the life of being King but Atlantis comes knocking.

Fantastic Four 196: Reed is have a terrible time dealing with the fact that he has lost his powers, and a new Villain attacks what's left of the FF, but it turns out to be a brain washed Reed, and Doom is behind this.

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Fantastic Four 197: Reed is sent into space by Doom to get his powers back, while the rest of the FF is imprisoned by Doom, but while in space a stowaway makes himself present trying to kill Mr. Fantastic, the Red Ghost.

Fantastic Four 198: Reed arrive to Latveria to rescue his team mates and joins a group of rebels, but Doom capture Mr. Fantastic anyways.

Fantastic Four 199: Doom presents the world his son and the true heir to the Thrown of Laveria, trying to give him the stolen powers of the FF members completely deforming him, making him turn on his father.

Fantastic Four 200: We discover that it was a clone of Doom, not his son, that he has killed, Victor proceeds any ways with his plan to take over the world but is stopped by Reed.

Lasting Effects:
·         Doom isn't the ruler of Latveria for a time.

Marvel Spotlight on Captain Marvel 1-2: Thanos has programmed Isaac Titan's world computer to kill all life on the Moon as a scorch the Earth plan, and after a long battle Cap Marvel stops the evil computer by giving it a peak of his cosmic conscience.