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2000's X-Titles post House of M: Son of M, X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force fixed

I'm not digging the M-Day aftermath, the first arks of this era sucked like hell.
Decimation House of M
We can observe the fallout from the house of M, how Scarlet Witches actions alter every mutant title. Mutants start flocking to the X-mansion seeking refugee under the protection from the X-men, ONE and their ¿Sentinels?
Heroes: Bishop, X-men, X-Factor, Pete Wisdom, Sage, Erg, Mamomax, Peppers, Jubalee
Antagonist: ONE Sentinels

Sporting Cast: Trish Tilby

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Depowered: Blob, Thorn, Dani Moonstar, Calisto, Feral, Jubalee, Quiksilver
·         X-Corp no more.
·         The enforcement of the ONE initiative.
·         X-mansion Under Sentinel surveillance and Protection.
·         Birth of X-Factor
·         Reactivation of Excalibur.

Rating: 7 

X-Men 177: ONE has arrived and the X-Men are not happy.

Quicky becomes more of a A-hole than normal, bringing the Inhumans a ton of Grief
Son of M
Quicksilver in an attack of desperation to recuperate his powers he steals Terrigen Crystals from the Inhumans, and basically this will make thing miserable for the Inhumans leading them into a war against the US government.   
Heroes: ¿Quicksilver?, Spider-man, Inhumans, Genoshan Mutants of Excalibur.

Villains: Videmus, ONE

Sporting Cast: Magneto, Fantastic Four

Issue Summary:
·         1 After being confronted by Spider-man over the events of the house of M Quicksilver tries to commit suicide, Crystal appears at the right moment and save her husband’s life, taking him to Atitlan.
·         2 Quicksilver against the wishes of Blackbolt, exposes himself to the Terrigen Mist, gaining new time traveling powers.
·         3 Quicksilver needs to have more contact with the crystals to maintain his power so he steals them most of them and takes them to Earth.
·         4 Quicksilver arrives to Genosha to start to repower the Genoshan mutants, but the Terrigen mist back fires on most of the mutants, setting their powers crazy.
·         5/6 Inhumans arrive to Genosha clashing with Genoshan mutants and with ONE, Quicksilver gets away, losing the crystal to ONE.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Quicksilver’s addiction to the terrigen crystals, will convert him in to an interesting villain, something like a crack addict that is also a dealer. Confronting him against X-Factor.
·         Us Government keeps the Terrigen Crystal setting the stage for the silent war.  
·         Quicksilver has a new power set time travel.
·         Reaper regains his powers.
·         Death of Onus.
·         Luna is also exposed to the Mist and gains empathic and metal powers.

Introduction of the Villain Johnny Dee

The Good:
·         Videmus sort of sets Quicksilver up to steal the Terrigen Crystals, to create a crises Inhuman society and make them grow as a people.
Rating:  9


Resultado de imagen para new excaliburNew Excalibur 1-3:  A New Excalibur is formed  to stop a attack of  Evil X-Men from another dimension.

New Excalibur 4-5: War Wolves are back, while Lion Heart is out to clobber Captain Britain under the orders of  Albion.

New Excalibur 6-7: Black Tom is back, and normal not a wood person.

New Excalibur 8: Dark Xavier is actually the Shadow King that ports Psylocke to another dimension.

New Excalibur 9:  It's discovered that Chamber is a descendent of Apocalypse, and becomes a vessel to become Apocalypse.  

X-Men 198 1-5

I hated the Idea  of the 198, ¿why Marvel?
The few mutants that have remained after M-day have been put in a concentration camp outside of the X-mansion, and tensions start to boil when a new mutant called Johnny Dee uses his powers to produce friction among the 198 and ONE.

Heroes: Magma, Toad, X-Men, Empath, Mammomax, Erg, Peepers, Karma, Fever Pitch, Outlaw, Mr. M, Leach, Lorelei, Bishop, Sack,  Jazz,  Diamond Lil, Beautiful Dreamer, Archlight, Scalphunter… 

Antagonist: ONE, and Sentinels

Villains: Johnny Dee and General Lazer.
Sporting Cast: Val Copper

Issue Summary:
·         1 Mr. M arrives to the 198 mutant concentration camp at the X Mansion, and get everyone jumpy because he’s an omega level mutant.
·         2 Tension starts to grow among the 198 when they discover they can’t leave freely.
·         3 ONE puts tracecers on the 198 so they can leave the base, but Johnny Dee use his powers to kill Jazz who is out side of the base, all mutants are confined to the camp thanks to this.
·         4 the 198 rebel and leave the base under the orders of Mr. M
·         5 X-men battle the 198, Johnny Dee is manipulating the situation to escalate things between mutants ending with Mr. M’s death.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Death of Mr. M
·         Johnny is under the orders of General Lazer of ONE
This story arc was cool, because it would push Rachel into Space and into the Star Jammers for a time during the War of Kings Arc.

Rating: 6 

Uncanny X-Men 468: Shi’ar set out to destroy the Jean Grey Blood line, with a new Phoenix kill crew, so the Phoenix won’t have host from that family. 
Rating: 10

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This issue will influence things that will happen in the War of Kings crossover and the Avengers Vs. X-Men
The Good:
·         The Shi’ar a real ass holes
·         It actually a really sad issue, a story well told.

X-Men 181: Lorena is kidnapped by Apocalypse.

Rating: 5

Now if the Phoenix is trapped in the Cuckoos after this story, ¿Why didn't the play any role in AvX?
Phoenix War Song

The Phoenix is back,  but ¿What's is its relationship with John Sublime and Weapons Plus?

Heroes:  X-Men, Shield
Antagonist:  The World, Phoenix Force,  the Cuckoos
Villains: John Sublime , Weapon Plus

Supporting Cast: ONE

Issue Summary 1-5: 
·          The Stepford Cuckoos  just try to fly away from the X-Mansion, but are trapped by the ONE Sentinels,  it seems to be related to the Phoenix force, when one of the twins attacks Logan, and the other two that where dead twin  back from the grave, and the Twins escape again arriving to the World the Weapon Plus facility meeting with John Sublime.
·         The Cuckoos seem to be a few of thousands of clones, they are experiments to Weapon Plus and they are clones of Emma Frost, the X-Men arrive battling the evil Cuckoos machine.
·         The Cuckoos are a trap to snare Phoenix force.
·         The X-men and the main Cuckoos with the power of the Phoenix force destroy Weapon XIV
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·   We discover that the Cuckoos are Weapon XIV   

The Bad:
·         The Phoenix Force is trapped in the Cuckoos, it isn't mention in AVX.

The Good:
·         This arc sort of breaks Emma Frost

They totally screwed up the return of my favorite villain Apocalypse
Blood of Apocalypse and Riddles of the Sphinx
Apocalypse is back and he’s ready to set loose a mega plague that will wipe out most of humanity, only the strong will survive, but Apocalypse will spare the few mutants left with a cure made with his blood, but the X-men will not sit around and let this happen

Heroes: X-Men, 198, One, New Mutants, New Avengers
Antagonist: 198

Villains: Apocalypse, Famine/Sunfire, War/Gazer, Death/Gambit, Plague/Polaris

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         X-Men 184: X-Men defeat Famine, Apocalypse makes his offer to the X-men and the 198, and the X-men confront Apocalypse to discover that Death is Gambit.
·         X-Men 185:  X-Men battle Death, in the battle the cure is destroyed.
·         X-Men 186: X-Men battle Apocalypse and defeat him nice quick.
·         X-Men 187: Gambit and Sunfire go rogue going Mr. Sinister.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         After this Crossover Polaris immidiatly get her powers back with no after effects of been Plague.
·         Sunfire and Gambit join Mr. Sinister.
·         Apocalypse is saved by the Celestials.

The Bad:
·         War is killed really stupidly, for god sake he’s War just getting stabbed can kill the guy, you got to have a more dramatic death.
·         Plague/Polaris, virtually does nothing and is defeated, without being shown by the Avenger, WTF.
·         Choppy storytelling, everything is super rushed in the last issue Havok blast Apoc. Once and he has him on the run
The Good: 
Fun with Apocalypse
Rating: 6

Rise and fall of the Shi’ar Empire
Finally a kick ass arc, I love X-Men in space stories.
Cyclops and Havok’s evil brother Vulcan heads out to space hell bent in make the Shi’ar pay for ruining his life.
Heroes: X-men, Star Jammer, Korvus
Villains: Vulcan, Deathbird, D’ken, Shi’ar, Skrulls; Imperial Guard.

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-men UX 476: Havok assembles new team of X-men to head out to space and stop his evil brother Vulcan.
·         UX 477:  Retells Vulcan’s origin, Vulcan attacks the first Shi’ar that he crosses paths with and take over a war bird.
·         UX 478: X-men make a quick stop at a space station, and have a run in with a group of War Skrulls refugees ( actually they are running from Anihilus’s annihilation wave).
·         UX 479:  Korvus is sent to take down the X-men and kill Phoenix, but with help of Phoenix he changes sides and join the X-men’s crusade.
·         UX 480: Vulcan battles the Imperial Guard and is defeated; in prison Vulcan is released by a rebel faction that wants to spring Deathbird out of prison.
·         UX 483:   Vulcan joins force with Deathbird to rescue comatose D’Ken. Vulcan uses his power to reawaken D’Ken.
·         UX 484: X-Men and Star Jammer liberate Lilandra uncle a power hungry general, to stop the rebellion in the Shi’ar Empire over the return of D’Ken
·         UX 485:  X-men and Star Jammers attack Vulcan’s wedding, which at the end they were going to kill Xavier as part of the celebration, Vulcan makes his move kill D’Ken and becomes the emperor.
·         UX 486: X-Men fight Vulcan to a standstill, Lilandra sends Xavier and a couple of X-men home on a ship to keep them safe, the rest that stay behind join the Star Jammers.  

This arc got me hooked on X-Men Again, Havok is my favorit X Leader
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Vulcan becomes the new Shi’ar Emperor
·         Vulcan will end up going to war with the Kree.
·         Death of Corsair 
·         Death of D’Ken
·         We discover that the Shi’ar are pretty messed up, they are not your friendly bird aliens.
·         Havok become the leader of the Star Jammers, Polaris and Rachel Summers also join the team.
·         We discover the existence of the Rook’Shir, the first Shi’ar host of the Phoenix, which Korvus is the last descendent.   
·         Hephzibah joins the X-Men
·         Vulcan gets married to Deathbird

The Bad: 
¿Polaris has her power? Apoc. fixed her Why didn't do the same to the rest of the mutants?
The Good:
·         Warpath makes a cool replacement for Wolverine.
·         The crossover changes the cosmic status quo

Rating:  9

X-men Annual 2007

Exodus in a desperate attempted to locate mutants or if any have been born he attacks with his Acolytes, a Shield helicarrier, use their technology to create his own cerebro.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Exodus discovers no new mutants have been born.
·         Exodus and his Acolytes join force with Sinister at the end of the issue.
·         Northstar is a hero again.

Rating: 7

Great Stand alone story.
X-Factor 15: Madrox defeats single handedly a Hydra cell.

Rating: 8     

Resultado de imagen para Infernus marvel
Nice and short story that brings Magik back to the X-men
Magik wants to regain her rightful place in Limbo and literally will stop at nothing to do it even if it put her at odds with the X-Men.

Heroes: X-Men, Magik, New Mutants (note the early 2000's teams), Pixie

Villains: Witchfire, Elder gods, Demons

Sporting Cast:Dormammu, Hela, Mephisto, Blackheart, Satanish, Sym  

Issue Summary:
·         1-2: Magik is back and battles the X-men to regain the Soul Sword to recuperate her humanity and start her war to recuperate her thrown in Limbo, X-Men head to this hell dimension  so Colossus can recuperate his sister.
·         3: Magik battles Witchfire that has taken over Limbo, and gets defeated. Later Witchfire  converts the X-men into her  mindless demon slaves, but Nightcrawler escapes.
·         4: Nightcrawler is able to free his friends with the use of the soul sword and Pixie's soul dagger  and they stop Witchfire and the Elder gods that had been freed.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Magik get her soul sword back.
·         Magik becomes human again.

The Good:
·         Cool to see Witchfire back, she's a old school Alpha Flight Character.
·         Loved to see how Colossus treats Cyclops like garbage because he had abandoned Havok in Space.
·         Great to see that some remembered that Nightcrawler had the Soul Sword inside of him, he had that thing in him since the early 90's in Excalibur.

X-Factor 18-19
Series finally get some well needed action.
Quicksilver has offered all of the ex-mutants of Mutant town, the return of their powers with the help of the crystals that he has stole from the Inhumans, and X-Factor isn’t too happy about that because there are some major side effects in his use of the terrigen crystals, is death. So Quiky has recruited some minions as muscle for him to do his curing.   
Heroes: X-Factor
Antagonist: Quicksilver, Marrow, Fatale, Reaper, Abyss,  Calisto, depowered Blob

Sporting Cast: Layla Miller

Issue Summary:
·         18 Layla knows Quicksilver is up to something, she puts things into motion putting members of X-Factor in particular places out in the streets to foil his plans.
·         19 X-Factor starts clashing Quicksilver minions, Reaper kidnaps Rictor.
·         Quicksilver tries to convince Rictor to regain his powers and help his cause, but Rictor uses his returned powers to expel the crystals from Quickys body.    
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Quicksilver looses the Crystals

The Good:
·         Pretty good arc, pretty entertaining.
·         It’s cool to see some C-list Characters back.
Rating: 9

Messiah Complex
Finally a well written X crossover that kicks ass, it been a looooong time since we get one of these.
The first mutant baby is born and every faction, good and bad, of the X-men’s side of the Marvel universe is out to get there hand on the child.

Heroes: X-Men, Cable, New Mutants, X-Force, X-Factor, Forge
Antagonist: Bishop

Villains: Mr. Sinister, Marauders, Sentinels, Predator X, the Purifiers, Acolytes, Lady Death Strike

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Messiah Complex: The First mutant is born in Alaska; by the time the X-Men arrive the town has almost been destroyed with dead Marauders and Purifiers all over the place, and the baby is gone.
·         Uncanny X-Men 492:  X-Men in their hunt for the baby cross paths with the Acolytes. X-Factor joins in the crusade. Rictor will be used to infiltrate the Purifiers.
·         X-Factor 25: Forge sends two Madrox’s duplicates to two different time lines and Layla hitches a ride with one.  
X-Men 202: X-Men and new mutants battle Exodus and his crew, trying to stop him from getting his hand on Destiny’s dairies. 
·         X-Men 205: X-Men battle Mr. Sinister and his Marauders, while the New Mutants battle Lady Death Strike and her forces. But no one has the baby.
The sad thing is I don't have all the issue, and a TPB has never come out here in Argentina.
·         Uncanny X-Men 493: Virus infects the ONE sentinels and they attack the X Mansion. It’s revealed that Cable is back and he has the baby.
·         X-Men 206: Bishops betrays the X-Men and also tries to kill Cable.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of the New X-Force
·         Death of Caliban
·         Bishop goes bad
·         Xavier shot in the Head
·         The end of ONE
·         Layla will be stranded in the Future and she will participate in the Summer’s revolution
·         One of Madrox’s duplicate will also be lost in the future becoming Cortex.
·         Cable travels thought time to protect the baby from bishop.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         A ton of plot line close with this ark and a whole bunch start here.  
·         Conflict between Cyclops and Xavier is very interesting, Cyclops come out as the true leader.

Rating: 10

Series that center around Xavier, at moments it's pretty good.
X-Men: Legacy 213-214
Sin of the Father
Sinister experimented on Xavier as a Child and left a back door in his mind to take position of his body in case of his death. Gambit rushes to save his former mentor.

Heroes: Xavier, Gambit, Sebastian Shaw

Villains: Mr. Sinister and Black Womb

Sporting Cast: Hellfire Club

Issue Summary:
·         213-214 Sinister created back door in the minds of various hosts like Xavier and Sebastian Shaw (sons of old investigating associates of his) that just in case of death he would posses one these bodies. So the Black Womb an older associate of Sinister, try to kill off these possible hosts leaving her as the only option.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Black Womb becomes Lady Sinister

The Good:
·         We discover that Xavier, Cain Marko and Sebastian Shaw, fathers had done genetic investigation with Mr. Sinister.
·         Xavier battles Sinister in the Astral Plan
·         Shaw knows about Sinister meddling a created a machine to stop the Sinister position.
Rating:  8

X-men Legacy 215-216: Xavier reconnects with Cyclops and discover more about his past and how much of bad mentor he was.

Rating: 6

X-Factor 32: Aftermath of Arcades attack on Mutant Town.
 Rating 6

X-Mem Legacy 217 and 218: Original Sin check out this post.

X-Factor The Quick and the Dead: Quicksilver Regains his powers with no mention in how this happened. And he decides he wants to be a hero again WTF.  
Rating: 1

X-Factor Layla Miller
Team claws jajaja Wolvy's kill squad.
Layla is trapped in the Future, but is able to escape a mutant concentration camp and joins forces with the future Cyclops in the Summer’s revolution. 

Rating: 9

X-Force 7: The Vanisher is back 
Rating: 6 

 X-Factor 33-34: Secret Invasion  check out this post to see what happens in this crossover.

X-Factor 33,34/She Hulk 31:  X-Factor and She Hulk start battling because of an infiltrated Skrull that is posing as Longshot

Rating: 5

X-Force 9-10:

X-Force: X-Force battle Cameron Hodge’s men to retrieve the last sample of the Legacy Virus, while Warpath and Ghost Rider battle the Demon Bear, after defeating the entity Proudstar finds a mysterious dagger that was stabbed in the Bear’s neck.
And  even Though X-Force stops Hodges men they get their hand on another hidden sample of the virus.
Wolfsbane meets up with Hrimhari the asgardian wolf prince. 
Rating: 7

X-Force 11: 

Eli Bard seems to be the one responsible for the Demon Bear attack; in this issue we discover his origin and his relationship with Black Queen/Selene. 
Rating: 7 

This arc got me hooked on this X-Factor, which set me on the path to get all the backed issues possible, which sadly I lost many of them because of a freak storm that hit my city.
X-Factor 41-43,46-50
Jamie has been transported to the Future to help the Summers Resistance in the Future and finally win the war and end the oppression against all mutants. 
Heroes: X-Factor, Cyclops (old), Ruby, Trevor Fitzroy,

Villains:  Sentinels, Cortex, Anthony Falcone, Mr Tryp, and Doom (super old)

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         41 Layla take Jamie to the future help the Summer revolution
·         42 Multiple Man and crew battle a couple of sentinels. Anthony Falcone is the head scientist for the US government, and he’s out to stamp out the mutant revolt.
·         43Anthony sends Cortex to the past to kill key people that would affect the outcome of the revolution. Plus the return of Shatterstar.
·         46 Cortex’s minions trying to kill certain people to alter the future.
·         47 X-Factor battling Cortex, the team discovers that it’s one of Jamie’s duplicates, one of the ones that one sent to the future by forge during the Messiah Complex story arc.
·         48 Anthony Falcone the anti-mutant politician that’s trying to stop the rebellion, has a relationship with Mr. Tyrp atemporal X-Factor adversary.
·         49 Doom betrays the Rebellion, that who he was helping, (actually he screws every one over) and does his take over the world thing and reveals to be the one really controlling Cortex.
·         50 Madrox and crew defeat Cortex and company, but at terrible cost, the birth of the Evil Fitzroy.    

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Shatterstar joins the team; he’s got new Teleportation powers.
·         Fitzroy, is actually killed in battle Layla bring him back from the dead but with no soul, paving the way for the Evil Fitzroy.
·         It’s discovered that Layla true power are to bring living creatures back from the dead. 

The Bad:

The Good:
·         We discover how Layla “knows stuff”, it was implanted in her brain by her future self.
Rating:  9

Suicide Leper/Not Forgotten
man the action never stops in this title
Bastion starts his campaign into start making everything miserable for every mutant on the planet.
Heroes: X-Force, X-Men, Hellion, Bum Bum and Noriko
Antagonist: Caliban

Villains: Leper Queen, Bastion, Gaydon Creed, Frost Giants, Eli Bard, Wither, HAMMER and Kimura

Sporting Cast: Hrimhari

Issue Summary:
·         X-Force 12:  Bastion uses the Legacy virus to convert mutants into bombs to comet terrorist attacks, to shift the public opinion against mutants. In the First attack Bastion uses the Morlock Beautiful Dreamer with Leper Queen overseeing the operation.
·         X-Force 13: In a second attack Bastion uses Fever Pitch killing a ton of innocent People, X-Force tracks down Leper Queen who has kidnapped Julian Keller/Hellion, Noriko Ashida and Tabitha Smith/Bum Bum. X-Force attacks to save their X team Mates when they are teleported to the future.
·         X-Force 17: X-23 that has just come back from the Future saves Bum Bum from the Leper Queen. X-Force stops Bastion from using Hellion and Noriko as bombs. At the United Nation headquarters
·         X-Force 18: X-23 is captured by Hammer and the fallout of all that had happened.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         X-Force is ported to the Future in the middle of the ark.
·         Death of Beautiful Dreamer
·         Leper Queen is killed again.
·         X-23 is captured by Hammer
·         Doug Ramsey is brought back from the dead T-O virus

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Good Characterization of the Leper Queen, too bad the killed her again.

Rating: 8

X-Force annual 1: X-Force vs Hydra
Rating: 7

X-Men Legacy 225:
Xavier disbands the Acolytes and is imprisoned by Norman Osborne. 
Rating: 7

Utopia X
Dark Avenger/X-men crossover-Issues: 
Dark X-men the Beginning 1-3
Uncanny X-men (UXM) 513, 514
  X-men Legacy 226-227
  Dark Avengers/X-men: Exodus USA check out this post to see what happens in these issues.

The Dark Reign the List X-Men: Osborn unleashes Marrina to hunt down the atlantians, for the betrayal of Namor. Namor teams up with the X-men to defeat his ex-wife.

Repercussions and Lasting effects: Namor becomes a member of the X-men

Rating: 7 

The Sisterhood
Happy to see the return of the Goblin Queen
Madelyn Pryor is back and has formed an evil Sisterhood, and they have bone to pick with the X-Men.
Heroes: X-Men

Villains: Sisterhood ( Madelyne Pryor, Chimera, Lady Mastermind, Lady Deathstrike, Spiral, Revanche), Empath and the Hellfire Club

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Uncanny X-Men 510: The Sisterhood attacks the X-Men, training to obtain a lock of Jean Grey’s hair to be able to locate her body defeating Wolverine.
·         Uncanny X-Men 511:  The X-men trick Madelyne changing the body in Jean Grey’s tomb, X-Men defeat the Sisterhood.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Return of Pyslocke to the X-Men

The Bad:
The Good:
·         White Queen and the Phoenix force
Rating: 9

Marvel F's up another return of Apocalyse
Messiah War
X-Force is teleported to the Future to find Cable and Hope to bring them back, and it’s just their luck that jump to the time where Stryfe Reigned Supreme. 

Heroes: X-Force, Cable and Deadpool
Antagonist: Apocalypse

Villains: Stryfe and Bishop.

Sporting Cast: Hope

Issue Summary:
·         Messiah War one-shot: Issue tells all the atrocities Bishop has done to kill Hope, plus Lucas strikes a deal with Stryfe to help him take out Cable and finally kill the girl.
·         Cable 13:  X-Force and Cable cross paths with a really old and crazy Deadpool from the future.
·         X-Force 14: Heroes battle Stryfe’s forces, while Bishop helps Stryfe defeat Apocalypse. Stryfe battles X-Force and kidnappes Hope.
·         Cable 14: Bishop tries to kill Hope but is stopped by Stryfe, who wants to find out why this girl is so important to Cable.
·         X-Force 15-16 Cable 15: Round 2 X-Force vs. Stryfe, Apocalypse helps the heroes defeat Stryfe and save Hope.

The Bad:
·         The Art between the issues just varies too much and too many visual inconsistencies between issues.
The Good:
·         Apocalypse and Stryfe are back.

Rating: 7

Uncanny X-men 516-517: Lobe and his crew send Scalp Hunter to pilot a plain full Predator Xs to Utopia, X-Men defeat the Predators.
The Good: Xavier objects the fact that Magnet has arrived to Utopia and Cyclops put him in his place showing him who is in charge.
Rating: 9

X-Factor: Nation X one Shot: X-Factor visits Cyclops’s Nation X/Utopia, Scott ask the team to join them but they Multiple Man decides to keep his team away from Utopia.  
Rating 8

Interesting and different story, Emplate brings a lot to the table, making things interesting.
Devil at the Crossroads

Emplate is back and he’s hungry

Heroes:  X-Men 

Antagonist: Other dimensional monsters.

Villains: Emplate and D.O.A

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         X-Men Legacy Annual 1: Emplate Attacks the X-Men looking for food, capturing Bling.
·         X-Men 28-29: Rogue finds Emplate inter dimensional hideout, and makes it appear over Utopia so the X-men can defeat Emplate and recue Bling.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We discover Gambits death persona is alive and well

The Good:
·         Bringing Emplate back he’s an interesting villain.
Rating: 8

Uncanny X-men 519: White Queen locks the Void deep in Cyclops's mind, stoping it from taking over his body.
Rating: 7

Uncanny X-men 520-521: Wolverine and his task force defeat Lobe, with the help of Fantomex.

Happy to see a ton of C-list mutants back
X Necrosha
Selene/Black Queen has used magic and the techno organic virus that Eli Bard has given her to create an army of undead techno organic magic mutants to wipe the X-men of the face of the planet and become a god.
Heroes: X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, Danger and Deadpool
Mutants brought back from the dead forced to attack the X-men: Hellions, Pyro, Bezerker, Firebird, Dog Ramsey, Destiny, Feral; Stonewall, Tower, Dark Star, Hurricane, Spyne, Deadbolt, Rusty,  Banshee, Risque, Ellie Phimister, Harry Leland, Shinobi Shaw, Sienna Blaze, Skin, Synch, Fabian Cortez, Seamus Mellencamp, Harry Delgado, Maggot and Proteus

Villains: Selene, Wither, Mortis, Blink, Eli Bard, Senyaka and the Hellfire Club.

Sporting Cast: Hela, Sebastian Shaw

Issue Summary:
·         X Necrosha one shot/Gathering: Selene gathers her team of deadly mutants, Wither, Blink, Senyaka, Mortis and Eli Bard, to help her in her quest. Her first move is to take over the Hellfire Club and establishes herself in Genosha. First wave of undead mutants attack Utopia.
·         X-Force 21: Battle rages on, heroes discover that they attackers cannot be killed.

New Mutants 6-8: New Mutants battle their old arch enemies the Hellions in the battle to save Utopia.
·         X-Men Legacy: 231-233:  Selene has unleashed something terrible in Muir Island, the return of Proteus.
·         X-Force 22: Selene brings back all the mutants that have died in the Sentinel attack on Genosha.
·         X-Force annual 1: Deadpool joins the fight.
·         X-Force 23: Selene retrieves the ceremonial blade that Warpath had kept from his battle with the Demon Bear, which Eli Bard had lost battling the demon.
·         X-Force 24: X-Force heads to Genosha to stop Selene.
·         X-Force 25:  X-Force defeat Selene and her minions.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The return of Doug Ramsey and Blink.
·         The events that happen in this cross over push Bastion to act against the X-Men.
·         Hrimhari makes a packed with Hela to save Wolfsbane’s life and of her unborn child Tier, paving the way much more down the line for the Hell on Earth War.
·         Return of Worlock.
·         Diamond Lil and Onyxx are killed.
·         Selene kills Eli Bard for his insolence.
·         Wither is killed by Elixir

The Bad:
The Good:
·         Tons of cool forgotten characters.
·         Cool to see how they are using Dougs powers to the max in his return

Rating: 10

New Mutants 9: Fallout from Necrosha; and we discover that Majik is the original, that the one that died was a time displaced  younger self. Things start to rumble in limbo.

Rating: 7

New Mutants 10:  New Mutants have a spat with Savage Land mutants.  

Rating; 6

New Mutants 11:  Check out my Siege post.

Good story but getting fatigue from so many crossovers.

Second Coming
Bastion is out to kill Hope now that she’s back in the present; he wants to stop her from fulfilling her destiny.

Heroes: X-Men, X-Force, X-Club, New Mutants, X-Factor
Antagonist: Limbo Demons

Villains:  Bastion, Graydon Creed, Cameron Hodge, Bolivar Trask, Scott Lang, William Stryker, Sym and N’astirh

Sporting Cast: Other Mutants on Utopia

Issue Summary:   
Uncanny X-Men 523: Cable and Hope are back but with Bastions force hot on thier trails.

·         New Mutants 12: The mutants set out to stop Cameron Hodge, Majik trapped in limbo.
·         X-Men 235: Warlock takes vengeance on Hodge (Hodge stole the T-O virus from Worlock in X-Tintion Agenda and killed him) killing him.
·         X-Force 26:  Bastion/Nimrod kills Nightcrawler trying to capture Hope, she gets away.
·          Revelations/Hell bound 1-3: Bastion uses a special weapon that traps Magic in limbo, a special task force of X-men are sent to rescue her.   
 X-Factor 204: X-Factor get set up by Bolivar Trask, they take a bogus case from Absorbing Man to find out how his wife Titania is cheating him with, and X-Factor falls into the trap.   

Uncanny X-Men 524: fallout from Nightcrawler death. 
·         New Mutants 13: White Bishop tries to destroy Utopia.
Revelations/Blind Science: Members of X-Club are almost tricked into helping Graydon Creed, but Kavita Rao makes everything backfire on him.

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·         X-Men Legacy 236: Bastion blocks off San Francisco from the rest of the World, gearing up to kill Hope and every other mutant out there. The Avenger and the Fantastic Four tries to help but can’t get in.
·         X-Force 27: A army of Nimrods from the Future arrive to make things worse.
·         X-Force 28: Hope power awake and she destroys Bastion

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Death of Nightcrawler
·         Magic and Pixie cures Gambit of his Death persona. 
Karma Looses one of her legs.
Vanisher is killed by Scott Lang.
Hope Joins the X-Men 
Cable seemingly dies
Hellion Looses both of his arms

The Bad:

·         Hope’s power set sort of suck she copy other power plus a touch of Phoenix, she isn’t that special Mimic, Omega and Rogue can do the same thing.
The Good:
  • Bastion goes out with a bang.

Rating: 8

Uncanny X-Men 527-528: New Mutant are slowly poping up.

New Mutants 15-21
Resultado de imagen para New Mutants 15
Story closes a chapter in Magik life, so the character can move on.
The New Mutants are pulled back into Limbo to deal with a new menace that actually ties into or better  said is a repercussion of classic X crossover Inferno.

Heroes: New Mutants, X-Men, Legion

Villains: General Ulysses, Doctor Noc, Limbo Mutants/Delta Black Mutants, Witch Fire, Elder gods

Sporting Cast:  

Issue Summary:
New Mutants 15: General Ulysses attacks and kidnaps Pixie.
New Mutants 16:  We discover that the army used the inferno babies to access limbo and established a base in this hellish demission, they were trapped there for many years.
New Mutants 17:   New Mutants head to limbo to settle the unrest in the dimension and discover the havoc Ulysses has caused. The New Mutants head to confront him but get butts kicked by the inferno mutants.
New Mutants 18: Ulysses trying to tap into Pixie and Magik powers to access the Elder gods.
New Mutants 19:  Magik heads back to earth to seeking help from the X-Men battle the liberated the Elder god, but especially Legion.
New Mutants 20: Magik actually uses Legion to eliminate the Elder gods forever.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Elder gods have been eliminated by Magik.
·         Magik ends up on the X-Men Extinction Squad.
·         Pixie gets her soul back.
·         Face become Karma's side kick.

The Good:
·         Cool to see that someone remembered  the Inferno babies.

Uncanny X-Men 531:

Lobe the head of Sublime’s Corporation has unleashed a virus infecting most mutants, and forms his own super hero team very similar the original X-men. 

Resultado de imagen para uncanny X-Men 543
Best Jugy Vs X-Men ever
The Good: we discover how Evil White Queen used to be.
Rating: 7    

Uncanny X-Men 534.1: X-Men battle AIM, and Magneto save the city from a Earthquake.

Uncanny X-Men 535-538: The Breakworld come knocking to Utopia.

Uncanny X-Men 539: Crimson Commando kidnaps Hope to help him regain his powers, Wolvy save the young mutants

The Good: It cool to see someone remembered Crimson Commando.

Uncanny X-Men 540-543: X-Men battle the unstoppable Juggernaut all hoped up on Asgardian steroids, provoking out of desperation Colossus makes deal with Cytorak to become his new Avatar to stop Cain Marko.

The Good: Colossus Juggernaut kicks ass   

Uncanny X-Men 544: End of a era for the X-Men, all of the original X-Men no longer stand with Cyclops,  while Sinister is gearing up for his come back.