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Clasic 60's Marvel Issue Sumarries Spider-man, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Avengers

Amazing Fantasy 15: Young Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, and is converted in to Spider-man, but before trying to become a hero, he tried to be famous  and make a quick buck, but  after not stopping a crime that leads to the assassination of his Uncle Ben, so Pete decides to become a hero to amend for his mistake. 

The Avengers 1: Loki tries to pit the Marvel Mightiest heroes (who will become the Avengers) against the Hulk who has been framed for a crime that he didn't commit, but the heroes discover that they have been tricked and take down the god of Mischief.

Tales of Suspense featuring the Power of Iron Man  57: Hawkeye debuts as a hero but is mistaken by the police as a bugler, Black Widow takes him in and convinces him to take on Iron Man. 

Untold Tales of Spider-man 17: We learn that Spidy clashes with Hawkeye when he steal medication for Black Widow to heal her wounds after his battle with Iron man.

Strange Tales 110: Doctor Strange  battles Nightmare to save a not so innocent man.

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Avengers 16: Team line change, all the old Avengers except Captain America leave the team and Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver join the new team

The Good:
·         Pretty cool to see all ex Villains are the new team members, it like the first Thunderbolts line up.

Avengers 21: Enchantress uses a old Zemo minion to create a new enforcer Power man to get vengeance on the Avengers. Later she use her powers  to frame the Avengers of terrible crimes and after that Power man just clobbers the  team

Lasting Effects:
·         Birth of Power Man the future Thunderbolt Atlas.

Avengers 22: Tem breaks up over the debacle of the previous issue, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet try to join the circus to get some cash but they discover it the Circus of Crime, while Cap A is hot on Power man trail whenthe rest of the tem jumps in to save the day and stop the power house and Enchantresses sceems .

Avengers 23: Kang tries to win over the heart of a future princess Ravonna by porting the Avengers to the future and defeating them to show off his power, but she doesn't fall into his arms so he send his army to take over their city.

Avengers 24: Kang's generals want to execute Ravonna and Kang will not let this happen leading his army to rebel against their master, Kang joins forces with the Avengers.

Avenger 25: Doom tricks the Avengers into going to Latveria, making Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver think that a long lost relative has appeared in that country. Doom want to used the captured Avengers a bait to destroy the Fantastic Four, but fails Earth Mightiest heroes defeat him.

Avengers 26-27: Avengers have to rescue Wasp from the Attuma that has kidnapped her.


Amazing Spider-man Annual 1: Spidy Battles  for the first time the Sinister Six, but Doctor Octopus commits the mistake to send each member to take down Spider-man one at a time.

The Good:
·         Issue has tone of cameos from the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Doctor Strange and the X-Men.
·         We discover that Doc Ock can control his arms from a distances mentally.

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The Fantastic Four 40: Daredevil helps the Fantastic Four defeat Doom.

The Fantastic Four 41: Thing has had it with the FF needing time off, but gets captured by the Frightful Four.

The Fantastic Four 42-43: The Wizard uses the Thing to destroy the FF.

The Fantastic Four Annual 3: Reed and Sue get married.

The Fantastic Four 44: Medusa is on the run being hunted down by Gorgon.

The Fantastic Four 45: We have the introduction of the Inhumans that are hunting Medusa down to return her to Atitlan.  

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Fantastic Four 52: The FF are invited to Wakanda by their King T'Challa, but to their surprise they  are attacked by the Black Panther who is trying to hunt them down to prove to himself that he's a warrior.

Fantastic Four 53: After Panther's ritual hunt he makes peace with the FF just in time before Ulysses Klaw attacks.

Last Effects:
·         Klaw because a sound entity.
The Good:
·         We get Panther's origin story.

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Captain America 107: Cap is having nightmares over the death of Bucky and stuff that went down during the second world war, so he goes to a therapist, little does he know it the evil Doctor Faustus, that wants to destroy the American icon.

Captain America 108: Cap battles Past Pot Pete to save captured Sharon Carter, which turns out to be a LMD, the real Sharon was just pops up at the end, jajaja Cap just risk his neck for nothing.

Captain America 109: Flash back issue to the origins of Cap, and how he meets Bucky.

Captain America 110: Cap battles the Hulk, and saves Rick Jones from being killed in the battle. When Rick wakes up at Cap's pad he puts on Bucky's gear and offers to become the new Bucky, Cap accepts and they go on a missions to battle Hydra.

Captain America 111: Viper as the head of Hydra want to take Cap down, which she seemingly does.

Captain America 112:  Recap issue of Cap's adventures, when the Avengers find out that Steve is dead.

Captain America 113: Hydra makes it move to take down the Avengers, but Cap finally reapers with Bucky and defeats Viper and Hydra.

Avengers 57: Vision attacks the Avengers under Ultron orders, but decides to betray his master and joins
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forces with the Avenger to take him down.

Avengers 58: Vision joins the team, its discovered that has the brain waves of  Wonder man.

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Captain Marvel  17: Rick Jones after a falling out with Captain America (thanks to Red Skull),  Jones
follows apparition of his old buddy Steve finds his way to a secret Kree out post where he finds the Nega Bands, releasing Captain Marvel from the Negative Zone taking his place. And Cap finds himself being attacked by  Yon-Rogg (I guess he was just hangout around the base)

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Rick Jones isn't Bucky anymore and is forced to trade places with Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone
Captain Marvel 18: Cap Marvel rescues Carol Danvers from Yon-Rogg

Captain Marvel 19: Cap Marvel defeats this crazy maze guy.

Captain Marvel 20: Cap Marvel searching for Bruce Banner to help him stop trading places with Rick Jones in the Negative Zone, but  stops to help a town that has been hit by a Tornado and from being pillaged by the opportunistic Rat Pack.

Captain Marvel 21: Marvel finally meets up with Bruce Banner, but Bruce instead of helping them gets pist at a bunch of hippy anti war protesters and Captain Marvel has to try and stop him from trying to squash them.

Captain Marvel 22-23: Cap battles  the uninteresting Megaton

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Where are Falcon's wings? jajajaja,

Captain America 117: Cap is trapped in Red Skulls body thanks to the cosmic cube and is sent to a tropical island to be hunted down by the villainous Exiles, while the real Skull is using Cap's body. Plus we get the introduction of Falcon who sets out to stop the Exiles.

Captain America 118: Cap trains  Falcon and they battle the Exiles to finish them off.

Captain America 119: Cap and Falcon battle Red Skull and stop him from using the Cosmic Cube, but it gets destroy.