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My Wolverine comic book collection issue Summaries from Enemy of the State/Agent of Shield - Death of Wolverine 2014

Enemy of the State/Agent of Shield

Wolverine has been killed and captured by Hydra and the Hand that has fused together under the leadership of an new villain called Gorgon. Now Logan that has been brainwashed by the Hand is under Gorgon's control and has  been sent out to kill every enemy that Hydra or the Hand ever had.

Heroes: Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Shield, Nick Fury, Electra, X-Men, Captain America Falcon, Sentinels, Iron man
Antagonist: North Star

Villains: Gorgon, Hydra, the Hand, von Strucker, and a Ton of C-list villains

Supporting Cast: Spider-man

Issue Summary:
Wolverine 20:  Wolverine is contacted by friends to find their kidnapped child in Japan, but it's a trap a new Villain called Gorgon traps and kills Logan, to make him a Hand greatest assassin.
Wolverine 21: Wolverine surfaces and is hospitalized on a Shield ship, but when he wakes up  he destroys it, battling Electra, she barely gets out alive.
Wolverine 22: Wolverine is sent to steal technology form the Fantastic Four, Logan almost kills them.
Wolverine 23-24: Wolverine is sent to kill Daredevil and while they are battling Gorgon captures Electra.
Wolverine 25: Wolverine is sent to explode a bomb at the X-Mansion, and after killing North star, Logan gets clobbered by Captain America.
Wolverine 26: Electra under the Hand's control steals North star's body to convert him into a Hydra assasin, while Shield tries to de program Logan, Hydra sets out to kill tons of C-list to make them their slave assassins that are sent to destroy Shield.
Wolverine 27: Hydra's Villain army attacks Shield but Wolverine is back and stop the bad guys but not before they destroys the Helicarrier.
Wolverine 28: Wolverine goes after North star and he uses Sentinels  to stomp out his henchmen.
Wolverine 29: Wolvy takes a piggy back ride on a Sentinel to attack the Hand main base to rescue Electra.
Wolverine 30-31: In one of the best marvel battles ever Woly stops Gorgon from killing Nick Fury.

Wolvy Battles
·         Wolverine vs. Electra: No Out Come
·         Wolverine vs. Gorgon: Gorgon
·         Wolverine vs. Fantastic Four: No out come
·         Wolverine vs. Daredevil: Daredevil
·         Wolverine vs. X-Men: Captain America just clobbers logan.
·         Wolverine vs. Hydra: Wolverine
·         Wolverine vs. the Hand: Wolverine
·         Wolverine vs. North star: Wolverine
·         Wolverine vs. Gorgon: Wolverine

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Logan kills North Star and stays under Hydra's control for a while.
·         Gorgon actually kills Wolverine.
·         After this story arc just about every month the Helicarrier is taken down or destroyed jajajajaja.
·         Wolverine kill Hornet from the Slingers.
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·         Gorgon is turned into stone and destroyed, but he will make his comeback in Secret Warriors.

The Bad:
·         Strucker get killed in this crossover but surfaces alive and well in the Thunderbolts and the explanation is super lame, that Gorgon used a clone to take over hydra.

The Good:
·         It Wolverine definitive claw fest.
·         Gorgon is a fantastic villain.
·         He kills a Shark for no reason that what a bad ass.
·         Wolverine uses the blackbird to destroy the X-Mansion.
·         Gorgon's back story is pretty cool.

Rating: 10

Wolverine 36: Wolverine has his memory back and everyone is ducking for cover, he has tons of issue to settle.

Wolverine 57:Wolverine battles a new hydra type of  group and seemingly ends up brain dead after getting his butt kicked by some unnamed hard-ass.
Wolverine 58-59: Flash back to Wolvy's past to the first world war when he battles a mysterious man on a battle field in Belgium. While in the present Doc Strange helps Wolvy's to come back from his brain dead state, and strange reveals to Logan that the man he defeated in Belgium is actually the angel of death and he has a major grudge against him, and something happened to him after Gorgon had killed him.

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Wolverine Evolution 50-55
This story arc really opens Wolverine mythos up, we learn there is much more to Wolverine and Sabertooth past, someone that has been pulling the strings   

Heroes: Wolverine, Black Panther

Villains: Sabertooth, Wild Child, Doc Cornelius, Romulus

Supporting Cast:  Rogue, Storm

Issue Summary:
•    50: Wolvy is back and wants to resolve his Sabertooth problem for good, and find out a certain mystery that has tied them together all these years.
•    51: Round II Wolvy/Tooth, but it seems there is more to their rivalry that Wolverine ever expected.
•    52-53: Wolvy and Tooth end up in Wakanda with Black Panther, and we discover that it's possible that animal type mutants maybe human off shots are not mutants,
•    54: Tooth goes totally rogue and kills Feral and Wild Child is back.
•    55: Tooth has gone too far and Wolvy finally kills him and discover that Romulus exists and he has been pulling their strings all these years.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
•    Sabertooth is dead for awhile.
•    Introduction of the idea the animal type mutants are actually off shots of humanity.
•    Romulus is coming.

The Bad:

The Good:
•    Colossal Wolverine/Sabertooth battle.
•    Reintroduction of Wild Child

Overall: 9.5

Wolverine  60: Wolverine hunts down hand members to find out about the other new organization.
Wolverine 61: Lord Shengen is back from the dead for some reason and the other  silent warrior that has been plaguing Wolvy is his lost soul that was stolen during the Gorgon saga.

Wolverine 65: Wolverine is going to try and kill Mystic. 

Old Man Logan

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In a Dystopian Future, where the villain have defeated the heroes, Wolverine has retired from being a hero in the waist lands living a peaceful life with his family, but Hawkeye comes along needing  a hand from Logan in one last adventure.
Heroes: Wolverine, Hawkeye, White Queen, Blackbolt
Antagonist:  Moloids, Spider Woman (Barton), Venom T-Rex

Villains: Red Skull, Ghost Riders

Sporting Cast: X-Men

Issue Summary:
·         Wolverine 66: Wolvy is strapped for money to pay Hulk's kids that rule the region, so Logan accepts to join Hawkeye in one last mission, hoping in the Spidy boogie to cross the United States.
·         Wolverine 67: Wolvy and Hawkeye arrive to the city of Hammer falls, where they are engaged be Ultron 8 and Tonya Parker Hawkeyes ex wife, which pleds with Barton to liberate his daughter Spider Woman that has been captured by the New Kingpin.
·         Wolverine 68: Wolvy and Hawkeye free Spider Woman but she turns on them explaining that she wanted to become the new Kingpin.
·         Wolverine 69:  Wolvy and Hawkeye are able to escape but are almost eaten by some hardcore moloids.
·         Wolverine 70: We discover that what happened to Wolvy, he had been tricked by Mysterio into killing the X-Men.
·         Wolverine 71: Wolvy and Hawkeye are saved from  a Venom T-Rex by Blackbolt and are taken in by White Queen who allows them safe passage through her husband's region, which is Doctor Doom.
·         Wolverine 72: Barton had been tricked into doing the mission and was killed, so Wolverine flips out and kills the Red Skull.
·         Wolverine 73: Wolvy returns home to discover the Hulks actually killed his family, for lack of payment, so Logan kills all the Hulks including Bruce Banner the main Hulk.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This Logan will find his way into the main Marvel Universe, becoming a replacement to the previous Logan that died in Adamantium. 
·         Hawkeye dies.

The Bad:
The Good:
·         Really good story creating a whole new world that latter we be tapped into.
·         Interesting to see Wolvy as a broken man not wanting to use his claws.
·         Holy cow he was tricked into killing the X-Men by Mysterio.
·         Wolvy finally kills Hulk.
·         The Spidy  boogie rules!
·         There is a reference to the late 80's terror flick Tremors.


Original Sin
An amnesiac Daken has been kidnapped by Lady Sinister to be used as a tool for Sebastian Shaw, so he can to position himself in the Hellfire Club.

Heroes: Wolverine and Xavier

Villains: Lady Sinister, Sebastian Shaw and The Hellfire Club

Sporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Wolverine Origins 28: Daken has lost his memory.
·         X-Men Legacy: 216: Wolvy takes Daken to Xavier to see if he can save his son but he’s kidnapped by Lady Sinister.  
·         X-Men Legacy 217:  Shaw tricks Wolvy into attacking the Hellfire Clubs headquarter in the search of Daken. Wolverine does a great favor to Shaw killing of his competition in the Club. 
·         Wolverine Origins 29: Hunting for Shaw and Daken.
·         X-Men Legacy 219:  Wolvy and Xavier battle Shaw and Ms. Sinister to save Daken.
·         Wolverine Origins 30: Xavier reveals to Daken that Wolvy didn’t kill his mother

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We discover that Romulus tried to use Wolverine to kill Xavier, and his first battle with Hulk was used to call the attention of Professor X.
·          We discover that Xavier all tried to use Wolvy as his personal hit man.
·         Professor X actually erases part of Logan’s memory when he originally enters the X-Men making forget about Romulus.
·         Xavier shows Daken that Wolvy didn’t kill his mother, it was Romulus and Winter Soldier was the trigger man.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Xavier character development, he was a real asshole.

Rating: 7

The Dark Reign the List Wolverine:  Wolverine teams up with Marvel Boy/Protector and Fantomex to try to stop Norman Osborn from stealing valuable information from Weapons +’s World. The Heroes stop a horde of proto Deathloks from doing any harm.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The rebirth of Deathlok.
·         Marvel Boy is on his way to become a hero and a member of the real Avengers.
 Rating: 7

Wolverine Weapon X 11-15: Rime traveling Deathloks wreaking havoc, battling Wolverine and the New Avengers.

Repercussions: Deathlok will join X-Force   
Rating: 6

The Dark Reign the List Punisher: Norman Osborn wants to take out the Punisher for good, and he send Daken to do it. And to my surprise Daken actual kill Castel cutting him into pieces.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         A group of monsters put Frank back together and with the Bloodstone create Frankencastel.

Rating: 10

Dark Wolverine 75-77
Daken gets his kicks messing with his team mates minds, destabilizing the Dark Avengers.
Heroes: ¿Daken? And the Fantastic Four

Villains: Dark Avengers

Issue Summary:
·         75 Daken frames Bulleye/Hawkeye for stabbing Human Torch in the leg while he was asleep.
·         76-77 Osborn tries to blackmail the Fantastic Four, Daken make a deal with the FF to expose Norman

The Good:
·         It’s interesting the relationship Daken has with the Fantastic four
I love the Daken/Bulleye feud.


Dark Wolverine 78-80
Daken set out to clean his image, a group of villain escape and Norman sends the Dark Wolverine to clean up.

Wolverine  Origins 46: Fill in issues, mostly flash back about Wolvy's past with Mariko.

Dark Wolverine 85: Wolverine join forces with Daken to take down Romulus.

Wolverine Origins 47: Wolverine set a trap for Romulus with the help of Scar and Cloak, but Daken turns on Logan adding Romulus.

Dark Wolverine 86: All hell breaks loose Romulus and Daken get away, then latter Daken makes his move to kill Daken makes his move to kill Romulus hims self to inherite his empire but Logans teleports Romulus out.

Wolverine Origins 48: Wolverine captures Romulus in Cloaks dark dimension and after that he defeat Daken in battle removing his claws that had Muramasa metal.

Franken-Castel is out for vengeance and wants to take down Daken once and for all.

Heroes: Franken-Castel and Wolverine

Villains: Daken

Issue Summary:
·         Dark Wolverine 88:  Punisher tracks Daken down, and after giving him a major butt kicking Daken is on the run.
·         Punisher 19:  Punisher keeps punching the snot out of Daken; Wolverine jumps in before they kill his kid.
·         Dark Wolverine 89:  Punisher clobbers Wolvy for getting in the way. Daken blindsides Punisher and steals his Bloodstone.
·         Punisher 20: Punisher and Wolvy Team up to take down Daken. Daken uses the Bloodstone which drives his healing factor mad. Castel gets the jewel back.

The Good:
·         Punisher vs. Daken vs. Wolvy; priceless. Who cares if there is a plot.

Rating: 8

Punisher 21: The Bloodstone completely heals Castel, no more Franken-Castel.

Rating: 8

Wolverine 6-9

Wolverine is under the control by some evil force again and running amok and it’s up to the X-Men to stop him.

Heroes: X-Men, Ghost Riders, Nightcrawler (his spirit), ¿Jean Grey? and Damion Hellstorm
Antagonist: Mystic
Villains: Evil Demon, Lord Deathstrike and the Red Right Hand

Sporting Cast: Melita

Issue Summary:
Wolverine 6: Satanic Wolverine kicks the crap out of Ghost Rider and Hellstorm, while inside Wolvy’s head Logan  a battles recuperate his body.
Wolverine 7: Evil Wolvy defeats Magneto and Namor, and starts battling the X-Men
Wolverine 8: Wolverine with help from Jean and Nightcrawler defeat the Demon.
Wolverine 9: Wolverine sets out for pay back against Mystic for getting him possessed, but he also has a run in with Lord Death Strike
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Death of Mystic again.

The Bad:
·         Wolverine under control by an evil force again for the love of god you can pit Wolvy against the X-Men without doing this.
·         ¿How many time can marvel kill Mystic?

The Good:
·         We discover that Cyclops has a plan if he has to kill Wolverine.
·         Satanic Wolverine is sort of cool anyways
·         Peak into Logan’s mind
·         Cool to see Doctor Nemesis trying to defeat Wolverine with bullets laced with some of the world’s worst viruses.   
Rating: 7

The Revenge of Sabertooth

Sabertooth is back and he’s more dangerous than ever.

Heroes: Wolverine, Cloak, Dagger and Remo

Villains: Sabertooth and his Clones  and Romulus

Issue Summary:
·         310 Sabertooth has captured Dagger to make Cloak into letting Romulus go, Wolvy battles Romulus, when Logan receives help from Remo.
·         311 Wolvy hunting for Romulus and Sabertooth arrives to the Weapon X facilities to discover hundreds of cloned Sabertooths.
·         312 Wolvy catches up with Sabertooth, but it’s too late Romulus gets his own adamantium skeleton and claws.
·         313 Wolvy defeat and captures Romulus but Sabertooth get away

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Sabertooth is less savage and more cunning.
·         We discover how Wolvy ended up in Weapon X

The Bad:
·         The whole other species of homo lupus was a lie of Romulus ¿?¿¿ why it would have been cool
·         Remo and Romulo never appear again.
The Sabertooth Wolvy killed was a clone.

The Good:
·         Show down between Romulus and Wolverine.
·         Thanks to Remo we discover where Wolvy’s obsession for red heads comes from.
Rating: 8

Death of Wolverine 2014

 I’ve been reading comic books for about 25 years now, I’ve seen Wolvy being killed about 5 or 6 times (most of them in parallel universes), and the last time it happened was about ten years ago in the 616 universe at the hands of Gorgon. So the idea isn’t terrible original so let’s see how long Marvel can keep him dead, and I must say killing him of now is a good idea his comics where really sinking lately.

Plot: Someone is out to capture Wolverine for some unknown motive, so just about every major villain in Wolvies rogue gallery is out to get him.  
Heroes: Wolverine, Kitty Pryde
Villains:  Hydra, AIM, Nuke, Viper, Sabertooth, Ogun, Lady Deathstrike, Sharp (New Guy), Abraham Cornelius

Issues Summary:
1: Wolverine is recluse in Canada starts getting tired of taking wave after wave Hydra, AIM, and other soldiers of fortune that are out to get him. After kicking Nuke's butt too easily he spills the beans and tells him Viper Sent him and the others to capture him. The fist issue is pretty much filler, that sucks becuase it’s a 4 part miniseries.  
2: Wolvy goes to Madripoor confronts Viper, and battles Sabertooth and is interrupted by Lady Deathstrike. Tooth escapes and Lady Deathstrike is about to kill Wolvy when Kitty Pride save Wolvy.
3: This the only really interesting issue of the series, Wolvy and Kitty go to Japan to find Ogun that seems to be behind Wolvies woes, but it turns out that Ogun has possessed Kitty and tricks Wolvy to go to Japan in the first place. After confronting Ogun Wolvy finds out that Abraham Cornelius is the one behind everything.
4: I’m not going to spoil the ending it’s pretty cool, but I got to mention the introduction of Sharp; Will he replace Wolvy in Marvel Universe?                                                                          
Repercussion and Lasting effects:
·         Wolverine is dead for now.
·         Cyber is dead again.
·         Introduction if Sharp

The Bad:
·         Killing Cyber Again.

The Good:
·         Wolvy is dead, so let s how Marvel Universe can fair without him in every other title, he was too overexposed lately. 
·         I liked  the fact that someone remembered Abraham Cornelius; it was cool to have him as the final Villain.
Verdict: 8 out of 10