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Old School Deadpool and Friends (Mavrick, Gambit and Weapon X) Issues Summaries

Nomad 4: Mr. Toliver sends Deadpool on a hit and he crosses paths with Nomad.
Rating: 7

Deadpool: Circle Chase
This arc got me hooked on Deadpool
Tolliver (Tyler Dayspring/Genesis) has seemingly past away and just about every mercenary out there is out to find out what the hell is on his will to collect it, but to do it they have to take out just about every other merc that has ever worked for the crime boss in the past..

Heroes: ¿Deadpool?
Antagonist:  Weapon X (Kane), Copycat
Villains: Juggernaut, Telecom, Slayback
Sporting Cast: Weasel and Zero

Issue Summary:
·         1 Every one is out for Tolliver’s will, while Weapon X hunts Wade down to find Vanessa/ Copycat, but after a brief battle they realize that neither of them knows where is she; it seems that she’s also on Tolliver’s hit list.
·         3 Pool is captured by Telecom, but saved by Weasel. They discover that the main prize of Tolliver’s will is in Nepal and it’s a Zero android.
·         4 In the final battle between Deadpool, Slayback and Weapon X, Zero is unleashed stopping Slayback and almost killing Kane. Pool rescues and save Copycats life.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Introduction of Weasel, Wades almost side kick.
·         Black Tom has become this weird half man half wood thing hybrid.
·         Introduction of Telecom/Black Box a Character that will be relevant in the Cable and Deadpool series
·         Tolliver is actually alive, he fakes his own death, and he will reemerge as Genesis in Cables series.  

The Bad:
·         We have the Introduction of Slayback but he’s almost never is seen again in a comic book out of this series.

The Good:
·         Joe Madureira’s art is fantastic.
·         We learn more about Deadpool and Copycat’s relationship.
Rating: 8

This is the first Deadpool comic that I ever had.
Deadpool 1 miniseries: Black Tom Cassidy wants to capture Deadpool, and it has something to do with Doc Killbrew someone that links these two characters, good thing Banshee and Siryn drop in to give Wade a hand.   

Rating; 8

Deadpool 1: Wade battles Sasquatch to destroy a experimental reactor but pool decides stop the destruction of the reactor when he realizes that caring out his contract could endangering many people.

Lasting Repercussion:
·         Wade establishes himself in Bolivia.

Pool does something super F'ed to Hulk, but its it funnier than hell
Deadpool 2:  Wade sets out to save his friend the Weasel from the Taskmaster, but it's a trap for Pool.

Deadpool 3: Wade healing factor is broken and he's seeking for help Mr. Killbrew the man who gave Pool's powers, and Siryn guest star in issue.

Deadpool 4: Pool battles Hulk to get a blood sample to help Killbrew to jump start Wade powers.

Deadpool 5: Introduction of T-Ray.

Deadpool 6: Wade crosses path with the Vamp.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Wade starts his relationship is Typhoid Mary.

Deadpool -1: fill in.

Deadpool 7/ Daredevil/Deadpool 97: Wade enter in conflict with Daredevil, but team up to stop Typhoid Mary rampage.

Lasting Repercussion:
·         We discover that in DD early day he knocked Mary out of a window of a high building, she servived but the shock fractured her mind.

Deadpool 8: Typhoid's madness is to much for Wade.

Deadpool 9: Wade battles Deathtrap a Arcade wannabe.

Deadpool 10: Wade escapes capture from the Great Lake Avengers but is ported  back in time.

Deadpool 11: Pool  battles Kraven in the 60's

Marvel Please bring Mavrick back.
Maverick One Shot: Maverick and John Wraith battle Omega Red.
Rating: 6

Maverick 1: Maverick’s legacy virus has gone into remission and his energy absorption powers are back in the nick of time to save his butt, from being assassinated by Hammer and Sickle.
Rating: 7  

Story that shows how Wade entered the Department K program, to cure his cancer, so Doc Killbrew gives Wade, Wolverine’s healing factor but something goes wrong making Deadpool terrible grotesque. And Ajax is just there just to make Wade miserable.

Antagonist: Killbrew
Villains: Ajax
Sporting Cast: Death

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We discover a long standing relationship between death and Deadpool

Deadpool 20: Deadpool has a run in with Bartoc the Leaper.

The Good: Wade is actually trying to be nice to Monty  

Rating: 7

Deadpool 21: Gearing up for the whole alien messiah thing.

Rating: 6

Deadpool 22: Wade has a chat with Cable

Rating: 6

The Dead Reckoning

Deadpool 23-25

This story is a waist of papper
Is a really uninteresting arc where Deadpool the Truth of LLL and their celestial Messiah, end Wade tries to set everything straight. But not even Captain America guest starring in this arc can make it interesting.  

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
Thankfully LLL will fade away in the deadpool verse.  

Rating: 4

Deadpool 26: Deadpool has bizarre dreams with a mysteries woman.   
Ratingt: 5

Deadpool 27: Does Therapy with Doctor Bong who sends Pool to battle Wolvy for treatment, so wade can stop seeing this Mysterious Woman all over the place. Wolvy kicks Wade’s butt, also Kitty Pryde guest stars in this issue.

Rating: 8

Deadpool 28: Wade has a run in with Bulleye, and to his surprise the person he’s sent to kill is the Mysterious woman in Deadpool’s vision. So Pool kicks the snot out of Bulleye and save the Girl, who seems to be his ¿Wife?

Rating: 9

Deadpool 29:  Wade is attacked by Black Talon who is attracted to his base because there is an undead person in their mist; it seems to be Pool’s wife Mercedes.

Rating: 8

Deadpool 30: Everything that has happened lately has T-Ray’s mark all over it; Wade returns to the Hell House to hunt him down, T Ray almost kill Monty

Rating: 7

Deadpool 31: Wade return Monty to LLL se he can be saved.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Wade losses his side kick Monty
¿So who the hell is Wade Wilson?
Deadpool 32-33: Wade finally finds T-Ray and they battle, but its reveled that Mercedes is really T-Rays wife and that T-Ray is really Wade Wilson, that Deadpool had arrived to their lives many years ago and is the one responsible for Mercede’s death and driving T-Ray crazy. And out of guilt Deadpool took the Wade Wilson identity to forge a new life. So sending Mercedes after Deadpool is part of T-Ray sadistic Vengeance plan against Pool that ends up back firing.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This plot has gone back and forth, of who is really Wade, but in Deadpool 44 right before the Secret Wars and the end of Marvel Universe mark I confirms that Deadpool had killed the Wilsons.

The Good:
·         Great to get more of Deadpool’s origin story.

Rating: 10

Deadpool 0: Wade battles Arim Zola.

Issue 35: Deadpool joins the Frightful Four for one mission to Kidnap Franklin Richards, but as expected everything goes wrong.  
Rating: 7

Issue 38:  Loki curses Wade with good looks, and his home is also destroyed and Deadpool moves in with Constrictor and Titania/Skeeter.  

Rating: 6

Issue 39:  Wade takes a merc. job from his old bud Taskmaster.
Rating: 7

Some A-hole stole most of my Deadpool Collection and a ton of X-men comics but left this fantastic issue behind.

Deadpool 42: In to a tribute issues to a classic GI Joe issue with Snake Eyes, we have a Deadpool comic with no dialogue, and Pool goes up against the super evil Humbug.  

Cat Trap

Deadpool has been contracted to kidnap the new Black Panther’s pet Leopard, so get ready for the fun for everyone.  

Wade vs the Avengers, yes!
Heroes: ¿Deadpool?,  T’Challa (original Black Panther), Avengers, Triathlon ( Initiatives 3D-Man)
Antagonist:  Killmonger (New Black Panther)
Villains:  Achebe

Sporting Cast: Constrictor, Titania/Skeeter (who is really Copycat)

Issue Summary:
·         Deadpool 44:  Deadpool is contracted to kidnap Killmonger’s pet leopard the thing is he does it at the Avengers mansion really pissing them off, putting them hot on his tail. Round one with Killmonger.
·         Black Panther 23: The cat has been teleported to Wakanda, Deadpool goes for round two with Killmonger, but they stop battling but when they realize that they have more in common than what puts them against each other.

The Good:
·         First time pool crosses paths with the Avengers.
Rating: 7
I sort of saw this coming
Issue 45:

Titania/Skeeter really is Copycat, who is out for pay back against Wade and has to complete the hit for Taskmaster and the Wizard,who hate Wade even more, but Pool already knows that she’s an imposter and he has been playing her.
Rating: 9

Issue 57:  Birth of the New Weapon X Team (Kane, Wildchild, Sabertooth, Mesmero, Sauron and Deadpool). The Director gives Wade an upgrade in his powers, he heals faster
Rating: 9

Agent X: 14:

The Return of Deadpool

Rating: 8

Resultado de imagen para gambit 10
Origins of the ¿Witness?

Gambit10: This issue seems to be the origin of the Witness, and the events that take Gambit down this path is tied to Baron Von Strucker and his kids Fenris.

Annual 99:  It's discovered the origin of the Ghost girl that following around Gambit around.

Lasting effects: The X-men discover that Magneto was behind gambits trail.

Gambit 16: Someone has put a price on Gambit's head, having to battle off Bartoc and Zaran.

Gambit 20: Fill in issue, recapping what happened in the series up till now.

Gambit 21: In Gambit in his search to find out more about the Black Womb, which seems to be his mother and is encountered by Mystic.

Gambit 9: Gambit searches for Sabertooth to help him find Sinister.

The Good:
·         Tooth has lost his adamantium.

Resultado de imagen para gambit 18
A fun punch, stab and boom issue
Gambit 18: Gambit fends of just about every Marvel merc out there.

Gambit 19: Remy fixes things with his ex wife.

Gambit Annual 2000: Angel seemingly wants vengeance for Gambits role in him losing his wings, being pushed by New Son.

Lasting Effect:
·         We discover that New Son is ¿Gambit?

Gambit 24: Gambit battles New Son, and we discover New Sons origins, being the last survivor of his dimension, his power had gone crazy and he killed everyone, so he set out to kill the Gambit of the Multiverse.

Uncanny X-Men 266: Gambit first appeaance saving a young Storm from Shadow

Love this title
Weapon X 0: Formation of the new Team
Weapon X Agent Zero:  Agent Zero (who is Maverick) has to kill Wolvy but buckles under the pressure and cannot kill his old friend.
Weapon X Kane: Kane has to recruit a mutant called Rapture but she is not willing to join Weapon X.
Weapon X Marrow: Marrow is cured of her grotesque image by Weapon X, now she must kill an old friend of hers D’Gard the leader of Gen Nation.
Weapon X Sauron: Sauron has to capture White Queen, and he fails miserably.
Weapon X Wildchild: Sabertooth and Wildchild have to recruit Sunfire which doesn’t go well. In second mission Wildchild rescues Aurora from a mental institution and she joins Weapon X

Weapon X 1-3

¿Heroes?: Weapon X
Antagonist:  Zodiac
Sporting Cast: The Director and Omega Red

Issue Summary:
·         1 Team recues a brain washed Madison Jeffries from the Zodiac. Sabertooth has gone A-wall killing potential recruits.
·         2 Wildchild and Aurora find Tooth, but he nearly kills them and gets away.
·         3 Agent Zero tracks tooth and easily defeats him.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Return of Madison Jeffries/Box, joining Weapon X
·         Sabertooth kills Locus form the MLF
Add caption
·         Aurora is severely disfigured.
·         Zero/Maverick has a new power set acid type powers.

The Good:
·         Tons of b-side and obscure characters.
Rating: 9

Weapon X 4:  Weapon X capture Blob and Avalanche, Tooth is back on the team.
Rating: 7

Weapon X 5: The birth of Neverland a secret mutant concentration camp, last issue where we see Maggot alive.
Rating: 7

Weapon X 6: The Director tortures his X wife a bit.  
Rating: 6

Weapon X 12: The Fallout from the battle of Neverland.
Rating: 7

Identity Disc 1-5: Deadpool, Vulture, Sabertooth, Juggernaut, Bulleye and Sandman, team up to retrieve a secret disc for a mystery crime lord.