Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Issue Summaries from Cable and Deadpool

Cable and Deadpool Vol 1:

Cable and Deadpool 7: Shield is getting nervous in how Cable is solving all of the world's problems and the creation of Providence put a big target on Nathan's head. The Six pack is reformed to take down Cable.

·         Wade meets the Cat the defeats Pool with one attack.

Cable and Deadpool 8: Wade joins forces with the X-Men to stop Cable before he goes too far, while Nathan easily defeats the Six Pack.

Cable and Deadpool 9: X-Men start to attack Cable, and Pool double crosses them to Nathan, Wade actually was used to root out the X-Men so Cable could deal with them.

Cable and Deadpool 10: Shield sends in the Silver Surfer against Cable, while the X-Men try to save Providence.

Cable and Deadpool 11: Wade sets out to save his friend, Cable that has gone into a coma and lost his super power after being defeated by the Silver Surfer. Stealing a  techno organic alien embryo from AIM and going to the Fixer for help.

Cable and Deadpool 12: Wade battles Agent X who wants pay back against Pool, the Fixer save Cable.

Cable and Deadpool 13-14: Wade is accused of a assassination in Providence, he seems under the control of the Black Box.

Cable and Deadpool 15-16: Nathan is lost in the Multi-verse after his battle with the Skorn, Wade, Cannonball and Syrin set out to find Cable.

Cable and Deadpool 17: House of M,  Wade and Company save Nathan from Mr. Sinister, Cable has regressed into a child.

Cable and Deadpool  18: Young Cable breaks Black Box's mind control on Wade.   

Issue 19 Fill in
Issues 20-23

Plot: Using a pretty complicated and elaborate strategy, Cable is able to track down and confront Black Box.
Heroes: Cable, Deadpool, Luke Cage and Iron Fist
Villains: Black Box (Telecom)
Antagonists:  The Cat and Bad Girls
Sporting Cast: Weasel

Issues Summary:
·         20 Deadpool and Weasel are caught trying to steal a special super hard drive called the Dominus Objective (each of them was contracted independently). The Bad Girls are also there to steal the same thing, but someone has already stolen it before any of them.
·         21 Deadpool and Weasel are caught by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Cable has to step in and save Wade. The Bad Girls find out that the robber is the Cat.
·         22 The Cat give the hard drive to Black Box, little does he know that  he’s Cable’s double agent.
·         23 Cable confronts Black Box who is really Telecom, an old associate of Nathan. After mentally Duking it out, Black Box has a change of heart and joins Cable on providence.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Black Box powers with this special hard drive are linked to Cable’s mind as a type of techno telepathy.

The Bad: The plot gets a little too complicated.

The Good: Telecom was a cool Character it's great to have him back   
Rating: 8

Issue 24:  Deadpool crosses paths with Spider-man, a fun issue.

Issue 25: Captain America goes to providence to spy on Cable; and Steve finds out that it’s a very nice place to live. After a brief battle with Cable, Nathan convinces Steve that he’s not out to take over the world. And Cable warns Cap that Shield is also spying on the Avengers, bugs were planted by the Thunderbolts.

Issues: 26-27.

Plot:  Apocalypse is coming back and he’s Cable’s old arch enemy. But is he going to anything to stop him?
Heroes: Cable and Deadpool
Villains: Apocalypse and the Dark Riders

Issues Summary:
·         26 Cable goes missing, so Deadpool tracks him down to Apocalypses layer to save him. But he doesn’t need saving.
·         27 Cable confronts Apocalypse, but doesn’t stop him, because he thinks that his old enemy will cause mutants to unite (note this is after the house of M there are very few mutants left).

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We discover that part of Apocalypses immortality is thanks to a mistake that Cable committed in the past.

The Bad:  

The Good: We learn more about Cable and Apocalypse’s past.
Rating: 8 

Plot:  Cable takes over a country, Rumekistan. Domino confronts Cable worried that. he’s over stepping.

Heroes: Cable and Deadpool
Villains: Flag Smasher and Ultimatum
Antagonist: Domino and Citizen V

Rating: 8 

Issues 43-44

Plot: Cyclops sends Deadpool to stop Wolvy, that has embarked on a one man vengeance mission against hydra.
Heroes: Deadpool, Bob, the Penetraitor (Weasel)
Villains: Hydra
Antagonist: Wolverine
Supporting Cast: Cyclops
Issues Summary:                                                                               
·         44 and 45: Deadpool tracks Wolvy to the same Hydra base where Weasel was taken hostage (a few issue back). Pool finds Weasel that has created a portable teleportation device for Hydra and has taken the identity of the Penetraitor. Then Wolvy drops in on the party, and Deadpool tries to convince him not to kill Weasel and Bob, taking them as just some other Hydra agents, so all hell breaks loose. Weasel uses his teleportation device to stop the fight and to convince Wolvy that he’s on his side.

Repercussion and Lasting effects:
§  A malfunction in Weasels teleporter sends Deadpool and Bob to the past.

The Bad:

The Good: It's a fun read.

Rating: 8    

Issues 45-46

Plot:  Deadpool and Bob travel back in time, thanks to the malfunction of Weasels teleportation device, so they end up going back to WWII and team up with Captain America and Bucky and later get transported to the early sixties and cross paths with the Fantastic Four.



Heroes:  Deadpool, Bob, Captain America, Bucky, the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Storm

Villains: Arim Zola  

Supporting Cast: Weasel
Issues Summary:
·         45: Deadpool and Bob team up with Captain America and Bucky to take down Arim Zola.
·         46:  Deadpool and Bob arrive to the early 60’s, they meet the original Fantastic Four that help them come back to the present, the post civil war Fantastic Four  with Storm and panther also lend a hand to bring them back.                                                                                      

Repercussion and Lasting effects: None

The Bad: They should have done more time travel.

The Good: The characterization of Bucky as complete psychotic was great.

Rating: 6        

Issues 47-48
Plot: Doctor strange sends Deadpool and Bob on a transdimensional hack and slash mission to bring back Deadpool’s worst enemy T Ray, because if they don’t the whole multiverse can collapse.
Heroes:  Deadpool, Bob, Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo
Villains: T Ray
Supporting Cast: Zombies
Issues Summary:
·         47: Transdimensional fun to bring back T Ray.
·         48: One soul two bodies Deadpool and T Ray battle to see who gets  a soul.

Repercussion and Lasting effects:
·         T Ray is back.

The Bad:

The Good: Deadpool gets his arch enemy back.

Rating: 6

Cable and Deadpool series:

Issues 49-50


Plot: Deadpool is sent to recuperate a machine that belonged to Magneto from Savage Land for Irene Merryweather, so after clashing with Brains Child and other Savage land mutants, Wade accidently teleports a bunch of Dinosaurs to New York city and  in there rampage literate the captured symbiotes from the Dooms bomb ( check out Mighty Avengers).


Heroes: Deadpool, Kazar, She Devil, Spider-man, Mighty Avengers and Fantastic Four    
Villains: Brain Child, Symbiote Dinosaurs and other Savage Land Mutants
Supporting Cast: Weasel, Bob and Agent X
Issues Summary:
·         Pool goes to savage land defeats Brain Child a recuperates Magnetos Machine, but by accident he sends a herd of dinosaurs to New City
·         Dinosaurs become infected with the Symbiotes from Dooms bomb, it takes Deadpool and another dozen heroes to stop them.

Repercussion and Lasting effects: End of the series

The Bad:  Symbiot Deadpool should have stayed a few issues

The Good: It’s a fun arc to read; Is Cable alive?  

Rating: 8