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90's Mutants Titles II New Mutants 99-100,Su X-Force, Cable and X-man Issue summaries

This series was sort of a let down not much X-Force in it

Cable -1: We learn that when Cable arrives to the present he was taken in by Moira MacTaggert.

Deadpool vs. X-Force 1-4 (Note this miniseries came out in 2014 but chronologically this story happens before New Mutants 98) 

Weapons dealer called Talbot sends Deadpool to the past and tricks Cable and X-Force to fallow him in a grand deception to alter the time line so he can become the most powerful man on the planet, good thing Deadpool screws up in the ending setting everything straight. 

Heroes: Cable and X-Force
Villains: Talbot, Sentinels and Deadpool
Sporting Cast: Hitler

The Bad:
·         The title of the series is wrong should be Deadpool vs. Cable Starring X-Force, X-Force members participation in the ark isn’t very relevant.
·         Not much of a story either.

The Good:
·         It’s cool to see a more evil Deadpool.
·         Great to see Cable and Pool punch the snot out of each other for 4 issues
Rating: 6

I used to really dig Rob Liefeld drawing style lot when I was a kid, but now I issues with his drawings
 New Mutants 99-10 and X-force 1

Heroes: X-force
Villains: Masque, Mojo, Hellfire Club, Black Tom and MLF
Supporting Cast: Gideon, Nick Fury, G W Bridge and Sunspot

Issue Summary:
·         NM We see the gestation of a new team, Shatterstar drops in from the Future searching for the X-men, but he meets Cable and his crew who help him defeat Mojo’s forces that have followed him.
·         XF 1 X-force battles the MLF on their first mission.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Cable Recruits Warpath
·         Birth of X-force
·         Sunspot leaves the team
·         Shatterstar and Feral join the team.
·         Shatterstar chops Reapers hand off
·         We discover that Cable has TK powers

The Bad:
·         Introduction of Feral I never liked that Character.
·         What up with Domino’s eye patch.

The Good:
·         Introduction of Shatterstar, Gideon, Tyler and G W Bridge

Rating: 9

X-force -1
We learn more about Warpath’s and Firebird’s past.

Rating 6

Cable First Miniseries 1

My first Cable comic ever
Heroes: Cable and the Six Pack
Villains: MLF and Stryfe
Antagonist: Kane
Issue Summary:
·         Cable battles the MLF stops them from stealing a sword related to Apocalypse, Kane is sent to capture Cable since the military a photo of Stryfe without his helmet and he looks like Nathan.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         All of this will add up to become the Executioner Song.
·         We discover Cable had another Team the Six Pack

The Good:
·         Why is MLF so interested in artifacts related with Apocalypse?
·         Why does Stryfe look like Cable?

Rating: 10

X-force 28

Heroes: X-force
Villains: MLF
Antagonist: Henry Peter Gyrich
Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         X-force battles MLF to save Gyrich’s life.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Feral leaves the team to Join the MLF
·         Shatterstar cuts Reapers other hand.

The Good:
·         Who is Reignfire?
·         Shatter uses his mutant powers.
·         I love to hate Gyrich

Rating: 8

X-force Annual 3 1994
MLF start making trouble in China.

Cable Ongoing 

Cable Issue 9

Cable gets his butt kicked by Omega Red. 

Cable 16/X-Force 36:  Phalanx Covenant

X-Force 39: Prosh becomes a independent being apart from Cable thank to the Phalanx, but he being near  Cable is killing him so he heads out to travel the Stars.

Lasting Effect:
·         Prosh will be a major player in X-Men Forever.

Cable Issue 18-19

Heroes: Cable, Storm, Domino and Caliban
Villains: Genesis/Tyler Dayspring (Cable’s son), Dark Riders
Issue Summary:
·         18 Cable and crew set out to hunt down Apocalypse who’s up to no good, and they clash with the Dark Riders, and to Cable's  Surprise  it’s not Apocalypse but Tyler his son. Cable gets captured.
·         19 Cable’s allies rescue him and defeat Genesis and his Dark Riders.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Tyler as Genesis will make things miserable for Cable and Wolverine.
·         Apocalypse is back.

Rating: 8

X-force 44

Heroes: X-force and X-men
Antagonist: Sabetooth

Issue Summary:
·         X-force establish themselves at the X-Mansion, and are integrated into the X-men

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Rictor Leaves the team
·         Cannoball joins the X-men
·         Caliban Joins X-force

The Good:
·         I love Adam Pollina’s run!!!!
Rating: 9

Cable Issue 22  
Shatterstar helps Cable and Domino  save Dr. Majcomb, Rictor leave for Mexico
Rating 6

X-Force 45

Caliban wants to make Sabertooth pay for what he did to the Morlocks and we have the return of the Mimic.

X-Force 48
The evil Sabertooth is coming back.

Cable Issue 23
 What's Jemskot Cable wife doing in the present.
Rating 6 

Cable Issue 24
Domino has to put Grizzly down who has been driven mad by Genesis
Rating 7

Cable Issue 25

Heroes: Cable, Domino, Jenskot
Villains: Stryfe

Issue Summary:
·         25 Cable travels back to his time and discovers a young Stryfe has stolen the artificial intelligence of the Professor, the entity that helps young Nathan keep the T-O virus at bay. Cable is able is able to steal it Back.  
Rting: 7 

Cable 26-28

Heroes: Cable, Domino, Philipe Moreau and Jenny Ransom
Villains: Magistrates, Sugar man
Supporting Cast: Mr. Sinister, Dark Beast

Issue Summary:
·         27 Cable and Domino are transported to Genosha and take sides in its revolutionary war.
·         28 Cable and crew start investigating who is really behind the Mutant slave program.
·         29 Cable and friends battle Sugar man and his mutant monsters, Sugar man escapes taking all of his secrets with him.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Who is Nate Grey?

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Suger man from the Age of Apocalypse has been living in Genosha for many years and is the person behind the mutant slaves that fueled the country’s economy.
·         Sinister is actually helping the heroes he wants to destroy Sugar man atrocities, that get in the way of his investigations.

Rating: 8
Resultado de imagen para X-force 50

X-force 49-50


Heroes: X-force
Villains: Sebastian Shaw, Tessa and Holocaust

Issue Summary:
·         49 Shaw  rebuilds Holocaust’s body armor, and with help of his new friend captures X-force
·         50 Brain washed X-force set out to kill Cable and Domino.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Why does Shaw stop Holocaust from killing Shatterstar? Who would retaliate that he’s afraid of?

Rating: 8

Cable Issues 29-31

Heroes: Cable, X-man
Villains: Exodus
Supporting cast: X-force, Blaquesmith, Xavier , X-men
Issue Summary:
·         29 Cable discover the existence of Nathan Grey/X-man, he’s Cable from another dimension the Age of Apocalypse. So Cable goes out to confront his younger self.
·         30 Nate confronts Cable but Exodus drops in on the Party. 
31 Nate battles Cable, but they are able to amend there differences
Rating: 7

X-force 52
X-force goes to investigate the site where they had confronted the Nimrod, but nothing is there expect for two thing a graffiti with the word Onslaught and a super powered up Blob.  
Rating: 9 I love thise issue.

X-force 53-54
I actually had a Crule Action Figure, they made one for a dude that only appeared in 4 issues at most
Some is out killing X-ternals and X-force is hot on the killers trail.

Heroes: X-force
Villains: Black Queen, Crule, Absalon and Saul
Antagonist: Bastion (in the Shadows)
Supporting Cast: Blaquesmith

Issue Summary:
·         53 Absalon and Crule think that X-force killed Gideon.
·         54 It’s discovered that Black Queen is responsible for the murders, and she kills off the rest of the X-ternals and battles X-Force.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Gideon, Absalon, Crule and Saul are dead.
·         Who is Benjamin Russell, and what relationship does he have with Shatterstar.

The Bad:
·         The X-ternals were cool; they shouldn’t have killed them off.

The Good:
·         Lots of action.
·         Cable drops in.

Rating: 8

Cable Issue 32

Transition issue gearing up for Onslaught, Post hot on Cable's heels
Rating 6

Cable Issue 33 Origin of Post the heavy hit that works for Onslaught.
  Rating: 7

X-Force 56

Siryn heads back to the Weisman Institute to recue Deadpool, with help Shatterstar. They defeat the Gamemaster and free Deadpool. But Gamemaster floods Shatterstar mind with images that show that his life is a lie and that he’s a mutants called Benjamin Russell.

 Cable/X-force annual 1996
A Techno Organic alien arrives to give to give Cable and X-force  intergalactic trouble, it seem to be Worlock is back  but it’s just another alien with the same abilities this comic is a wast of time.
Rating: 2

X-Force 59-61

We Discover who the hell   Benjamin Russell is, sort of ¿?¿?

Heroes: X-Force, Long Shot, Dazzler and Cable
Villains: Mojo
Supporting Cast: Spiral, Doctor Strange  

Issue Summary:
·         59 Shatterstar and Cable are Kidnapped by Mojo’s men, good thing that Long Shot drops in.
·         60 X-Force asks Doc. Strange if he can teleport them to the Mojoverse.
·         61 Shatterstar is actually killed in his final combat with Mojo, and with help of Spiral his soul is fused with Benjamin Russell body that is actually is in a coma, at the Weisman Institute.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The mystery of Benjamin Russell is solved.

The Bad:
·         Choppy story telling and art.

The Good:
·         Rictor is back.

Rating: 6

X-Force 63: X-Force having fun in Latveria.

Youngblood/X-Force 1-2: Both hero teams join forces to stop Mojo causes inter-dimensional havoc.

X-force 64 
X-Force lost in time.
Rating 4

X-force 66
Domino discovers that Dani Moonstar is a Shield Agent.

Rating 7

Cable Issues 45-47 and X-Force 67-69  Zero Tolerance check out this link
 Resultado de imagen para cable machine man annual

Cable/Machine Man 98: Agent of Shield arrive to clean up the Hulk Buster base used for Zero Tolerance and are killed by Machine Man that is under the control of Master Mold, GW contacts Cable to find out what happened to his lost agents at the  Hulkbuster. When Nate arrives he's confronted by Machine Man. Cable discovers that Bastion is Nimrod, and after making Machine Man remember that he was a hero the defeat Bastion

Lasting Repercussions:
·         We discover that Bastion is actually the Nimrod/Mastermold that feel into the Siege Pelagius.
·         Machine Man is infected with the Sentinel protocol attacking mutants.

Cable Issue 49: Cable discovers that the Hellfire club has a secret agenda related to Apocalypse. 

Cable 52: Cable confronts the Hellfire Club in the Alpes.  

Cable 57: Cable battles Rama-Tut

Cable Issues 59-62 1998
Nemesis Contract

Plot: Evil Shield Scientist captures Cable to use his tecno-organic virus in his Nemesis Robots.
Hero: Cable and Nick Fury
Villains: Horatio Belgrade (Evil Shield Scientist)
Antagonists: ZZZax, Agent 18 and Shield.

Issues Summary:
59: Horatio Belgrade (which actual isn’t mentioned till about issue 61) sends Agent 18 to capture Cable. 18 sets Zzzax loose in Hell Kitchen, which is Cables New found home, to draw him out.
60: After defeating Zzzax, Cable gets his Butt kicked by Agent 18 and is captured by Shield.
61: Belgrade is able to take part of Cable tecno-organic material and make part of his Nemesis Robots.
62: Nemesis Robots go crazy for no reason what so ever, start to attack everyone on the Helicarrier, Cable and Fury stop them. Cable goes for a final show down with Agent 18, but everything explodes and 18 is very severely injured.                     

Repercussion and Lasting effects:
Agent 18 is to become a new Deathlok for marvel M tech Series.

The Bad: Why do these robots go crazy?

The Good: Fury is back at Shield
Verdict: 7 

X-force 74

X-Force battle Stryfe in hell, to save Warpath’s life.

Rating 8

Blood Brothers

Crossover Cable with the X-man Series.

X-man 46, Cable 63, X-man 47


Plot: Stryfe attacks Latveria taking advantage that Doom is gone and most of earths telepaths too. So he starts to spread havoc in this small country, but there is just one problem Nate Grey (X-man) is in town and he will not let this happen.  



Heroes:  Cable and X-man (who is actually sort of Cable from a parallel universe)

Villains: Stryfe (Evil clone of Cable), Dark Riders and lots of Doom Bots           

Supporting Cast: Madelyne Pryor (Clone of Jean Grey, Cable’s Mommy), Ness (Witness) and Blaquesmith.

Issues Summary:

X-man 46: Nate tries to stop Stryfe’s invasion of Latveria, after clobbering Tusk and vaporizing Psynapse, X-man goes head to head with Stryfe and gets his butt kicked, and out of nowhere Stryfe slaps the same device Doom used to steal Silver Sufers powers on Nate.  

Cable 63: Blaquesmith finds Cable and informs him of what has happened with Stryfe, Cable goes to Latveria to give Nate a hand.

X-man 47: X-man recuperates and defeats Stryfe, with helpe of Cable and Madelyne.

Repercussion and Lasting effects:

·         Tusk is permanently gone from Marvel.

·         Barrage, Mainframe and Psynapse, are killed.


The Bad: The writing is pretty choppy and it isn’t  that good, also there’s continuity issues Nate vaporizes Psynapse in the middle of  X-Man 46 but he appears again in the final frame of the same issue.  

And where did Stryfe get so fast the device that Doom used on Silver Surfer so fast? That’s pretty sloppy story telling.

The Good: You get to see Nate face off with Stryfe

Rating: 5    

Cable Issue 64: Fill in, they retell Cables Origin Rating: 1 

X-force 75
X-Force battles Black Queen over a mystical artifact. Also Karma and Cannonball drop in for a visit.
Rating: 8

Cable 65:  Fill in issue, Cable goes head to head against a Acid Droid created by the Tinkerer. The only relevant thing of this issue is that Rachel tells Cable who are the twelve. Rating: 2  

Issue 66-68

Plot: Harbinger has arrived to New York and he’s ready to level the city, to prepare the grounds for the Age of Apocalypse, so Cable joins forces for the first time with the Avengers.
Heroes: Cable and the Avengers: Captain America, Wonder Man, Thor, Iron Man and Vision  
Villains: Harbinger and Apocalypse, but he’s just watching from the shadows
Supporting Cast: Blaquesmith and Ozymandias, they are investigating who are the twelve.
Issues Summary:
66-68: Cable and the Avengers go on a punch fest against Harbinger over three issues.

Repercussion and Lasting effects: The Twelve story arc officially begins.

The Bad: Not much of a plot.

The Good: It really fun to read.

Rating:            8

X-Force 78-80 

The Mystery of Reignfire is solved.

Heroes: X-Force
Villains: Reignfire and Locus
Supporting Cast: Heroes for Hire.
Issue Summary:
·         79 Reignfire is back and has captured most of X-force’s memebers
·         80 Reignfire reveals that he’s a lab experiment that Gideon had bank rolling, where they fused the Dacosta’s DNA with body of a protoplasmic mutant. And that they shared a telepathic bond.
·         81 X-Force finally defeats Reignfire for good.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         No more MLF the last members are gone for good.

Rating: 8

Cable 69-70
2 atomic level fillins
Rating: 1

X-Force 81

Vacation in Hawaii, a fun fillin issue.
 Rating: 6

Cable 71: Cable is ported to the future to save Cannonball from Ahab.

Cable 72

More on the origin of post and how the Mandarin experimented with him.  Cable crosses paths with Post, and we discover that he lost his weaponry thanks to Machine man.

X-Force 95

X-Force takes a mission that will take them to Genosha, and they meet up with their ex-Teacher Magneto who is the ruler of this nation, and he’s isn’t happy to see them.
 Rating: 7

X-Force 115
Whole team gets killed on a mission, don't worry they come back alive in about 3 years from the end of this first series, what a crappy why to end such a good series.