Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top Ten Battle World character count down + Secret Wars issue Summaries

Now to start of my post on the Secret Wars, I present you guys with my Top Ten Battle World character count down:

10 Sheriff Strange: Doc Strange is the head of Doom's law enforcement of  Battle World, walking a fine line in being Doom's enforcer  controlling the Thors and having a secret agenda of taking  Doom  down when the time is right.


9 Valeria Richards: She doesn't remember her true origins, being the daughter of Reed Richards, but  during the Secret Wars Doom stole Reed's life and family posing as her true father. Now she is smart as a tack  and she knows something isn't right with Battle World, things just don't add up.

8 Mr. Sinister: This X-Villain actual plays a relevant role in Battle World being a Baron of his own Realm, but he's always up to no good.

7 Apocalypse: He's my favorite X-Villain ever, and he's also a Baron of the  Realm of the Age of Apocalypse, but unlike Sinister he's surprisingly loyal to Doom.

6 Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde: Now she was a spy for Apocalypse, and her mission was  Doom and his inner circle, but she's was caught by Valeria Richards so she becomes her secret agent to find certain artifacts.

5 Blackbolt: The Blackbolt we get in Attilan Rising is really interesting because he wasn't exposed to the Terrigen mist and he's a rebel that wants to take down Doom.


4 Inferno Colossus: He's the main character of the Inferno tie in, and he's cool as hell when he gets his hands on the  Soul Sword.

3 Ultimate Thor: I loved the Thors tie in, and this particular Thor kicked butt as a police detective out to find a serial murderer.

2 Maestro: This crossover made me rediscover this classic villain, and this guy has no limits to his ambition in taking over the battle world. 


1 Doom: This as one of the most interesting incarnations of Doom ever and it makes this crossover worth to read to see how Doom would  act like a god, full of contradictions.

Marvel Universe has ended the multiverse has  finally  collapsed, but Victor Von Doom after defeating the Beyonders  he creates a world from fragments of what was left from the collapsing universes creating Battle World, and becoming it's god.

Characters: I'm just going to name the most important                   
Heroes: Spider-man 616, Ultimate Spider-man, Red Richard 616, Ultimate Reed Richards, Future Foundation, Avengers, X-Men, Cyclops, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Jane Foster Thor, Namor, Captain Britain Corps, Blackbolt, Medusa, Ultimate Thor, Elsa Bloodstone, Human Torch, Wonderman, Vision, Spider-man, Valeria Richards
Antagonist:  Doom, Galactus, Zombies, Hulks, Thors

Villains:  Thanos, Black Swan, Terrax, Proxima Midnight, Maximus, Corvus Glave, Mr. Sinister, Maestro, Apocalypse, Holocuast, Ultron, Goblin Queen, Majik, House of M Namor, Dark Beast, Doctor Nemesis, Mystic, Ulysses Blood Stone  

Sporting Cast:  Molecule Man

Issue Summary:
·         Secret Wars 0: Valeria Richards explains to the kids of the future foundation about the collapse of the multiverse.
·         Secret War 1: 616 Marvel Heroes and Ultimate Heroes clash trying to save their respective universes, being the last two in all existence. Reed  Richards creates a inter-dimensional life raft to save as many people as possible but it breaks apart only saving Spider-man, Cyclops, Jane Thor, Captain Marvel, Starlord, Panther and himself.
·         Secret Wars 2 Now we are in Battle World and we discover Doom is it's ruler of this new reality and we learn about the  political dynamic of this world. We have the kids from the future foundation kids find a universal life raft, but when the Thors arrive they discover that the members on the Conclave and Ultimate Reed come out, he had also made a escape plan like 616 Reed and they attack and kill a couple of Thors.
·         Secret Wars 3 Sheriff Doc. Strange arrives to the crime scene, and in the investigation  of  Ultimate Richards  life raft he finds Ultimate Spidy who was hiding inside, Strange takes him back to his secret base, in his own realm and opens 616 Reed life raft that he had found some time earlier, with Starlord, Spidy, Jane Thor, Captain Marvel, Reed Richards, Panther and Phoenix Cyclops popping out, and Strange breaks the new to the heroes of the bad situation  and Doom  is god of Battle World.
·           Battle World 1:   Realm 2099: A warped version of the New Fantastic Four hunts down Frank Castel for wondering around different realms, something that its prohibited, they both battle but Castel also `posses Doc Strange's powers. Wolvy defeats him but is possessed by Strange's spirit that was hiding inside . Realm War Zone/ the Iron: MODOK brings his other selves from all over Battle World to help him  think of a way to take over the World, but they end up battling each other.
·         Battle World 2 :  Realm New Quack City: Howard the Duck and Blade team up to battle Duck Drakula. Killiseum of Arcade: War Machine Ross has to take down Taskmaster.
·         Battle World 3: The war of Wolverines. Possibly the Timely realm: Deadpool has a battle with Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. World War Ant. 
·         Secret Wars Journal: Realm King James England: Kate Bishop ticks off Sheriff Punisher. Realm Egyptia:  The X-Men try to rebel against Khonshu and pay with a terrible price.  
·         Secret Wars Journal 2: Realm Killville: Misty Knight and Paladin have to chat with Kraven. Realm Bar Sinister we discover that Daredevil is  Sinister's chef.
·         Secret Wars Journal 3: Realm Old City; Detective Wolverine has to deal with a series of murders, that seems to have been done by a refugee from the Age of Apocalypse. Realm Near Greenland a day in the life Doc Samson.
·         Battle World 4: Egyptia Silver Surfer searches for food for the Zombie Galactus that has arrived in his lands. Realm Dystopia: Silver Surfer arrive to retrieve his board from Maestros trophy room.
·         Secret War Journals: The Shield: Egyptia Punisher and AOA Iron Fist battle off some Ultrons
·         Secret Wars 4: The Conclave battle the Thors when  Strange arrives with the  616 heroes, and all of the sudden Doom drops in stops the battle but is engaged by Cyclops Phoenix, Scott gets killed by Doom, Strange disperses the heroes allover Battle World but also ends up killed.
·         Secret Wars 5:  We learn how Doom defeated the Beyonders.
·         Secret Wars 6: Black Swan joins Doom, while  the mysterious  Prophet takes over Egyptia defeating Khonshu, Ultimate Reed and 616 Reed join forces to defeat Doom, while both Spider-men discover that Molecule man is the true driving force of battle world and finally we have Black Panther and Namor reaching Strange's secret base and find  Infinity Gauntlet.  

Ultimate End

1 Ultimate Manhattan and 616  Manhattan have sandwiched together thanks to a experimented that
Ultimate Stark and Amadeus Cho screwed up, leading to the heroes of both worlds having to deal with each other. (Note both groups of heroes knew of god Doom but have no idea of battle world).
2 Ultimate Hulk Clashes with 616 Hulk causing a prison break, provoking the Ultimate Punishers escape. Both Ultimates and Avengers capture 616 Hulk the other gets away.
3 616 Banner under Ultimate custody, while Ultimate Punisher fed up with super heroes start killing anyone with powers like the Wrecking Crew, this leads to him battling the New Ultimates, in the meantime both Iron mans rescues Banner.
4 Valeria Richard informs Doom that a revolt is brewing but Doom let it proceed, while a conflict between both Tonys cause the 616 heroes and the Ultimate heroes to clash head on.
5 Ultimate Spidy Miles stops the battle and explain that this realty is a shame, that Doom actually periodically pits the teams agains each other to make then suffer, to ale them pay for their transgressions before battle world. Every heroes from both worlds join forces to battle Doom but are just wiped out of existence.


1Thors find a dead woman Ultimate Thor and Beta Ray Bill take up the case, but they realize that she
is the same person that has been found killed in five other realms, some is killing the same person in each realm. Beta goes to get  his informant who Loki if he can find out something but gets killed, but before he dies he reveals that the dead woman is Jane Foster.
2 Ultimate Thor sets out on avenging his partner, crossing paths with the 616 Thor, who warns him the something is very wrong, Ultimate Thor captures Loki.
3 Loki reveals that there are more dead Jane Fosters, and he did kill them, their bodies were hidden on the other side of the Shield in Zombie territory. When Ultimate Thor arrives he attacked by Thorlief the one responsible for the killings trying to hide his responsibilities but is saved by the 616 Thor.
4 Ultimate Thor and 616 Thor set out to bring down Thorlief and Destroyer Thor, we discover that the bad Thor fears of Jane Foster, like having a promonition that she's bad news for the Thors so he set out to kill all of them, but Jane Foster  Thor 616 arrives to make the Thors rebel against Doom.

Age of Apocalypse:

1 Holocaust kills himself battling the X-men the intent of capturing Doug Ramsey, who ends up in Apocalypse's custody, to use him to uncover the mysterious plans  of the human rebels.
2 X-men battle with Apocalypse forces, while Doctor Nemesis is up to no good using genetic material, Magneto is able to rescue Doug. we discover that the humans have a weapon that can wipe out all mutants.
3 The humans have the Legacy virus, that was made by Doctor Nemesis, all mutants good and bad set out to find Virus in its canister, but Apocalypse gets there first and set the Virus free, seeing this as a way to kill of the weak.
4 X-men battle Apocalypse, but he actually dies because of the virus that he set free.
5 Doctor Nemesis who has absorbed the powers of many mutants set out to battle X-men and plans to de thrown Doom himself, and offers to cure all mutants if they join his cause, Sinister revives the Phoenix that defeats Nemesis

·         Secret Wars 7:  All hell breaks loose in battle world the Prophet attacks Doom's forces, and his Barons also make their power moves, especial Maestro that drops an army of Hulk on everyone, while Panther and Namor send the Zombies to attacks Doom's forces.
·         Secret Wars 8: A gaint Thing takes out Maestro but is killed by Galactus who is defending Doom, while both Reeds infiltrate Doom's base with Starlord's help. While Doom battles Thanos.
·         Secret Wars 9: Doom is confronted Black Panther that has the Infinity Guanlet, while Reed reaches Molecule man, Doom arrive and confronts his old adversary, Richards comes out on top and ends Battle World
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Mile Morales/ Ultimate Spider-man end up in the Normal Marvel Universe, with his mother back, as a gift from Molecule Man for giving him a Hamburger.
·         The Fantastic Four will stay out of site for a time safe guarding the creation of New Universes.
·         Doom's face has healed and look just fine.
·         Cyclops became the Phoenix and was killed by Doom.
·         The end of the original Marvel Universe.
·         Doom kills Doctor Strange.
·         Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation will take care of the creation and exploration on the new multi verse.
·         Panther escapes with the time Gem.
We Discover in the AOA arc that Adam X seem to be the fourth Summer's brother.

The Bad:
·         Where are the Exiles.
·         They Forgot Earth X 
The AOA Arc does have some miss steps like not have Morph, not using Doug Ramsey well and Doc. Nemisis sort of sucked
The Good:
·         Thors are cool as hell.
·         The Shield was great.
·         The Prophet was Maximus.
·         Its interesting to see that Apocalypse is the only Loyal Baron in Battle World.
 Ultimate Punisher actually kills 616 Punisher
The real original Miles Morales from Ultimate Reed's life boat is in the Ultimate End  arc.
Old man Logan has found his way into this realm of the Ultimate and Marvel 616.
It actually pretty cool to see Thors act like police.
Thors get to go around many realms, and so the Thors  the story arc is very relevant to the crossover in general its a must read.
The Jane Foster Thor is actual one of the few survivors from the original marvel universe
Rating: 9.5

Civil War (Note this realm is self contained they are not aware of Doom or Battle World, but Doom leaves this realm in a never ending cycle of war).

·         1:  Captain America and Iron man meet to negotiate peace deal  when the person that got them together gets shot, both sides accusing the other for the assassination.
·         2: Cap sends Parker to the Iron, Starks part of the US to retrieve certain parts that he needed for a ultimate weapon to take down Stark, while Stark sends She Hulk to the Blue Cap's side to find the Killer.
·         3: She Hulk, finds the shooter, Bullseye, but  has been tracked by the Punishers and she makes a run for it but is ported out by the Skrulls, the one responsible for pushing the war.
·         4: Tony starts searching for She Hulk that has gone missing, while Cap's forces cross into the  Iron to start the a war, while Tony discover that the conflict was pushed by Skrulls.
·         5: The War rages on, Stark escape the Skrulls to warn Steve that they were being played by the Skrull, finally they team up and defeat the Aliens

The Good:

·         Peter Parker has become the new Falcon.

·         Techno Zombie Wilson Fisk  was cool.

·         Wolverine Hulk. 

Star-Lord and Kitty Pride
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1-3: Star-Lord has been hiding out at Blackbolt's bar after his encounter with Doom, their he crosses paths Kitty Pride, but not his Kitty but Age of Apocalypse Kitty, which he ruins a transaction of hers with Gambit, thing go south and Gambit steal what she had taken to negotiate and what she wanted. Now Quill and Kitty have to hunt down Gambit.
The Good:
·         It's cool to find out that Kitty was a spy for Apocalypse that was captured by Valeria Richards and now she works for the Future Foundation hunting down thing that are alien to battle world.

Inhumans: Attilans Rising
·         1 Blackbolt has a special bar called the Quiet Room in Manhattan, where people from many realm  to negotiate and also  make  secret deals, but he secretly is part of a resistance against Doom, while Medusas rules the Inhumans and works for Doom.
·         2 Inhuman spies infiltrates the Quiet Room, Bolts people find the spy who is Ms Marvel but Medusas's forces are on the way.
·         3 Bolt get captured, while most of his allies are able to escape.
·         4Medusa interrogates Bolt, and he explains all the screwed up stuff going on in battle world all thanks to Doom, and that Attilan actually mind controls the people of Manhattan and battle world not to not  rebel against Doom.
·         5 Medusa changes side joins Blackbolt cause, but Doom resets realty when everything goes wrong.

The Good:
·         We learn a lot about battle word it one of the more important tie ins in this crossover.
·         Sort of fun to see 1602 Daredevil being part of Blackbolt's Crew

Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies

·         1 Hank Pym is expelled into the bad lands, because of his illegal activities, but before he becomes zombie food he's saved by Human Torch, Wonder man and Vision.
·         2 Pym is taken to a special refugee in  the badlands called salvation, while Ultron make a packed with the Zombies to join forces to destroy Salvation. we also learn that Wasp is hunting Pym.
·         3Torch and company explain that Pym has to find a way to stop Ultron.
·         4 Ultron attacks with the Zombies, all hell breaks loose , Pym finds a way to defeat Ultron but Vision and Wonder man dies.

Lasting Effects:
·         In the final battle with Doom, Ultron does not appear.

The Good:
·         It's cool to learn about the Timely realm from where Wasp and Pym come from.
·         Pym was expelled to the bad land for crossing into other realms trying to obtain adamantiu.

·         Ultron's realm was born because Ultron killed Pym and he created the perfect Ultron civilization but enters in conflict with the roaming Zombies

Marvel Zombies

·         1-4: Elsa Bloodstone who was defending the Shield, is knocked far into the Zombie badlands where she finds a little girl who she take with her on her voyage back to the shield, on their way back they crossed  paths with a super  Ulysses Bloodstone who wants her Bloodstone.

The Good:
·         We learn that Ulysses Bloodstone was a total a-hole to his daughter.
·         Fun to see Deadpool as Zombie food.

Guardian of Knowhere 1-4: Angela arrive to Knowwhere looking for Gomorra that has been exploring other realms of battle World, which is prohibited, revealing to her that she remember the previous universe and that everything is wrong in Battle World.
The Bad:
·         The series could have gone for 2 issues Yotat sucked.

Years of the Future Past

1: Chrissy, Colossus's and Kitty Pryde's daughter is out of the mutant concentration camp looking for provisions for  her family and friends escape, when she cross paths with Logan, while the Baron of the realm President Kelly really wants to clamp down on mutants, and at the end of the issue Chrissy and X-men finally break out of the camp and she discover that she has liquid metal powers. Chrissy and X-Men meet up with Wolverine and his son Cameron to battle Mystic and the Blob.
2: Doom sentinels arrive Chrissy and the other mutants head to the sewers seeking refugee with Angel in the Morlock tunnels, while Rachel Grey rescues Storm that was obligated to generate energy for the Humans.  Doom sentinels find the hide out.
3: Giant Lockheed battles the Doom Sentinels, the mutants escape finding refugee in a Doom church the is under Nightcraawler's care. We discover that Cameron isn't Wolverine's child but actually is Chrissy's brother.
4: Chrissy and Cameron attack a Mutant concentration camp with the X-men, but Magneto betrays them and sets out to kill Kelly, Cameron stops and kills Magneto because he almost kills Chrissy, but reaches the conclution that Kelly must be killed.
5: Chrissy stop her brother  by killing him and saves President Kelly.

House Of M 1-4: Hawkeye's Avengers try to take down Magneto and his regime but at the same time Quiksilver with Namor set out to take down Mags and take his place. Now with Magneto on the run with the Avengers they discover that Quicksilver rule is worse than his father, so Clint helps Mags back into power.

Inferno 1-5: Madeline Pryor, the Goblin Queen uses Colossus to take down Majik, paving the way for Madeline to become the new Baron of her area of Battle world.