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Captain America Civil War movie review +Top Ten defenders of the United State of America that use the Red , White and Blue

In my anticipation to see Captain America's Civil War I bring you guys my Top Ten defender of the United State of America that use the Red , White and Blue:

·         10 Punisher: I've never liked this character much, I have issues with guns, but I loved his characterization during the Civil War that show how much he really admire Captain America, and Steve just punches the hell out of him because he kill two criminals in cold blood even though they had join the anti-registration, and Frank Castel doesn't do anything to defend himself, that freaking respect. So after Cap's death he take up a Red, White and Blue Costume during a short time. 

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·         9 Nuke: This villain sort of represent everything that's wrong with the USA's heavy handed interventions during the cold world, he's a nationalistic fanatic that is hell bent on finishing his mission. He sort off represents  every negative American stereotype you can find and multiplied by ten.

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·         8 Jack Flag: This totally forgettable character from the 90's, has a interesting evolution in a series of crazy events where he  ends up fighting side by side with the Guardian of the Galaxy.

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·         7 Patriot: Grandson of first African American Captain America, he was part of the young Avengers, and he had some issue: like fighting and representing   a country that treated his people so badly, but over time he learned that Patriotism looks beyond the sins of his counties past.

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·         6 Us Agent: Like Nuke he is characterized with all the negative stereotypes you can think of  for an American, but unlike Nuke he's a honorable and noble person at heart, and he normally take the right decisions.

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·         5 Major Victory is a time displaced hero that was called Justice that was a member of the New Warriors and latter a Avenger, that in the far future he somehow end up with Cap's Shield and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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·         4 Bucky Cap. When Cap died after the Civil War his old sidekick respects Steve's wishes and becomes the next Captain America, but he doesn't have so many moral restraints as the old Cap and he's trying to deal with all the messed up stuff  that he did while he was Winter Soldier.

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·         3 Falcon Cap: I love Sam Wilson, as Cap I hope he keeps the Shield for a while he has potential for bringing in new and interesting stories to the title.  No it would be even  cooler that after Sam Wilson a person of Hispanic decent get to use the Shield, being the fact they will be the first minority in the country.

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·         2 Ultimate Captain America: This alternate version of Cap, looks like a real bad ass, and his image spilled over into marvel movie universe and latter into marvel normal 616 continuity. 

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·         1 New Captain America: Good old classic Steve Rogers is a fantastic character, I love the inner conflict that this  character has when he must deal with moral issues, his new suit reminds of a old school classic character called the blue Shield.

Captain America: Civil War
Directed by the Russo Brothers

The Worlds governments want to  hold the Avengers accountable for their  actions, there is too much collateral damage when the try to save the day, now without spoiling to much from the plot which is pretty entertaining, things go really bad on a mission that leads the worlds governments to draft the Sokovia Accords, to keep the heroes in check, the equivalent to the original comics Registration and Initiative act, and in  this case the Avengers action must be sanctioned by the UN, so basically Captain America refuses to singe and become part of this initiative, arguing that    governments sometime have their own agendas not caring for their respective population and that politics would can get in the way of the Avengers from saving the world, while Tony Stark / Iron Man, for many valid reasons, falls in line with the US government that wants the Avengers to controlled.  So a rift is formed in the Avenger, the ones that view things like Captain America and others that think that Tony is right. I won't go deeper into the plot but there are many spoilers ahead in this post: 

Heroes: This movie makes it hard to establish a 100% who is right,  and in the battle between the Avengers no one truly has a fall from grace becoming a straight up Villain, it actually better handled than in the comics at moment where Tony comes off like an ass hole in the whole arc.

Team Captain America:
Captain America (Chris Evans): We know that Chris can plays a perfect Captain America, so I don't have too much to say in this department, just give the dude 6 more movies as the Cap.
Bucky /Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan): At moments this movie reminded me of the Jason Bourne  series, and Bucky is basically  a the Manchurian candidate from hell that has but has really bad luck, but you really feel for the guy and how life gave him a really bad deck of cards.
Falcon (Anthony Mackie): Before I was saw this movie I viewed a couple of reviews and everyone talks about how bad ass Spidy or Black Panther are, but I also enjoyed how Falcon is depicted in the movie he's much more interesting than he is as Falcon in the comics, loved red wing.  
Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner): Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger and the movie does him justice, the dude that fights impossible odds with no powers.
Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen): The  Russian Jean Grey does better job in this movie, but  she still hasn't won me over.
Ant-man (Paul Rudd): Ant-man is a true high light in the movie, and the director really takes advantage of his full power set. Can't wait until Ant-man two.
Sharon Carter (Emily van Camp): Cap's love interest, she has a knack in solving Steve's problems every time, mehhhh.

Team Ironman:
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.): Robert Downey acting performance is probably the best in the movie  he goes from heartbroken friend, to dude hell bent on vengeance pretty fast but he pulls it off so well that it works.
Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson): The character has an important role in the movie, but she isn't as interesting as she was in Winter Soldier.
War Machine (Don Cheadle): This is probably the first time we see War Machine just letting loose and it was freaking cool, plus the character sort of plays the role of Black Golaith from the original crossover, even though he doesn't die. 
Black Panther ( Chadwick Boseman): I've been a Black Panther fan for a long time and I understand the potential that this character has for the marvel movie universe, now in this movie he kicks ass even though he's on team Stark, but he has his own agenda and he's like a unstoppable force.
Vision (Paul Bettany): We get to see more of Visions powers and we discover that his GEM actually gave Scarlet Witch her powers.
Spider-man (Tom Holland): The kid is the best Spidy ever nuff said, thank you marvel for getting it right.

Thunderbolt Ross ( William Hurt): Everyone's favorite pain the ass, I love to hate this character he should have had more screen time.

·         Crossbone (Frank Grillo): This villain comes across as a much better bad guy than Zemo, and he gives Cap a run for his money.
·         Zemo ( Daniel Bruhl): The only complaint that I heard about the movie that I've heard on a general level is that this characters  plans are just too complicated, and they are, but if you ever read a story with Helmut Zemo his evil planes are always incredibly complicated, check out what he does on the second volume of the Thunderbolts, you always have to reread what happens because you get lost jajajaja. So the dude cann't make a simple vengeance plan, so they respected the comic but they should have made him use the purple mask, its cheesy but emblematic.

Supporting Cast:
·         Howard Stark
·         Evertt K. Ross: This character will probably find his way into the Black Panther Movie.
·         May Parker: Bold choice for a younger May, good move for the Russo Brothers

Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         What will happen to the Avengers?
·         What will to Cap's Shield?
·         Get Ready for a Black Panther and Spider-man movie.

The Bad:
·  No purple Zemo mask ¿why?
·  shaky came at the begging.

The Good:
·         The best super hero battle and action in general that I have ever seen.
·         It actually hard to choose a sides because interestingly both bring valid arguments to the table, even Thunderbolt Ross. You sort of flip flop on who side you are on at moments.
·         The dialogs have a good balance between serious, too freaking funny. The dialogs between Cap and Tony are just fantastic, they really hit home.
·         Did I mention the best Spider-man interpretation ever.
·         Big cliff hanger, ¿what will happen to the Avengers?
·         It makes Age of Ultron more relevant, establishing the equivalent of the Stanford explosion in the original arc.

 Rating: 10