Thursday, April 14, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse Movie + My Top Ten Apocalypse Horsemen and Associates

X-Men Apocalypse

So I finally got to see X-Men Apocalypse and  I went in with pretty low expectations because of the not so good reviews that this movie has been getting, and to my surprise I really like it, it does has a few issues and by no means it isn't as good as Captain America: Civil War, but this film holds up on its own and it has made this old school X fan happy.
So first off spoiler alert, let skim over the plot, so you guys can get an idea what the flick is about,  Apocalypse the first mutant and ruler of Egypt is buried alive  by his own people who seemed to have grown tired of him, and he reawakes in the 80's and he is pist by  the fact that the modern world is being ruled by the weak, so he puts together his 4 horse  and  goes all Ultron on the whole population of Earth and tries destroy everything to restart civilization, to get things right, and after kidnapping Xavier for a new host body, the X-men jump in and save the day and basically this is the whole movie.

·         Professor X/Charles Xavier (James McAvoy): McAvoy does a great job with Xavier, he really humanizes the character, you actually feel for the guy at moments, and  this is a stark contrast for how I feel for the comic book Xavier, that most of the time comes off as a A-hole. He has a couple of interesting interactions with Apocalypse.
·         Mystic (Jennifer Lawrence): Please kill this character off, Jennifer Lawrence is one of my biggest issues with this film.
·          Beast (Nicholas Hoult):  80's Beast should be more witty, not a insecure nerd.
·         Moira Mac Taggert (Ross Bryne): Happy to see her back, and thinking about it she should have been the one that saved Nightcrawler not Mystic, it would have been interesting to have a human going into the underground saving mutants.
·         Quicksilver (Evan Peters): I just loved the character and his characterization, that is nothing like the comics, but he does it so well, that it's just fine for me, he has the best seen in the movie again.
·          Cyclops (Tye Sheridan): They do a much better job with this character, than in the other X movies, now Cyclops has potential.
·         Jean Grey ( Sophie Turner): Turner's acting at the begging of the movie is just  terrible but as it progress she gets better and at the end she kicks ass.
·         Havok (Lucas Till): Happy to see my favorite Summer's brother back, rocking a 80's haircut.
·          Wolverine (Hugh Jackman): Claws and Slashing, just perfect. 
Nightcrawler: Just loved Kurt.

·         Magneto (Michael Fassbender): Magneto is the best thing going in this series of X films, he really drives the film.
·         Storm (Alexandra Shipp): She needs more screen time, but I appreciate the accent.
·         Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac): Look Apocalypse is my favorite Marvel villain ever and the movie leaves a couple core motivation of En Sadah Nur out, so he comes off like a more powerful Ultron. With one or two lines the move could have fix this, maybe mentioning that he serves the celestial and their interests  or not mention them, and just a saying that some alien force are coming to judge  Earth, and only the strong can protect it and you leave the door open for the Shi'ar, with something like this you give the character more motivation to go around killing everyone.
·         Psylocke (Olivia Munn): Meh, just a minion, but I don't care much for in the comics or in this movie.
·         William Stryker ( Josh Helman): I have no idea why he's in the movie.
·         Angel (Ben Hardy): They wasted the potential of this character, he's just a basic minion in the flick.

Supporting Cast:
·         Jubilee: Happy to see that her role is just a cameo.
·         Caliban: Surprised to see this dude, he's a pretty obscure character.

Issue Summary:

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Phoenix is coming.
·         ¿Is Mr. Sinister behind Weapon X?
·         Wolvy is running around.
·         Quicksilver joins the X-Men.
·         Magneto and Mystic return to the X-Men.

The Bad:
·         Apocalypse should have been taller and more bulky, the way he looks in the movie doesn't provoke that much intimidation.
·         Movie can't balance so many characters like Civil War did.
·         Jennifer Lawrence's acting was stall as hell, please kill Mystic in the next movie.
·         The Horse men just stand around half the movie, should should be wrecking havoc during the whole movie.

The Good:
·         The 80's look of the movie was fantastic from the cars, the shoulder pads and some of the haircuts, and since I grew up during this decade it really brought back some memories.
·         Please make a movie in slow mo with Quicksilver.
·         They shoe horned Wolverine in the movie, the whole part of the movie that he appears in is totally irrelevant to the plot, but it was great to see him go on a claw fest.
·         The big metal X.
·         The battles were great.
Cold war context seems to work well for the X-men

Overall: I'll give the flick 7.5 out of 10.

OK Apocalypse is my favorite Marvel villain of all time, and I tripping that in the next X-Men Movie he's going to be the one in charge to making thing miserable for Marvel's  merry mutants. So in anticipation of this movie I put together my ranking of my Top Ten Apocalypse Horse Men and Associates:

·         10 Harbinger: This character appeared on the pages of Cable, his arrival marked the beginning of the 12 story arc, he almost destroyed Manhattan, and Nathan needed the help of the Avengers to take this guy down.

I must note this is the Mutant X War
·         9 War Abraham Lincoln Kieros: He's an old school Horseman,  from the old X-Factor days, he has  explosive claps. 

8 Sunfire/Famine: Marvel found a way to get Sunfire to use his super cool body armor form the Age of Apocalypse, they made him a horseman of Apocalypse and for some reason he dropped the armor for a time but he had to use it again after his battle with Kang.

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  7 The Dark Riders: For some reason Apocalypse decided not to work with his Horsemen during the last days of X-Factor original team line up, so he upgraded a bunch of renegade Inhumans, and they ended up becoming the Dark Rider.

·         6 Ahab/Famine: I have the TPB of  Days of the Future Present, where Ahab is the main villain to that story, I thought he was super interesting, but Marvel never really used him  much, so it was great to see him gracing the pages Uncanny Avengers working with the Red Skull and with Kang. 

·         5 Holocaust/Nemesis: He's Apocalypse's son from the Age of Apocalypse that actually crossed over into Marvel 616 for a time.

·         4 The Apocalypse Twins: They are Archangels children that have been kidnapped and brought up by Kang, so these kids have issues, and they gave the Avenger a run for their money in Uncanny Avengers.

·         3 Caliban/Death/Plague: I really love Caliban I always felt bad for the guy, seeking power to avenge his fellow Morlocks, because his mutant powers were no good against the likes of Sabertooth, and surprisingly Apocalypse takes him in, and years latter out of clemency, something Apocalypse doesn't demonstrate very often set him free because he had served him well.

·         2 Sentry: Even though he was actually a horseman for the Apocalypse twins, he was freaking cool, and super hardcore while battling Thor he ripped open his own head to unleash hell on him.

·         1 Archangel/Death: Hands down is my favorite character that Apocalypse has modified,  with those Techno Organic wings are cool as hell and oddly I really like his  80's costume. And I must add he has a complicated relationship with Apocalypse that always make things interesting for the story.