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Marvel's Multiverse II: Top Ten Age of Apocalypse and House of M Characters + Summaries Age of Apocalypse and the House of M Issue

I decided to mash up in one post the summaries of  my to favorite  marvel crossover dystopias that are the almost exact opposite from one another the Age of Apocalypse and the House of M. And to start off this post I'm going to rank my top ten favorite new character and reinterpretation of classic X characters from marvel marry mutants in the Age of Apocalypse .

10: Generation Next is a million times more interesting than 616 Generation X that they had replaced in this realty. Colossus and Kitty just kicked ass as the leaders of these messed up kids.

9: Spiraling out of Generation Next you have the disgusting looking villains ever, Sugar man, that being able to escape the Age of Apocalypse to marvel 616 he quietly became a relevant character lurking in the shadows, over looming in Genosha being the one responsible of the Mutate program.

8 AOA Sunfire  new image is one of the most interesting reworks in this realty, and this look ended up in Marvel 616 twice, please marvel don't try to use his old costume anymore it looks dated.   

Resultado de imagen para Morph marvel
 7: The introduction of Morph as the comic relief for this realty worked and he became a fan favorite, a alternate version of him ended up as a member of the Exiles.

6: Mr. Creed/Sabertooth and Wild child  as tooth's side kick just was a fantastic idea, I always wondered way Marvel didn't try harder to pair these guys up more in 616, and I must say that Wild child as character  had tons of potential but has been very under used in the 616 universe in general. While Mr. Creed ended up as a main member of the Exiles.   

5: AOA Cyclops is a bad ass, even though he lost a eye he's a rebel that question orders quietly, he had his own agenda, not like the 616 Cyclops  that up  untill the 2000's he was just  a one dimensional boy scout.

4: Dark Beast is Hank Mc Coy gone wrong and thank fully he ended up in Marvel 616 to make things miserable for the original Beast, becoming his arch enemy.  

3 Holocaust/Nemesis: What a cool but under used villain, he has such untapped potential.

2: Weapon X/Weapon Omega/ Wolverine is one of the coolest Logan incarnations ever, even though he's a hero he's lost most of his moral code, up better said warped morals,  leading him to do some messed up stuff like bombing his old buds the X-Men and latter becoming the new Apocalypse.

1 Blink a fan favorite that ended up being a star in the Exiles comic, the crazy thing few people actually remember the first time she appeared in the Phalanx covenant and seemingly died. Marvel please bring her back in her own series.

My Top Ten, House of M Characters:

Magneto uses special redesigned Sentinels to enforce his rule of law, and they look freaking awesome.

Iron man as usual get a new and super cool armor for each crossover, and this one looks like something out of Robotech.

 HM Hulk, is  all covered up in ceremonial aboriginal makings, and he takes over Australia and becomes a badass head of state.

 HM Thunderbird is alive and well in this reality and he's a police task force that is out to take down Luke Cage.

HM Avengers is one of the most interesting reimaginations of this crossover, and this  team because even though they are good gays they are not on the right side of the law.  

 Liquid Metal Doom hass  formed a pretty evil fantastic four to protected Latveria.

 This realties Winter Soldier has Captain America's shield but works as an assassin.


The HM Spidy has a really cool costume, but the best thing about him is how the whole story arc just destroys his life.

Magneto has become the ruler of the free world and in  this  story arc show that he acts like illustrated despot that has to get his hands dirty every once in awhile.

Layla Miller is a super original and fantastic character that is born for this crossover, and over time made things really interesting  in X-Factor, she the best thing to come out of a crossover in a long time.

Age of Apocalypse Summary

In the aftermath of Legion's quest, Xavier has died and Magnet is left to fulfill his dream, but things have gone terribly wrong Apocalypse attacks and takes over the United States and sinks the planet in a global War. Only the strong survive and homosapiens most be cleaned from the face of the Planet.

Heroes: Magneto, Weapon X, Mr. Creed (Sabertooth), Scarlet Witch, Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Rogue, Colossus, Generation Next, Magik, Cyclops, X-man
Villains: Apocalypse, Dark Beast, Sugar Man, Gideon, Candra, Havok, Dead man Wade (Deadpool), Donald Pierce, Hulk, Daredevil, Inhumans, Maximus.
Antagonists: Mr. Sinister, Imperial Guard, Silver Samurai
Supporting cast: Human Council, Angel, Destiny, John Proudstar, Star Jammers, Gatway, Tony Stark, Gwen Stacy, Donald Blake.
Issue Summary:
·         X-men Chronicles 1(XC) Magneto forms his version of the X-men; Apocalypse makes his first move and attacks the US. But while the X-men engage his forces, Apocalypse’s son Nemesis attacks their base and kills Scarlet Witch.

Age Of Apocalypse One Shot: Story how Wolvy meets Mariko and battles Silver Samurai for the first time.
·         XC 2 X-men battle the Wolverine (he isn't Logan) a heavy hitter from Apoc’s ranks, but we see in this issue that there is some internal conflict among Mags team. 
Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: Magneto’s X-men go to the Moon to rescue Sunfire, and are confronted by Maximus and his genetically altered Inhumans. 

Age Of Apocalypse One Shot: Story about how Tooth befriends Wild Child, and escape prison.

Age Of Apocalypse One Shot: Colossus tiered of endless battle is offered by Magneto to become the teacher of the next generation of Young Mutants.
·         X-men Alpha Bishop the only survivor from Earth 616 is confronted by Onus and his force, Magneto’s X-men saves Bishops life. Bishop reveals what really happened in the past with Xavier to the X-men and that there reality is wrong and most be corrected.
·         Astonishing X-men (AX) 1 Mags put a plan into motion to fix realty and end Apocalypse.
·         Amazing X-men (AMX) 1 Storms team heads to aid the exodus of humans to Europe.
·         Generation Next (GN) 1 Colossus and his young students receive the mission to find Magik.
·         Weapon X (WX) 1Wolvy and Jean head to Europe to meet up with the Human Council.
·         Factor-X (FX) 1 Cyclops has his doubts about his role with Apocalypse and Sinister goes rogue.
·         X-man (XM) 1 Forge finds a errant mutant called Nathan Grey, and he’s freaking powerful.
·         Caliber-X (CX) 1 Nightcrawler to Avalon to find Destiny.
·         GE 2 Gambit and his team find themselves with the Shi’ar’s Imperial Guard and get saved by the Star Jammers.
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·         CX 2 Nightcrawler discovers that Mystic’s terrible secret.
·         XM 2 Forge starts training X-man.
·         FX 2 Cyclops helps Polaris escape Dark Beast’s lab.
·         WX 2 Wolvy battles Donald Pierce and also part ways with Jean Grey.
·         AX 2 Mr. Creed battles Holocaust.
·         GE 3 Gambit and crew actually steals the M’Kraan Crystal.
·         XM 3 Sinister kills Forge.
·         FX 3 Jean Grey is captured by Dark Beast, we discover more about how Wolvy lost his hand and Cyclops loses his eye. Cyclops rebels and liberates Jean.
·         AX 3 X-men’s battle against the Infinities rages on.
·         AMX 3 Apocalypse attack preemptively Mags and Captures him.
·         CX Apoc’s force attack Avalon, Juggernaut dies, Crawler defeats Wade.
·         WX 3 Wolvy finds the man he’s looking for Gateway; he’s going to help the human surprise attack Apocalypse.
·         Universe X 1-2 Human council tries to broker a deal with Mikhail the fourth horseman of Apoc, but everything goes south and all hell breaks loose.   
·         WX 4 The Human Council start the invasion, Wolvy got to make sure Donald Pierce doesn’t get in the way.
·         GE 4 Strong Guy Betrays Gambit and steals the crystal for Apocalypse. 
 GN 4 Colossus and the Gen next kids are able to rescue Magik from the Sugar man. But Colossus sacrifices his whole team to do this.
XM 4 X-man discovers more about his origin and battles Mr. Sinister.
·         AX 4 Blink battles Holocaust in a final showdown, but he gets away.
·         FX 4 Cyclops is a wanted man; Cyclops battles Havok and defeats him.
·         CX 4 Shadow King Attacks Avalon Nightcrawler and his crew defeat him but Doug Ramsey is killed.
·         AMX 4 We discover Multiple Man is where they get Apocalypse cannon fodder. Banshee defeats Abyss. X-Teams unite to start the final assault on Apocalypse.
·         X-men Omega 1 X-teams battle against Apocalypse’s forces, thanks to Majik and the M’Kraan crystal Bishop travels to the past and fixes the time line. 

Age Of Apocalypse One Shot: Magneto make a deal with Sinister not to hunt him down and he'll will not tell anyone that he didn't stop the Nuclear attack.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         X-man, Dark Beast, Holocaust, Nightcrawler and Sugar man end up in Marvel 616.
·         Blink and Mr. Creed end up in the Exiles. Also Morph even though he’s not the same Morph from AOA verse.
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·         Magneto Kills Apocalypse.
·         Wolvy Kills Havok.
·         Colossus kill Shadow cat
·         Gambit kills Colossus

The Good:
·         It’s my favorite X-men Crossover
·         Some really cool version of my favorite heroes and some are cooler than the originals.
·         Introduction of Blink, I know her first appearance is during the Phalanx cross over, but here is where she leaves her mark.
·         Some super cool X-men line ups.
·         In Universe X you discover what happed to the none Mutant heroes.

Rating: 10

Age of Apocalypse  (II)

The X-men have to hunt down a new menace that his attacking them from the shadows.

Heroes: X-Men, Jean Grey
Villains: Sinister, North Star, Aurora, Puck, Xorn/Paige Guthrie, Cannonball, Jay Guthrie, Cloak, Dagger, Suaron, Syrin, Hellions, Morlocks
Supporting Cast: Beak and Magneto's little kid.

Issue Summary:
·         AOA 1-6: Kirika is sent to find Wolverine that has gone into hiding in Canada, after battling Puck she finds Logan, while Magneto use his X-Men to hunt down  rogue and evil mutants like the Hellions and the Morlocks. Wolvy and X-23 battle North Star and Aurora in their trek out of Canada.
·          X-Men battle the Guthrie's but it`s a distration so Page/Xorn take vengence on Magneto for leaving behind in the Sugar man's pens.
·         The X-Men defeat the Guthrie's with help of Psylocke
·         The Guthrie's where helped by Sinister, so the X-men set out to find him and discover that Jean Grey is alive and under his control, the X-men battle Sinister and his Sinister Six and defeat him

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Jean Grey is alive.
·         Magneto falls from grace, thanks to the revalation that he made a deal with Sinister during the aftermath of the fall of Apocalypse, and that he didn't stop the nuclear attack Jean did.
·         Kirika/X-23 seems to be Wolvy's daughter with Mariko.
·         Quicksilver dies.
·         Magneto goes to prison, Jean becomes the leader of the X-men

The Bad:
·         Psylocke just pops out of nowhere.
·         One of the Sinister Six members identities isn't revealed but he looks like a fat Havok.
·         On a tomb stone Robert Drake appears dead but he appear in X-Force as one of the AOA refugees that ends ups Earth 616.

The Good:
·         Lots of Japanese Mutants, ¿I wonder why? maybe the writer.

Rating: 9

Uncanny X-Force 19.1: The X-Terminators hatch up a plan to clone the dead Scarlet Witch to use her as a bomb to end all mutant to save the final human city, when Weapon Omega/Aoa Wolverine arrives with his Black Legion and  kills Magneto and Rogue. Plan back fires and Jean Grey with Sabertooth/Mr. Creed lose their powers.

The Good:
·         Origins of  the Prophet

Lasting Effects:
·         Jean and Tooth are left powerless.

Age of Apocalypse 1:  X-Terminators Team goes  up against Daredevil  who is trying to find a man that seems have come from Earth 616.

The Good:
·         Introduction of Azazel into the AOA universe.
·         Tooth and Grey dealing with their lose of power.
·         Introduction of Prophet (William Stryker), Fiend (Francesca Trask, Zora Risman, Gaydon Creed (Horror Show) and Goodnight (Donald Pierce).

Age of Apocalypse 2: Sugar man and Beast have broght back Cyclops from the dead with the celestial life seed. X-Terminators almost don't make out after the run-in with Cyclops.

Age of Apocalyse 3: Havok, Emplate, Dead man Wade are  also brought back from the dead, X-Terminators arrive to stop Dark Beast and Sugar man from bring back more heavy wait mutants.

Age of Apocalypse 4: Goodnight trick Hulk in joining them to attack the Sugar man laboratory destroying everything, but Prophet bring back Penance (M) and Colosus.

Lasting Effects:
·         Weapon Omega seeming kills the Hulk.

The Good:
·         it's sort of explained why Donald isn't techno organic

Age of Apocalypse 5: Prophet and Jean try to recruit Quintin Quire but he ends up killing himself.

The Good:
·         We discover how Logan became the new Apocalyse.

Lasting Effects:
·         Prophet take blood from Quire

Age of Apocalypse 6: Penance is back and becomes a challenge to Weapon Omega's control, and secretly side with the X-Terminators.

Age of Apocalypse 7: The Prophet and his team go to Latveria in search of Doom the only one with information of the Celestials the creator of Apocalypse's death seed, the Info that can end Weapon Omega reign.   
Age of Apocalypse 8: The Prophet plays Doom and actually out smarts him, and gets the information he wanted by cutting off his head.
Age of Apocalypse 9: Jean Grey on the run from Omega's forces, that are hot on her heals.
Age of Apocalypse 10: Sugar man creates a pill with the information extrated from Doom that will stop Weapon Omega, while Jean is confronted by Logan, when Mr. Creed jumps in but gets his butt kicked.
Age of Apocalypse 11: Goodnight using Kid Omegas brain traps the Shadow King, Logan's most dangerous minions. While Jean tricks Logan into taking the death pill.
Age of Apocalypse 12: Weapon Omega's is gone and the good Logan is back, Penance becomes the new Ruler.
Age of Apocalypse 13: Fallout from the last issue, Logan hunt down Scott Summer, end of the series  

House of M
Scarlet Witch has created a perfect realty where mutants rule the planet and have a relatively good coexistence with humans, but this Utopia becomes a complete dystopia when the world’s heroes start to realize that everything is a lie.
Heroes: Photon, Hulk, Scorpion, Inhumans, Namor, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Moonknight, Tygra, Misty Knight, Punisher, Mockingbird, Black Cat, Cloak, White Tiger, Doctor Strange the Thing
Antagonist: Erik Josten, AIM,  Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Shield, Shang Chi

Villains:  Purple Man, Hydra, Exodus, Onus, Apocalypse, the Red  Guard, Sabertooth, Nuke, Winter Soldier, Mimic, Willis Stryker, Thunderbird, Tasmaster, Blob, Avalanch, Boom Boom, Feral, Kingpin Typhoid Mary, Bulleye, Gladiator, Electra, Doom, Quicksilver

Sporting Cast: The Kree

Issue Summary:
Add caption
·         House of M 1: The Avengers and X-Men head to Genosha to give a super hero intervention to the Scarlet Witch, by a petition of Xavier that sustains that her powers are out of control, but when they arrive  Scarlet Witch rebuts realty.
·         House of M Civil War 1: After the death of his daughter Magneto starts to searching the world for mutants like himself, during this time he allies himself with Apocalypse for a time till they have a falling out.
·         House of M Civil War 2: Magneto has declared war on humanity tired of mutants being hunted down, here he meets Xavier.  Magneto's forces attack Genosha that uses mutants slave labor.
·         House of M Civil War 3: Magneto conquers Genosha and frees it mutant population, and forges alliances with the Inhumans, Atlantis and Wakanda, while the US government sends a task force with Mimic, Winter Soldier and Nuke to kill Magneto, but instead kill Xavier.
·         House of M Civil War 4-5: Magneto in retaliation of Xavier's assination take down the whole US government.
·         Avengers House of M 1: Cage arrives to New York City after Magneto's take over, Luke seeks revenge against Willis  Stryker  and becomes the underground protector of Sapien City  taking down most of the crime bosses of NY city, joining force with Hawkeye, Moonknight, Iron Fist and Tygra .
·         Avenger House of M 2: FBI inspector John Proudstar/Thunderbird creates a taskforce to take down Cage's crew, but sends Misty Knight to infiltrate them first. Cage's team and Thunderbird battle leading to the death of Tygra.
·         Avenger House of M 3: Misty turns on Thunderbird and joins Cage, Luke starts to join forces with other gangs like the Shang Chi's Dragons and the Wolves/New Warriors but find that Kingpin will not fall into line . Cage takes vengeance on Taskmaster for killing Tygra. Thunderbird makes a deal with Kingpin.
·         Avengers House of M 4-5: Kingpin and Thunderbird set a trap for Cage and his crew, Luke is able to defeat them exposing Thunderbird heavy handed policing, leading to Magneto to come down hard on John  Proudstar.
·         House of M 2: Scarlet Witch has rebutted reality into a Utopia and Magneto is the leader of the free world ruled by mutants and Wolverine is the only one that knows that everything is wrong, thank to so many mind implants Logan remembers what had happened.
·         House of M 3: Wolvy on the run saved by Luke Cage's crew.
 Uncanny X-men 462: The House of M has started and it has wrecked the Multiverse, Captain Britain does his best to stop the Jaspers that has been reborn.
·         House of M 4: Wolvy meets Layla Miller who also knows what happened and has the power to wake people to remember what has happened.
·         Spider-man House of M  1-5: Peter goes totally  crazy with the revelation that this realty isn't real that he actually take up the Green Goblin persona.
·         Thunderbolts 11: Erik Josten tries to spark a war with the Kree, so they can topple Magneto.
·         Exiles 69-72:  Exiles new mission is to stop the Proteus that has reborn thanks to the Scarlet Witch, after battling the Exiles Proteus take Mimic as his new host body.
·         Incredible Hulk 83-86: Hulk joins forces with AIM to stop human oppression from the Mutant leaders in Australia, but after defeating Exodus Hulk realizes that AIM has some evil plans that he has to stop.
·         House of M 5: With Layla, Logan and Cage amass army of Heroes to take down Magneto who they think used Scarlet Witch to create this reality.
·         Fantastic Four House of M 1-3: Doom tries to trap Magneto in pocket Universe.
·         Black Panther 7: Magneto sends Sabertooth to kill Panther who is becoming a thorn in his side. Panther takes care of him easily, so Mags sends Apocalypse but with help of Blackbolt, Panther's friend  the menace is dealt with.
·         House of M 6: Heroes gear up for attack.
·         House of M 7: The battle rages on, its reveled to Doc Strange that Quicksilver is the responsible for the whole mess and Magneto is pist and kills Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch lashes out with a spell "No More Mutants".
·         House of M 8: Everything is back to normal but most mutants have lost their power and Scarlet Witch goes into hiding.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Most Mutants are depowered.
·         Wolverine gets his memories back.
·          Hawkeye comes back to life, and takes up the Ronin persona
·         Layla Miller is introduced, she latter joins X-Factor
·         Not everyone remembers what happened
·         Proteus causes all kinds of grief for the Exiles

The Bad:
The Good:
·         Magneto isn’t necessarily a villain he’s a head of  State that gives him a new dimension.
·         Winter Soldier using Captain Americas Shield.
·         Cool see Thunderbird in this crossover.
·         It's pretty messed up who Spidy get to have a kid, be maried Gwen Stacy and his uncle Ben is alive and then be told it a lie.
·         The whole plot twist making Quicksilver the responsible for what happened was just fantastic.
·         No More Mutants, priceless.
·         Doom mom was alive in this realty and she knows how to manipulate Victor
Intresting to see a Wolverine driven Crossover that doesn't have him hacking and slashing
Rating: 10