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My Top ten Deadpool Rogue gallery+ 2000's Deadpool issue Summaries, from my collection

This is my Top ten Deadpool Rogue gallery, these are the characters that I think are the biggest pain in the butt for Wade, and the means tons of fun for the readers:

10: Carnage; even though they have crossed paths only once for a colossal four issue hack and slash. The true battle is to see who is the craziest and Wade totally has the upper hand in that category.

 9: Hydra/AIM/Ultimatum; Wade has crossed paths with these evil organizations  tons of times, never being much of a menace for him, but its away fun to see how causes utter chaos for them.

8: T-Ray; is a villain that is really driven in to taking Wade down, accusing him in stealing his Identity, he's one of Wade's first original adversaries but writers tend to under use this super cool bad guy, that is pretty powerful but Wade always gets the upper hand on him getting under his skin.

 7: Spider-man; Spidy has crossed paths with Wade a couple of times, and he tends to watch over Pool before things go totally crazy.

 6: Omega Red/Omega Clan: Now Omega Red and his clones the Omega clan, have defeated Wade two or three times, Pool needs help in defeat them be it X-Force, Paste Pot Pete or Shiklah.



5: Bulleye: This one of my favorite marvel rivalries of all time Bulleye can't stand that Wade is the better Mercenary/Hitman their battles are super fun to read because Bulleye has to be super creative in trying to best Wade but Pool always comes out on top. 

4: Punisher: Frank has no issues in trying to kill Wade and in a fight even though he doesn't have powers he's driven and focused giving Pool a run for his money, Punisher tends to come on top.

3: Typhoid Mary: The one person that seems more crazy than Wade, even to much for him to handle, Wade actually tryed to help her but almost pushed him over the edge. 

2: Wolverine, From enemies to  allies, Logan and Pool are evenly matched and they have battle many times with the same amount of victories for both sides. 

1 Cable: just like with Wolverine, they have gone from enemies to allies, but in this case Nathan totally over powers Wade, I don't think Pool has ever been able to defeat Cable absolutely.

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Deadpool Vol.4:
Issues 4-5

Plot: An old friend of Wades sets him up to become unlimited Zombie Food.
Heroes: Deadpool   
Villains: Zeke, Evil Doctor and Zombies

Issues Summary:
·         4: Deadpool gets captured by the Evil Doctor
·         5: Pool finds a way to screw over his friend Zeke that set him up to be captured and the Evil zombie creating doctor.

Repercussion and Lasting effects:
·         Zombies think the Wade task like bad tofu.

The Bad:  

The Good:  It a pretty original storyline for Deadpool and it’s great to show how Wade can out smart people being totally crazy

Rating: 7                                

Deadpool Vol.4:
Issues 6-7

Plot: Norman Osborne wants Wade dead, and he contracts Tiger Shark to do it.
Heroes: Deadpool   
Villains: Tiger Shark, Norman Osborne and ¿Bob?

Issues Summary:
·         5 Wade survives two encounters with Tiger Shark that  has been sent by Norman Osborne, and Bob makes his grand come back.
·         6 Bob reveals that he’s been forced to hunt Deadpool too. Pool finishes Tiger Shark off.

Repercussion and Lasting effects:
·         Inevitably there is going to be more fun with Norman Osborne and friends

The Bad:  

The Good:  Bob

Rating: 7           

Magnum Opus Deadpool Issues 8-9 Cross over with the Thunderbolts check out my post on the Dark Reign

Issues: 10-12

Plot: Osborne can’t seem to find some to be able to kill Wade, so he sends his best assassin after him Bulleye.



Heroes: Deadpool

Villains: Bulleye, Norman Osborne, Dark Avengers

Issues Summary:

·         10 Round one goes to Bulleye

·         11 Round two to Deadpool, and Wade he makes sure to humiliate Bulleye.

·         12 Pool kick Bulleye’s butt so bad that, Bulleye pays Wade off to disappear and trick Osborne that he’s dead

Repercussion and Lasting effects:

·         This is going to bring some headaches to Bulls eye when Osborne find out that Deadpool is still alive.

·         Revelation that Pool and Bulleyes knew each other as kids

The Bad:  

The Good: The Story arc is pretty funny, the Dark Reign and Deadpool go hand and Hand


Rating: 9  

Suicide Kings:

Issues: 1-4

Plot: Deadpool is framed of a crime he didn’t commit, putting punisher hot on his trail. Wade tries to find the guy that framed him and discovers with the help of Spidy, Daredevil and Punisher, that the guy responsible is under Tombstone’s protection.        



Heroes:  Deadpool, Punisher, Spider-Man and Daredevil

Villains: Tombstone, Wrecking Crew and the Hood

Issues Summary:

1.      Deadpool is framed of a crime he didn’t commit, and this causes the Punisher start his hunt for Wade.

2.      Pool and Punisher duke it out, Wade barley escapes. Punisher finds Wade again and when he’s about to finish Pool off Daredevils save Pool.

3.      Deadpool and Daredevil start to investigate the guy that set him up and they find out he’s under Tombstone’s protection.

4-5.      Punisher is finally convinced that Pool isn’t responsible for the crime and joins him and Spidy to take down Tombstone, (oh and Tombstone has contracted the Wreaking Crew for protection).

Repercussions and Lasting effects: After being defeated by Deadpool Tombstone embarks on a journey to kill Wade definitely.                     

The Bad:  

The Good: I really like the sick characterization of Tombstone that elevates him from a C-list Spidy Villain, to form part of Pools rogue gallery.    


Rating: 9   

Issues: 13-14;  Unreadable  

Rating: -10                           


Issues: 15-18

Plot:  Deadpool after doing some soul searching and decides that he wants to join the X-Men, and after being turned away by Cyclops, Wade tries to prove himself to the X-men to show them that he can help their cause. So what could go wrong?       
Heroes:  Deadpool, Cyclops, Wolverine, Domino, Colossus and the rest of the X-men   
Villains:  Elias Kincaid and Norman Osborne
Supporting Cast: a Dead Shark

Issues Summary:
·         15 After being lost at sea and talking to a dead Shark Pool arrives to San Francisco, there he decides that he wants to join the X-men.
·         16 Cyclops turns Pool away, so Wade sets himself out to prove that he can be a valuable member of the X-men.
·         17-18 After giving the X-men and Norman Osborne massive amounts of grief, Wade actual ends up help the X-men tremendously solving a major problem that they were having.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         None
The Bad:  

The Good: Deadpool is a lot smarter than he seems and in this series they try to put emphasis on this in his characterization.     
Rating: 8                                

Vengeance of Moon Knight 9: Moon Knight Battles and defeats Deadpool over, a hit that Wade had to do.    
Rating: 7

Deadpool 19-21: Wade has to join forces with Spidy to defeat a new a terrible threat Hit-Monkey. 

Rating: 7 

Deadpool Origins one-shot: Origin retell his origins from his point of view, for the creation of the Deadpool movie.

Deadpool 33.1:  Deadpool battles the Wrecker.


Pool has discover that that some is out to take him down and has created a serum that can take out his healing factor, so he sets thing s into motion to root out the one that is responsible and causing all kinds of chaos.  


Heroes: Deadpool, X-Force
Villains: Kingpin, Typhoid Mary, Daken, Tombstone, the Hand

Supporting Cast: Spider-man, Nick Fury

Issue Summary:
·         Deadpool 50: Wade gets X-Force to help him help find the serum, but also gets Bob and Daken in on his plan, Bob goes and talks to Kingpin who gets the Hand mixed up in this mess.
·         Deadpool 51: X-Force battles the Hand and Typhoid Mary, we discover that Tombstone is the one behind the serum.
·         Deadpool 52: X-Force attack the Hand and Kingpin, while Bob betrays Wade giving him the serum that Tomb Stone gave him.
·         Deadpool 53: Wade thanks Bob, he wanted this to happened because it made him normal.
·         Deadpool 54: Wade battles Tomb Stone, and Pool helps his friend to hide.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Pool is left without his powers and isn't ugly anymore.
·         Bob goes into hiding.

The Good:
·         It's like the definitive Deadpool story.
·         Tombstone makes a good Deadpool villain, he hold a grudge against Wade since suicide kings.


Deadpool 55: Wade goes up against the Inteligencia  and gets his butt kicked by Paste Pot Pete.

Note: Wade has no powers now.

Deadpool 56: Wade crosses paths with Taskmaster.

Note: Black Box seems to be alive.


Hawkeye Vs Deadpool 1-4: Hawkeye and Deadpool join forces to defeat Black Cat and her crew.

The Bad:

·         The battle between the two actually goes on just for one page… what the hell!¿?¿?

Rating: 3 


Deadpool vs Carnage 1-4: Four issues battle between two of marvel greatest maniacs, with Deadpool breaking Carnage's spirit, showing he is the craziest one on the planet.

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet

Heroes: Deadpool, Bob, Red Hulk's Thunderbolts
Antagonist: Blade, Werewolf by Night

Villains: Dracula, Hydra, AIM, MODOK, Frankenstein

Supporting Cast: Doctor Strange

Issue Summary:

·         1-7: Dracula contracts Deadpool to has to  retrieve his future bride queen Shiklah, but Wade on his way back to Drac they cross paths with Blade, after they defeat him, we discover that Wade  is starting to have feelings for Shiklah. Pool and Shi. get captured by Hydra and latter by AIM. After that Dracula send Werewolf by Night to  hunt Wade down, and when he fails he creates a task force with Frankenstein as the leader, then basically the shit hits the fan Pool with help from the Thunderbolts, Werewolf by Night and Blade, they defeat Dracula and his crew.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         .Wade ends up marrying Shiklah.
·         Wade establishes himself in monster city

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Shiklah is a pretty cool character, especially in monster mode.
·         Marcus the Werewolf Symboit Centurion is brilliant.
·          Bob is back

Rating: 9

Deadpool 27: Deadpool gets married to Shiklah, but a it seems he has been married about 9 times before, including to Ms Marvel, Mystic, Copycat, Outlaw, Domino.

Lasting Repercusions:
·         It appears that Copycat is alive.
Deadpool 41-44: Deadpool goes up against Roxxon with help of Paste Pot Pete, but the corporation kick back sending Omega Red after Wade.

Lasting Repercuassions:
·         Shiklah find her last tribe of Incubus and Sucubus.

The Good:
·         Wade resolves his conflict with Omega Red actually talking him out of it, then Shiklah show up and punches a hole in Omegas chest.

Deadpool 45: Ultimatum set out to destroy Wade, but Pool just blows this organization of the face of Earth.

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