Monday, July 10, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming

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Finally the perfect Spidy flick, this movie surpassed all of my expectations. I'm a happy nerd, and today I bring you guys my brief review and breakdown of this motion picture. I'm not really going to dive too deep into the plot because there are a couple of fantastic moments and surprises that the trailers didn't spoil, but just in case DANGER SPOILERS. The focus of this post will especially center around the characters. 

oh here's a link to my youtube video on the Vulturre: My kickass youtube video of the Vulture

Spider-man/ Peter Parker (Tom Holland): Tom portrays the perfectly Spidy and Peter Parker, it's like the comic book character literally jumped on the screen. We have a young Peter growing up dealing with teen issues and his responsibilities as a hero. Tom plays as the perfect underdog that just doesn't know when to give up, confronting impossible circumstances.  
Iron man / Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.): I enjoyed Tony's role in the movie, and from my point of view there is a missed opportunity to have Vulture take him down and have Spidy save him to prove that he's a hero for the big leagues.

Vulture / Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton the dude who did Batman): The movie reinvents a classic but not very interesting Spidy villain, into a dangerous and somewhat scary badass, and the flick establishes a motive for him and his minions that one can actually understand and identify with.
Shocker: Meh, pretty redundant.

Sporting Cast:
·         Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau): He has the job in keeping an eye on Spidy and obviously he does a bad job at that, which means some pretty funny moments.
·         Michelle Jones MJ( Zendaya): Sort of confused with which character she is, but her antisocial characterization is interesting.
·         Aaron Davis (Donald Glover): Character opens the door for Miles Morales.
·         May Parker (Marisa Tomei): Meh

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Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Spidy turns down Tony in becoming a full-time Avenger.
·         Scorpion is coming.
Another Spidy Armor for who ¿?¿

The Bad:
No  big issues
The Good:
·         Some kickass action, well passed, with good suspense, it had me white-knuckled a couple of times.
·         They nailed Spidy's banter, and general humor in movie is great.  
·         End credits: The  Ramones.
·         Karen and insane web shooters.
·         Some deep nerd cuts with Damage Control.
·         This incarnation of the Vulture is by far the best ever.

9.8 out of 10, Director Jon Watts you have made the best Spidy flick ever.