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90`s solo heroes titles Summaries during and post heroes reborn all the way upto the House of M

90`s post heroes reborn, solo heroes

Hulk 400: A three way battle between Hulk, Hydra and the Leader, Hulk stops the villains but relives that he might have screwed up that the Leader was actually trying to do some good. 

Incredible Hulk: 445: Onslaught check out this post.

Incredible Hulk/Hercules: Unleashed: Hercules approaches Hulk to reform the Avengers during the aftermath of their battle with Onslaught, thing go south and they start to battle Hulk clobbers Hercules. But Hulk end up having some fun adventure with his bud Herc in Olympia.  
Rating: 7

Hulk 446-447:  The Birth of the new Bannerless Hulk.
Rating: 7

Quicksilver 1:  High Evolution is under the attack of Exoduses forces and Acolytes trying to obtain the Isotope E, Quicksilver arrives to help the Knights of Wundagore defeat these evil mutants.
Rating: 8  

  Ka-zar 5-6: Ka-zar battles Rhino.
      Rating: 6

Quicksilver 11: The secret of Lord Anon is revealed, he’s really Man Beast who is gearing up to steal the Isotope E.
Rating: 8

Hulk 449: Hulk battles a group of new heroes called the Thunderbolts.  And why does Meteorite one of their members seems so familiar to Hulk?
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Thunderbolts first appearance.

Rating:  8

Hulk 448: Hulk battles the members of the Pantheon, but they simulate his death so people can just leave him alone.
Rating: 8

Hulk 450: Doctor Strange discovers the existence of the Heroes Reborn  universe, and Banner Hulk.
Rating: 7

Ka-zar 12: Ka-zar has a chat with High Evolution
Rating: 5

Incredible Hulk Annual 1998
Hulk battles Gladiator, over a misunderstanding. The leader of the Imperial Guard gets clobbered. Hulk is dealing with issues of abuse that he had suffered when he was a child at the hands of his Father, and Gladiator reminded him of his daddy. 

 The Mighty Thor 1-2: Thor is back and discovers that Asgard has been destroyed while he was gone trapped in the heroes reborn universe, and while making this discovery back on Earth  the Destroyer battles the Avengers, Thor jumps to help but ends up being killed but saved by the mysterious Marnot form Hela  and trapped in her realm, Thor is bound to the Mortal Jack Olson, to save both of their lives. Thor defeats Destroyer.

The Mighty Thor 3-4: Thor teams up with Namor to defeat an Asgardian sea Demon and her pet sea monster.

The Mighty Thor 5: We learn a little more about the new pantheon that has taken out the Asgardians.

The Mighty Thor 6-7: Thor visits Hercules to find out what has happened to Asgard, he discovers that the Olympians accuse the Asgardian for the destruction of Olimpia, but the Asgardians have been framed by the new evil pantheon.  

Rating: 8

The Incredible Hulk 454: Hulk battles Wolverine in Savage land, Kazar Guest stars in the issue.
Rating: 10
The Incredible Hulk 455: Wolvy take Hulk to the X-mansion to help him, after a brief battle Hulk is kidnapped by Apocalypse.
Rating: 9

The Incredible Hulk 470-471: Banner is in Las Vegas, and as Hulk is captured by the Circus of Crime, and when he escapes he’s pist and clobbers them for playing with fire.
Rating: 7

  Captain Marvel Vol. 3 Issue 2: Captain Marvel III goes head to head against the Hulk. Marvel was investigating a crime in the woods when he runs into Hulk, but the real responsible for what was going on was Windigo.  

The cover that got me hooked on the Captain Marvel Serie
Hulk 8:  Banner on the run for the crimes that he has committed as Hulk under the control of Tyrannous, runs  in to and  confronts a weird plant cult.n
Rating: 6
Hulk 9: Banner is saved by the Avengers when he was going to be sacrificed to a plant monster. Hulk battles the Avengers who tries to bring him in for what happened because of Tyrannous. But all hell breaks loose when the plant monster attacks everything, but Man Thing steps in to save the day. Hulk gets away
Rating: 7
Hulk 8: Hulk battles Wolverine, and is defeated by the Canadian Mutant (who really is a Skrull). While we have Apocalypse watching the battle with his new Horse man Death who is the real Wolverine.
Rating: 8
Hulk 9:  Hulk and Thing battle to a standstill, when Ben is teleported away by one of Hulk friends.
Rating: 8 

Warlock 1: Warlock is out looking for  answers, after his encounter with the Red Skull, he doesn't really know who he is Doug Ramsey or Warlock and heads to facility that experiments with the Phalanx and frees a girl called Hope that's imprisoned there.

Warlock 2: Warlock and Hope are being hunted down by the Gatekeepers when Iron Man jumps in to save the day, when the Psi-Cops  arrive to capture Warlock.

Warlock 3: Warlock is imprisoned by the Psi-Cops for his crime of bringing TK virus  to Earth, Mainspring the master of the Gatekeepers attacks the Psi-Cop killing almost all of them Warlock and Company escape.

Warlock 4: Warlock and friends on the run when they cross paths with Mole man helping him with rogue monsters.

Warlock 5:  Psycho-Man attacks Warlock teams ups with Spidy to stop the villain, while Mainspring is experimenting with TK virus.

Warlock 6: Mainspring set out to find Bastions head, but Bastion Hijacks a Gatekeeper to hunt down Warlock, Warlock defeats him with the help of Hope and a  old friend Kitty Pride.
Warlock 7: Warlock arrives to Muir Island looking for a cure for Hope, while Mainspring deletes Bastions personalities of Nimrod and Master Mold, and sets Bastion to attack Muir Island.

Warlock 8: The Avengers and Spidy join in  battling Bastion that has popped up all over the place to flush out Warlock, Lock defeats Mainspring but the TK virus calls out to Magus Lock's father.

Warlock 9: Warlock finally battle his father and defeats him, Douglock persona finally gone.

Lasting Effects:
·         Magus is latter used to get the TK virus in the X-Force series

Resultado de imagen para X-51 marvelX-51 0: Sebastian Shaw wants to get his hands on Machine Man's tech to incorporate in his Sentinels.

X-51 2: Machine Man has been reborn after being destroyed in the battle with the X-Men and the Red Skull, he has fused himself with a Shield LMD, but in his rebirth a Sentinel Protocol has spiked lead him to attack the brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

X-51 4-5: Machine Man heads to the Avengers Mansion looking for help to get rid of his evil side but is received by Justice and Firestar, both mutants, so he attacks them and they are  saved by Vision, but Vision can't save Machine Man  who runs away.

X-51 7: Shaw sends Sentinels to trap X-51, but Machine Man defeats them.

X-51 8: The Sentinel destroy a city trying to capture X-51, draw the X-Men to stop the Sents, but Machine Man can help it and attacks the Mutants, but he besides to destroy himself before hurting his friends.

Incredible Hulk Annual 2000
Hulk battles the Avengers, it seems that Hulk is lonely and he’s looking for a mate and he brings the attention of the Avengers to draw She Hulk mistaking her for Jarella. 

The Mighty Thor 27: Thor clashes with the absorbing man who had kidnapped Jane Foster to cure his wife Titania who is dying of cancer

The Mighty Thor 28: Thor and the Warrior Three hit the streets on NY in search of a good time, till they cross paths with the Wrecking Crew and battle leaving Hogun severely injured.

The Mighty Thor 23-24: Thor teams up with Firelord to stop Thano's evil plans.

The Mighty Thor 29: Hogun is dying and Thor is pist he set put tp kick the Wrecking Crews Butt, while Malekith prepares for his return.

The Mighty Thor 30: Beta Ray Bill is back.

Thor 31: Malekith is back and cuasing trouble for Thor.

Thor 34-35: For some reason Gladiator is out to take down  Thor. Thor's host body almost killed thanks to Gladiator.

Thor 36: Loki want to take advantage that Thor host body is in the hospital and activates the Destroyer

Thor 37:  Thor battles Destroyer, and gets his butt kicked.

Resultado de imagen para vision 2002 marvel
Vision 1-4: Vision discovers that Phineas T Horton had created a artificial intelligence before the Human Torch that was stolen by  the Germans and converted into a weapon called the Gremlin, that in part lead to Horton creating the Human Torch to stop this menace. Now in the present Torch has become Vision and the Gremlin that was in Soviet possession is back setting out to bring chaos and destroy his younger brother Vision.

The Good:
·         Story adds to Human Torch's and Vision's back story.
The Bad:
·         The series could have been compressed into 2 issues.

Incredible Hulk 83-86:  House of M

Incredible Hulk 87: Post House of M Hulk battles Scorpion and destroys the refuge that the Aborigines had given him in the Australian out back.
Rating: 8