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Spider-man Issue Summaries post Brand New Day up to Spider-verse

Spider-man post Brand New Day

Amazing Spider-Man free Comic Book: Spidy stops a new villain called Overdrive that responds to Negative Man, and while Spidy stop Overdrive Jackpot make her debute save innocent bystanders.

Amazing Spider-Man 547-248: Mr. Negative starts taking over New York's under world, planning to make a chemical attack, Spidy meets Negative man who tries to stop him but he gets away.
Lasting Effects:
·         We discover that  Mr. Negative is Mr. Li the man that runns the Shelter where
May works .

Resultado de imagen para amazing spider man 549
Amazing Spider-man 549: A New Goblin has hit the town and also new lady hero called Jackpot that helps Spidy fighting crime and investigate who is this new villain.

Amazing Spider-man 250: In Spidy's hunt to find out who is this  new Goblin makes him cross paths with Blue Shield a member of the Initiative and Spidy still  is isn't registered, while they battle the Goblin that we discover is called  Menace makes his entrance and nearly kills Spidy.

Amazing Spider-man 251: Menace attacks the city, Jackpot and Spidy engage him but things go wrong.

Amazing Spider-man 252: Birth of a super lame villain called freak.

Spidy has been framed in series of crimes and homicides, legitimizing Norman Osborn and his Thunderbolts to hunt down the wall crawler
Heroes: Spider-man and Anti-Venom                                  
Villains: Thunderbolts, Mr. Negative and Menace

Sporting Cast:  Harry Osborne

Issue Summary:
·         Amazing Spider-man 568: Spidy battles Menace, while Norman Osborne sends his Thunderbolts to hunt down Spider-man. In the Meantime Eddie Brock arrives to Mr. Li's shelter for the poor and Mr Li's\Mr Negative's powers interact with what's left of Brock's Symboit. Brock's cancer is gone
·         Amazing Spider-man 569: Osborn confronts Peter what's his relationship with Spidy. The wall crawler takes the battle to Osborne, Venom  (Mac Gargan ex Scorpion) hunting down Spidy crosses paths with Eddie Brock, his Symboit interacts with him giving birth to Anti-Venom.
·         Amazing Spider-man 570: Venoms battle Spidy tries to stop them, Anti-Venoms powers k.o. Venom, while Menace confronts Norman Osborne. 
·         Amazing Spider-man 571: Spidy and Anti-Venom battle the rest of the Thunderbolts, Peter makes a run for it.
·         Amazing Spider-man 572:  Osborne uses freak to heal Venom he is back in his Scorpion armor, while Spidy is hunted by Bullseye
·         Amazing Spider-man 573: Spidy battles Green Goblin, while the Venoms battles.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Birth of Anti-Venom.
·         Norman has framed Harry

The Good:
·         Freak seems to be gone for good
·         Anti-Venom kicks ass.
·         Green Goblin is back.
Rating: 10

American Son

Norman Osborn tries to trick Harry into joining the Dar Avengers, as a Captain America type hero, only to set him as a martyr so he can strengthen his own agenda.

Heroes: Spider-man and Harry Osborn                               

Villains: Dark Avengers and Menace

Sporting Cast:   Wolverine and Invisible Woman

Issue Summary:
Harry Osborn
·         Amazing Spider-man Family 4/Amazing Spider-man  595: Peter and Harry reestablish their friendship but Norman makes his big comeback, with a devils deal for his son.
·         Amazing Spider-man 596: Harry accepts the deal, but he really wants to infiltrate the organization as Spidy too taking Venom place.
·         Amazing Spider-man 597:  Dakken ties to take Spidy down, knowing thanks to his senses that he wasn't Venom, Peter defeats Wolvy's kid but surprisingly Harry blows Spidy's cover.
·         Amazing Spider-man 598:  Harry discovers the truth about his girlfriend, and he uses the American Son armor to save Spidy.
·         Amazing Spider-man 599: Harry kicks his dad butt.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Harry's son seems to be his brother.
·         Harry discovers that his girlfriend is Menace and she was having an affair with his dad.

The Good:
·         I love to see how twisted Norman Osborne can be.
·         Spidy vs. Dark Avengers was great.
·         Black suit is back for a couple of issues

Rating: 9

Amazing Spider-man 36: The presentation of a very uninteresting new character Raptor.


Amazing Spider-man 600: Doc Ock tries to take over the city and Spidy with the combined effort of the New Avengers and the Fantastic Four help secure the Streets that have gone crazy thanks to Otto's Ockto bots that have hijacked the control of all electronic device. Spidy with Human Torch track Doc Ock to make the discover that he has change and is sick, but has added a couple of arms to his arsenal. Peter defeats him but at what cost?

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         This issue ties in directly with the birth of Superior Spider-man.
·         Mary Jane is back.
·         Spidy and Daredevil take down Deke's super villain bar.

The Good:
·         Some fantastic character development for Doctor Ocktopus, his body is deteriorating thanks to all the punishment that he has been over the year and he  is dying.

 Rating: 10



Lizard is back and has lost what was left of Curt Conner, Spidy will have to deal with a villain that has gotten a lot more dangerous.

Heroes: Spider-man                          
Villains: Lizard and Kraven's Kids

Sporting Cast:  Black Cat and Madam Wed

Issue Summary:
·         Web of spider-man vol 2 #6: Lizard is just itching to make his comeback and in a second story we have a battle between Lizard and Man thing.
·         Amazing Spider-man 629: Conner can't take the pressure of living a normal life.
·         Amazing Spider-man 630: Spidy crosses paths with Black Cat, Conners isn't allowed to see his kid and latter in a argument with his boss Conners can't take his meds and becomes the Lizard.
·         Amazing Spider-man 631: One Kraven's kid attacks Kaine, he barley gets out alive, while Spidy tries to stop the ragging lizard but fails and he kills his own child severing his only relationship with humanity.
·         Amazing Spider-man 632: Lizard evolves and gains greater telepathic powers affecting not only reptiles but humans as well, he actually defeats Spidy.
·         Amazing Spider-man 633: the city goes bonkers thanks to Lizard, Spidy sends Lizard on a guilt trip over kill his kid, it seem the new Lizard is more human he has emotions and he's a more sophisticated thinker, Lizard stops his attack and seeks refuge in the sewers

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Lizard finally complete, Conner is gone.
Resultado de imagen para shed lizard spider man·         Holy crap Lizard killed his own child, this will impact latter story arcs.
·         Latter Lizard will be captured and used by Dark Beast.

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Lizard looks really cool.
·         They make Lizard into a Interesting Villain.

Rating: 8

The Dark Reign the List Spider-man: Spidy battles Norman Osborn as Iron Patriot, Peter realizes that the armor has design flaws and with that he gets the upper hand.

Amazing Spider-man 678-679: Spidy must stop Flagsmasher's terrorist attacks.

Amazing Spider-man 680-681: Spidy teams up with Human Torch to stop Doc Ock's Octbots invasion of a space station.

Vengeance of Moon Knight 9: Moon Knight teams up with Spidy to defeat Sandman.  

Rating: 6

Amazing Spider-Man 688: Spidy battles and capture the Lizard, after he discovers that Morbius created a cure for him with tissue of his dead son.

Amazing Spider-Man 689: Kurt is cured but the Lizard persona is secretly under control, and frames Morbius generating a conflict with Spider-Man, as a destraction.

Amazing Spider-Man 690: Kurt begin to create his Lizard army, while Spidy clobbers Morbius.

Amazing Spider-Man 691; New Lizard is born and battles Spider-man but just can't keep fighting because of the guilt that he felt over the fact that he had killed his own child all those issue back.

Spider-Men 1-5
 616 Spidy meets Ultimate Spidy
Heroes: Spider-Man (Peter Paker), Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales), Ultimate Nick Fury, Ultimate Tony Stark, Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye

Villains: Mysterio
Sporting Cast:  Ultimate Ant May, Ultimate Mary Jane, Ultimate Gwen Stacy
Issue Summary:
·         1: Spidy battles Mysterio, who has been playing with some new technology and things go bad and it turns out that he  had created a portal that accidentally sends Spidy  to the Ultimate Universe.
·         2: Spidy meets Ultimate Spidy, and after a brief battle Peter is actually defeated by Miles and put in Shield custody.
·         3:  Both Spidys confronted by Mysterio’s Avatar they battle it and win.
·         4: Peter tries to find out what Ultimate Peters life was like.
·         5: Both Spidys plus the Ultimate track Mysterio down capture him and send Spidy back
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Miles Morales get web shooters from 616 Spider-Man.
·         Mysterio is trapped in the Ultimate Universe
The Good:
·         616 Mysterio was actually the Ultimate one too, he  actually used avatar to explore this universe and cause trouble.  
·         Great to see both Spidys together and the first 616/Ultimate Universe crossover
Rating: 8

Resultado de imagen para superior spider-man 1
Superior Spider-Man 1: Spidy goes up against the New Sinister Six, but fails to capture them, in a second battle he stops them winning the favor of the mayor JJ Jameson. Also Ock. really starts to get into Peter's old social life, and Parker's ghost just wants to stop Otto from destroying his life
Superior Spider-Man 2: The Vulture is back and he's using little kid to do his dirty work.

Avenging Spider-Man 18: Electro wants pay back against Thor for shooting him out into space, and ask AIM to give him a upgrade making him into antimatter, Spidy and Thor team up to stop Electro from killing the god of Thunder.

Superior Spider-man 05: Spidy kills Massacre after he goes on a killing spree.
The Bad:
·         The cops don't try to arrest Spidy that kills someone in cold bold.

Avenging Spider-Man 16: Spidy teams up with the X-men to stop a Giant Spider Monster, and little does Spidy knew the Jackal is behind the attack. And knows something is wrong with Spidy.

Avenging Spider-Man 17: Spidy arrives to the Fantastic Four's base for a special mission to take care of the Future Foundation Kids, when Death Head II drops in from the future to take out one of the Kids.

Superior Spider-Man 3:  JJ creates the Spider-signal, while Spidy battles the Vulture.

The Good: We learn more about Ock's sad childhood.

Superior Spider-man 06: Spidy just clobbers Jester and Screwball, for humiliating him. 

Avenging Spider-man 19: Spidy teams up with Sleepwalker, fighting a sleep demon, Otto relive the bad parts of his child hood.

Superior Spider-man 7-8: Battles cardiac mistaking him for a common Villain, but discovering the stuff he steals he uses in a clandestine hospital helping people that pay for healthcare. Spidy is also confronted by the Avengers for his strange and aggressive behavior.

Superior Spider-man 9: In a chilling battle Doc Ock eliminates Peter Parker from their shared mind.  

Superior Spider-man 10: Spidy stops a turf war between the Owl and the White Dragon, while Green Goblin is gearing up for war.

Avenging Spider-man 20-21: The Russian mob wants Chameleon  in the their power so they send a couple of super badies the react havoc on Shield's helicarrier, Spidy teams up with the Secret Avengers to stop the jail break.

Avenging Spider-man 22: Spidy in hot on the heels  of New Mysterio, crosses paths with the Punisher. 

Morlun and his family are out to kill every Spider person in the Marvel Multiverse, and only the combined
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forces of Spider-man (616) and Superiors Spider-man can stop the carnage a save as many spider people as possible.
Heroes: Spider-man 616, Superior Spider-man, Scarlet Spider-man (Kaine Parker), Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales), Spider-woman, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Captain Britain Spider-man, Spider-man 2099, Spider-man India, Spider-ham, Spider-man (Ben Reilly), Uncle Ben Spider-man, Captain Spider, Monkey-Spider-man,  Spider-man Noir, Six Armed Spider-man, Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton), Robot Spider-man (2 of them), Lunar Spider-man, Bruce Banner Spider-Man, Captain Universe Spider-man, Anansi, Punk Rock Spider-man, Mexican Spider-man, Ultimate Black Widow II, Araña, Punisher 2099,
Villains: Morolun, Karn, Brix, Bora,  Daemos, Jennix, Verna, Solus, Miles Warren, Human Torch, Doc. Minerva, Puma, Kraven, Silver Sable, Green Goblin, Menace, Hammer Head, Silver Sable, Ox, Rhino, Vulture, Iron Man, Human Torch, Miles Warren
Sporting Cast:  Saturnyne, Lady Roma, Captain Britain Corps., Clash,  the Avengers and  Ezequiel
Issue Summary:
·         Amazing Spider-man 7: Spidy teams up with Ms. Marvel, to stop Doc. Minerva, from stealing a inhuman cocoon. Meanwhile Morlun and his family are on the hunt for Spider-people that they need
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to feed off to survive, but he’s being observed by Captain Britain Spider-man and that informs Roma what’s going on.
·         Amazing Spider-Man 8: Doc. Minerva has converted into a monster thanks to being exposed to the terrigen mist, but the heroes are able to stop the evil Kree woman, meanwhile Daemos one of Morlun brother’s kills Peter Parker from Earth-982 while his daughter Mayday Spider-girl saves her brother Ben escaping to another dimension.
·         Superior Spider-Man 32: Superior Spider-Man caught in the future, tries to return to his time but each time he does return it’s to a parallel dimension where a Spider-man has been killed, till he finally crosses paths with Indian Spider-man  who is being hunted by one of Morlun’s exiled brothers Karn, helping him escape. We also have the origins of assassin Spider-man.
·         Superior Spider-Man 33: Superior Spidy has made a team of Spider-people set out to stop Karn and his family but they are barely able to escape the confrontation and save cyborge Spider-man. We discover how Morlun’s family has captured the Great Weaver, and because of a mistake Karn has made he's put in punishment, exile.
·         Amazing Spider-man 9: Spider-man 616 is recruited by other Spider-people being lead by Ezequiel who also is a Spider-man to battle Morlun’s family.
·         Spider-Verse 1: Introduction of Ant-May Spider-woman.
·         Spider-Verse 2: Introduction of Punk rock Spider-man, he’s freaking cool as hell
·         Amazing Spider-man 10: Superior Spider-man and his crew save Miles Morales from Verna but when they port back to their base they are followed by Daemos, Brix and Bora, heroes barely escape.
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·         Amazing Spider-man 11: Spider-man 616 and Superior Spider-man face off to see who is the leader, 616 wins, while they are attacked by Solus the Father of Morlun, who defeat Cosmic Spider-man and kidnaps Ben Mayday’s baby brother.
·         Spider-verse Team-up 1: We see how Ezequiel recruits Ben Reilly Spider-men.
·         Spider-Verse Team-up 2: Miles Morales and Carton Spidy meet up with old school animated Spidy, they team up to battle the Sinister Six, in the second story Spider Gwen with Hobgoblin Peter Paker battle Verna, Peter sacrifices himself to save Gwen. 
·         Spider-man 2099 6: Spidy 2099 with Six Armed and Ant-May Spider-Woman, are attacked by Daemos Six Armed Spidy killed, Spidy 2099 captures him.
·         Scarlet-Spider 1-3: Kaine, Ben and  Ultimate Jessica Drew travel to Morlun’s home world and discover that he and his brothers are mass produced as clones, to have back up bodies if they get killed, Ben sacrifices himself to destroy the installation where the clone are.
·         Spider-Woman 1-2:  Spider-Woman having to take care of Silk have the bad luck to cross path with Brix and Bora, and they nearly kill Spider-man Noir, heroes barely escape. Jessica Drew goes to Morlun’s home world to spy on them discover what make them tick while Silk is on the run with Brix and Bora on her tail, we discover that the Jessica Drew on Morlun’s world is his concubine and 616 Drew takes her place, while Silk hopping dimensions escaping from Brix and Bora she discover their weakness is radiation.
·         Amazing Spider-man 12: Morlun and his father Solus battles all the Spider-men, killing Cosmic Spider-man and kidnapping Benjy Mayday’s little brother. Spider-woman meets the Great Weaver and while Silk meet old Uncle Ben Spider-man that has a special safe house.
·         Spider-Man 2099 7:  Deamos escapes and battles Punisher 2099.
·         Spider Woman 3: Jessica meets the Great Weaver, who give her two strolls that she sends to Peter explaining what Solus is after.   
·         Spider-Man 2099 8: Spider-man 2099 rebuilds the Vultron Spider-man
·         Amazing Spider-Man 13: We learn more about the prophesy and why Solus wants the Spiders dead, in a battle to capture Kaine, Solus is killed and Morlun kills Kaine. Peter and his crew decide to take the battle to Morlun and his brothers to rescue Silk and little Ben
·         Spider-verse Team up: Karn swithes sides and joins Peter and his Spider-men.
·         Amazing Spider-man 14: Peter and friend defeat Daemos and Morlun, but surprisingly superior Spidy kills the Great Weaver to stop himself from dying latter in his own time line.
·         Amazing Spider-man 15: Superior Spider-man starts wrecking havoc to preserve his existence, Peter defeats him and send him back to his place in the past.
·         Spider-Woman 4: After clean up some unfinished business on Morlun’s world, Jessica Returns to Earth 616 and decides to leave the Avengers.  
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Spider-people killed: Spider-Cat, Spider-man from the animated series with Iceman and Starfire, Ani-men
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Spider-man, Peter Paker (Maydays father), Fantastic Five Spider-man, House of M Spider-man, Civil War Spider-man, Iron Armored Spider-man, Ai Apaec, Spider-man 1602, Capcom Spider-man, Ezaquiel Spider-man, Six Armed Spider-man, Cosmic Spider-man, Kaine
·         This crossover is sort of a prelude to the Secret War.
·         Jessica Drew leaves the Avengers
·         Julia Carpenter loses her prophecy powers.
·         Araña and Captain Britain Spider-man stay with the Great Weaver
·         Kaine seems to have reborn.
The Good:
·         Superior Spider-man is back briefly.
·         There are a few references of the collapse of the multiverse and what is going on with the incursion with the Avengers.
·         We get more of a back story to Morlun adding to the Spider-man Mythology.
·         Introduction of super cool Spider characters.
·         Cool to see how Morlun family keeps immortality and as characters they are freaking cool.
·         Karn is the Great Weaver, cool twist.
Rating: 10