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2000's era Marvel Solo and Team UPs Issues Summaries: Thor, Captain America, Eternals, Inhumans, Namor, Black Panther, Cage, Hercules, Hulk the way up to the Secret Wars

2000 era Marvel Heroes 

Here is the first time I ever came across X-23 in a comic
Marvel Team-Up 1-6: Golden Child

A Evil Tony Stark from the future appears in the present and clashes with many of Marvel heroes and when he finds a way back to his future,  using a young evil mutant but it endangers all existence.

Heroes:  Wolverine, Spider-man; Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-23, Captain America, Black Widow, Sunfire, Shield, Doctor Strange
Villains: Iron Maniac, Titannus, Evil Mutant Kid

Supporting Cast:  Tony Stark, Nova, Jubalee, Moonknight, Inhumans, Nick Fury, Wendigo

Issue Summary: (note the arc is a crazy mess but a fun read)
1-2:  Spidy meets a new young mutant, and when Wolverine appears to kill the kid but Spidy saves him, but when they return to the kids home Peter discovers that the kid had killed his own parents and Wolvy had attacked him because he already knew this. Heroes defeat the young mutant that just explodes. While in Latveria Iron Maniac arrives to the present (note he actually looks like Doom) and Titannus arrives on Earth.
3: Doc Strange feels the arrival of Iron Maniac, that looks like Doom, and Strange knows that he should not be in the present, while Iron Maniac attacks the Fantastic Four but escapes after not being able to defeat them.
4: Doc Strange joins the Fantastic Four to hunt down their attacker, who to their surprise isn't Doom, but a evil Tony Stark that gets away, and finds the evil mutant kid that will be part of his plan to get back into the future.
5:  Sunfire finds Titannus's ship but gets his butt kicked by this super  powered skrull, while X-23 set out to find that evil mutant kid and crosses paths with Spidy, that after a brief battle they stumble on Iron Maniacs lab who has the evil kid tied up to some type of portal machine.
6.Nick Fury sends Cap America and Black Widow to stop Iron Maniac, they team up with Spidy and X-23 and capture the Evil Tony.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Titannus will be a pain in the butt for marvel's heroes in the future.
·         Iron Maniac will be back.

The Good:
·         Fun to see the dynamic between the heroes.
·         Loved how Wolvy got out of Spidy's webbing.

"Yow dude we're going to have our own series on netflix"

The Ringmaster has gotten a ring that is made out of a fragment of the Cosmic Cube and he sets out to make a name for himself in the middle of Manhattan

Heroes:  Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Moonknight, Punisher, Sleep Walker, Daredevil, Blade
Antagonist:  Cardiac, Black Cat
Villains: Ringmaster, Vampires, Constrictor, Stilt man, Titannus  

Supporting Cast:  

Issue Summary:
·         Marvel Team-Up 7: Spidy and Moonknight team up to stop Constrictor and after capturing the villain they are attacked by a super powerful Ringmaster.
·         Marvel Team-Up8: Punisher almost takes out Blade thinking he's a villain, when the vampire hunter explains he's stacking out a group of Vampires that he decide to take down. When Punisher leaves to investigate a colossal explosion from the other side of the city (from the Spidy battle with the Ringmaster.).
·         Marvel Team-Up 9: Daredevil battles Stilt-man, when Luke Cage jumps in and helps defeat the villain, when they hear the explosion from the Spidy battle.   Also at the same time Sleep Walker is out to stop crime preventing Black Cat from stealing something when the explosion wakes up his host body and he's ported back to the sleep realm.
·         Marvel Team-Up 10: Captain America and Wolvy are drawn to the battle thanks to the explosions joining all the other heroes to battle the Ringmaster when Punisher with a sniper rifle blow of the villains ring finger ending the menace. 

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Titannus destroys Tokyo.
·         Crusader will end up using Ringmaster's ring.
The Bad:

The Good:
·         Great dialogs and interrelation between the characters.
·         Great that someone remembered Sleepwalker.
Resultado de imagen para eternals 1 marvel
This comic made Eternals cool
·         The end of the arc is pretty anti-climatic but oddy in a good way it's pretty funny.

Eternals 1-7

The Eternals are back, they had been lost for awhile, being fooled by Sprite to think they are humans, but slowly they have been reawakening,  now in a series of events that  lead to the Dreaming Celestial  awakening and  choosing a new champion, Makkari  which seems to be also Deviant messiah ending the war with the Eternals.    

Marvel Team-Up 11-13: Doc Strange puts together a team of heroes: Spidy, Wolverine, She Hulk, Nova, Captain Marvel and Hulk to battle Titannuss that has taken over Japan.

Resultado de imagen para defenders vol 3
Defender 1-5: Dormammu has defeated Doc Strange and his Defenders and takes over the universe killing Eternity, but it a trick by Umar that uses Strange and Co to totally humiliate his brother.

The Good:
·         The dialogues in this comic are fantastic.

The Winter Soldier

Resultado de imagen para captain america 14 winter soldier
It took me awhile to warm up to the idea that Bucky is back
Captain America is confronted by a new Villain, that possibly could be from his past, the Winter Soldier, and this dude  causing kinds of  trouble working for Russian Millionaire Alexander Lukin  and Cap has set out to stop both of them, but from what Steve will discover from this new character will rock his world.

Heroes:   Captain America, Iron man, Falcon, Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, Shield
Antagonist:  Winter Soldier
Villains: Alexander Lukin / Red Skull, MODOKS, AIM, Crossbones

Supporting Cast: The Cosmic Cube (seems to have a mind of its own), Sin

Issue Summary:
·         8:  Nick Fury informs Cap of the existence of the Winter Soldier, and that it's possible that it's his old side kick Bucky.
·         9: Cap and  Nick with Shield attack Russian millionaire Alexander Lukin, the  man that seems to be the one holding Winter Soldier's leash, but they are stopped by US authorities.
·         11: This  issue tell the story  of what happened to Bucky after his apparent death, he  was captured, revived and brain washed by the Russians, and made into a soviet assassin, but with the fall of the USSR, he was forgotten and ended up in Lukin's power.
·         12: Cap finally realizes that the Winter Soldier is Bucky.
·         13: Cap, Falcon and Iron Man set out to find out where Lukin hiding the Winter Soldier .
·         14: Steve finally confronts the Winter Soldier, he finally remembers who he was but just cannot take in all the crimes he had committed as the Winter Soldier and uses the Cosmic Cube to escape

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Bucky will fill in for Cap after the Civil War.
·         Lady Red Skull/ Sin is coming too

The Good:
·         Originally I hated the idea of bringing Bucky back, but over the years I learned to really like this character and what they have done.
·         Bucky when confronted by Cap he actually shoots to kill, friendship wasn't enough to bring him back the Cosmic Cube  did.
·         Bucky actually take a while to warm up into being a hero.
The Bad:
·         Sadly I don't have all of the issues from this incredible arc.
Rating: 10 out of 10

Is it me or Namor looks a lot like Greg Louganis

Namor 1-6:A renegade atlantian terrorist cell attacks US soil and Namor is blamed, but he has nothing to do with what has happened, Namor escapes Atlantis that is in lock down to find the one responsible, getting Tony Stark very angry because he's the one that quarantined him there. Namor heads to the X-men  to use Cerebro to find the terrorist cell, Namor discover that his son Kamar the one that's causing all this trouble and discovers Nitro has been helping the terrorist.  Namor uses Nitro to blow up Atlantis and his people slip away to disperse around the world.

The Good:
·         Xavier and Invisible Woman turn Namor away not willing to help him.
·         Namor battles Wolverine, always very entertaining.
·         Namor battles  Venom (Mac Gargan).
·         Namor uses his dead son to trick Stark into thinking he's dead.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Atlantis is destroyed.
·         Namor take residence in Latveria, forging an alaince with Doom.
He probably take Nitro with him. 

Resultado de imagen para sentry issue 1
Marvel Please bring Sentry Back


So we finally get it the full origin of Sentry, his real relationship with the void and why he must go away.

Heroes: Sentry, Hulk, Doctor Strange
Antagonist: Dance Instructor
Villains: Void, Attuma, Doctor Octopus, Terrax, Xeniac, Hammer Head

Supporting Cast:  Avengers, Fantastic, Clock, Doctor Worth, Sentry's Wife

Issue Summary:
·         1: Sentry with the Avengers stop Attuma's invasion of the surface world and kicking other super villains butts  during the week,  we discover that Sentry has the Void looked up in a volt hidden in his base the Clock, while Bob Reynolds Senty's  alter ego start psychotherapy
·         2: Void starts messing with Sentry's head.
·         3: Sentry meets up with Hulk to hunt for the General in the Negative Zone, but when they find him the Void attacks everyone just clobbering Hulk, the heroes  escape.
·         4: Bob is growing in jealousy over the relationship his wife has with her dance instructor, while the Void attacks any amusement park. While Sentry's therapist discover the in the Void's cell there is a chair and a mirror, the Void was never imprisoned, it was Sentry talking to himself.
·         5:  It's revealed that Bob is the Void, and he had been separated from his alter ego Sentry and they battle.
·         6: Sentry goes to Doctor Strange for help.
·         7: Sentry wakes in a mental institution it seems he was some crazy guy looked up there, but it's a illusion made by Doctor Strange it seems that Sentry is to dangerous to exist.
·         8: Sentry battles the Void to the death, throwing his evil self into the sun, no more Bob.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         ¿Is the Viod gone for good?
·         Sentry kills Attuma, but Doom brings him back during Dark Reign

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Complete origin of the Sentry.
·         We learn who and what is the Void.
·         Love to see the relationship between Sentry and the Hulk.
·         The plot of this comic is really good
·         Robert is actually jealous of his alter ego Sentry and his wife
·         The Void actual break every bone in Hulk's body.
·         We learn that Bob was a drug addict before being Sentry and he drank the serum just to get high.
·         The Serum was a off shot program of the super soldier program.


The Silent War
Blackbolt vs the Mighty Avengers, wow
The Inhuman population is in turmoil over losing the Terrigin crystals to the US government thanks to the stupidity of Quicksilver, now they don't want to give it back, in a demonstration of force by the Inhumans goes wrong ending the lives of innocent people sparks a war between the Inhumans and the United States

Heroes: Inhumans

Antagonist: Mighty Avengers, Fantastic Four, Sentry, Sentry

Villains: Quicksilver, Maximus

Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         1: Inhumans in a act reclaiming their Terrigin crystals innocent people die sparking a war with the US government, Gorgon gets captured.
·         2: The US government experiments with the crystals on Gorgon mutating him more, while Blackbolt is confronted by Sentry.
·         3: Blackbolt confronts  Quicksilver, and he flips out to see what's left of the crystals are incrusted in his body.
·         4: Maximus takes control of Medusa who falls into his arms.
·         5: Inhumans attacks the  Pentagon to rescue Gorgon, clobbering the Avengers, recuperating the crystals.
·         6: The US government attacks Atitlan the Inhumans city on the moon and destroying it.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Quicksilver will bring more grief to X-Factor for awhile.
·         Inhumans are left open to the Skrulls Secret Invasion.
·         Maximus is the new leader of the Inhumans

The Bad:

The Good:
·         We learn about issue from Bolts personal life.

 Rating: 10

Resultado de imagen para Marvel zombies 3
To my surprise I loved this X-51 comeback
Marvel Zombies 3 1-4: Zombies have crossed from the Zombieverse into Marvel 616 entering through the Everglades in Florida, the local Initiative team engages them and most of the team is killed stopping the Zombies. A new arm Shield called ARMOR that monitors extra dimensional activities sends Machine Man  with Jacosta to investigate the Zombieverse. While they are ported away by Portal, we discover that Morbius is actually a infiltrated Zombie in ARMOR gearing up for a Zombie invasion. Machine Man battles his way back to earth and stop Zombie Morbius.    
Lasting Effects:
·         Conquistador and Siege are killed Aquarian goes into hibernation to heal the Zombie virus.
·         I think we have the birth of the Zombie Headpool.

The Good:
·         The series brings back briefly Portal a old school Darkhawk character, talking about obscure.
The Bad:
·         A New team of Howling Commandos is created but is never seen again
·         We never get to see ARMOR again.

Not Digging Lady Panther
Black Panther 1: Panther visit Namor in Latveria, to debate the new political status quo in the Marvel Universe, Namor invites him to join the cabal. Now when Panther leaves he's attacked by Doom, who was still pist from his past visit, nearly killing him.

Lasting Effect:

·         Black Panther will be replaced by his Sister as the New Black Pather.

Black Panther 2: Panther struggling for his life, while a rival tribe make a power move a bring Morlun back from the dead to hunt down their enemy.

Black Panther 3: Panther god actually rejects T'Challa sister Shuri.

Black Panther 4: Morlun attacks Wakanda.

Black Panther 5: Lady Panther almost is killed by Morlun, but is able to defeat him, while T'Challa finally recuperates from Dooms attacks.

This story arc is fantastic, but bring back Speedball.
Penance: Relentless 1-5: Penance goes rogue ditching the Thunderbolts and takes vengeance against Nitro who is in Latveria under Dooms protection.

The Good:
·         It's cool to see Robbie dealing with his guilt over Stamford.
·         Robbie drive Norman Osborne crazy

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Penance leaves the Thunderbolts and end up in the Initiative some time latter.


Incredible Hulk 112: Hercules give himself in to Shield in the fall out of the World War Hulk, but things don't  go well  when Ares part of Shield antagonizes his brother and things go bad, Herc and Amadeus Cho escape and makes a run for it.

Incredible Hercules 113: Ares and Wonder man are out to capture Hercules, Ares uses a special venom (taken from Ares's pet hydra) instead of knocking Hercules out it drives him crazy and just clobbers Wonder man.

Incredible Hercules 114: Black Widow helps stop Hercules's rampage.

Incredible Hercules 115:  Amadeus Cho wants vengeance against Shield, while Hercules battles Ares. Herc stops Cho from going over the line in his battle against Shield.

Hulk vs Hercules: Titans Collide: In a battle between Hulk and Hercules, they accidently liberate the Titans creating a kinds of chaos in Olympus.

Eternals 1: Makkari dealing with his celestial talking powers, while Ikaris battle Druig.

Eternals 2: Ajak is  pist off that the Celestial chose Makkari over him, and we discover that the Horde is coming.

Eternal 3: We learn more about the celestial and what they do, and the story why the dreaming celestial was cast away from the group.

Eternals 4: Ajak reawakes Gilgamesh, and sends him against the Eternal in vengeance over the Dreaming Celestial choosing Makkari. Gilgamesh clobbers Druig.

Eternals 5:Thena's  child seems to be a Horde spy, while Gilgamesh and Ajak kills Makkari.

Eternals 6: Gilgamesh destroys the Eternals resurrection machine, Sersi sacrifices herself so Makkari can be reborn and save Earth.    

Eternals 7-8:  Ikaris  has gone rogue battles Druig  and Company, and the X-Men join in to help Ikaris, while the Dreaming Celestial tries to stop the Horde.

Eternals 9: All Eternals unite to battle the Horde joining minds with the Celestial to defeat the galactic villains.

Eternals Annual:  Eternals battle the very forgotten Young gods.

Thor Vol. 3 Issues 1-6

Thor has returned, he has broken the Cycle of Ragnarok, the Asgardians are free for the first time to fulfill they own destiny. But Thor has to find them first there life essences have fused with mortals across the globe, so the search begins for Odinson.

Heroes: Thor, Heimdall, the Warrior Three (Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun)
Antagonist: Iron Man
Villains: ¿Lady Loki?, Destroyer
Supporting Cast: Donald Blake, the people of Broxton and other Asgardians

Issue Summary:
·         1; Donald Blake lifts Thor’s Hammer, and bring him back from the abyss.
·         2; Thor brings Asgard to Broxton Oklahoma.
·         3; Thor is confronted by Iron man, that he must join the initiative. Thor mops the Floor with Tony and tells him to stay out of his way.  Heimdall is brought back.
·         4; Thor finds the Warrior Three.
·         5; after defeating Destroyer Thor discovers Balder is inside and Loki is back but in a female form.
·         6; Thor almost killed trying to bring back the Asgardians on a global scale. 

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Sets Thor in a crash course against the US government that will have its correlation in the Siege.

The Good:
·         The characterization of Thor and friends is fantastic, they really humanize the Asgardians. And there relationship with the people of Broxton and the city is super interesting.
·         Thor’s confrontation with Iron man, he’s pist over the whole civil war and cloning thing.
·         Loki is a woman.

Rating: 10

New Avengers Luke Cage 1-3: Cage heads to Philadelphia help a old friend who has been attacked in a gang turf war, and Luke after kicks Hammerhead and discovers there is something behind his friends attack.
 The Good:
Luke actually defeats the Villain out smarting him, not with his fists.

Power Man 1-4: Marvel introduces the new Power Man, who is related to an old adversary of Luke Cage, and this new hero surfaces during the Shadow Land cross over

Lasting Repercussions:

·         This new Power Man will play a major role in Mighty Avengers.

The Good:

·         It's cool to see Luke Cage's old rogue gallery back and causing trouble.


The Incredible Hercules 126: Fill in issue. Flashback origin tale.

The Incredible Hercules 127-128: Hera has minions kills Aegis, Herc confronts his Mom when the Dark Avengers crashes the party to stop Hera plan of Continuum. three way battle between Hera forces, Dark Avengers and Hercules.

Lasting Effects: Hera Strikes a deal with Osborne.

The Incredible Hercules 129-131: Herc and Amadeus Cho head to the realm of the dead and after besting Pluto Hercules rescues his dad Zeus from Hades.

Lasting Effects:
·         Zeus is back but as a young child.

Doom War
Doctor Doom makes his move to overtake Wakanda and its viridium, Panther puts together a formidable coalition to take down Doom.

Heroes: Black Panther, X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Shuri Panther, War Machine

Villains:  Doom

Issue Summary:
·         1  Doom is having a hard time getting into Panther's veridiun volt, mean while T'Challa seeks help from the X-men to help  him  recover his country.
·         2 Doom finally makes it into the vault and steals everything.
·         3 Doom starts causing trouble on a global scale.
·         4  The Fantastic Four joins the fight, T'Challa takes a risk and sends Deadpool on a mission to Latveria to sabotage Doom.
·         5-6 Panther to stop Doom leaves all Veridiun inert, leaving Doom without  his edge, with T'Challa coming out on top.   

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Al veridium is left worthless and leaving Wakanda without its technological edge.

The Good:
·         We get to see a Doom that is more driven than ever and he's not afraid to get his hand dirty.
·         Super cool to see how Doom convinces the Panther god to let him pass into the vault.
·         Cool to see Nightcrawler having issues with Panther's leathal tactics.
·         T'Challa starts using magic for the first time 

Rating: 8

Assault on New Olympus
Hercules has to stop the nefarious plans of his step mom and her Continuum.

Heroes: Hercules, Amadues Cho, Mighty Avengers, Spider-man,  Wolverine, Thor, Angel, Snowbird, Namor, Bruce Banner
Antagonist: Athena, Ares
Villains: Hera, Typhoon, Pluto, Hunter, Argus, Thanatos, Hefesto...

Supporting Cast:

Issue Summary:
·         Assault On the New Olimpus1:  Hercules battles Spider-man over Hebe and a misunderstanding, while Hera is getting ready to start the Continuum.
·         The Incredible Hercules 138: Herc with the Mighty Avengers attacks Hera's base.
·         The Incredible Hercules 139:  Battle rages on while the Continuum starts.
·         The Incredible Hercules 140: Herc battles Hefesto's evil inventions, while Typhoon betrays and kill Hera.
·         The Incredible Hercules 141: Zeus has been killed by Typhoon, Herc set out to avenge his father, and defeats the titan but is killed, while the Avengers defeat the rest of Hera's  minions.
·         Hercules: Fall of an Avenger 1-2: Funeral for Hercules all gods arrive to pay your respects, while Amadeus Cho is chosen as Athenas new Champion

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Hercules seemingly died.
·         Amadeus Cho becomes the New Prince of Power.
·         Zeus get killed again
·         Hera was killed.

The Bad:
·         Zeus get killed again he was alive for 5 issues at most.
·         Herc. Stays dead for four issues.

The Good:
·         Herc. teaming up with the Avengers always kicks butt.
·         What the hell, why does Athena lets Herc die?

Rating: 8

Chaos War

Amatsu-Mikaboshi is back after amassing a considerable army evil dark deities in the aftermath of the Secret Invasion he's heading to Earth to end all existence.

Heroes: Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Thor , Silver Surfer, Baldar, Delfina, Heimdall, Tyr, Dr. Voodoo, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Agent of Atlas, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venus, Sersi, Galactus, Hellfire
Antagonist: the Pantheon (Hulks old buddies), Pluto, Hela , Zeus, Ares, Hera  
Villains: Amatsu-Mikaboshi/Chaos King (CK), Vali Halfling, Athena, Griffin, Sekhmet/Hathor, Apep 

Supporting Cast:  Eternity

Issue Summary:


·         Prince of Powers 1-4: Amadeus Cho with the help of Thor and Delfina becomes a super god, but only after besting one of Loki's sons Vali Halfling. And the First thing Cho does as a super deity is to bring back from that bubble Universe made by Hera his best bud Hercules and giving him all of his new power to battle the king of chaos.

Main story
·         Chaos Wars 1: Hercules returns to warn Earth's heroes and deities that CK is on his way to Earth and he's spreading entropy through the Universe, Earth's heroes head out to space to stop CK but are easily defeated.
·         CW 2: All mortals fall into a trance, only deities are left and most of them have hidden in another dimension, but Hercules forms a new god squad. While CK  is wrecking havoc in the hells.
·         CW 3: God Squad battles CK's minions which are mind controlled Zeus, Ares, Hera... Hercules clobbers his old man and accidently liberates CK in the refuge dimension for the deities.
·         CW 4: CK's secret allies emerges Athena she has been pulling the String  from the beginning, she wants to restart realty and fix all the mistakes.
·         CW 5: Hercules trick CK and traps him in that parallel realty that Hera had created that Herc was trapped in. Athena reappears and explains that she used this as a test to show that Herc that he can be the king of the deities and remake the world, make it better, but Hercules renounces the power and leaves everything as they were.  

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Alpha Flight comes back from the dead.
·         Yellow Jacket II is back from the dead, ¿Who cares?
·         Olympus is back on Earth.
·         Hercules end his relationship with Amadues.
·         Hercules starts a new but uninteresting new series.

The Bad:
·         CK abandons his Japanese look, to look like a Skinny Venom why change his look stupid move by the writers.
·         Why bring so many characters back from the dead.

The Good:
·         It cool to see how Hercules is forced to mature through the arc and control his impulses that get him trouble.
·         The god squad kick butt 

Rating: 7