Monday, January 5, 2015

World War Hulk+ plus my post WWH Hulk Issue Summaries

World War Hulk
Plot: Hulk is back and he’s pist, you see the Illuminati (Iron Man, Black Bolt, Doc. Strange and Mr. Fantastic) exiled Hulk too outer in space. Hulk ends up on a planet Sakaar where the big guy goes though tons of grief (you can check this out in the Planet Hulk Story arc). The thing is that Hulk finally he makes this hell planet his home and takes a wife, and was even is expecting a child when the ship that brought him to the planet explodes killing his wife and many more. Now Hulk comes back to Earth, too make the Illuminati pay for what they have done to him, and he’s has brought some friends, the Warbound. 

Heroes: Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Fantastic Four, Sentry, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt, She Hulk, Doc Samson, Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Namora, Angel, The Initiative, The Shadow Initiative, Heroes For Hire, Storm, BLack Panther   and Thunderbolt Ross
Antagonist: Hulk and the Warbound: Hiroim, Korg, Elloe Kaifi, Miek, No-Name the Brood Queen.
Supporting Cast: Rick Jones            
Issues Summary:
·         1 Before arriving to earth Hulk makes a quick stop on the moon to visit the Inhumans and to punch the snot out of Black Bolt (he's really an infiltrated Skrull, check out my post on the Secret Invasion) and capture him. Now on Earth Hulk establishes himself in New York, and he gives a message to the people of the city that they have 24 hours to abandon the city and bring him the ones responsible for his exiles or he’ll wreak global havoc on a global scale. Hulk goes toe to toe with Tony and his Hulk Buster armor and he gets his butt kicked. 
·         Front Line 1, we see how normal people deal with the occupation of Hulks forces of New York.
·         Heroes for Hire 11-14; Misty’s team infiltrates the Warbound ship and get captured. They discover that Meik and the Brood Queen are up to no good.
·         2 Hulk and the Warbound square off against both Avengers lineups and the Fantastic Four; Hulk Captures Mister Fantastic.
·         Avengers Initiative 4-5, the Initiative recruits are taken to New York to help the civilian’s escape the city, but they have a better idea to take Hulk and friends on; they are easily defeated and captured. The Shadow Initiative has to step in to rescue the recruits.
·         3 Its Thunderbolts Ross’s turn to stop Hulk but fails miserably, at the same time Doc Strange tries to mentally attack Hulk and make Banner come back, but this  doesn’t work either.
·         Front Line 2 the poorest people of the city are suffering most of the destruction of the city.
·         4 Hulk vs Doctor Strange/ZOM, Stephan also loses at the hands of the jade giant.
·         Front Line 3-5 Anarchy spreads across the city, almost no heroes are defending the city’s people.
·         5 Sentry has seen enough and joins in to stop the Hulk. Hulk defeats the Sentry but reverts back to Banner and decides that Hulk  gone too far, here’s where Meik revels that he’s the one responsible for the explosion on Sakaar, so Hulk super flips out  killing Meik and loses control over his powers, Tony intervenes using satellites to leave Banner with no powers.

Hulk’s Clobber list:
1.      Black Bolt (Skrull)
2.      Iron Man
3.      She Hulk
4.      Ares
5.      Trauma
6.      Human Torch

7.      Thing

8.      Thunderbolt Ross

9.      Doc Strange/Zom

10.  Sentry

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         The Avengers Tower is destroyed.
·         The genesis of the Red Hulk
·         The return of a more old school Hulk that everyone loves.
·         Misty’s Heroes for Hire disband.  
·         Death of Humbug.
·         Hercules gets his own super awesome series.

The Bad:
·         Why didn’t Stark use these satellites to defeat Hulk in the first place?

The Good:
·         It’s great to see Hulk punch Tony’s face in.
·         The Front Line tie ins do a great job showing how super heroes are super selfish and that they care more about battling than the collateral damage.   
Rating: 7

Hulk (H) Vol. 4 Issue 5
Red Hulk defeats Thor.
Rating: 8
(H) Issue 6
Hulk defeats Red Hulk and we discover that Rick Jones is A-bomb. 
Rating: 8 

Issues 7-8

·         Green Hulk is in Las Vegas battles a horde of Windigos, with some help from Moonknight, Ms Marvel and Sentry. But it takes the surprise appearance from Brother Voodoo to save the day.

·         She hulk puts together a very large team of female heroes to take down the Red Hulk, and they think they defeat him, but Rulk is just playing possum, and at the right moment he kidnaps Thunder to make her a offer.  
Rating: 6
(H) issues 10-12
The Grandmaster and the Collector create two teams and make a wager to see who wins, on one side you have the Defenders and on the other you have the Offenders. 

Heroes: Defenders (Hulk, Namor, Doctor Strange and Silver Suffer)
Villain: Offenders (Rulk, Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo and Terrax)
Antagonist: Collector, Grandmaster, Galactus, Dormammu and Psicoman
Issues Summary:
·         10 Grandmaster coerces Hulk into forming a team so he can engage in a wager with the Collector. Hulk ends up choosing his old team mates from the defenders, and at the end of the issue we discover that the Collector has chosen the Red Hulk and has chosen the arch enemies of each Defender and called them the Offenders.
·         11 Red Hulk defeats Hulk.
·         12 Red Hulk goes on defeats each defender, and kill Psicoman, Terrax, Tiger Shark, Namor and the Grandmaster. Only Galactus is able to stop Red Hulk’s rampage. The wager is called off because of Grandmaster’s death.
Repercussions and Lasting effects:

The Bad:
·         The Red Hulk is too over to top, too powerful, he actually kills the Grandmaster

Incredible  Hulk (IH) 600

Ben Ulrich starts to investigate what really happened to the Hulk/Bruce Banner after the events in New York City, he forms a investigation team with Peter Paker, She Hulk and Doc Samson, to infiltrate the base where Banner should be. What they find that it’s an AIM operation with MODOK calling the shots and Doc Samson betrays them. Red Hulk appears to capture Ben when Spidy comes in to save the good guys. All hell breaks loose and Green Hulk also wakes and battles Red Hulk, but in a stunning change of events Rulk absorbs all the gamma energy from Banner leaving him powerless.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Banner can’t change into Hulk for a long while.
·         Red Hulk actually gets in trouble with the Intelligencia for his actions.

H issue 13 Norman Osborne sends Ares to kill Banner. Ares finds Banner’s hide out and battles A-bomb, but Bruce trick Ares and captures him in a special containment cell for Hulk. 

Hulk issues 14-17

Red Hulk wants to capture Domino; he thinks that she knows his true identity. So Rulk creates a task force to capture her, the thing is X-force jumps in to protect their teammate.

Heroes: X-force (Wolverine, Domino, X-23, Warpath and Archangel)  
Antagonist: Red Hulk’s crew (Electra, Punisher, Deadpool, Thundra, and Crimson Dynamo), Doc Samson
Supporting: Silver Sable
Issues Summary:
·         14 Domino on a stakeout mission accidently discovers Red Hulk’s identity, she barley escapes Rulk wraith. Rulk creates a taskforce to find her, the thing that when they do, she has already called up her buds from X-force to give her a hand.
·         15 Battle starts between both teams, Wolvy takes Rulk on and blinds him but when he’s about to finish him a Red She Hulk save Rulk’s butt.
·         16 Battle rages on Red She Hulk helps Rulk escape into the sewers, but it’s a trap his own team puts him down, at the orders of Doc. Samson.
·         17 Red Hulk battles Red She Hulk and Thundra who is loyal to Rulk helps him escapes. Red Hulk catches up with Domino at Silver Sable’s penthouse, and explains that the whole stake out mission that started this situation was a set up and that Rulk should find out who’s playing him. (The Inteligencia is basically screwing him, for over stepping and becoming a liability to their mission)
Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Red Hulk actually establishes the ground work for his future Thunderbolts.
·         Now we have another mystery ¿Who is Red She Hulk?

The Bad:

The Good:
·         X-force
·         Red She Hulk
·         Rulk makes a good team with Electra, Deadpool and Punisher; they have a good character dynamic.

Rating: 9

Incredible Hulk 601 Banner returns to NY to confront Reed Richards and the other great marvel minds about some issue, but it just a distraction to steal Hulk’s sword from World War Hulk. He confronts Skaar that that wants Hulk dead, but isn’t interested in Killing Banner. So Banner starts to train him for when the Hulk comes back.
Rating: 7

Incredible Hulk 602 Skaar defeats Juggernaut.
Rating: 7                              

Incredible Hulk 603 Skaar actually makes friend with Daken that probably has more daddy issues than he has, but everything goes south when Daken tries to kill him.

Incredible Hulk 604 Skaar meets the War Bound
Rating 6

The Dark Reign the List Hulk: After battling Victoria Hand and Moonstone/Ms Marvel, Skaar realizes that Banner has been irradiated and that Hulk will come back at any moment.  

Fall of the Hulks + World War Hulks

The Leader and MODOK start kidnapping marvel greats minds for their nefarious planes that will lead into World War Hulks story line, which basically they try to topple the US government using a Hulked out army of AIM soldiers.  

Heroes: Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, Fantastic Four, X-men, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Korg, Namor, Amadeus Cho, A-bomb, Deadpool
Villains: The Intelligencia (Leader, MODOK, Wizard, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, Red She Hulk, Doc Samson, Lyra, Klaw, Past Pot Pete)
Supporting: Eternals
Issues Summary:
·         Fall of the Hulks: Alpha One-Shot It shows how the Leader and his villainous allies have been working together for a long time. In this first issue they steal Cosmic Hulk from the Eternals. And at the end of the issue shows Leader and MODOK hatching the idea of creating the Red Hulk.
·         Fall of the Hulks: Gamma One-Shot Red Hulk kills Thunderbolt Ross.

·        Savage She Hulk (SSH) 1 Explains how Lyra joins the Frightful Four.
·         Hulk (H) 19 Frightful Four attacks the Fantastic Four, Red Hulk drops in to stop the bad guys  but the Thing thinks that he’s on Frightful’s side, by the time they stop fighting the Wizard has already kidnapped Mr. Fantastic.
·         Red Hulk (RH) 1 Rulk and A-bomb go on a mission to destroy Cosmic Hulk, but Red Hulk accidently activates it. We discover latter that the Cosmic Hulk is actually a type of herald of Galactus.
·         RH 2 Banner discovers that Lyra is his daughter. Issue explores the relationship Red Hulk has with Thundra, and he helps to send her back to the future.
·         Incredible Hulk (IH) 606 Cosmic Hulk is used to kidnap Doc. Doom Banner and Skaar are too late to stop him.
·         RH 3-4 It’s explained why Red Hulk was sent to kill the Abomination, so MODOK could create A-bomb. Banner and Red Hulk feed false info to the Leader.
·         Right Direction Red She Hulk K.O’s the original She Hulk, she pretty out of control.
·         H 20 The X-men go to Wakanda to visit Storm who is the queen, when all of the sudden her husband Black Panther is kidnapped by the Red Ghost, the same thing happens again Red Hulk tries to stop the Red Ghost but the X-men mistaken him for a villain and attack Rulk.
·         IH 607 Red She Hulk attacks the Mighty Avengers to Kidnap Henry Pym and she is able to get away with her prize.
·         World War Hulk One-shot, Issue has six short stories, nothing really important to the storyline.
·         IH 608 Banner leads a large group of heroes to attack the Leader and the Intelligencia. Lyra changes side, she really was a double agent working for Banner.
·         H 21 Flash back to how Banner a Red Hulk started to work together. Now the Rulk enters Leader flying base when he gets clobbered by the Cosmic Hulk. But Rulk brought a Surprise Deadpool that gets into a fight with Doc Samson right when Leader unleashes his ultimate weapon Hulking out a bunch of AIM soldier to attack the US capital, but thanks to Wade they accidently Hulk out the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the X-men adding to the chaos.
·         H 22 Red Hulk battles the Hulked out heroes but Red She Hulk defeats him and reveals his true identity, Thunderbolt Ross.

·        SSH Lyra rescues She Hulk and explains how she discovered that Banner is her Father.
·         IH 609 The Leader had Kidnapped all of Marvels greatest mind to steal their knowledge hooking them up to a machine, Banner that had been captured and is able to set them free.
·          H 23 Red Hulk gets to go for a second round with the Cosmic Hulk and this time he destroys the Robot. This issue explains how Thunderbolt Ross became Red Hulk and all of the intrigues the Leader did to keep his identity secret. 

·        SSH All Thee She Hulk join forces to battle the Hulked out AIM guys. 
·         IH 610 It’s discovered Betty Ross is the Red She Hulk, in the final battle to defeat the Leader Doc Samson in a change of heart saves the Day sacrificing himself. This causes the return of Hulk and Skaar is waiting.
·         IH 611 Hulk and Skaar battle, Hulk realizes that punching your kid to death something pretty messed up and stops. Banner and Skaar amend their differences.   
·         H 24 Hulk and Red Hulk have their final showdown, Hulk wins.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We can see Rulk and Wades lasting relationship.
·         We find out that Thunderbolt Ross is Red Hulk.
·         Thunderbolt Ross that Died was an LMD controlled by MODOK.
·         Betty Ross is the Red She Hulk.
·         Skaar discover that Lyra is his sister.
·         Death of Doc Samson.
·         The Return of the Hulk.
·         Banner discovers that Lyra is his Daughter.

The Good:
·         Banner and Red Hulk Team up.
·         It’s cool to see how the Leader was using Tony Starks Shield ship from the Initiative.
·         Deadpool finds his long time friend Bob working for the Leader.
·         Hulked out Heroes where fun.
·         Hulk battle with Skaar is pretty messed up because Banner dad used to beat him and now he’s doing the same, punching the snot out of his kid.
·         It’s cool to discover that MODOK clones himself to use his brains as hard drives for AIM.

Rating: 9