Friday, January 9, 2015

The Avengers Initiative +New Warrios+The Order Issue Summaries Issue

The Avengers Initiative (IN)
IN Issues 1: The Initiative has begun all heroes must be registered and go into training at Camp Hammond. In this first issue, we find a group of new recruits: Cloud 9, Trauma, MVP, Komodo, Armory and Hardball, getting ready for their super hero training. In one of their first exercises Armory accidently kills MVP; this will have profound effect in future story lines. Armory loses her super adaptable weapon.   
Rating: 8

The Order  Vol 2 (OR)

OR Issues 1-2
The Order is the Initiatives Californian team, in this first issue we see how Tony stark scraps the first the formation of the team over a public image incident. New line up appears just in time to battle evil Soviet villains from blowing up California.Rating 8

IN Issue 2:  The Recruits with War Machine, Gauntlet and Yellow Jacket (Infiltrated Skrull) go head to head against Hydra and come out victorious. It’s revealed that the Thor clone that was defeated by Hercules during the civil war is hidden in a lab. in Camp Hammond.
Rating: 8

IN Issue 3: Beast and Moonstar drop in to help teach Trauma how to use his powers. Meanwhile Komodo and War Machine are sent to take down Spider-man that has gone rogue, introduction of the Scarlet Spiders.
Rating 8

OR Issue 3-4: Team has trouble eliminating a nonstop flow of tecno zombie bums. The team is trying to find out who is behind these attacks? Rating 6

IN Issues 4-5: Check out my post on World War Hulk.

IN Issue 6: Gauntlet has been attacked on the base and there’s an investigation to find the one responsible.
Rating 8

 OR Issue 5-6 The Order get their Butts kicked by a gang of feminist goth chicks called the Black Dahlias and Spuernaut also get his armor destroyed by some mutant creatures in the desert. Rating 5       

IN Issue 7 The Scarlet Spiders are back and they team up with Spidy to stop a team of Vultures. We discover that the Scarlet Spiders are actually three clones of MVP. Rating 7

OR Issue 7 it’s the first really interesting issue of the series, Tempest stops Namor from destroying San Francisco, but what make this issue cool is that instead of a battling, the resolution of the situation is negotiated.

OR Issues 8-10

Plot: Zeke Stane son of Iron man’s arch enemy Obadiah Stane, has been the one behind all of the Orders woes, now he’s ready to pull his final blow to destroy the team to start his vengeance on Tony Stark   

Heroes: The Order and Tony Stark   
Villain: Zeke Stane
Issues Summary:
·         8-9 Mulholland Black is kidnapped by Zeke’s minions, and he starts to mess with her powers. Mr. Stane also depowers all of the rest of the Order’s members.
·         10 Mulholland black loses control over her power, and her own team mate Tempest take the decision to kill her before she destroys Los Angeles.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Iron man gets a new villain

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Even though the series in general had some issues it’s a great way to introduce a villain.

Rating: 8

IN Annual: This issue establishes the origin storys of Armory, Gauntlet, Hardball and MVP. Its revealed in this issue that every team in the 50 State Initiative has a least one infiltrated Skrull.  Rating 7

New Warriors Vol. 4 (NW)

Issues 1-6
Plot: A mysterious group of new heroes takes up the name of the New Warriors, and they do some unregistered/illegal super hero’ing, that pisses Tony off.

Heroes: New Warriors    
Villain: Anaconda, Rhino and the Zodiac
Antagonist: Tony Stark
Supporting Cast: Wolverine, New Avengers and Mighty Avengers   
Issues Summary:
·         1 Sofia Mategna, a depowered mutant that was a member of the New Mutants, is approached by Jubilee also a depowered, to offer her a place in this New Team.
·         2 Its reveled that all of the members of the team are ex-mutants that all have new tec. based powers.
·         3. Who is the New Night Thrasher?
·         4-5, The Initiative goes up against the Zodiac and get clobbered, so it’s up to the New Warriors to save the day. The team is able to defeat the villains but at the cost of the life of one of its members.
·         6 Member revel there identities to Sofia.

The Bad:
·         The first arc is a little too slow to get into action.

The Good:
·         The concept has tons of potential.

Rating: 7

NW Issue 7-8  We find Justice, Rage  and Ultra Girl having some doubts over the Initiative and if it’s going too far, plus finally confirmed that Bandit is the new Night Thrasher. Rating 7

 NW Issue 9 The team goes up against the Alpha Clan, while Thrasher goes along with his own agenda. Rating 5

NW Issue 10 Justice and the other old New Warriors in the Initiative have more and more issues with the Initiative itself. Rest of the Issue is a filler Rating 4

NW 11-13 The Warriors clash with the Machine Smith, so Thrasher can still some of his tec. for his secret planes. Rating 6

IN Issues 8-11

Plot: Baron Von Blitzschlag has the brilliant idea to fuse Armory’s mysterious alien weapon to one of his MVP clones, ¿What could go wrong? Well basically he flips out and goes on a killing spree.

Heroes:  The Initiative Recruits, Mighty Avengers, New Warrior, Henry Pym, Task Master and War Machine. 
Villain: KIA
Supporting Cast: Reed Richards, Tony Stark
Issues Summary:
·         8 New recruits arrive to the base.
·         9 MVP flips out when he bonds with Armory’s weapon, he wants vengeance against the Initiative for getting him killed and he take the name of KIA (Killed in Action). He defeats most of the recruits with ease
·         10 He defeats the Shadow Initiative easily.
·         11It takes Iron man’s Mighty Avengers, New Warriors and the Initiative recruits to defeat KIA.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Constrictor loses his arms battling KIA
·         New Warriors get back together.
·         KIA kills one of the 3 Scarlet Spiders.

The Good:
·         The series does a great job in the introduction of its first major original villain.

Rating: 9

IN Issue 12 First batch of recruits graduates. Ex New Warrios in the Initiative leave to restart their team.   
Rating 6

IN Issue 13 Introduction of the greats super hero ever Butter Ball.
Rating 7 

Thunderbolts Breaking Point
Song Bird is pushed to her limits.

Thunderbolts International Incident
Thunderbolts Battle Arim  Zola

Initiative 14-19 and New Warriors 14-15 check out my Secret Invasion post.

IN Avengers Initiative Special 1: This issue has two stories the first one is about how Hardballs ends up defecting to Hydra. Second part is dedicated to the Introduction of Retile into the Initiative in an interesting story we have Stegron attacking Shield bases in search for Moon Boy to save the Devil Dinosaur (he was captured by the Misty’s team Heroes for Hire, before the World War Hulk cross over). After clashing with Stegron it’s decided to return Moon Boy to Savage Land where he belongs.

We`ll see more of Reptile in the Avengers Academy.

Rating 8

NW Issues 16-20

Plot: The New Warriors jump into a dimensional portal to escape being captured by Shield; they end up what seems the future,  where Iron man’s his Initiative has gone out of control and constituted itself as a full on fascist State, but not everything is what it seems.

Heroes:  New Warriors, Tony Stark
Villain: Iron man (Dwayne Taylor the Original Night Thrasher)
Antagonist: Shield
Issues Summary:
·         16 Team jumps into a portal trying to escape from Shield that shuttles them to what seems the future, one that is totally under Iron man’s control.
·         17 New Warrior’s are saved by a mysterious New Night Thrasher.
·         18 This new Thrasher is really Tony Stark that has rebelled against the Initiative, and Iron man is revealed to be Dwayne Taylor the Original Night Thrasher. So the team actually is in a future of a parallel dimension.
·         19-20 New Warriors battle Iron man and defeat him and return to the present.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Team Disbands.
·         Jubilee ends up returning to the X-men

The Bad:

The Good:
·         Gives you a glimpse what could happen with the initiative.

Rating: 9

Initiative: 20-23

Heroes: Initiative, Shadow Initiative, New Warriors
Villains: Ragnarok, Norman Osborne
Issues Summary:
·         20 The team is dealing from the fallout of the Secret Invasion and we discover that Skrull Pym left a parting gift he activated the evil Thor clone Ragnarok.
·         21 Shadow Initiative is sent to a mission to Madripur, meanwhile Ragnarok starts to destroy Camp Hammond, and easily defeats the recruits.
·         22 The old New Warriors drop in to battle Ragnarok; the clone just mops the floor with everyone and escapes.
·         23 Norman Osborne takes control of the Initiative

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         We discover the identity if mutant Zero, Typhoid Mary
·         Ragnarok kill one of the Scarlet Spider, leaving only one.
·         Tigra and Gauntlet join the New Warriors and form the Renegade Avengers


Initiative 24 Fun in Madripur, Typhoid Mary goes a wall.
Rating 6

Initiative 25 Penance is found and the Hood takes control of the Initiative.
Rating 7