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2000 era Spider-Man up to Brand New Day Issue Summaries

2000 era Spider-Man up to Brand New Day

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Amazing Spider-Man 1: Spidy meets Ezekiel, that explains to Pete that there is more to his powers that is apparent there is magic tied to them. And Morlun is coming.

Amazing Spider-man 2: Morlun starts his hunt for Spider-man

Amazing Spider-man 3: Ezekiel explain the Totem aspect of Spidy's powers, and why he's mostly battling animal based villain, it all predestined, and offers Peter a place to hide from Morlun, but Pete refuses to run from this new villain.

Amazing Spider-man 4: Spidy battle Morlun actually putting Pete on the run, Spidy seeks Ezekiel's help.

Amazing Spider-man 5: Morlun draws Spidy out, they battle again but Pete just can't take it when Ezekiel appears and sacrifices himself to give Pete a chance to escape.

Amazing Spider-man 6: Spidy suspects the Morlun doesn't like radiation so he injects himself  a large dose for his next battle and when Morlun tries to feed off him he's poisoned giving Spidy the upper hand to defeat him. 

Amazing Spider-man 7: Special 9-11 issue.

Amazing Spider-Man 37: Ant May discovers that Peter is Spider-man, while Peter discovers the hard life of one of his students that is homeless.

Amazing Spider-Man 38: May confronts Peter over him being Spider-Man.

The Good: I really like the direction they take with Ant May and her new role in the Spidy comics.

Amazing Spider-Man 39: Mary Jane is dealing with her life separated with  Peter.

Amazing Spider-Man 40: Spidy meets a new villain called the Shadow.

Amazing Spider-Man 41: Spidy Asks Doctor Strange for help because of the Shadow's magic powers and save his victims that are trapped in the astral plane.

Amazing Spider-Man 42: Spidy defeats the Shadow in the Astral plane.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Spidy encounters some type of  Spider god in the astral plan, this probably has to do with the Spider-verse.

Amazing Spider-Man 43: Doc Ock is captured by a new young new Upstart that steals his tec to become a new super powerful Doc Ock.

Amazing Spider-Man 44: Spidy tries to save his marraige with Mary Jane, but she's super tick off at Peter, while the new Doc Ock battles the old Doc, when Spidy jumps in to stop both.

Amazing Spider-Man 45:  Doc Ock left Spidy for dead in a building that had collapsed, and Otto tries hunt down the new Ock, Spidy finally escapes and saves the day.

Lasting Repercussions:
·         Doc Ock makes a new battke suit that is very similar to the New Doc Ock's armor.

Amazing Spider-man 57-58, 500: Spidy is swept into the time stream thanks to the effect of a enchantment of Doc Strange projected against Dormamu, so Peter has to relive some of the fundamental moments in his life again to return to the present and help Earths heroes defeat Dormamu.

Amazing Spider-man 501: A day in the life of Spidy as a crime fighter.

The Good: note much goes on in the issue but it's a great story

Amazing Spider-man 502: Spidy meets the man that actually make and fixes hero and villains.

The Good: Another fantastic stand alone issue. 

Amazing Spider-man 503: A new mystical being is born out of the fallout of the battle between Doc Strange and Dormamu.

Amazing Spider-Man 505: Spidy tries to save a kid that is about to ruin his life.

Amazing Spider-Man 506: Ezekiel meets up with Pete to have a spider chat.
The Good:
·         We discover that Ezekiel get his powers from magical ritual
Amazing Spider-man 507: The Spider god attacks NY, Peter is captured by Ezekiel.

Amazing Spider-man 508: We discover that Ezekiel offers Spidy as a sacrifice to the Spider god, so he can live and keep his powers but realizes that this is a mistake  and he take Pete's place.

Spectacular Spider-Man 14: Great story about Spidy saving  kid in  wheel chair from Morbius.

Spectacular Spider-Man 15: The Queen has arrived to town.  

Amazing Spider man 518: meh

The Other

Resultado de imagen para amazing spider man 526Morlun literally kill's Spidy, but Pete comes back from the dead and his powers have evolved.
Heroes:   Spider-man, Avengers
Antagonist:  The  Other
Villains: Morlun, Doom Bots, Morlun

Supporting Cast: Mary Jane, May Parker

Issue Summary:
·         Marvel Knights Spider-man 20: Spidy breaks into Doom's castle with May and Mary Jane to use his time machine to peep into Spidy's and May's past when he was a child, while Morlun stacks out the Avengers towers
·         Amazing Spider-man 526: Morlun attacks and beats Spidy down leaving him almost dead.
·         Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 3: Spidy is taken to the hospital , Pete's is fighting for his life, Morlun breaks into the hospital to finally feed off Spidy, Mary Jane tries to stop him, Spidy with the last of his strength  kills Morlun to protect his wife.
·         Marvel Knights Spider-man 21: Mary Jane, May and the Avengers dealing with Spidy's death, but when they go to see his body they only find his sheded skin.
·         Amazing Spider-man 527: Pete is confronted by the Spider god getting a second chance at life, being reborn returning to his family.
·         Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 4: Stark  and Reed to all the studies on Pete, when the other attacks Avengers towers.
·         Marvel Knights Spider-man 22: Spidy tries to hunt down the other to understand what the hell is this Spidy creature but it gets away.
·         The Amazing Spider-man 528: Spidy dealing with the fact that a possible Spider monster growing in him.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Organic Webbing
·         Stark makes  new tech Costume for Spidy
·         This Story  ties into the Spiderverse

The Good:
·         Honestly I always liked organic webbing more than his web shooters.
·         Interesting to see that Morlun is the only Spidy villain that he is willing to kill.

The Bad:
·         Not digging the stingers

The Amazing Spider-man 529:  Tony gives Spidy a new suit that has all types of cool features, it amplifies his power set.
Rating: 7

The Amazing Spider-man 530-531: Tony starts manipulate Spidy and his loyalty, sending Titanium man to attack a congressional hearing having Spidy save the Day.
Rating: 7 

Sensational Spider-Man 23-27
Heroes: Spider-man, Black Cat, Puma, Guards men
Villains: Lizard, Lizard boy, Vulture, Stegron, Vermin and Man-Wolf

Sporting Cast: Mary Jane, Ant May, Madam Web and Fantastic Four

Issue Summary:
·         Sensational Spider-Man 23: All the animals and totem type heroes and villain are going crazy, Spidy battles a crazed Vulture.
·         Sensational Spider-Man 24: Spidy has a run in with Lizard and Black Cat joins in to help Peter defeat him.
·         Sensational Spider-Man 25: Mary Jane fends off Man-Wolf who had tracked her down she is saved by Guards men under Tony’s payroll.
·         Sensational Spider-Man 26: Peter put on his new suit after battling Lizard and Vermin, Spidy realizes that whatever is causing this mess is hiding in the museum of natural history.
·         Sensational Spider-Man 27: It seem that Stegron is the responsible for all of the chaos, he has a artifact that is driving all the totem bases heroes crazy, Peter take care of the situation.    
The Good:
·         Spidy new suit is pretty cool

Rating: 7

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 23: The ultimate showdown between Peter and JJJ over the reveal of Spidy's secret identity and the lawsuit of JJJ.

 Back in Black



Heroes: Spider-man              
Villains: Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

Sporting Cast:   Ante May and Mary Jane

Issue Summary:
·         Amazing Spider-man 538: Kingpin has put a price on Parker's head, and a hit man tries to take him down but accidently shots  May (this Issues actually part of the civil war cross over.
·         Amazing Spider-man 539-541: Parker discovers that Wilson Fisk in behind the botched assassination attempted.
·         Amazing Spider-man 542: Parker just clobbers Fisk.

Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Peter will use the Black Costume up to the One More Day arc.
·         Events sparked by Kingpin lead to the worst Spidy rebut ever Brand New Day.  
·         May is dying.


The Good:
·         I love the Black Costume and have a darker Peter Paker
·         Parker punching the Snot out of Kingpin is just fantastic, its cool to see that Fisk is humbled.
·         Cool to see how dangerous Wilson is.

Rating: 8

Amazing Spider-man 543:  Parker is desperate to save May and now he's also an outlaw of the law.

Sensational Spider-man 38-39: A dying and crazy Eddie Brooke tries to kill May.
Rating: 6

One More Day

Spidy is will to do anything to save Ant May ¿Even a deal with the Devil?

Heroes:   Spider-man, Doctor Strange
Antagonist:  Iron Man
Villains: Mephisto

Supporting Cast: Ant May, Mary Jane

Issue Summary: 
·         Amazing Spider-man 544: Peter is panicking May is dying from a gunshot, and Spidy is running out of money to pay the medical bills, so pist at Tony because of his unmasking, that made his Ant a target, Peter  ask Stark know  for financial backing, but Tony refuses because Spidy isn't registered, but ends up sending Jarvis to help.
·         Friendly  Neighborhood Spider-man 24: Pete asks Doctor Strange for help, but Strange's magic isn't enough to change May from getting shot.
·         Sensational Spider-man 41: Mephisto offers a deal to Spidy save May.
·         Amazing Spider-men 545: Mephisto del to save May  Spidy has  to end his marriage with Mary Jane's, and Mary Jane out of love take Mephisto up deal.

 Repercussions and Lasting effects:
·         Mephisto eliminated Peter's Marriage for existence.
·         New Beging for Spidy

The Bad:
·         ¿Way Joe way?